Best Spring Mattress To Buy in 2022: Are spring mattresses good? Which Spring Mattress To Buy?

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User Feedback


  • It is long-lasting
  • Provides spinal alignment during sleep
  • Ideal for heavy weights
  • The mattress neither becomes cooler nor warmer
  • They have lot of bounce
  • Variety of spring mattresses are available
  • The cost is very low
  • The users recommend the use of spring mattresses


  • Should not be used by people with back pain
  • The mattress can sag after some time

Verdict: The Spring Mattresses have been in the market for an extremely long time and have enjoyed the monopoly for a good amount of time as well.


Looking for an unbiased list of Best Spring mattress? We have got you covered here. 

Well as the name suggests, a spring containing mattress is a spring mattress. Springs in the Spring mattresses are also known as mattress coils.

These coils are majorly used to form the innerspring mattresses’ cores. These are different from memory foam in the respect that they do not adjust to the heat of the body without any special modifications.

There are different layers in the mattress, namely the top layer which is also called the comfort layer, the core below it which is also called the support layer. 

What Exactly is Spring Mattress?

A more traditional form of mattresses is Spring mattresses as they came much before the foam mattresses and were used for a very long period of time as a monopoly.

Even though these mattresses are old-fashioned, they have not lost their popularity and come in a wide variety of prices while presenting the customers with a good bouncy characteristic and a wonderful temperature control system of sorts. 

One of the major reasons Spring mattresses are so popular is because of the high level of support these mattresses provide to the people that use them, especially the ones with back ailments due to the suspended coils that push back with a nearly similar pressure that is applied by the body.

However, this may also create some discomfort at times as the human body cannot apply the exact same pressure amount on the mattress throughout, i.e. even pressure cannot be applied which causes the areas pushing more to get a stronger push back than the rest of the body. 

Spring Mattress

Construction and Material of Spring Mattresses 

The unique factor of the Spring Mattresses that differentiates it from the foam mattresses is the coils’ layer placed in the centre with varying/ different densities which do the job of providing structure to the mattress apart from the bounce and the support provided.

Various factors have an impact on the way a spring mattress feels, including the Metal Thickness which is also known as the gauge, the type and number of springs and coils, and their interconnectivity.   

spring mattress constructions

In order to add comfort, the coils need to be enclosed under a foam layer that has different types of upholstery. This makes the upholstery the layer of comfort while the coils, the layer of support.

The upper layer which has the upholstery part is further divided into three layers, namely the quilt, which is also the outermost layer made of fibre stitches or light foam used to determine the outer feeling given by the mattress.

The upholstery layer in middle, which is made of different fibre pads or foams and is basically used to cover the insulator, and the insulator, made of mesh or fibre majorly, and which does not let the core of the mattress out of place.  

Different Springs Used in The Spring Mattress

There are four major types of springs used in the Spring Mattresses: the Bonnell Coil, which is shaped in the hourglass form, and interlaced in order to provide reaction’s uniformity.

The offset coils are similar to the Bonnell coils with a slight difference of one side straight.

Continuous Coil, which is basically a single metal piece spread throughout the entire coil length to provide easy transfer of motion for two people sharing the beds.

Pocketed Coils are individually enclosed in a fabric in order to separate them to provide that feeling of a hug when you sleep on the mattress. 

Further detail of Coils is given below-

  • Bonnell Coils

The very first type of traditional innerspring coil, adapted from the 19th Century seats of the horse carriages, was the steel wire Bonnell coil which has an hourglass shape with a rounded top, and which expands and contracts based on the pressure being applied on it.

The coils are first laid out across the mattress individually in rows and then are interwoven or interlaced using a spiral connecting wire in a helical lacing pattern so that the coils can behave as a single unit.

Bonnel Coil- Spring Mattress

These coils are majorly found in low budget mattresses as these are not very expensive to form and create but are also found in some high-quality mattresses at the same time.

What helps one determine the quality of the mattress is the count of the coils, the quality of the foam used for the encasement, and the gauge of the wire.

  • Pocketed Coils

Pocketed coils, also known as pocket coils or Marshall Coils, are shaped like a barrel, gauged thinly and separately all wrapped in a thin fabric in order to avoid the friction and grouping of coils.

Pocketed coils in spring mattresses

These fabric-covered coils are then again inter-joined without the use or presence of any wires so that the assembly can be unified.

These coils are meant to perform separately, as opposed to the Bonnell coils, as individual coils in order to give the person using it, the hug and contour feeling instead of the transfer of motion.

This also prevents the weight on one spring from affecting the neighbouring Springs. These types of coils are expensive to create, which leads to an increase in the price of the mattress as well.   

  • Offset Coils

Having many similarities with the Bonnell Coils, Offset coils are also hourglass in shape. The difference lies in the top and bottom parts of the structure of these coils.

Offset mattress coils for Spring mattress

While the Bonnell coils have a rounded top, these coils have flattened convolutions of their tops and bottoms which means that they have one straight side forming the figure of ‘D’ so that they have less gap between each other and comparatively better action of hinging when interwoven.  

  • Continuous Coils

These mattresses are manufactured by using one single wire piece that is turned on itself and coiled to form separate coils.

Continous coils in Spring beds mattress

The Continuous Coils use only one piece of wire to form the entire coil, which leads to a little problem when it comes to the transfer of motion on the bed.

Some low-quality materials can be used for this particular method of spring mattress production which ultimately leads to a low cost and cheap price. 

How Firm is Spring Mattress?

A very important factor that a lot of people consider while taking any decision is whether the mattress is soft or firm.

Layla mattress construction and firmness- Layla mattress reviews

While the firmness of the softness level and the preference is very subjective and will vary from person to person, there are some industrial norms and rules for distinguishing between the types of mattress firmness levels.

When it comes to the Spring Mattresses, the springs in them act as absorbers of shock and hence lead to the reduction in the wear and tear of the mattresses.

As we have already seen, there are four types of spring coils available in the innerspring mattresses section which help in determining the firmness or softness of the mattress along with the quality.

The fewer the number of coils, the thicker will the spring be. If there are around 14 to 15 coils, they would crumble under pressure with ease. Whereas, a combination of 12 gauge coils will be the thickest and hold firmness.

Spring Mattress Temperature Control System

When we talk about a regular, traditional type of spring mattress, it does not really have a lot to gloat about when it comes to automatic temperature adjustment.

It does not automatically adjust or throw a different feeling to the customer or user on the basis of body temperature.

If that is to be achieved, then it needs to include a memory foam in its structure at the top.

This practice is used by some of the big companies in order to make their mattresses more comfortable and attractive to the audience leading to a rise in sales. 

Spring Mattress Maintenance

The amount of maintenance required by Spring Mattresses is quite a bit since the springs in it need to be rotated at an interval of three months so that the wear is even in nature.

This is very important so that there are no indentations or dips formed in the mattress on a permanent basis which is not only uncomfortable for the user but also very harmful for health.

One cannot bend or fold the mattress as the springs of the mattress, if compressed too much, can break which we definitely do not want! 

What are the Best Inner-Spring Mattresses In the Market?

WinkBeds Mattress

One of the characteristics that I like the most about the Winkbed Mattresses is that they come in three different firmness levels!

You can choose whatever suits you the best, but I personally would recommend the soft version for the people who like to sleep on their sides.

The ones who prefer side sleeping often undergo or feel some extra added pressure around and near their shoulder and hip regions.

This problem is catered to by the Winkbed mattresses as they provide relief of pressure in and around these areas. 

WinkBed Review

Another lovely feature of these mattresses is the combination of the old and new techniques, which is the meeting of the old pocket coils and spring structure with the soft foam layers to provide an adequate amount of comfort by giving a certain level of contour to all its customers that prefer side-sleeping.  

You can save huge using the WinkBeds Promo Codes & Coupons

Saatva mattress

The Saatva Mattress is a very good option in innerspring mattress models when it comes to catering to the problem of back pains.

It is one of the most common problems faced by the people these days, which leads them to increase their expectations with the mattresses and also at the same time increase the willingness to pay more, which makes it extremely important for companies to pay attention to this.

There needs to be a perfect balance between the softness and the firmness of the mattress. If it is too soft, then the sleeper’s hips will sink more than the rest of his body parts which will lead to an uneven structure and hence back and spinal pains for the sleeper.

Too much firmness will not allow any contours or dips to form on the mattress surface which will lead to the discomfort of the sleeper again. 

Saatva Review

Saatva has quite successfully struck a balance of the firmness level when it comes to catering back pains among people with the help of mattresses to the possible extent by having a little firmer feel so that there is an even distribution of the body weight.

The best part is that this mattress comes in three different types on the basis of the firmness levels so that customers can decide what they want. I would recommend using any of the two firmer mattresses for people suffering from back pain. Read the detailed Saatva Mattress Review and find if its worth!

Brooklyn Bedding Signature

If seen technically, Brooklyn Signature is more of a hybrid mattress than a traditional one or just an innerspring mattress.

Brooklyn Bedding mattress- best spring mattresses

But I feel that it deserves a place among some of the best innerspring mattresses as it caters to the needs of the combination sleepers very well. It has a lovely support system of coils that gives a good bounce.

The different layers of foam are supported by the coils so as to provide relief in pressure along with comfort. It has a quick pressure response so that the indents and rips do not form making the person feel stuck when trying to change the various sleeping positions.

This wonderful combination of the coils and the foam leads to a medium firmness level in more than one position, which proves to be a good deal for people who have a tendency to roll around in their sleep.

This firmness combined with the lovely bounce makes it a go-to choice for the combination sleepers!

Aviya Mattress

One of the differentiating factors of Aviya Mattresses is that it directly deals with the customers by eliminating the middlemen.

It works on the Direct-sale-to-Consumer model of business which leads to the provision of a mattress that is both cheap and comfortable to use!  

Several layers of foam are supported by the pocketed coils and some extra support on the edges in the Aviya mattresses, which gives it an edge over its competitors in the market as this is a combination that is mostly found in the costly models available in the market and not the range that Aviya sells in.

Aviya Mattress - Overview

This combination is one of the best parts as it basically helps in creating a reduction in the transfer of motion, which is very important to restless sleepers or the ones sharing the bed with a partner. You can also read the Aviya Mattress Review to know further about it. 

Beautyrest Platinum Mattress

The giant Simmons, also one of the most important names when it comes to the industry of mattresses is the manufacturer of Beautyrest Mattresses.

The graceful combination of the benefits of the foam and innerspring mattresses makes it an appealing choice for the upper class that can afford the luxury.

Beauty Rest Hybrid Mattress

The length of the mattress is 13.5 inches with the structure is that of gel and memory foams placed on the base pocketed coils.

One of the best features is the huge amount of support from the edges which makes sure that the sleepers get the most comfortable experience along with the covers being pleasing aesthetically and conveying a lovely luxurious look.

This makes it one of the best mattresses when it comes to luxury. 

Spring Mattress Pros & Cons

Pros of Spring Mattress

1) Minimal Cost – The cost of Spring mattresses is very low as compared to the cost incurred for manufacturing any of the new age technology mattresses like the foam and gel mattresses due to the high number of people using them. 

2) Durability level – An average traditional spring mattress has a life span of around 7 to 10 years while providing the same comfort level across the years. 

3) The familiarity of the Consumer-  

  • The market has had the Spring Mattresses for a long time now which makes people familiar with them.
  • They know the pros and cons and have become comfortable with the idea of these and a certain level of trust has built which will make it easy for the manufactures to introduce new technologies in the same mattresses without any resistance from the public.
  • People would also be inclined to pay more for the new and better technologies based on the goodwill created so far.

4) Circulation Levels- Spring mattresses help in the proper circulation of blood of the customers as they have a good amount of space between them which leads to good and easy ventilation ultimately giving the customer a better sleep by helping in the body heat accumulation.

5) Variety- The monopoly in the market for a long time, lead to the manufacturers of Spring Mattresses creating many new and different types of mattresses in the same category for the different types and needs of the consumers while keeping the same basic constitution.

6) Broad Range of Budget– The range of budget for an innerspring mattress may be as low as $200and as high as $2000 catering to the budgets and requirements of all kinds of customers in the market. 

 7) Bounce: Innerspring mattress and box spring are very well-known for the lovely bounce they provide as a result of the fast response of the coils to pressure.

8) Off-Gassing is limited– The smell emanated by the innerspring mattresses is very low as compared to that of the memory foam or gel-based beds and mattresses.

9) Cooling–  

  • When it comes to this arena, the Innerspring mattress and box spring set is definitely the winner as the foams can be a little notorious when it comes to heat retention, especially the memory foam.
  • The coils lead to a well-circulated flow of air, which results in a much better cooling process.

10) Support and Pressure Relief: The dense layer of the coils in different densities provides wonderful support and pressure relief system in the combination of memory foam mattresses and Spring Mattresses too apart from the Spring mattresses. 

Cons of Spring Mattress

1) Support Loss – One of the major drawbacks of full-size mattress and box spring is that they start to sag within the first 1-2 years and lose as much as 16% support in the very first year.

2) Warranties – The warranty generally provided with spring mattresses is very sketched so one needs to be very careful and read all the terms and conditions before making the purchase.

3) Dissatisfactory Back Support – No proper back-up support is offered and spinal alignment is never addressed.

4) Pain -Since each and every spring uses the same force to push back, pressure points become inevitable which leads to pain as the mattresses do not evenly distribute the body weight.

5) Dust and Insects – The empty space between the springs can form a breeding ground for many organisms and a play area for dust coupled with the polyester top.

6) Fast Wear and Tear– They wear and tear faster than the new technology mattresses. 

7) Difficult to set up- They are hard to move around and set up due to the structure and heaviness which makes it difficult to shift the mattress and even air or clean it. 

8) Motion transfer. This can pose a problem when more than one person is using the mattress like couples as a movement in one has the ability to disturb the other.

Who Should Buy Spring Mattresses?

Personally if asked, I would like to suggest Spring mattresses to the people who:

  • Are looking for a traditional feel: The people who do not like to experiment with their sleep, find the spring mattress to be a good choice and very comfortable. The basic density, bounce, and feel of the classic mattress make it a comfortable choice for them.
  • Are looking for a good bounce-level:  The people who like to sleep on a good bouncy mattress with a near to instant response system which makes one avoid the sinking in sand feeling should definitely go in for a spring mattress.
  • Are looking for a Cool Mattress: Due to the wonderful air circulation as a result of the space between the coils and springs in the spring mattress, the huge amount of heat retention is never really a problem for the sleeper, whereas the necessary amount of heat is retained by the material layers.

Spring Mattress Consumer Reviews: 

Some of the Spring Mattresses and their reviews are as follows:

Chris Myers, Intertube Mogul at the Ford School

I have slept on both, of note though if you sleep on your stomach, you wake up with sore shoulders because there is no support at night since your shoulders sink down during the night. Another downside of memory foam is it is insulating, so if you don’t have AC, and you live in a humid area, you may wake up to one sweaty half.

Shoulder pain was the biggest disappointment, but overall memory foam mattresses are more comfortable and if I have lower back pain, I will sleep on the memory foam mattress to help it at night. If you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper, you should find it comfortable overall. A good compromise may be a spring mattress with a foam topper – my 2 cents.

Jeba Springtek Ortho Pocket Queen Bed Pocket Spring and High-Density Foam Mattress (White, 78x60x6) review: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Size: 78*60*6Verified Purchase

Both the Brand and the technology (Pocketed spring) have been chosen after careful research and are the best for daily and healthy sleep.

  1. Lives up-to what is mentioned.
  2. No motion transfer.
  3. your back will speak for itself, no more pain or strain.
  4. Medium firmness.
  5. The size of the mattress is your preference.
  6. The material is excellent and aesthetically appealing, But I suggest, please add a waterproof cover that will benefit in many ways, especially with kids at home who tend to bed wet or spill liquids.

So far so good. Honestly, I don’t regret buying this

Glen J. Sleep Republic Mattress Review:

It arrived promptly although the packaging was damaged where the handle had been badly broken and torn from the box top and one of the caster wheels was damaged. This made it extremely difficult to maneuver.

So far so good as I’m still in the first 3 weeks using it.

FAQs On Best Spring Mattress 

🙆 Which type of spring mattress is best?

All the Spring Mattresses have their own benefits. One needs to decide their priorities and choose the mattress that is most suitable for those requirements.

👉How to get rid of a mattress and box spring?

The procedure to do this is a little tedious and may also prove to be a little difficult, which is why my recommendation would be to get the job done by a professional.

🙋 Which mattress is better foam or spring?

Both Foam and Spring mattresses have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. The mattress that best suits your needs should be the choice I feel.

🤷‍♂️ What size box spring for a king mattress?

Twin 38 x 75, or a full 54 x 75 queen 60 x80, a King 76 x 80, basically a king mattress uses two twin xl boxes, 38 x 80 multiplied by 2, queen size mattress and box spring, spring.

🙎‍♂️ How much is a twin size mattress and box spring, how to improve a lumpy spring mattress?

The cost varies depending on the quality. There are many tips and tricks to improve lumpy mattresses, but if nothing works, then changing them would be the best permanent option.

Which is the better one between eve sleep hybrid foam and spring mattress?

I would personally prefer to go with the hybrid mattress if you do not mind experimenting and moving away from your routine a little as Hybrid Mattresses combine the comfort of both the types of mattresses. Ikea mattress is also a good idea when it comes to shopping for mattresses.

💁 Is a spring mattress good for health?

Definitely, Spring Mattress has health benefits with regards to posture and comfort of sleeping which is extremely important for the working of the entire body!

👉What to look for in coil spring mattress?

Durability, comfort, and the lifespan would be the three things I would look for in any mattress.

Conclusion- Should You Buy Spring Mattresses? Spring Mattress Review 2022

The Spring Mattresses have been in the market for an extremely long time and have enjoyed the monopoly for a good amount of time as well.

This makes it one of the go-to choices for the people as a certain level of trust-building has taken place and goodwill has taken birth with respect to these mattresses and the manufactures.

This is one of the most traditional mattresses which makes it the first choice for people who do not like to experiment with sleep. Spring Mattresses are basically made up of 4 types of coils that provide a different level of firmness and comfort.

The best part about these mattresses is that they are pretty reasonably priced. Based on one’s preferences and affordability, the mattress type should be chosen.

Ultimately, it is the user preferences and choices that determine the type of mattress they go in for. So please decide your priorities and requirements and carefully choose your mattress!

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