Zola Registry Discount Coupon 2022: Get Up to 30% OFF

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In this post, we shared the Zola Registry Review August 2022 with Discount Coupons in detail with all its products and services and how it works. Read the complete review and try Zola Registry.

The wedding has always been hectic and with the new age coming up, you definitely need your wedding to be smooth and convenient. There are a number of registered companies that you might have heard of that help the couples to customize everything.  Lately, I have found Zola Registry as one of the best registry providers or online retailers that can deliver you the products swiftly.


Zola Registry Discount Coupon 2022: Get 30% off

Zola Registry Review with Discount Coupon -Save the Dates

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  • Free Wedding Website on Zola

About Zola Registry

Zola Registry is an online retailer that works for over 1 million couples to help them customize their registry lists. Over 50,000 products are available to couples, ranging from traditional wedding registry mainstays to unique gifts not found in any brick and mortar department store.

Zola Registry Review with Discount Coupon -Zola Registry

Zola aims at eliminating the hectic tasks and traditional frustration of the guests and relatives by giving the relatives or the guest the freedom to chip in their money and get a more expensive and lavish gift for the couples. This is a drawback in the traditional wedding that many couples may not get expensive gifts.

A number of guests try to save up their money by buying the gust that serves no purpose. Zola Registry solves the problem here.

Quick Features:

We will have a quick look at the features of Zola registry that makes your task easier.

  • Group Gifting
  • Bonus Gifts
  • Classic and Unique Gifts
  • Free Shipping and Returns
  • Price Matching
  • Honeymoon Funds
  • Top-notch Customer Service

What Benefits Do I get from Zola Registry?

In my personal opinion, Zola Registry serves the best place for registering your wedding and it does all the thing right from gifting to the registry as well as creating the website and wedding invitations.

Zola Registry Review with Discount Coupon -Helpfull Registry

Let’s have a look at what benefits did I get from Zola registry:

  • Gifts in One place: You will get all the gifts in one place and you don’t need to go anywhere for that. I chose a number of gifts from the Zola registry and trust me it seemed better than the online retailers. Zola provides gifts and gift cards from over 500 top brands so that you don’t feel the need to go anywhere else.
  • Easy Shipping: Zola Shipping works accurately and it is too affordable. As a couple, if you have received the gift that you wish to exchange from Zola, you can do that here and the best part is that your customer would never know that. You can choose the option to ship now or later when you have a room.
  • Lowest Cash Fund Fee: You can get the lowest cash fund fee on your gifts. Your guests may pay for the gifts or gift cards at very affordable chargeable fees. The credit card fee is 2.5% which is the lowest. Your guests will pay $102.50 if the gift is worth $100 or you can also choose to absorb that $2.50. In that case, you will get cash of $97.50
  • 20% Wedding Discount: After the wedding date, you will get flat 20% discount on all of the products that you will purchase from the store. You can get all the products that your guests haven’t gifted at a discounted price. Isn’t it just perfect after so many expenses?
  • Easy Registry: The wedding registration with Zola is quite intuitive. You just have to register with Zola and get your wedding website template. Guests will receive your wedding details and schedule as well as get the RSVP online with the registry shop online once they get your link.
  • Free Thank You Note: You can get the Thank You note onboard. Just find the relevant template and Zola will tell you which guest has gifted you what and you can prepare a customized Thank You note for the same.

Create Free Wedding Website on Zola

Create a free wedding website for your special day using any template out of the 200 best wedding samples. The tools are intuitive and quite convenient to use.

Zola Registry Review with Discount Coupon -Free Wedding Website

  • Easily Customizable: The drag and drop builder and quick customization of the website make Zola the best choice. You can add the photos, videos and any section that you wish to.
  • Ease for Guests: It’s even easier for your guests to quickly register and is a one-stop shop for all the products and gifts they would need. They can RSVP, shop your registry and do more.
  • Matching Wedding Paper: You can also get the matching wedding paper for the wedding and various invitations that match with your themed wedding websites.

How to Create a Wedding Website With Zola?

Creating a wedding website with Zola is a breeze here. You can choose the right theme and use customizable tools for your wedding website.

  1. Pick a Design: From classic to floral, minimalist to romantic, there’s a perfect website for every couple and every wedding theme.
  2. Personalization: Fill all the details of the wedding such as the dates and venues and get the best look for your wedding website. You can add stories, travel info and more.
  3. Share with Guests: After you are done with customization, you can share it with your guests using the URL on the save the dates invitation or invite them by mail.

I have gone through a number of Zola Wedding Website examples.

When you add the matching wedding paper to the save the date invitations or the RVP notes you will get 30% on these matching papers. Just order the paper for notes and get your discount using the code- PAPER30

How Zola Registry Works?

To start with, I signed up for the Zola registry and then had a walk through the website.

On clicking Sign up, I was asked to fill in the details such as the name, spouse’ name, date of the marriage, the number of guests and you can quickly then jump onto the store.

Just check the benefits that you want to get with the Zola registry. Finally, after answering some questions, I signed up for the Zola registry account.

You can choose the budget that you want to set for your guests and finally, you will be taken to some of the suggestions for the Zola.

Once you have signed up, you will be taken to the store.

The Dashboard

In the dashboard, you can get an overview of the wedding planner and manage the registries. Add and track your gift making it convenient as ever.

Below, you can see the recommended cash that needs to be spent and the recommended number of gits as according to your guests.

For instance, I have got a recommended 140 gifts with sufficient funds.

The dashboard lets you:

  • Add your first gift: Just hover over the list of the best selling gifts and choose your category. Once you have chosen the category, choose the pricing and the color you want. The gifts you choose will be added to your registry. You can choose from over 500 top brands.
  • Create Cash Funds: This feature in the dashboard can save up more than a few bucks and you will be glad to use this. Once you have added the gift card or the honeymoon fund to your registry, your guests can choose either to gift you cash or any product or even add to your honeymoon funds. Zola will charge your guests a fee of 2.5% or you can absorb that fee by cutting it off from your funds.
  • Get Expert advice: Hold on the cup of coffee and get the expert’s advice on one click. Get advice on how and what to add to the registry and how to get best out of it. You can add products or choose to even add fun games to the registry.

Zola Wedding Planning Tools

Zola makes it convenient for everything for you right from creating wedding websites to hiring a wedding vendor as well as creating the guest list.

Creating a Guest List: To create a guest list, just log in and enter the names of all the people that you want to invite to your wedding. Add them from your phone’s address book or upload a spreadsheet. Zola will even help you collect missing info from everyone, too.

Zola Registry Review with Discount Coupon -Planning Tools

You can message people about wedding anytime. You can even send the RSVP and reminders as well as the updates to your guests for the same.

Wedding Venues: Choose wedding venues or from a nearby location. You can get any location out of Urban, Rural, Mansions or any of the location that you wish to get candid on.

What I loved even more about it was the choice of photographers for the wedding. You can choose out of various photographers such as One love, Our Day Wedding, Elite, Red Eye collection.

The vendor category for Zola includes florists, catering, cakes and desserts, Accommodations, rehearsals, musicians and all other vendors that you wish to get.

Zola Registry Pricing:

I have found Zola more convenient and affordable when compared to its competitors. The pricing of the products as well as creating the websites or notes are quite low and you will be relieved to spend such an affordable amount on your wedding.

Zola Registry Review with Discount Coupon -Pricing Plan

Moreover, it charges the lowest transaction fee for any shipping or cash gift. The company claims to chare only 2.5% of the fees.

Why I found Zola better than the competitors?

Firstly, Zola serves the top brands at a lower price. You can choose out of 1000+ products related to kitchen, tabletop, gifts cards, etc.

Secondly, the customer service is the top-notch one and you wouldn’t feel bad about getting their service. The customer service is available at all the days of the week and your grievances are reported instantly.

They also offer the Zola registry checklist to make it usable.

Finally, you can book vendors, create websites and track shipment and orders at one place in a single dashboard.

Pros and Cons of Zola


  • Add gifts from any website: The best part about Zola is that you can add the products from any website using the Add to Zola extension for the chrome. This extension adds products from any website directly to your registry.
  • User Interface: The design for the website is quite intuitive and a navigable one. It makes it convenient for the customers for the shopping experience.
  • Delivery Time Selection: So you’re not overwhelmed by the constant packages arriving at your door, receive real-time notifications of when a gift has been purchased and decide whether you want that gift right away or if you’d rather wait.
  • Gift Exchange Policy: With the amazing gift and exchange policy, you can exchange the gifts you don’t like without your guests even knowing it and decide the delivery time for the same.
  • Group Gift: Your guests can contribute to the gifts and this way you can get the best and expensive gift for your wedding. Just get the


  • There is only one physical showroom which is in New York City where you can browse gifts and add it to the registry.
  • Some shipping costs may be charged for the products that require high packaging cost and careful handling.
  • It is still less known than the other retailers as it is only limited to the US and UK.

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The Final Verdict:  Zola Registry Discount Coupon 2022

To conclude, I would say that Zola is still the emerging player in the market and is certainly getting better day by day. Creating a website is a breeze here and you can manage your funds as well as create the registry with just a few steps.

Lately, it has introduced the Zola to find a couple of option where you can find the weddings or website just by searching for the partner’s name. The customer care service and logistics are pretty impressive.

I would recommend going for Zola if you are willing to get responsibilities and expenses off your head.

This was my detailed review of Zola Registry 2022. Sign up and kick-off for your special day now.


Verdict: Zola Registry serves the best place for registering your wedding and it does all the thing right from gifting to the registry as well as creating the website and wedding invitations.

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