VigRX Plus Review 2022 – The Best Male Enhancement On the Internet, Period

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Today we have featured VigRX Plus Review, VigRX Plus is one of the most famous male enhancement pills in the world. It’s also the best! 

Use It For:

  • Bigger Erections
  • Higher Erection Quality
  • More Sexual Stamina
  • Dramatically Higher Sex Drive
  • Orgasm Control
  • Better Climaxes
  • Much Greater Sexual Satisfaction

VigRX Plus Review, Clinnically Proven Male Enchancement pills

In This Review…

Much has been said about VigRX Plus and having used it myself for 11 months, I have no shortage of things to say either. So let’s get to it! In this VigRX Plus review we’ll cover:

  • Where to Buy
  • How it Works
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Formula
  • Clinical Study
  • Doctor Approval
  • My Results
  • Value
  • Guarantee
  • Conclusion

Where To Buy:

You should buy VigRX Plus from its official store only. This eliminates the chance you’ll end up with counterfeit VigRX Plus.

Sadly, that can be a problem with this product, as it’s very popular, and counterfeiters like to piggyback off that success.

The fakes they make often have undisclosed toxins that can include anything from aspirin to rat poison.

Official VigRX Plus® Secure Shopping Cart Order Buy At Discount Price
Official VigRX Plus® Secure Shopping Cart Order Buy At Discount Price

Buy VigRX Plus here, at its official store only, and you eliminate that problem.

Also, all VigRX Plus boxes sold from here have a counterfeit code that you can use to verify the product is real and made at its official factory in the United States.

VigRX Plus’s official store is:

How It Works:

VigRX Plus is a male virility supplement. You can also call it a natural male enhancement pill or, yup, even natural sex pill for guys.

It’s made with vitamins, minerals, botanicals, amino acids and sexual nutrients that build up in the male reproductive system over 1-6 months.

VigRX Plus How Does It Works

Once your body processes the formula, it puts these nutrients to work. Among many things, the VigRX Plus formula helps boost blood to the penis (so you get a bigger and harder erection), increases sexual desire and helps with better climax control.

That’s why they call it a ‘natural sex pill’.

Of course, all this hinges on a formula with the right ingredients and oner that’s dosed for maximum results.

Over two decades, VigRX Plus has become a legend in the male enhancement industry because it’s one of the most effective formulas out there. In my opinion, it’s the best.

Pros And Cons

Pros: VigRX Plus Review

VigRX Plus has a lot going on. It packs a world of quality that separates it from pretty much any other natural sex pill. The many benefits of VigRX Plus include:

  • Excellent Formula
  • All-Natural
  • ‘Turbo-Charged’ with Bioperine
  • Well-Established Product
  • Clinically Studied Formula
  • Excellent Clinical Results
  • Approved by Dr. Steven Lamm (Of ‘The View’ TV Show)
  • Excellent Reputation

Cons: VigRX Plus Review

  • Expensive
  • Not Available in Stores
  • Takes at least 30 Days to Deliver Results
  • VigRX Plus is an excellent product. Is there anything that doesn’t work here?

Don’t sweat too much about VigRX Plus taking at least 30 days for you to see results. All health supplements take at least 3 weeks, and often longer because your body needs time to process their nutrients. 

30-ish days is par for the course with health supplements. But it’s something to consider. You might want to buy a high-quality natural lubricant like VigRX Oil for instant results while you wait for VigRX Plus to deliver the goods.


VigRX Plus has a proprietary formula. It’s made with excellent ingredients and dosed for results. There is a reason VigRX Plus works so well, and it’s this:

Damiana – Long used in Central and South America as an aphrodisiac, Damiana is a wild shrub that helps men get and keep an erection.

Epimedium Leaf Extract – There’s a reason for its nickname ‘Horny Goat Weed’, and it has nothing to do with goats. Epimedium Leaf is high in an active ingredient called ‘Icariin’, which is shown to sent blood to the penis, so you get an keep an erection. It’s also linked to better sexual desire.

VigRX Plus Order Online Now

Asian Red Ginseng – Asian Red Ginseng is a powerful aphrodisiac. Used extensively in Asia for that purpose, it has a positive effect on blood, sperm and sexual vitality.

Saw Palmetto – Clinical studies show Saw Palmetto helps fight enlarged prostate. That helps reduce urinary problems and helps the prostate do its job, so you make more semen and your sex drive fires on all cylinders.

Muira Puama – Wanna boost your sex drive and overall virility? However you do it, you’ll want to check out Muira Puama – a Brazilian herb that appears to benefit the physical and psychological factors that affect the male sex drive.

Catuaba Bark – Speaking of Brazil, Catuaba Bark also hails from that Amazonian country. Catuaba Bark helps dilate the blood vessels, stoke the sex drive, and may even give you erotic dreams at night. Happy sleeping!

Hawthorn Berry – Hawthorn Berry is a phytochemical. It’s high in bioflavonoids that help the heart and the ticker, with better blood flow throughout the body and lower blood pressure in general. Any guesses what that does for your sexual performance? Here’s a hint: you’ll get a bigger erection.

Formula: VigRX Plus Review

Gingko Leaf – A staple of ancient Chinese medicine, Gingko Leaf helps vascular blood flow, promotes smooth muscle relaxation in the corpora cavernosa – the long cylinders in your penis. One study found 78% of guys with non-medical impotence saw a significant improvement of their symptoms when using Gingko Leaf.

Bioperine – VigRX Plus’s formula by itself is the best in natural male enhancement. But it’s made even more effective with an ingredient called ‘Bioperine’.

vigrx plus statistics

This is a derivative of pepper that helps make the ingredients in VigRX Plus up to 30% more effective – taking the VigRX Plus formula to a whole new level of efficacy and results in the bedroom.

Clinical Study: VigRX Plus Review

Let’s talk about science for a minute.

A 2012 study reveals further insight into what you can expect with VigRX Plus. The study consisted of 75 men between 25 and 50 over 84 days.

All the men were in heterosexual and monogamous relationships and had mild to moderate erection problems but had no underlying medical issues that would cause the inability to get hard.

Half the men took two VigRX Plus capsules, twice a day with water. The other half took a placebo and a similar dosage.

Men Clinical Study Results

This was a triple-blind study. That means no one, be it the researchers or the volunteers, knew who was taking VigRX Plus or the placebo.

When the study finished, here’s what the researchers found:

  • A 62.82% Increased Ability to Keep an Erection
  • A 58.97% Increased Ability to Penetrate a Partner
  • A 47% Increase in Sex Drive and Desire
  • A 71.43% Increase in Intercourse and Sexual Satisfaction
  • A 47% Increase in Sex Drive and Desire

Now we’re getting somewhere. But there’s still another reason VigRX Plus is the best natural male enhancement pill for men.

Doctor Approval:

VigRX Plus is approved by Dr. Steven Lamm – a very prominent New York-based doctor frequently seen on American medical TV shows, including as Medical Correspondent on The View. That’s huge.

Yes, he is most likely paid to say nice things about VigRX Plus, but here’s the thing: no doctor with half a brain is going to promote a product that sucks because of what it could do to his reputation.

For a doctor this big to recommend VigRX Plus is huge, and it says a lot about the product’s quality.

My Results:

I used VigRX Plus for 11 months. While I am generally a healthy dude and haven’t struggled with serious erection issues, I found VigRX Plus got me bigger and harder just like it was advertised. Here’s a synopsis of what went down.

I didn’t really feel much with VigRX Plus for the first few weeks. It was probably after about a month I really began to feel a difference.

I was thinking about sex a lot more with VigRX Plus by this point. I got hard faster and was able to keep that erection while going at it – and I ‘went at it’ a lot more too.

VigRX Plus Testimonials

My sexual frequency increased with VigRX Plus. By about three months, I was having more sex and lasting longer. Yup, I’ll say this too: my erection was bigger. That’s something my partner enjoyed very much.

I probably had my best results with VigRX Plus between three and six months. By this point, I was thinking about sex constantly, and to be honest, it was hard not to. To quantify it, I probably had twice as much sex with VigRX Plus.

I was always able to show up, I lasted longer, and my climaxes were amazing. VigRX delivered, and the only reason I stopped using it was that I started feeling a little burnt out. Yes, you can burn out with too much play.


I’ll come out and say this: VigRX Plus is expensive. But you know what you’re getting with it: an excellent formula that’s going to put size, stamina, and sexual frequency in your bedroom.

So let’s talk about how to maximize your savings – and to maximize your time between the sheets.

A box of VigRX Plus is $69. That’s not cheap, but when you consider the potency of this formula, it’s a steal.

Official VigRX Plus® Secure Shopping Cart Order Buy At Discount Price

Still, you’re in this to save a few bucks. For that, you’d best consider a package of ay least three months.  The 3 Month VigRX Plus package is just $179 and saves you almost $98.

It comes with Free Shipping as well.

But do you want my honest opinion with VigRX Plus? Buy a package of at least 6 months. The 6 Month Supply costs just $329 and saves you almost $211.

Or for the absolute best value with VigRX Plus, do the 12 Month Supply. This costs just $589 and saves you almost $500 off the cost of 12 VigRX Plus boxes.

The 12 Month Supply also comes with the Free Shipping, a Free bottle of Semenax climax enhancer and gives you 6 months to hit your best results with VigRX Plus, and another 6 months to enjoy it.

You could easily spend over $1000 on this. At $589, you’re stealing it.


Official VigRX Plus 67 Days Money Back guarantee
Official VigRX Plus 67 Days Money Back guarantee

VigRX Plus has a generous 67-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it just return it and you get your money back.

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Conclusion: VigRX Plus Review

VigRX Plus is the best natural male virility supplement and the best male enhancement product in general that I’ve ever used.

It’s the formula. It is the study, and they get approval from one of the most respected doctors on American television.

It’s the value, it’s…well, most of all, the bigger erection, better stamina and more sex that it brings.

For that, you cannot beat VigRX Plus – the best male enhancement product, period. Don’t believe me? Bite the bullet and try VigRX Plus yourself!

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