Total Curve Review 2022 : Is It The Best Breast Enhancement Supplement?

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Easy to Use
Users Feedback
Value For Money


  • Good Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery
  • Painless
  • Promotes Internal and External Breast Wellness
  • Good Reputation
  • Visible Results Start Showing in 3 Weeks
  • Clinically Shown Results
  • Natural-Based System


  • Not Available in Stores

Verdict: Total Curve is a two-step natural breast augmentation. It's a daily oral supplement and a firming gel with a peptide called Volufiline.


Today we have featured Total Curve Review,  As a woman you want to take good care of your beauty.

Some women pay thousands of dollars for beautiful breasts. Don’t be one of them. A little of Total Curve goes a long way!

Total Curve Review 2022 | Best Breast Enhancement Therapy

Uses Of Total Curve

  • Highlights Your Curves
  • Helps Increase Breast Tissue
  • Makes Breasts Appear Youthful
  • Reduces ‘Sagging’
  • Restores ‘Lift’
  • Encourages Breast Wellness
  • Boosts Confidence

Total Curve Natural Breast Enhancement Pills and Cream

Total Curve Review : Where To Buy?

Buy Total Curve from its official store only. This eliminates the chance of you buying a counterfeit product. Sadly, that is a risk with popular health and beauty supplements, and Total Curve is definitely popular.

Relax – you don’t need to worry about that. Just buy Total Curve here and you’re totally fine.

Total Curve’s official store is:

How It Works – Total Curve Review

Total Curve is a two-step natural breast augmentation. It’s a daily oral supplement and a firming gel with a peptide called Volufiline.

The oral supplement is made with breast-friendly natural phytoestrogens, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that encourage overall breast health and volume.

The firming gel helps encourage more volume and reduces the effects of gravity on your breasts over time. In other words, apply it to your breasts and it helps them look fuller and perkier.

Total Curve Review - No Surgery Required

Note that Total Curve is not a quick fix. This isn’t a boob job. While Total Curve might increase breast size a little (Volufiline in the firming gel is reported to increase breast size by up to 8.4%), it’s primarily designed to restore lift and make your breasts look youthful.

Still, there’s plenty of that with Total Curve. This is an excellent product – one that many women just love because it helps bring out the best in their breasts at pretty much any age. No wonder it’s so popular!

Key Formula:

Total Curve has an excellent formula. That’s why this product works so well – it’s made with botanical, herbals and plant-based phytoestrogens that encourage breast wellness. The Volufiline also helps breast size. Total Curve’s formula includes:

Buckwheat Leaves/Flower 

Buckwheat is rich in an antioxidant called Lutein. That’s good because it strengthens the capillaries and encourages greater blood flow. Buckwheat is also high in bioflavonoids, which further help breast health and development.

Total Curve Review

Fennel Seed

There are plenty of phytoestrogens in Fennel Seed. That’s good too because they help gently balance the female hormones that can affect breast appearance over time.

Dong Quai Root

Also called ‘female ginseng’, Dong Quai root helps stabilize progesterone – a hormone linked to breast development. It’s long been used in Chinese medicine to help many factors, from blood pressure to fatigue. It may help your sex drive too!

Damiana Leaf

Damiana helps bind progesterone. What that means in plain English is: it helps breast tissue and breast health in general.

Blessed Thistle

Blessed Thistle is blessed indeed – at least to your breasts. It helps balance hormones and helps repair both collagen and elastin. The result of that? Breasts that look younger and with less sagging.


Hops help make breast milk and promote lactation. It’s also good for your digestion.

Total Curve Natural Breast Enhancement Pills and Cream


One of the healthiest of all vegetables, Watercress encourages better breast health, according to a study at the University of Southampton. It may also fight acne, arthritis and gout, among its many further health applications.

Black Cohosh

Long prized as a fighter of menopause symptoms, Black Cohosh helps make phytoestrogens that help stabilize hormones. It appears to help breast health as well.

Wild Yam

Wild Yam is high in a phytoestrogen called diosgenin, which helps reduce the impact of hormone loss and has been used extensively in breast enlargement.


Speaking of breast enlargement, you may see a little of that thanks to Volufiline – a peptide clinically studied and shown to increase breast tissue by up to 8.4% after just 56 days.

Clinical Studies Of Total Curve 

Let’s talk about that study for a minute. Two studies have been done on Volufiline – the peptide in Total Curve that helps with natural breast enlargement. Both show the immense potential of this exciting development for women looking to add a little volume.

In the first study, researchers added 0.5 % and 1% concentration of Volufiline to cells over 6 days. At the end of this time, the cells in the 1% group took in 492% more fat molecules than the other group.

Scientific Proof - Natural Breast Enhancement Pills and Cream

In the second study, 32 women between ages 18 and 35 applied Volufiline to one breast twice a day over 56 days.

In the study’s conclusion, the Volufiline had increased breast tissue by up to 8.4%. Their breasts looked it too, with a fuller and firmer appearance.

Give Total Curve a chance. It might help in a very pleasant way.

Total Curve Review : Are There Any Side Effects?

I am not aware of any Total Curve side effects. The oral supplement is completely natural and the topical gel was well-tolerated in the clinical study of women who used it.

Both products in the Total Curve System are made at a CGMP compliant facility in the United States. That means they’re made with strict health and safety regulations in place and ingredient purity can easily be verified.

Confident woman

That’s not always the case with health supplements made abroad, in countries like China.

This isn’t to say the Total Curve is completely safe. You should speak to your doctor before using Total Curve for the first time. It’s all the more important if you have a specific health concern or condition.

FYI, You should do that before trying any new health or beauty product for the first time.

Speak to your doctor. But if there’s nothing in your medical background that might cause a problem, I think you’ll be fine.

Total Curve Review : Pricing Policy

Now, a little talk about Value…

For best results with Total Curve, expect to use it for at least 3 months, and probably closer to six. The good news is you’ll save more money with a larger package.

The 1 One Month Supply is $69.95. That’s not cheap, but when you consider the Volufiline, the quality of this formula and what it will do for your quality of life, it’s a steal.

Still, you want to save money. So go higher for that. The 3 Month Package of Total Curve is just $179.95. That saves you about $30, and it also comes with Free Shipping anywhere on the planet.

Pricing Policy

Have you seen the price of shipping lately? That’s a very good deal.

For best results AND value with Total Curve, go for the 6 Month Package. This costs just $299.95 and puts almost $120 back in your pocket. It comes with the Free Shipping as well and, just as important, gives you the best results with a product that can truly change your appearance and enjoyment of life.

You would easily pay 10 times that much in a cosmetic office, by the way.  This is an excellent value and the one that is recommend for most women.


Total Curve is guaranteed for 67 days. That is plenty of time to see your first results with Total Curve and return the product if you don’t like it. Frankly, you will love Total Curve, but this is good reassurance nonetheless.

Pros And Cons Of Total Curve Review


Total Curve is an excellent product and brings many benefits to the table that you should factor into your decision making. The benefits of Total Curve include:

  • Good Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery
  • Painless
  • Promotes Internal and External Breast Wellness
  • Good Reputation
  • Visible Results Start Showing in 3 Weeks
  • Clinically Shown Results
  • Natural-Based System


While there aren’t many, the Cons of Total Curve include:

  • Not Available in Stores
  • A Little Expensive
  • Takes 3-6 Months For Best Results

Don’t get too put off by the fact Total Curve takes 3-6 months to deliver the breasts you truly want. That’s pretty standard for most health and beauty supplements because your body needs time to process the formula.

That’s pretty common. And not to worry, because we’ll talk about ways to stretch your dollars on Total Curve, so you get the best prices and the best results to go with them.

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Conclusion : Total Curve Review 2022

Total Curve is the best natural breast augmentation product on the market. It’s natural, it’s painless, it’s convenient, and most of all, it’s effective.

Bonus points: it’s made in the United States by a company with an excellent reputation (Leading Edge Health) in the natural health and beauty industry.

This is an excellent product. Buy Total Curve and you’ll have youthful and perky breasts. And yes, you may find they’re a little bigger too (that’s Volufiline at work, although keep the big picture in mind with Total Curve. 

You’re going for sexy appearance – something that Total Curve delivers with the expertise and care of a company that knows how to do it at a great price and with the reassurance of a 68-day money-back guarantee. Buy the 6 Month Supply of Total Curve for best results.

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