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Every dieter is all too familiar with the drug-like delirium you experience when you give in to your sugar cravings after denying yourself for so long.

You’re a professional at this, so you figure one piece of chocolate should do it; just enough to make you feel better, but not enough to set you off track for the day.

And, yes, the first bite is heavenly, but suddenly you’re six Hershey’s kisses in and wondering what happened.

The problem with sugar cravings is that they trick you into thinking about a moment’s satisfaction and weighing it more heavily than long-term happiness that comes from achieving things like your weight loss goal or better gut health.

But white-knuckling through the sugar cravings certainly can’t be the best way to deal with them, right? If you’ve done more than one diet you know that willpower so seldom works, especially at the moment. That’s wherever Sweet Defeat claims their product comes in and gets you back on target.

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Sweet Defeat may be a natural and effective formula made of all-natural and safe ingredients to assist in obtaining eliminate sugar cravings quick. As the manufacturer claims, the product is clinically proven by scientists and health experts.

Sweet Defeat may be a distinctive product within the market. It comes in the form of flavoured lozenges and it is formulated using herbal ingredients.

Sweet Defeat review

Sugar cravings are set off by our taste buds. As we have a tendency to consume one thing sweet, our body tends to crave for a lot of. This is a simple yet bothersome mechanism of the human brain.

The molecules present in sugar activate the tongue’s taste receptors which then send a signal to the brain further triggering the sensation of wanting to eat more sweets, which is akin to a vicious cycle.

A single bite of a sugar-rich item can stimulate the cravings for up to 30 minutes. The solution resides in blocking those tongue receptors in order to break this cycle.

What is Sweet Defeat?

Sweet Defeat may be a company that creates plant-based mint lozenges that claim to prevent sugar cravings in their tracks — and, yes, it sounds too good to be true.

We’ve been taught to be wary about any company that claims to fix your problem is as easy as popping a pill, so I decided to try it out for you.

What I used to be expecting was a mint that used a non-nutritive sweetener, like stevia, to keep you occupied after a meal and away from your secret snack drawer. After all, a study published in the journal Appetite suggested peppermint can cut hanger, though that was in reference to sniffing the sweet herb.

In fact, study participants who sniffed peppermint every two hours ate 2,800 fewer calories in a week than those who didn’t get a whiff of it. Since most false hunger — like those cravings for sweets you don’t really want — disappear in an exceedingly matter of minutes, I assumed a low-calorie peppermint candy would be the perfect distraction.

There is a plant behind the art of Sweet Defeat, but it’s not peppermint. It’s a Gymnema.

What is Gymnema?

Gymnema is a woody vine that grows in tropical climates of India, Africa, and Australia. It’s been North American country for hundreds of years in Ayurvedic medication for its meditative properties and is even known as gurmar in Hindi that Sweet Defeat tells us are often translated as “destroyer of sugar.” That’s as a result of, among other health benefits, Gymnema blocks your ability to taste sweetness.

And that’s what makes Sweet Defeat so effective.

Each tiny lozenge can take out your taste buds long enough for the cravings to pass. That’s as a result of Gymnema produces gymnemic acids, which bind to taste receptors on your tongue. So while, sure, you can reach for that next serving of candy, you really won’t want to.

sweetdefeat 30-day reset

That’s how they tested Sweet Defeat, in fact. Participants in the double-blind study were allowed to choose their favorite candy — you know, just to make sure the cravings were really bad — and given one serving to enjoy.

Afterward, they were given a lozenge that was either a placebo or laced with those gymnemic acids before being offered a second serving of the candy.

After the second serving, study participants were offered another, which neatly summarizes most of our relationships with bags of candy stashed in our desks.

People who were given the lozenge with this plant compound accepted a second serving of candy 31% less often than those who got the placebo, and overall they consumed 44% fewer calories.

Ingredients of Sweet Defeat

Sweet defeat codes

Sweet Defeat is a patented formula that contains 100% natural ingredients that show results in only a matter of seconds. As mentioned on top of, Sweet Defeat there are 5 active plant-based ingredients enclosed within the formula:

  • Gymnema Extract

This leaf extract from a plant has widely been used as a way to prevent sugar cravings. Its benefits have been known since ancient times.

It is a woody vine and grows in several tropical forests of Africa, Australia, and India. The Gymnema plant has also been used as a natural or Ayurvedic remedy.

  • Spirulina Extract

Spirulina is rich in nutrients and some of these elements are not found in any other compound.

It possesses large amounts of calcium, iron, potassium, B vitamins, magnesium, and niacin. Spirulina is considered one of the best superfoods in existence.

  • Mint

The mint extract contained in Sweet Defeat comes from organic mint leaves that provide a cool and refreshing impact.

Mint is both a calming and soothing herb and has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years.

  • Zinc

This compound completes and compliments the effects of Gymnema extract by blocking the tongue’s sugar receptors.

Zinc is also good for strengthening the immune system of the body and fighting symptoms such as common cold, ear infection, and other respiratory issues.

  • Sorbitol

This is a sweet-tasting ingredient that works as a sugar substitute and adds a sweet taste. Unlike sugar, Sorbitol is slow to metabolize in the body and it does not cause any significant side effects on the blood sugar levels.

On the contrary, though, some people may have unpleasant experience such as gas and bloating, when consuming Sorbitol.


Let’s talk about the science behind this product and the way it works.

Sugar cravings are initiated by the taste buds. Once you eat one thing sweet, your body will only crave for more. It is a simple yet annoying hack of the human brain.

The molecules contained by sugar will then activate your tongue’s taste buds which send a signal to your brain which further triggers the feeling of wanting to eat more sweets. It is something similar to a vicious cycle.

One single bite of a sugar-based product can activate your cravings for up to half an hour. The solution is to block those tongue receptors in order to stop this cycle.

Sweet Defeat reverses this whole method by suppressing sweet style. You can say it fools your tongue’s taste receptors into ignoring sugary foods.

How long Sweet Defeat effects last?

A single serving of Sweet Defeat is capable of suppressing the sugar cravings for a whole hour, according to the company website.

The supplement is trusted and recommended by many nutritionists and health experts and is validated by doctors. The company states that the product offers 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

How should I use Sweet Defeat?

Sweet Defeat uses

Using Sweet Defeat lozenges is simple and easy. Place one tablet on the tongue and let it dissolve. This should be done whenever there is a craving for something sweet.

However, the company does not recommend its users to take more than two or three lozenges in a day. It is best to take a tablet or two after meal and one can also take a serving whenever the need. The product is highly recommended in case of the following:

  • To limit oneself to healthy and sugar-free breakfasts.
  • To skip dessert completely or maybe to enjoy one or two bites.
  • To overcome midday cravings and stick to healthy or low-calorie foods.
  • To avoid snacking at late nights or overeating whenever out with friends.

Although there can be different opinions found regarding the daily dosage limitation, taking Sweet Defeat is quite flexible and the product can be used on a daily basis as needed. It is important to note that overconsumption of anything can be harmful and cause some side effects.

One thing to consider though is the small amount of zinc contained by these tablets. For this reason, adults are not suggested to consume very large doses in a day.

Is Sweet Defeat Safe, Certified and Reliable?

Sweet Defeat testimonials

Sweet Defeat is absolutely a safe product. Firstly, it is certified and meets all the FDA guidelines. The FDA is a trustworthy institution that is responsible for regulating all the dietary, nutrition and health products, supplements and ingredients, including the processes involved in the manufacturing and distribution of these products.

Usually, dietary supplement companies are not required to receive the FDA’s approval or meet their requirements before their products make way into the market. However, it is imperative that they are regulated under state and federal law in order to ensure the safety level of such products.

Is Sweet Defeat truly effective?

According to the client feedback, Sweet Defeat appears to be an effective product. Sweet Defeat is backed by an analysis conducted by freelance organizations showing the method these lozenges lower each the appetency and intake of high-sugar foods.

The research was published in many different journals so there’s no doubt about the transparency.

Sweet defeat gymnema

At the same time, the results achieved from taking these tablets may differ from person to person depending on each individual’s organism, the body’s reaction to the supplement’s ingredients, and frequency of consumption.

Hence it is very vital to follow all the directions and precautions provided by the company.

Where can I purchase Sweet Defeat and what is the Cost?

Sweet Defeat is obtainable for purchase from the official web site of the corporate. One can make a one-time purchase in case the product’s never been tried before or one can opt to become a member of a subscription program that comes with certain perks.

  • One box of 30 tablets is priced at $29.99 which comes to $1 per serving.
  • Two boxes containing 60 lozenges in total are priced at $49.99 which translates into $0.83 per lozenge.
  • Three boxes containing 90 tablets are priced at $69.99. This comes to $0.78 per serving.

To become a member of subscription, simply create an account on the website by entering email address and password. Subscribers receive the auto-shipment program so one can rest assured of never running out of these tablets.

sweet defeat pricing

The order will be delivered to the doorstep on a monthly basis. The company offers a discount from time to time which gets updated on the website. Also, it is free to cancel the order anytime without any strings attached.

The only online payment option apparently offered on the website is a credit card. Once the order is placed and confirmed, the estimated delivery time is 2 to 3 days.

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Final Thought: Sweet Defeat Coupon Codes 2022

As mentioned earlier, sugar cravings are caused by the tongue’s taste buds. And now there is an effective way to combat the condition without causing harmful effects to the body.

Sweet Defeat looks to be a solid and promising product. One of the best things about this supplement, which is also a great advantage, is the fact that it works for all different kinds of sugars, including sugar substitutes as well as artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, Sucralose, and Stevia.

Grab Sweet Defeat Coupon Codes and try a 30-Day Reset Challenge!!

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