Winkylux Review 2022 | Detailed Review With Pros & Cons

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Although I like a lipstick that has an important pigment and a long-lasting colour, I have a confession: My favourite beauty products are those with the most beautiful packaging, such as the Winky Lux flower balm.

They look as impressive on the tube as they do on use. When the Winky Lux balms arrived in my office, including the latest version, which came on the market on Monday with a blue flower inside, they sold me before the first shot.

The transparent sphere containing a real flower does not have the intense colour of a liquid lipstick. But after these first shots, I was pleasantly surprised. winkylux Review Read More

winkylux Review - Products

Leave me a backing: The concept of “flower balm” is not brand new.

It’s very likely that as a beauty lover like myself, I started hyperventilating when the Chinese company Kailijumei launched its own flower balm, which has been selling for months.

But Winky Lux is fresh and full of broth, and she added a new colourful flower to her balsam range that smells and tastes of vanilla earlier this week. So, hey, to face fans? We think you really like them.

winkylux Review {Updated} 2022 | Detailed Review With Pros & Cons

Launched in 2015, Glow Concept is a holding company formed as part of the restructuring of the $ 1 billion colour cosmetics industry. Portfolio brands, including WINKY LUX and Laqa and Co., launch products every 15 to 30 days and work with digital influencers to increase e-commerce and retail sales.

Winky Lux, the creator of the viral lip pill and balm for the flowers, is the provider of luxurious colour make-up. Introduced in October 2015, the company produces high pigmented cosmetic products at an attractive price. In addition, everything is human, free of parabens, phthalates and non-toxic.

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Winky Lux was really put on the lip balm card some years ago with his beautiful flower balm. You know, the clearings with the beautiful flowers embedded in the sphere.

And since then, the brand has not slackened by developing more moisture sacs that became instant favourites, as it was almost exactly a year ago when they launched their Matcha lip balm on the market.

The balm is a modern extract of green tea and has won many admirers. It’s no wonder Winky Lux extends it beyond its original version.

Winky Lux has just introduced four new perfumes of the Matcha lip balm: Perfect for those who do not necessarily like the taste or smell of Matcha but want skin benefits.

And if you need a reminder, these benefits include anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, says dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, who told Allure Matcha’s catchy polyphenols are “similar to radical fire extinguishers.”

New flavours include cranberry (blue), coconut (brown), lavender (purple) and strawberry (pink). Like the original Matcha lip balm, they contain green tea and coconut oil that promise to be “super refreshing” as they “soften, repair and protect sensitive skin“.

And just as the green ball of the original is clear, the beautiful hues of the new flavours are not transmitted to the lips. So choose your favourite flavour without worrying about changing the look you want. The only thing that changes is the comfort and softness of your lips.

Winky Lux Products:

1. eyebrow pencil
Do you have eyebrows Do you want them to be beautiful? Then it is worth to look at one of them. Make sure you receive instructions for use. You want to gently push them along your eyebrows to grasp the ends and keep them adjusted and even shaded. You do not want to use this to shape or create a simple unit.

winkylux Review - Products

2. Bronzer
A bronzing powder forms layers, with which you can easily or obviously add contours and only a small definition. This also smells like coffee. For men, the bronzer is a simple tip to look a little tanned (making you look thinner and more defined).

3. Primer
This is a kind of skin moisturizer that helps you look younger and avoid rashes. It is practically a necessity for those of us in this strangely unfair age, when we think about fine lines and has acne at the same time. This product is vegan and free of parabens and contains active ingredients with real benefits like caffeine, which is surprisingly effective against oxidative skin damage. Use it in the morning to moisturize your skin, or apply at night to nourish your dermis during sleep.

winkylux Review - Product

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4. Gelee
One of the highlights of Winky Lux is the concealer under the eyes, ideal to spend the night working on your very masculine scenario, installing new fenders in your race car or showing bad mood to the window as wrapping paper. This is available in five different colours to match your skin. Rub under the eyes to hide dark circles and puffiness. Choose a tone that is closer to the colour of your skin and people will not be smarter.

Winky Lux Experience:

Winky Lux opened its first full dive shop in New York’s Soho district on August 8, 2018. Visit us in 7 fully equipped rooms to celebrate unique products and moments of magical beauty. WINKY LUX EXPERIENCE is a pop-up window that stimulates the imagination, creates content to share, and encourages opportunities for contact with friends and beauty lovers.

Welcome to Winky Lux’s first retail experience in New York’s Soho district. Visit us in 8 completely transported halls where you can celebrate unique products and moments of magical beauty. WINKY LUX EXPERIENCE is a pop-up window that stimulates the imagination, creates content to share, and encourages opportunities for contact with friends and beauty lovers.

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winkylux Review - Makeup

  • Your $ 10 booking fee guarantees entry to the Experience Store and can be used for all make-up purchases in the store. Children under 2 years do not pay a reservation fee.
  • Add tickets to your cart by selecting the date and time in the calendar.
  • Please confirm your purchase date. Your ticket is invariably valid only on the date of the ticket.
  • No changes or refunds will be accepted and we will not accept tickets purchased from third parties.
  • Identification must match a person in your group.
  • It’s completely free to enter the Winky Lux Makeup Store. Tickets are only needed if you want to explore the adventure shop.

More Winky Lux Products List :

1. Matcha, Glimmer & Watermelon Balm

Price: $46!


Packed with the scent of your favourite, freshly-cut fruit our colour-changing Watermelon Jelly balm goes clear and leaves lips looking perfectly pink.

The ultimate diva of lip balms, Glimmer Balm applies on clear then reacts with skin’s pH levels to create just a hint of glimmer.

Made with real green tea powder, food-grade vanilla, and coconut + avocado oils, this lip balm helps to soften, repair and protect with an ultra-refreshing blend.

2.Whipped Cream Face Primer

Price: $ 20


Perfectly combined, as soft as silk, our whipped cream can be used alone to give it a fresh, clean look, or as a base for perfect hold and a sense of weightlessness. A moisturizing base that goes beyond moisturizes your skin and smoothes the surface.

3. Forever Flower Makeup Brush Set

Price: $39.75



1. skin / double skin brush

This wide pointed and fan-shaped brush can be used for powder or bronzer. Soft, synthetic bristles apply the powder evenly, while the conical tip ensures precision.

2. Blush angle brush
A fluffy brush with which you can stroke the rouge over the cheekbones. (It is also ideal for the main lines).

3. fan brush
Get the perfect breath of light wherever you want with this stylish brush that creates a smooth and diffused glow. Make reflections as you like or use them to spread out rough lines and remove excess dust.

4. Conical mixing brush
Mix eyeshadow with this super soft and rejuvenating brush. Mix along the fold to distribute all the rough lines.

5. Medium hood brush
Use this soft, fluffy brush to apply eyeshadow to eyelids, prepare eyes, or hide small areas.

6. brush
With this small, precise pencil brush you can remove the eyeliner, apply shadows to the lower eyelash line or highlight the inner tear channel.

4. White Tea Tinted Veil Moisturizer
Price: $28.00

Indulge, protect and refresh your skin with our best-toned moisturizer with SPF. Our lightweight formula brings a touch of colour and UV protection to a wide range of SPF 30s. This firming moisturizer with extract of white tea and pomegranate protects the skin while moisturizing. Low content, vitamins A and E liven it up.

International Client:

Since Winky Lux began filling international positions at its headquarters in 2015, the Winky Lux department we surveyed has included executives with diverse cultural backgrounds in their most critical work: developing new products.

These managers represent a small percentage of Winky Lux’s workforce, but represent more than a third of the unit’s product development teams, a record that the unit has held for more than 10 years.

winkylux Review Read More

Winky Lux typically has about 40 product development teams, each working on a different concept. A team consists of three or four people, two of whom can be multicultural.

In a team we talked to and work on women’s hair care products in Latin America, a Lebanese-Spanish-American hair colour manager was responsible for Irish-French and Cambodian hair care. They shared an office to exchange ideas.

The development of a new product requires at least one year of knowledge sharing between the product development team, regional subsidiaries and functional units in France, eg. B. Research and Development Peers can do it: Originating from different cultures, team leaders should formally and informally discuss their work with senior management as they progress.

winkylux Review - Best Quality Face Paint

Once the new product concept is ready, the team will present it at the International Meeting, the annual Consumer Products Division event hosted in Some Country. The teams present their start action plans to regional directors around the world, developing ideas that may be ready for commercialization in a year or two.

Multicultural managers come from three groups. The most experienced come from international subsidiaries of the company and have at least five years experience in sales and marketing. Some are recruited by other global companies.

The third and youngest group consists of graduates from leading international business schools.

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Move faster than the millennium generation:

Winky Lux pays close attention to what its customers say, but they also act fast. They recognized the need for speed in the beauty industry and developed a patented supply chain technology that allows them to move from concept to product within 45 days.

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With this unique and fast cycle of beauty products that surpass the industry standard of one year from idea to production, Winky Lux belongs to its own category of supply of buyers of beauty products. Genitals of Millennial and Gen-Z.

While Winky Lux supply chain technology offers the advantage of entering the market, the ability to spot trends is based on a close relationship with its customers.


They “listen” to popular topics and comments on social networks, conduct regular surveys and hold focus groups to understand what their clients are looking for. Once you know the trend, you can create it before your audience moves on to the next step.

Earlier this year, they discovered that all social media talked about green tea matcha. Within 45 days, they developed and launched a very popular Matcha lip balm, which sold more than 15,000 times in the first three months.

Conclusion: winkylux Review {Updated} 2022

Winky Lux products are beautiful and easy to use. I do not think there are big differences in colour between most users, so you’re almost certain your lips are pink.

I repeat, the brightness is NOT strong and you will not feel like you have a full mouth, so do not worry about the shine

In general, it’s nice, easy to use and easy to use on the fly. In addition, it looks cute when you apply it.


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