Venus Factor Review 2022: My Personal Story Truth Reveal

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I am a 30 year old women with two kids and my weight is quiet high in proportion to my height.

After kids I tried many weight training programs and went to the gym for months to reduce my weight.

But the result was weight loss for few weeks and then back to old size and shape. It was quite irritating for me as there was no solution to lose my weight permanently.

I heard about John Barban’s “VENUS FACTOR – 12 WEEKS WEIGHT LOSS SYSTEM”, through one of friend. She was also of my age but was heavy than me.

But I suddenly I saw a great change n her as she was getting her body shape back. I enquired about the secret and so she told me about Venus Factor weight loss program.

As I heard about this program, it sounded completely different from other weight training programs.

I started reading it and after analyzing and understanding the concept, I practiced the workouts and tried almost everything given in that program.

I adhered to all the workout manuals which covered almost everybody parts exercise.

And here I stand after 2 months in proper body shape and a fit mind. Let me tell you all about that book in short which transformed my life.

Venus Factor Reviews – Complete Review Of The Venus Factor Diet And System

Venus Factor Reviews

Pros & Cons of VENUS FACTOR Review

Advantages of this program:

  • Based on extreme research and scientific studies made by John Barbanwhio is expert in fitness training
  • It emphasizes more on right shape of the body than mere weight lose which is best for women at all ages
  • Easy and simple guide to shed that extra kilos by just doing workouts at home and no need to spend on gyms
  • Its flexible system provides video tutorials and list of all the food items that are good for body to boost metabolism. It is a full fledges nutrition plan for women
  • Its key element is to balance leptin hormone in the body which is balanced by inhibiting hunger.
  • It comes with the virtual nutritionist software app which provides full access to all the guidelines regarding what to eat and also enables the calorie count in a handy format
  • The Venus community provides a strong customer support to all its customers. The community share all the upcoming events, real stories, suggestions from customers and feedback in the forums
  • Step by step program which gives complete information divide into 4 modules.
  • It can be downloaded easily and has easy money return policy of 60 days.
  • It is women oriented program which focuses on simple techniques of reducing weight because women are biologically designed to have more fat than men

Disadvantages of the program:

  • It is totally women oriented and there are many other equivalent programs by other authors.
  • It needs 100% commitment with the workouts and meal plans.
  • It is not only a weight loss program buta body transforming technique which gives more importance to right shape of the body than mere weight losing.
  • It is complicated for those who cannot adhere to a systematic way of fitness regimen.
  • It comes only in PDF format which is not handy at times
  • To remain connected with the community forum one needs to have internet access all the time.
  • It takes lots of hard work, discipline and self-motivation to attain the desired results.

About the author:

The program is created by John Barban who works in the Dietary & Sports Supplement Industry, researching and developing sports and weight loss supplements for the past 8 years.

He did his masters in Human Biology and Nutrition from Guelph University. He is a fitness expert who has designed this program especially for women.

About the book

The key element in the book is to control weight through re- balancing those hormones which are responsible for appetite and weight gain.

It is a 12 week weight loss program which revolves around the proper fitness regimen and diet to burn the excess fat in body and het it into shape.

It takes an in-depth look into the new scientific research and studies done on human body, to solve their weight issue by boosting metabolism.

The 12 week program is divided into different parts so as the person can easily understand follow it with the set pattern.

This diet plan is based on restoring leptin sensitivity in women through boosting metabolism and improved appetite.

Leptin is a hormone made of fat tissue that helps to regulate energy balance by inhibiting hunger.

Thefocus of the program is not just weight loss but reshaping the whole body through adjusting the body mass index.

The diet plan for women is designed by using a peculiar herb which is responsible for restoring leptin sensitivity in body and achieving faster metabolism, increasing fat loss and lean muscle.

Venus Factor Diet Plan:

The diet plan is divided into two parts, first for fat loss and second for muscle building.

It is much easier to reshape body by tackling one issue at one time and not everything simultaneously. The book explains how body composition is critical in determining weight and muscles.

There is a long list of foods that one should strictly avoid so as to get in proper shape. These foods like refined sugar, sweet sodas, alcohol etc. are the culprits behind all the damage done to the body.

The diet approach also takes into account one’s body limited ability to sustain a great calorie deficit for long periods and is designed with a reverse calorie strategy to avoid muscle depletion.

This diet plan is totally safe for every age group as it safe and proven through proper research and studies which guarantee safe fat loss with no muscle depletion.

Workout Plan:

This part of program is very flexible and one can exercise at home with basic tools like dumbbells , bench and a mat. The series of exercises involved are:

  • Push ups
  • Curtsy lunge
  • Step up and press
  • Dips
  • Bowler squats
  • Plank
  • One arm dumbbell row
  • T-bend
  • Squat and lateral raise

All the information is included in the Pdf file along with the videos so as to know the correct way of performing the exercises.

The workout plan is split into 3 cycles of 4 weeks each in order to prevent stagnation and stimulate growth of lean muscle. Everything is result of years of experience and knowledge.

The Venus immersion community:

This is something additional to the above all areas of development. John Barbans’s program offers to join social community called Venus Immersion which provide additional

nutrition soft wares, personalized workouts, coaching, podcasts, trackers and mobile applications. Participants are encourages to show their results, give suggestions and tips to other members.

This society is designed to keep its members focused on losing fat, reshaping body and keeping them motivated.

The ones who join get additional bonuses in the form of uncensored podcasts, workout videos, weekly coaching by John Barban and natural standard supplement database to know what works and what does not.

The bottom line of the program: Venus Factor Review

It is indeed a simple and easy program to follow for those who are really serious about getting into the right shape.

The virtual software helps in determining the calories and protein and motivates to workout accordingly.

The online community helps to be in touch with the author and the updated solutions to the problem they are facing in the program.

I hope you like Venus Factor Reviews – Complete Review Of The Venus Factor Diet And System.

Nothing is hidden in this program and everything is shared online and available in the step by step module.

The only thing which one requires is to keep a healthy lifestyle with good eating habits and proper exercise.

Nothing is impossible if one is determined to achieve a destined goal with full determination.

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