Smilelove Review 2022: Top 5 Features & Pricing | (The Ultimate Buying Guide)

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Ease Of Use


  • Clear aligners are removable.
  • You can wear them while playing sports.
  • The average smile plan is only 4-6 months.
  • Clear aligners are removable.
  • You’ll never need attachments or rubber bands.
  • You’ll be assigned a state licensed dentist or orthodontist.
  • simple whitening treatment after wearing the aligners for a year.
  • Their clear aligners truly are … invisible.
  • Smilelove costs up to 60% less than braces
  • Smilelove aligners are considerably more convenient than traditional braces


  • In order for teeth aligners to work effectively, it’s important that they are worn regularly and cleaned thoroughly.

Verdict: Smilelove helps you to clear teeth straightening aligners sent right to your door. The least noticeable, most affordable, most convenient braces option out there!


Do you find that braces are a hassle? Want to know more about Smilelove? Here’s our in-depth Smilelove Review 2022.

You want your teeth straightened without any pain or fuss.

Solution: Smilelove offers two convenient options for straightening your teeth. By getting braces now, you’re saving up to $80 on total treatment costs. They also offer braces and dental crowns at a lower price than traditional alternatives.

You don’t have to walk into a big dental office for braces or orthodontics every year when you should be able to wear them for years instead of months or years. That’s why Smilelove was designed for people.

In this post, I have shared our in-depth Smilelove Review, discussing everything about it. Is it the best choice for your teeth? Let’s find out in our Smilelove Review.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Smilelove introduces a new way to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Stay home and Stay safe with a Kit sent straight to you.

Smilelove Review

Smilelove is a direct-to-consumer teeth aligner solution for those of us who would love to have straighter teeth and a more confident, I highly recommend Smilelove, It is #1 teeth aligner solution in the market.

Smilelove About

It gives you the option to take advantage of their 8-week payment plan to save more money on the total cost of your treatment!

They only charge you if they succeed at straightening your teeth! and makes it easy for people with braces to have their teeth aligned in less time.

Click here to learn more about Smilelove 

Smilelove is one of the leading companies which provides affordable and good quality invisible teeth aligners. Their teeth aligners are sold online, but the main USP of the company is that they really care about their customers.

They make sure the clients are happy and do not face any issues after buying their product. Even if some issue arises, rectify it very quickly.

They rank on the top in the quality of service they provide. Apart from this, you must know that Smilelove is ranked as one of the best providers of invisible braces. Read further is it worth your money? in our Smilelove Review.


The kit they provide comes with two sets of top and bottom trays to give a good impression. To top it all, the prices they offer are equivalent to other brands that give only one set per kit.

Read the in-depth Smilelove Review to know more in detail. You can also check our Snow Teeth Whitening Review 


Smilelove Review 2022: Is It The Best Choice For Your Teeth? Cost, Customer Service, Treatment Plans

Smilelove review has a consumer rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, suggesting that the majority of customers are extremely satisfied with their purchases.

Consumers who are satisfied with Smilelove most often mention their customer service and the qualities of the brand. Smilelove ranks #number1 among dental products websites.

Why Smilelove

Curious to know more about Smilelove? Is Smilelove legit? Read The Full Smilelove Review


In this post, We’ve featured Smilelove Review 2021 which includes detailed insights into this product. We have put Smilelove to the test, deep dived into its Features, Pricing Policies, and Covered answer questions like these:

-How long does smilelove take?

-How much does smilelove cost?

-How to cancel smilelove?

-How to contact smilelove?

-How to do smilelove impressions?

-Who owns smilelove?

-How much does Smilelove cost?

-Is Smilelove legit?

-What Happened to Smilelove?

Smilelove Review: Let’s Look At Smilelove Features

1. Unique Service

Usually, other teeth aligner companies refund your money if they find you not qualifying for the product. But, Smilelove provides a unique service and goes a step ahead of others.

Customer Smilelove reviews say that you can get your money back if you are approved but you do not like the projected results they show. It happens like this – First, they approve you for their teeth aligner program.

Then they make 3D images that show how your teeth will look after the program. If you use the aligners as directed by them, you will get amazing results.

But, still, every person and situation is different. So, if you qualify for the program but somehow do not see much improvement on completion, Smilelove returns your money back.

2. Efficient Customer Service

Smilelove is known to provide excellent customer service to every patient, even if that means swallowing their own tongue. They manage every situation on a person-to-person basis and handle them very gracefully and efficiently.

They care for their customers and respond promptly to their concerns. This is the first step in delivering quality customer service. They have a dedicated team who reviews their Facebook page very often to check if any customer needs some help or assistance.

Smilelove takes such small steps in making its customers feel that they are taken care of. This step adds value to the company and leads to its growth. No business can flourish if its clients are not happy.

Normally, with other brands, customers feel that it takes ages for the customer service to come forward and solve their queries, or the emails land in the company’s spam folder and are never read. But, Smilelove makes sure each and every client is heard. 

Who is The Smilelove Founder?

smilelove founder

David Frazier started his career with a quick start at Utah’s largest management construction firm. While at Oakland Construction he managed to integrate systems and add 2MM in additional revenue.

One of Oakland’s subcontractors took notice and Dave was recruited to the firm as the CFO.

This was a huge undertaking; as leader of the firm, Dave navigated the firm through the 2008 construction crisis. He secured private equity funding to stabilize and correct the trajectory of the company.


Smilelove introduces a new way to get the smile you've always wanted. Stay home and Stay safe with a Kit sent straight to you.

💰  Price

$ 89

😍  Pros

Affordable costing than other clear aligner brands.

😩  Cons

Available only in the US


The overall experience with Smilelove is always very pleasant. The design and duration of the program will always depend on the individual, as every person has a different smile.

Rating 4/5

Smilelove Review: Pricing Policy

Smilelove charges the lowest prices in the aligner industry. Their clear aligners cost around 75% less than the braces. They come with the following kits:

Their Invisible Braces Are The Best Alternatives To Braces Smilelove

  • Upfront Fast Track Kit – This whole kit costs only $1895, and the package includes an impression kit, whitening kit, one set of retainers.
  • Aligner Impression Kits – These kits are free of cost and come with two pairs of impressions.
  • Invisible Aligners – These aligners cost $1895, which also includes a whitening kit and one set of retainers. You have payment options like $79 per month installments for 24 months via a third-party financing company, Affirm.
  • Retainers – When you buy clear aligners, Smilelove provides free retainers with them.
  • Whitening Kit – You get the first free whitening kit with invisible aligners, and thereafter you can buy them for just $49.99 per kit. You will get a discount on optional subscription orders. 


The duration of the whole Smilelove program depends on different situations. On average, the time span of the program is around 30 weeks, by wearing one set for every two weeks. 


Smilelove’s clear aligners are available online, only to the residents of the US. 

What Makes Smilelove Different From Its Competitors?

That’s an excellent question! As previously stated, Smilelove and other similar brands have both similarities and differences, and the differences can be subtle. Let’s go over some of the finer points, such as the impression kit, orthodontist involvement, and so on.

1. Materials Used

Essix plastic is used to make Smilelove invisible aligners. Essix plastic has been used to make Essix retainers for many years and is a reliable material.

It’s best known for its toughness, which is great if you’re prone to misplacing things and then sitting on them—you know who you are. In contrast to some other brands that use a more noticeable matte material, Smilelove claims that their aligners are completely clear.

They’re also BPA-free and FDA-approved, and they’re trimmed to follow the gum line for a more comfortable fit (although so are most other aligners).

2. Trust Smilelove’s Expertise

There is no such thing as a “fast repair” when it comes to teeth, and for good reason. Your teeth are important because they not only provide a good first impression, but they also help you speak and eat.

Using invisible aligners to close a gap in your teeth is about as rapid as it gets, and the process is built with ease in mind, as mentioned above.

Smilelove’s goal is to maximize your convenience by personalizing the straightening process to your specific needs from beginning to end.

You’ll take imprints of your teeth at home and receive a personalized straightening kit made by experienced orthodontists shortly after.

It’s as simple as that from there—stick to your plan and change your aligners on time, and you’ll have everything straightened out in no time.

3. Treatment Efficiency

Smilelove will provide a unique experience for each individual. This is due to the fact that everyone’s smile is unique. The duration of your treatment is determined by a number of factors:

  • The severity of your condition
  • How long do you wear your aligners each day

Smilelove is faster than traditional braces and Invisalign, but they’re on pace with other at-home aligner systems.

Treatment usually lasts 6 to 8 months for most patients. To put things in perspective, Byte’s treatments last an average of three months. Other systems, on the other hand, take roughly 6 months to complete, therefore Smilelove’s treatment time is typical.

While 6 months may seem like a long time, traditional braces often take 24 months to complete. With any method,

you should avoid the temptation to shorten your treatment by wearing aligners for a shorter period of time than recommended. This is potentially detrimental to your dental health and causes you more discomfort than is required.

4. Smilelove Customers Reviews

Buying anything on the internet is handy, but it can be difficult to trust at times. You could simply ask your family and neighbors for advice in the “old days.”

Customer reviews have largely replaced the old word of mouth. What do other people have to say about Smilelove?

Customers have given Smilelove reviews high marks in the past. Smilelove’s top features included frequent discounts, an easy-to-use treatment kit, and the ability to preview treatment before committing.

Unfortunately, today’s reviews tell a very different story. Customers are naturally angry that they paid $1,895 for aligners and never received them. And many of them were left in the dark by Smilelove’s lack of communication.

Customer service has all but evaporated.

Smilelove was optimistic in early 2020 that their new investors would help them get things back on track. However, practically every recent customer review we’ve seen indicates that Smilelove’s customer service personnel is still not responding to complaints and inquiries.

Some of the standing support tickets have been on the market for almost a year. As things are, Smilelove review (online) does not inspire much confidence.

How Does Smilelove Works?

Smilelove works almost similar to what other companies do. It is a standard process where you visit their website and answer the questions to find out if the invisible aligners are right for you. Thereafter you order your aligners, impression kit, and retainers. 


Step I: Questionnaire 

Here you need to answer the multiple-choice questionnaire on their website. These questions will make you understand if the clear aligner program will benefit you. You can even skip this step, but going through this simple step can be fruitful. 

Step II: Order 

Once you feel it’s good for you and you want to go ahead with the process, you order an impression kit. For this you will have to follow the instructions of the email sent to you, otherwise, you may end up with unusable impressions.

So, invest time in reading the instructions carefully. Smilelove provides two sets of impression kits. 

Step III: Return 

After going through the instructions in your impression kit, you repack them and send them back. After this, you wait for approval. 


Step IV: Order Online 

Once you get a go-ahead from the assigned professional orthodontist for invisible aligners, you can finally approve the program and place your order online.

You can also buy the Fast Track Kit which has all the items in the program, by simply approving the program so that they start making your aligners.

Approval is mandatory because you must review your 3D images to know what results you will get in the end. The treatment schedule they send also needs your approval. 

Step V: Order Retainers 

Once your aligner program is complete, you will require retainers for a while to keep your teeth in place. Else, the teeth may end up in the wrong position. The first set of retainers is free from Smilelove. 

Why Do I Recommend Smilelove?

1. Affordability

They offer the most economical alignment treatment on the market.

Smilelove Features


  • Smilelove Guarantee – If you don’t like your preview or your orthodontists determine that you are not a candidate for aligners, they will refund you in full
  • While other aligner companies will charge you for the first set of retainers after your treatment is complete, these are completely FREE.
  • They also include free premium teeth whitening with their Smilelove treatment.

2. Quality

Its ClearComfort technology means a truly invisible personalized fit.



  • Unlike many other matte aligners, your aligners are completely transparent.
  • The aligners are cut to follow the gumline for the most comfortable fit possible
  • All of their aligners are made from Essix plastic, one of the best in the business for wear and tear and durability.
  • The aligners are BPA-free and FDA approved.

3. Convenience

Align teeth with all the orthodontic expertise right from home.


  • No lengthy appointments or office visits
  • Everything you need for your treatment is sent straight to your home in one go
  • The average duration of an aligner treatment is only 6 to 8 months.
  • Aligners are easy to remove and clean for easy maintenance

4. Support

Their world-class customer service helps you before, during, and after your Smilelove journey.

Smilelove customer support


  • They provide video call assistance so that you can take an important action.
  • You can Text or chat in real-time to get your questions answered
  • Friendly, helpful, and always responsive customer service
  • Customer service based in the USA

Smilelove Review: Teeth Straightening

If you don’t want to, you don’t have to live with crooked teeth. Invisible aligners make tooth straightening more comfortable—no metal mouth, no weekly visits, and no fuss.

It’s a more straightforward procedure that achieves the same results as traditional braces: teeth that are aligned for a healthier, more confident smile.

So, how exactly do aligners operate to straighten crooked teeth? Those thin, flexible plastic liners may not appear to be much, but they are significantly more durable than they appear.

The aligners are designed to fit over your teeth throughout the next phase of the movement.

They offer pressure to the teeth that need to be shifted once they’ve been placed, allowing them to settle comfortably into place within the lining.

It takes time and commitment, but there’s no denying that it’s a tried-and-true teeth straightening method.

The Benefits Of Invisible Aligners: Smilelove Review

Despite the fact that they perform the same function as traditional braces, invisible aligners have a number of advantages over their metal counterparts. Here are a few examples:

1. They’re cost-effective: Aligners typically cost less than regular metal braces.

2. They’re convenient: At mealtimes or when cleaning your aligners, you can effortlessly remove them. You can even take them off for an hour or two if you don’t feel comfortable wearing them in particular social situations (at the most).

3. They are, as their name implies, invisible: Receiving a mouthful of metal is never exciting. Plastic aligners are transparent and custom-fit to your teeth. You won’t have to learn how to eat or converse in their presence. You’ll be amazed at how few individuals are aware of their presence.

4. They’re a confidence-booster: Your grin has the power to make a lasting impact. Crooked teeth can be a cause of self-consciousness, which may come as a surprise to some. Straightening your teeth can improve your self-confidence by a couple of notches.

Smilelove Review 2022: What Can (and Can’t) Aligners Do for Your Bite

Invisible aligners, as previously said, exert pressure on the teeth in order to reposition them. They’re a popular treatment option for issues like crowding and common crooked teeth, but they can also help with mild bite misalignment if given enough time and pressure.

However, some malocclusions are too severe to be corrected with invisible aligners, necessitating orthognathic surgery.

The lower jaw is shifted to rectify the misaligned bite in these treatments. This is frequently combined with orthodontic treatment, although the specifics of the case and the severity of the misalignment must be considered.

It’s crucial to realize that while invisible aligners can help with tough or complex biting disorders, they can’t always solve the problem on their own.

Problems Caused By Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth, believe it or not, are more than simply a cosmetic issue. Teeth that have been left where they aren’t supposed to be for years can lead to major problems that aren’t always easy to fix—and in

some circumstances, aren’t fixable at all. Here are a few issues that invisible aligners can help with or prevent:

1. Speech problems

Misaligned teeth can make it difficult to pronounce specific words and letters, leading to speech difficulties, a lisp, or slurred sentences. Straighter teeth can help with articulation and alleviate certain speech difficulties.

2. Misaligned jaw

Crooked teeth rarely meet in a perfect bite, and can often result in a slant in the jaw when the teeth are clenched. This can cause eventual erosion of the jawbone and significant pain. If misalignment occurs, surgery may be necessary to correct it.

3. Biting the tongue or cheek

It’s natural for everyone to bite their cheek and tongue now and then. Crooked teeth (which may be slanting at wrong angles) could be the problem if you’re discovering that you’re chomping down on the soft tissue within your mouth more frequently.

4. Premature tooth decay

Even if you brush your teeth twice a day, it can be difficult to clean them as well as they should be when they overlap. Plaque buildup happens as a result, almost imperceptibly, and can lead to tooth decay that could have been avoided.

Advantages Of Smilelove: Smilelove Review

The straightening process is the easiest aspect of using invisible aligners. What’s the difficult part? Choosing the type of aligners you’ll need to complete the task.

Many orthodontists across the country offer invisible aligners, whether they designed them themselves or purchased them from a business that specializes in technology.

You’ll obtain a specialist’s perspective, recommendations, and process directly and in person in this circumstance.

However, checkups can get stressful if they are scheduled every other week or even weekly. This is often inconvenient for folks with hectic lives and working professionals. It can be exhausting to sit for scans or impressions at each appointment.

The idea of sending complete teeth straightening kits directly to the patient and skipping the ortho’s office is gaining traction in the aligner market.

The patient takes first impressions at home, submits them to the invisible aligner company, and in-house orthodontists build the aligner sequence from beginning to end.

The package is then sent to the patient, allowing them to finish their smile straightening in the privacy and comfort of their own home.

Smilelove is paving the road for patients to take control of their dental health and achieve the smile of their dreams. They offer low-cost, high-quality clear aligners that can straighten your teeth into perfect rows. All without having to visit an orthodontist.

1. Smilelove Treatment Efficiency

Everyone’s smile is different. That means that everyone will have a different experience with Smilelove. The total time of your treatment depends on a couple of factors, like how long your mouth is crooked and how you smile when you talk.

If you have a bad condition, and wear your aligners every day for 6 to 8 months, then Smilelove will be faster than traditional braces or Invisalign. But if you have a similar condition and another home aligner system takes 3 months per treatment, then Smilelove is slower.

Doctors usually recommend that people have braces for at least two years. But if you wear the braces for less than this time, it can be more painful and could cause problems with your teeth.

2. Get Crowd Control With Smilelove

Invisible aligners aren’t just a passing craze in the orthodontics market; they’ve radically transformed the teeth straightening game in the last several years. As technology progresses, the invisible aligner method becomes more precise while also becoming simpler.

So, what sets Smilelove apart from the competition? in our Smilelove Review. Our dedication is providing a high-quality product and making the teeth straightening process as painless (literally) as feasible.

They put the power in your hands with a do-it-yourself straightening kit you may use at home, so you don’t have to go to the orthodontist as often.

Send your impressions to us, and our expert professionals will construct your series of liners using high-tech digital scanning. There is no metal. There will be no rubber bands. There will be no downtime. You’ll get exactly what you’re looking for.

3. Options Available With Smilelove

You will either have a plan that includes just top aligners, just bottom aligners, or a set of both, depending on your specific needs.

The goal is to not just align your teeth precisely, but also to guarantee that you have a proper bite, therefore you will almost certainly need both.

If you simply require tops or bottoms, however, the price remains the same, and there is no discount for using fewer aligners.

Your impression kit, which is the mold you will bite into so that the Smilelove staff can see exactly what your teeth look like, is the first item you will purchase.

Because your aligners will be a perfect reproduction of your own dental arrangement, this mold will also be used to build them.

Two molds for the top and two molds for the bottom are included in your impression kit, as well as the putty that you will bite into. You will also be given a mouth spacer, which will assist you in keeping your lips open during the procedure.

With the imprint kit, all you have to do is bite down, hold, and release without moving the trays or altering your teeth.

Once you’ve completed all of the required impressions, repackage them and return them using the pre-paid envelope. Smilelove will then build your plan, and the process will begin.

Smilelove will provide a full refund if your impression kit indicates that you are no longer qualified.

Also, if you are eligible but dissatisfied with the 3D preview you receive and decide not to proceed with the treatment, Smilelove will reimburse your money.

Those that proceed to the following phase will be mailed their entire set of aligners, which will last for the duration of the procedure.

A free set of retainers and a teeth whitening kit are also included with your procedure. This means you’ll not only have perfectly aligned teeth but also a radiant, healthy smile.

How Long Does Smilelove Treatment Take?

Smilelove treatment times are extremely dependent on your individual demands, and individuals with milder cases will have much shorter treatment times than those with moderate issues.

The time of treatment will also depend on whether you need both the top and bottom corrected or just one.

Most users use Smilelove for about 6 months on average, although this is merely an estimate.

Some people just need a few months to achieve the desired look, while others may need up to a year. Regardless of how long it takes, the price remains constant and is unaffected by time.

It is advised that you wear your aligners for as long as possible every day in order to get the most out of your treatment and ensure that they perform properly.

This implies they should be in your mouth for a minimum of 22 hours per day, and should ideally only be taken out for meals and brushing and flossing.

Each aligner should be used for two weeks, but you’ll be alerted when it’s time to switch from Smilelove. If you lose or break your current aligner, switch to the next aligner and wear it for the balance of the treatment period, as well as the extra two weeks.

Whether you lose or break a future aligner, contact Smilelove right away to see if a replacement is available.

It is never a good idea to skip aligners in order to speed up the process. Instead, doing so will not only stymie your development but will also nullify any corporate warranties.

If your teeth move back to their old position, you must follow the treatment plan exactly as prescribed to be eligible for any future assistance. It’s pointless to skip aligners, so make sure you put them on in the correct order.

Are Your Teeth Are In Safe Hands With Smilelove: Smilelove Review 2022

It should never be a question of whether or not you like your smile, or whether or not the invisible aligners you chose to straighten your teeth are of good quality.

Despite the fact that teeth straightening appears to be a crowded business, invisible aligners are swiftly establishing themselves as viable alternatives to more traditional techniques. In the liner sector, at-home teeth straightening is starting to gain attention.

So, what’s the deal with Smilelove? From the straightening kit you’ll use to take your own impressions to the sequence of liners you’ll receive in the mail after our orthodontists have established a personalized plan just for you, They optimize the invisible aligner process.

It’s no secret that life gets busy in today’s world, which is why Smilelove attempts to make the straightening procedure as simple as possible while still offering excellent results.

How-To Guide: Taking Your Impressions From Home

1. You’ll learn everything you need to know to make them perfect.

Creating positive first impressions is an important part of your Smilelove journey. It’s critical to get the impressions right since they allow their dental staff to thoroughly analyze your teeth and create a unique straightening plan, particularly for you.

But don’t worry; after reading this step-by-step instruction, you’ll be a pro at taking impressions. They’ve got you covered if you still have questions or need assistance completing this step.

Simply contact their Customer Service team via chat or video conference and they will help you through the process.

2. Making the Best First Impression

Nobody is without flaws. However, there are a few factors to keep in mind in order to achieve near-perfect impressions.

3. Even Pressure

smilelove review

– To capture both your teeth and gum line, make sure to apply even pressure to your molars and front teeth. When exerting pressure, it’s easiest to start with your thumbs on your back teeth and then move them to your canines.

4. Visible Gum Line

smilelove reviews

– Make a strong impression When you lift the tray off, your gum line will be visible in the imprint since it was placed far enough up on your teeth to reach your gums.

Common Mistakes While Taking First Impression (And How To Avoid Them)

Here are some of our most common first impression blunders to avoid before you begin.

1. Improper Putty Mixture

Improper Putty Mixture

– Make sure the putty is properly mixed until it is a single hue. Just keep in mind that you only have 40 seconds to prepare the putty.

2. Biting Through Trays

Biting Through Trays

– You may need to modify the putty in the tray to accommodate for where your teeth fit into the tray before using the putty.

To put it another way, if your teeth are closer to the outside of the tray than the inside, compensate with the putty by pushing it towards the outside of the tray rather than the inside. Contact us through SMS or online chat if the tray does not fit.

3. Missing Full Gum Line 

Missing Full Gum Line

– They need to observe the gums from all sides. To catch the gums in the photo below, this person would have been required to press their front teeth deeper.

Smilelove Review: How Is SmileLove Different From Others?

1. Orthodontist-directed

Licensed and certified orthodontists review, approve and create a unique aligner treatment plan for each patient at Smile Love.

Smile Love will reimburse all fees in full if their orthodontists determine that aligner therapy is not appropriate for a particular situation or if the client is displeased with their treatment preview.

2. All-in-one solution

Everything you’ll need for your aligner treatment will be sent to your home by Smile Love in one package.

This will include the following:

  • Your entire set of clear aligners
  • Carrying case for aligners
  • Spray Tray
  • Retainers after treatment
  • Balm for the lips
  • Whitening of the highest quality

Impression Guide: Smilelove Review 2022

Step1- Practice

It is said that practice makes perfect. That’s why each impression package includes practice putty. Practice until you’re confident in your ability to get an imprint with a visible gum line, clearly caught teeth, and consistent pressure.

Continue to the following stage once you’ve mastered it. If you’re unsure whether it’s making a good impression, send a photo to our customer support staff by text or online chat for immediate feedback.

Step 2: Take Your Impressions

Mix It Up – Start your timer after taking one color of each putty out of its cup. The putty should be mixed for 30-40 seconds. In your hands, combine the putty until it is all one solid hue.

You’ll note that this putty is softer and less difficult to work with than the practice putty.

Perform Rolling – Roll the putty into a snake-like shape that is about the breadth of your palm. This should only take a few seconds.

Fill Tray – Fill one of your empty trays with the snake-shaped putty. Make sure to properly distribute the putty across the tray with your thumbs. It should just take roughly 15 seconds to do this task.

Impression Time – While looking in the mirror, place the tray in your mouth. Make sure your teeth are as close to the middle of the putty as possible.

Once you feel good about the placement, use both thumbs to push evenly on both sides of your molars and move to the front of your teeth for a firm, even press.

Push (do not bite) the tray onto your teeth until you can feel the putty on your gums on all sides. This will ensure a visible gum line and clear imprints for all of your teeth. Repeat this process for your remaining 3 impressions.

They understand how difficult these impressions may be, so if you don’t get it perfect the first time, they’ll send you another kit. Please get in touch with us via

Step 3: Take a picture

Prepare yourself for your close-up. Take out your mouth spreader and place it in your mouth. Use it to move your lips away from your teeth so that our dental staff can take the five close-up shots needed to align your teeth and bite properly. Here are some pointers on how to take great images.

  • Take photographs in a light-filled space.
  • In the images, bite down naturally.
  • Take pictures from all five perspectives.

They’ll need a shot from each of the following five perspectives:

Biting Down from the Front – Use your back teeth to bite down. Look straight ahead and take a photo.

Biting Down from the Front
Biting Down from the Front

Biting Down from the Right – Take a photo of the right side of your teeth by biting down on your rear teeth.

Biting Down from the Right
Biting Down from the Right

Biting Down from the Left – Take a photo of the left side of your teeth by biting down on your back teeth.

Biting Down from the Left
Biting Down from the Left

Lower Teeth from Above – Open your mouth and glance down to lower your teeth from above. Make sure they can see your back molars before taking a picture of them.

Lower Teeth from Above
Lower Teeth from Above

Upper Teeth from Below – Open your mouth and glance up to see your upper teeth from below. Make sure they can see your back molars before taking a picture of them.

Upper Teeth from Below

After you’ve taken images from these five perspectives, upload them via the email link you received.

They won’t be able to build a preview or move forward with production unless these photographs are sent to us. Contact our Customer Service team at [email protected] if you haven’t gotten a link.

Step 4: Mail Impressions Back

Congratulations! All that’s left to do now is place your four molds back into the rectangular box that held your impression trays.

They’ve already applied a pre-paid label to your package. To close the package, use the supplied sticker.

Put that in your mailbox, hang your tiny flag, and wait for the Smilelove Team to send you a confirmation email.

5 Best Smilelove Alternatives

1. Candid:


Candid has become the 2nd largest corporation in the enterprise of home-aligners. It provides you with clear aligners that go well with your look. 

Candid might cost you a little higher than the other home-aligners, but it is worth it. No other company can even compete with Candid in terms of safety and effectiveness. 

Candid ensures that specialists should handle your treatment, and for that matter, it has incorporations with several qualified orthodontists. 

Candid offers checkups every 7 to 10 days with an orthodontist. So that your progress can be evaluated, you can have checked your teeth for free by visiting a candid studio. 

To sum up, Candid offers good quality and effective clear aligners and various other services.

smilelove quality

This is the best tool for straightening your teeth with proper guidance from the orthodontist.

In this toolkit, you have to do all the treatment at your home only, and you don’t have to visit any expensive doctors to make your teeth straight.

They will provide you with the aligner treatment that you require for your teeth.

You are in direct surveillance of the doctors who will monitor your performance through the scans that you will send through your mobile.

They used to provide regular checkups for their customers, including the checkup every two weeks.

In short, with the help of candid, you can have direct contact with the doctors from your home.


There are two distinct options at candid based on expenditure and suitability. The first one is a starter kit which will cost you $20, and it’s for a try and the second kit is for actually buying the aligner, which will cost you $2100.

2. Byte:


It is one of the youngest companies in the enterprise of home aligners but is no less than any other company in persuasion and convenience. 

They have employed one of the fastest technologies in treatment and provide treatment in less time. Their costs and prices are normal, but the quality of treatment is far better than average. 

Its treatment time is only three months while all other companies, for instance, Smilelove, take almost 6 to 8 months. Both dentists and orthodontists are included in the byte’s team. 

Byte also gives you a warranty that if your aligner shifts down they’ll send you a pair. Isn’t it amazing?

They all know that they should always keep their faces smiling. Byte provides you with such a toolkit that will help you to get a smile back on your face.

To have good teeth is very important for your smile. The use of the Byte toolkit is straightforward, and you need to follow the instructions.

Byte had those treatment plans recognized and approved by the licensed orthodontist and dentist.

Apart from the treatment, they will also monitor your recovery and always keep an eye on your improvements.

You can have good white teeth in just 3 months of the treatment.

All the techniques that are used by the byte are entirely safe and trusted by the doctors as well.


You need to make a one-time payment of $ 2,295 to get a full aligner system,  but if you want to pay every month, then you would have to pay $ 99/month for twenty-nine months and a down payment of $449, and you will get an Aligner system with BPP. 

3. Aligner Co:


Aligner Co is a new and active company with very flexible pricing and is accessible to a substantial number of people. Their pricing is not that expensive, but the same is not true about their treatment.

They provide a high-quality treatment that is effective and convenient. It can be contemplated that this company will reach a new height in the coming years.

Aligner Co takes 4-5 months to model your remedy, and then your aligners will get delivered to you.  Aligner Co is a pocket-friendly choice.

You have often seen that aligners are very awkward to wear, and they are costly too.

The Alginerco is one of the trendy and trusted brands that assures teeth straightening at the lowest cost, and you will get the invisible aligners that are very cool to wear.

Smilelove Review

There are many payment options available, and you can pay in EMI.

The best part of this company is that they also provide you with the Nightonly clear aligner, which you have to wear in the night only while sleeping.

This device is entirely safe and has shown promising results.

You can get the straight teeth in just 3 steps; first, you need to show the teeth to the experts, and then they will provide you with the best aligners for your teeth, and then you have to wait for some time.


The one-time payment option of Aligner Co that involves invisible aligners, an impression kit, and a pair of retailers will cost you only $995 and is the most reasonable one among all. There are other payment options available; you can check them on Aligner Co’s website.

4. Smile direct club:


Smile direct club provides clear aligners that claim to straighten your teeth in 4-6 months and offers you a beautiful smile. 

Smile direct club has different types of clear aligners, i.e., clear aligners for all day and clear aligners only for nighttime, and you can choose according to your suitability. 

The smiling direct club’s dental team constructs your plan, develops your aligner, and sends it to you. You can always take a free assessment to check if you’re a candidate or not.


The one-time payment option enables you to pay only £1539, but if you want to pay monthly, you need to pay £70.09 per month for 23 months along with a deposit of £70.10.

5. Invisalign

If you have serious problems with your teeth and jaw, then you need to see a dentist. If you are worried about the severity of your condition, Invisalign could provide better results.

The problem is that it costs more and there’s no way for the aligners to move your teeth as much as they want them to.

Top Smilelove Pros & Cons: Smilelove Review


  • Affordable costing than other clear aligner brands.
  • Offers a complimentary whitening kit.
  • You get free retainers on buying aligners.
  • The treatment duration is around 7-8 months.


  • Available only in the US.
  • It is a new brand in the market and is still making its place.

Smilelove Review: Do Smilelove Aligners Give Results?

From the customers review who have used Smilelove, they swear by its results. They appreciate getting excellent results at such a low rate. They like the following unique characteristics:

  • The aligners are made of durable and clear plastic
  • Customers do not have to wait for appointments 
  • These aligners are FDA-approved
  • You get a full 3D preview of how your smile will look after the treatment
  • You get a full refund if you do not live the preview

Facebook Real Customer Smilelove Reviews 



Smilelove enjoys a fantastic reputation in this department. A customer has many sources to get in touch with service executives – email, phone, and social media. They are very prompt on Facebook, as their representatives are quick to react and this is what customers like. 

Apart from this, one must also be determined to adhere to the full length of the treatment to see proper results. You must wear the aligners for 20-22 hours a day and maintain excellent oral hygiene as well. 

Final Result: Smilelove Review

Smilelove aligners are invisible and hard to notice because they have an ultra-level of transparency. Customers are happy after the program and feel confident about their smiles. The efficiency level of Smilelove is almost 100%. 

What Customer Says About Smilelove


SmileLove Smile Assessment for Invisible Aligners

“The website had pictures of teeth. I had to choose a problem with my teeth I wanted to fix and rate how much movement they have. It also asked me other basic questions about what I wanted to be changed and if it was ok for them to contact me by email.

I filled out the assessment and didn’t submit a picture of myself. But in the end, it said I was eligible for SmileLove clear aligners.

This is not an approval for teeth alignment because this assessment only served to see if I was eligible for teeth alignment.”

Started My Clear Aligners Journey

“I decided to buy the tooth impression kit with the impression starter package. I didn’t want to buy the full package or a financed package, because I didn’t know if I would be able to order them. Besides that, I didn’t have enough money for them.”

More Thoughts on the Post-Assessment Package Options

“The Kit First Plan costs more because you pay for the impression kit. But if you don’t qualify for invisible aligners or decide that you don’t like the results of your aligner plan, then you can get your money back. I didn’t have $1699 at the time and I didn’t want financing that would raise my final cost.

You can get a refund guarantee from the impression kit even if you choose a different plan. I did not have enough to use that plan so I was happy to spend $79 with it on sale for $99.”

Received My SmileLove Impression Kit

“I ordered an impression kit on Tuesday and it arrived at my door on day six. The package had two sets of upper and lower trays to create my teeth impressions.

It also came with detailed instructions and putty to use in the trays. One thing I liked is that they ALSO included practice putty.

I haven’t heard of other companies that provide practice putty with their impression kits, but it’s possible. I got the impression kit and the shipping label to return my impressions for free when I bought it.”

Completed My Impression Kit and Sent It Back 

“I had to do a lot of work on Monday, so I thought I would try this impression thing on Tuesday. This is when I did the photos and teeth impressions.

The directions were really easy to follow for both parts, and they gave me some putty that was perfect for making sure my teeth are in the right position when taking pictures.

As for the photos, I followed all of their instructions perfectly. They included detailed instructions on what to do with my mouth and how to take good pictures, so that they can get a more accurate 3D image model of my teeth later if needed. Some people might need to have new impressions made. But I was lucky because my impressions were okay.

I sent them back with the prepaid shipping label. Now I just had to wait for a reply, and hope for the best!”

Got My Response on Aligner Approval

“I was worried at first but then I realized that it would take 2-3 weeks for a response on my impression kit. But in the end, it took 10 days which isn’t bad. They sent me an email with 3D images of my teeth before and after they were fitted with aligners.”

Ordered My SmileLove Aligners

“I was approved for treatment, so I went ahead and placed my order. Remember the payment option I chose? It is $1699. So I paid it all upfront, and now I am just waiting for my teeth to get delivered to my house.”

Checked on My Aligner Home Delivery

“I ordered my aligners 26 days ago and I still haven’t received them. I emailed SmileLove, but they didn’t respond until Monday.

They said that there are a lot of people ordering aligners right now and it will take about 2 weeks to get my order. If I look back, it was 5 weeks ago that I placed an order for impressions kits which means that there is 1 week left till my aligners should be here.”

Aligners Delivered To My House

“I am excited to get my aligner package. It took 6 weeks and 1 day from the date of my impression kit order. The company said they would arrive in 5-6 weeks, but it took longer than that.

I was still happy to receive it though! I opened it up to see what was inside. I read that they will ship you all your aligners at once and include a protective case, a removal tool to use if or when needed, a pack of chewies to better seat the aligners, and 1 set of retainers.

It seemed like everything was there so I could go ahead with it. On the website, it said that they give you a free teeth whitening kit after you finish your aligner treatment program. I will show you at the end of my timeline how that went.”

Started My Aligner Treatment

“I had to do a lot of things on Tuesday, so I decided to start my Invisalign treatment Wednesday. I installed the first set of aligners and they were uncomfortable. But that is what you can expect in the beginning. So I continued with it anyway.

I had discomfort with my teeth when I first put them in. It was normal since they required a snug fit. After about 4 days, the discomfort went away and I got used to it. When it was time for the 3rd set of aligners, there was a little discomfort again but SmileLove told me that it was normal.

I told them that my second set of aligners did not do the same thing and they said that there are two reasons for this. One is because your teeth may have shifted when you were wearing the first set of aligners.

This doesn’t always cause discomfort. The other reason is because your new aligners are customized to your particular needs and they may be different than the first ones and so it might not cause discomfort either.”

Started Using My Retainers

“I recently finished my treatment for an aligner. I took out the last set on Wednesday and had a break on Thursday. I fell asleep that night. On Friday morning, I put my retainers in my mouth.

You should wear them all day for the first 2 weeks. After that, you can only wear them at night. Retainers are important if you want to keep your smile.”

FAQS Related To Smilelove Review 2022

👌 Is Smilelove legit?

Ans - Smilelove has great reviews on their customer support. it is an us-based company that is helpful, and responsive. Apart from a video call when doing your impressions, They also provide text support online at any time. A special agent is assigned to you in order to make communication easier.

😬 Can Smilelove fix an overbite?

Ans - If the overbite is a direct result of misaligned teeth, it can be easily repaired by straightening the teeth as with the invisible Smilelove aligners. If the problem is more severe and more related to the jaw, a correction may require orthopedic surgery and tooth alignment.

⌛ How long does smilelove take?

Ans - Then sit back and wait as it will take a few weeks for your aligners to arrive. With Smilelove, you wait a little longer than at the other House Aligner companies that produce and deliver in 4-5 weeks. A Smilelove dentist will process your impressions and prepare your treatment plan in three weeks.

🙌 How do I request a refund from Smile Love?

Two weeks after we complete a scan or get your kit back, you can receive a downloadable preview that you can open on your laptop. If you are using a package, you must submit the finished impression kits to Smile Love, and you must obtain the sample to be considered for a refund.

👌 Is Smile Love works?

If you look at Smile Love's ratings before 2020, you'll see that their customers are primarily pleased with their service. Smile Love claims to have done an excellent job describing the procedure to their clients, including demonstrating which teeth can change with each pair of aligners. As a result, we may state unequivocally that it works.

🤷‍♂️ Is Smile Direct a more affordable choice than Invisalign?

Invisalign Full can cost anywhere from $ 3,500 to $8,500, based on the dentist's recommendation, and is comparable to, if not more expensive than standard metal braces. SmileDirectClub is less expensive than Invisalign Complete, and both the daytime and nighttime options are available.

😊 Smile Love is covered by insurance?

A variety of dental insurance companies cover Smile Love Clear Aligners. In most cases, you'll have up to half of the cost of the aligners shielded. Insurance would not bear the cost of the package.

🤔 Is it possible for the Smile direct club to damage your teeth?

Traditionally, aligners are sent to the dentist supervising the patient during simple aligner care (the kind of medication SmileDirect offers). Professionals then ensure that the aligners are appropriately fitted and do not damage the patient's mouth, teeth, or gums.

🥱 Is it possible for me to straighten my teeth by myself?

Braces are the easiest and most convenient way for most people to straighten their teeth permanently. If your teeth are just mildly uneven or crowded, an orthodontist-recommended retainer might be all you need to straighten them out. It's not a good idea to try to straighten your teeth on your own.

🤩 What is the fastest way to straighten your teeth?

1. Metal braces: A ligature elastic, archwire, hoops, and bonding material are used in this conventional teeth straightening technique. 2. Smile Love: It is now one of the most common therapy choices for adults.

✨ What are simple aligners, and how do you use them?

Clear aligners are clear plastic trays that go over the teeth and are worn to straighten them out. Clear aligners, unlike braces, have no brackets or metal cables and are almost undetectable to the naked eye. A sequence of aligners is usually worn and switched out every 2 to 3 weeks to achieve the desired effects. Care will last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the seriousness of the case. Many people prefer clear aligners because they are easy to clean, less visible, and add less pain to the cheeks and gums.

🎆 What is ClearComfortTM Technology, and how does it work?

Our aligners are fully transparent, custom fit, and hand trimmed to follow your gum line for optimum support and a virtually invisible fit, thanks to our patented ClearComfortTM technology. Other aligners on the market are cloudy and lie flush against the gums, causing discomfort.

😁 Is it possible to straighten teeth at any age?

Adults will initiate orthodontic care at any age, but the treatment choices are more restricted. Since orthodontic surgery will raise the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, care can not proceed until you have a reasonable level of oral hygiene.

😛 Is it painful to straighten my teeth?

It is not painful to have braces put over your teeth. The process of getting braces on your teeth takes anywhere from one to two hours. Your orthodontist will first place bands around your back molars. It's possible that any friction or pinching will be applied, but it won't be uncomfortable.

🥱 Is it true that pressing your teeth straightens them?

No, you should never try that. Braces or aligners straighten teeth because regular and steady pressure is needed for tooth movement.

You might have more questions like this for Smilelove: 

-Does Smilelove take insurance?

-How much does Smilelove cost?

-Dos Smilelove take care of credit?

-Is Smilelove legit?

-Does Smilelove offer discounts?

-Can Smilelove correct my condition?

-Am I a good fit for Smilelove?

-How much will I end up paying?

-How do I get started?

-How long will Smilelove take?

-Can I drink coffee while using Smilelove?

-Does insurance cover home aligner treatment?

-What is the fastest home aligner service?

-Does Smilelove have a refund policy?

-Does Smilelove have upsells?

-Does Smilelove offer teeth whitening services?

-Does Smilelove treatment last forever?

-Does Smilelove work?

-What is the cheapest home aligner service?

-What is the most effective clear aligner company?

-Do clear aligners hurt?

-Is home aligner treatment safe?

Features: Smilelove offers braces, orthodontics and dental work at an affordable price.

Advantages: The Smilelove teeth straightening website is for people who have a limited amount of money to spend and do not want to spend more than they can afford on their teeth.

Benefits: A website service like Smilelove will never run out of business because it takes the guesswork out of getting your teeth straightened by a professional, which frees you up to focus on other things in life.

Some General Enquiries About Smilelove:

1. How To Fix a Gap in Teeth Without Braces

Invisible aligners function in the same way as regular metal braces do to correct common tooth misalignment concerns.

Aligners, on the other hand, are more cost-effective, more convenient, and often faster than traditional metal braces, depending on what a patient needs to be corrected.

So, what about the gap(s) in your teeth that have always bothered you? Aligners have a decent chance of taking care of it.

Clear aligners are comprised of a thin, flexible plastic material that is sculpted to fit over your teeth tightly.

They use gentle pressure to reposition your teeth over time, gradually straightening them for a beautiful smile. For good reason, invisible aligners are fast establishing themselves as a more appealing option to traditional braces.

2. What Happened To Smilelove?

After COVID-19 came, Smilelove is out of business. They can’t do anything because they are closed. Their website was open but you couldn’t buy anything anymore.

3. How long does it take to get aligners from Smilelove?

All of Canada’s home alignment companies take around six months.

4. How do I get my money back from Smilelove?

If you are using a kit, send the completed impression kits to Smilelove. If you want a refund, make sure to get your preview from us. For all other products that are not custom for Smilelove, the refund will be given 30 days after the purchase date.

5. Is Smilelove or smile direct better?

Both of these are BPA-free products, but Smilelove immediately stands out because it has scalloped edges that fit in your gum line. This means that there is less irritation for your gums and that the braces are easier to hide.

6. Does Smilelove fix an overbite?

Everyone has a little bit of an overbite. It is not usually a problem. But if the overbite is because your teeth are not lined up, it can be fixed with Smilelove Invisible Aligners.

7. Can you drink coffee while wearing aligners?

You can drink coffee and tea while wearing your aligners. But it is important to remember to put them back in so that you get the right treatment results in the time that you want.

8. Does Smilelove have upsells?

Smilelove does not have any upsells during their order process. They include a whitening treatment but this is not the same as an upsell. After a customer runs out, they don’t need to buy another set of the whitening treatment.

9. Does Smilelove ever offer discounts?

Earlier, Smilelove offered discounts of $100-400. But now they don’t have to offer them anymore. They experienced financial difficulties, so they need all the money they can get. If they survive and stay afloat, then maybe they will go back to their frequent discounts again. But for now, that’s not the case.

10. What if I’m not happy with the outcome?

Right now, we do not know. Smilelove had a good refund policy in the past, but that is on hold right now. Theoretically, you can ask for a correction of $200. But since they are not making them right now, we cannot promise that will help you.

11. Does Smilelove offer nighttime-only treatment?

Smilelove does not offer a nighttime-only treatment. You must wear your aligners for at least 22 hours a day and do not eat or drink anything. If you don’t, you will need new aligners (and pay more).

12. Do I need an X-ray before Smilelove treatment?

No X-ray is needed! The kit has all you need to get started. It measures how your teeth fit together, not anything about your bones.

You may want to get an X-ray if you suspect that your jaw is shaped differently from other people or that it has an overbite or underbite. If you have a bite issue, then only a traditional orthodontist can fix it with braces on both upper and lower teeth.

13. Is Smilelove better than braces and Invisalign?

The question is what does “better” mean? Braces, Invisalign, and Smilelove will all make your smile nicer. The main question is how long it takes and how much it costs. Smilelove is the cheapest and quickest way to get treatment. You can also have braces or Invisalign to get a guaranteed result.

14. Is Smilelove cheaper than braces or Invisalign?

Yes, Smilelove is cheaper than both traditional braces and Invisalign. If you want to do it yourself, it costs $1,895. But if you buy a lot of aligners at once because there are not enough for 40, it costs $2,145. That is less than if you were to buy Invisalign or braces from the store.

15. Does Smilelove treatment last forever?

Sometimes, teeth will shift after they are straightened. But you can keep your teeth in place by wearing the post-treatment retainers for a short time. These come free of charge when we first deliver them to you. You should wear them for 22 hours per day for the first two weeks after treatment, and then 2 hours a day afterward if needed to keep your teeth straight.

16. Does Smilelove offer teeth whitening services?

Yes! Smilelove includes a free set of their Premium Whitening kit when you buy an alignment kit. This includes an LED light tool to help people whiten their teeth faster. If you run out, you can purchase a replacement whitening kit for $199.

17. I am in a rush. Can Smilelove provide an at-home treatment quickly?

A lot of people need about 6 months to complete their Smilelove treatment. If speed is the only factor that matters, then you are better off with Byte. With their HyperByte system, Byte has an average treatment time of 3 months.

18. Is there an age requirement for using Smilelove?

Smilelove does not say what age people can get treatment. But if you are younger than 18 years old, you need to have your parent’s consent.

You also should think about whether or not you need to take care of your wisdom teeth before getting alignment treatment. If they are coming in or if they need to be removed, that should be done first before getting treatment.

Otherwise, the teeth may shift and ruin the Smilelove alignment.

19. Will Smilelove make me talk funny?

The clear aligners are like wearing a foreign object in your mouth. It might feel weird and you might sound funny. But most people will not notice it at all.

20. How many hours a day should I wear my Smilelove aligners?

If you don’t wear your aligners for 22 hours a day, it will be hard to get them straight. You might feel uncomfortable during the treatment.

21. What happens if I lose my aligners (or retainers)?

Sometimes, accidents happen. If you lose an aligner, it’s not a big deal. Just start wearing the next one. Wear it for as long as is left on the lost one and you won’t mess up your treatment.

22. Is Smilelove covered by insurance?

Smilelove accepts payments from FSA and HSA. Talk to them about whether your insurance will cover your treatment. You can also check yourself by asking your company if you have orthodontic benefits. If you do, make sure that all of the bills are coded D8040 so that you do not have to deal with any phone tag with your insurance provider.

23. How can I contact Smilelove’s customer support? 

If you want to contact us, there are three ways: 1) via their social media channels, 2) by phone at 1.844.311.8990, or 3) by email at [email protected] You can also chat with them directly on their website at

Smilelove Infographics:


Read More Related Review:

What Happened To Smilelove?

COVID-19 hit Smilelove hard, and they were not able to deliver products and support for their customers. Smilelove says that before COVID-19, they were struggling financially.

They lost some of their financial support from investors, so in the end, they had to stop manufacturing aligners. Sadly many customers who ordered aligners never got them because of this.

So Smilelove promised to make changes. They let some employees go and found some new financial partners. They also changed their pricing model, raising the sticker price and adding a “Complex Case Adjustment” fee for cases that needed more than 40 aligners. With those changes, they hoped they would be able to get going again.

But, they haven’t. They are still selling things, but they are not making anything new. That is not good for their business.

We don’t recommend them anymore because we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. But last year, it was okay for them to stop making things because they were still selling enough things to make a profit. So there is a review of their services below (for reference if they come back).

SmileLove Refund Policy: Smilelove Review

The satisfaction of their clients is Smile Love’s guiding philosophy.

They will issue a full refund if you get your preview and are dissatisfied with the results we will provide.

Their return policy for impression kits and all other non-custom Smile Love items is thirty 30 days from the purchase date.

SmileLove Phone Number and Contact : Smilelove Review

Services offered by Smile Love are incredibly significant. They offer a range of services for you and in most cases, you won’t even need their support.

However, in case of any issues or queries you need, we must tell you there is no official phone number or email address they have released.

However, you can leave your query on their official website from here, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Quick Links:

Overall Experience: Smilelove Review Before And After 2022

The overall experience with Smilelove is always very pleasant. The design and duration of the program will always depend on the individual, as every person has a different smile.

The initial set of aligners may feel a bit uncomfortable for many people, but the next set will be easier to adjust. As one progresses in the program, the aligners will feel light and won’t force themselves on the teeth. 

Another great thing to note is that you get a refund on the impression kits or the whole package if you do not qualify for the program. Smile love understands the value of your money. 

From the buying viewpoint, Smilelove keeps coming up with sales and offers, which they call a “window of opportunity”. For example, there can be an offer where you can take a $400 OFF Aligner Bundle and get a Free 1-year teeth whitening service. 

Finally, the quality of the product they provide ensures that it will not change your original appearance. Their aligners are super clear and hardly noticeable, which is also their USP as compared to other brands’ aligners

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153 thoughts on “Smilelove Review 2022: Top 5 Features & Pricing | (The Ultimate Buying Guide)”

  1. I’ve been wearing Smilelove Aligners for the last six months, and holy moly — they’re amazing! I never used to notice when I was out of alignment but with these clear aligners on my pearly whites, it’s easy to make sure they all line up perfectly every time. At first I just thought that they were a stylish accessory until my dentist told me it also helped prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Ever since then, this has been an essential purchase for me because my teeth are in their best shape ever! Better yet, there are so many options like the form-fitting SmileLove protruded from your grin or the traditional smile completely hidden by your lips. If you want new teeth without any treatments than try smilelove now!!!

  2. So far, the price is significantly lower than any other company I’ve encountered, particularly for someone living on a month-to-month basis. I would absolutely recommend to anyone searching for a more reasonable approach to straighten their teeth because the customer service was quite pleasant and thanks for providing informative on smilelove.

  3. I am really impressed with my teeth. My journey is almost over. I am no longer self conscious about my smile. Thank you Smilelove.

  4. I received my impression kit but I never received my preview or retainers! They’re sitting on $1200 of my money. I know Covid has made it hard for businesses but I’m a paying customer and should be contacted with an estimate of tike for them to process or refund my order. It’s been 6 months since impressions were sent in.

  5. I was self-conscious about the appearance of my grin, but much more so with the prospect of wearing metal braces in my 30s. I’m a busy mom of two who didn’t want to keep going to the dentist and paying exorbitant fees. Smilelove provided a simple, attractive, and cost-effective solution. It worked, and I now have a beautiful grin!

  6. Thanks to Smilelove, I finally have the smile I’ve always desired after many years and many (many!) other tries. I’ve completed my treatment and couldn’t be more pleased with the outcomes. It was quick, easy, and straightforward!

  7. It was a breeze from my first appointment through the final results. The staff was nice, helpful, and laid-back both in person and over the phone. I won’t lie, the aligners hurt a little, but it’s worth it because I never expected the results to be so fantastic. Smilelove is a website that I recommend to anyone who wants to improve their smile.

  8. The entire procedure has been fantastic thus far. Staff is quite friendly and knowledgeable, and the store is very attractive. The 3D scan on the screen is stunning, and everything was thoroughly explained. I didn’t realise how much the procedure would cost until I saw it, but I think it’s worth it for straight teeth. 10/10

  9. I’ll be starting my third set of aligners tomorrow, and it’s going to be a breeze. So far, my treatment hasn’t caused me any complications. When I was having trouble with my first impressions, the video chat was quite helpful, and I was guided through each stage. I don’t recall the name of the Smilelove person, but he was incredible; he did the impressions himself, so I could see them right in front of my eyes! Everyone is incredibly accommodating! Smillove has nothing but good things to say about it!

  10. I was harmed, and the corporation ignored all of my messages! They’ve essentially taken my money and broken my jaw! AVOID! They are scammers

  11. Amazing experience and service! thanks for provide this amazing smilelove guide customer service is very good they talked me through everything and answered all of my questions. They made me feel welcome and relaxed. Thank you so much.

  12. Today I went to the Leeds Smile Shop for a smile scan. Wow is all I have to say. Excellent customer service and extremely competent staff, all of whom have worked in the dental field. I love that I started my smile journey in the Leeds store, and it was made even better by my wonderful smile guide Rio, who was extremely helpful and made me feel at ease, and we had a great laugh together. Please use smilelove they are fantastic Also, thank you for taking the time to write this fantastic Smilelove Review.

  13. “I just received my smilelove kit and it changed my life. One Doctor visit with a Smilelove Kit would’ve cost me $1895 for base price, not to mention the time and travel. This is also a really great idea if you don’t like having your teeth drilled.”

  14. I was skeptical, but Smilelove Aligners really do make me feel more confident! I used to hate wearing my aligners because they’re not just clear, they also have a matte finish that other types of aligner don’t. I know some people LIKE the smooth feel and the fact that their teeth are hidden by something for aesthetic purposes. But for me? It always felt gross when food would get stuck in the rough edges around my fillings since most aligners have rougher surfaces due to being opaque. So I switched from another company to Smilelove and now I can tell you these are the best thing ever made! I read your smilelove detailed review, and i really liked it…

  15. Smilelove is the best because my teeth were straighter within a week. I really liked your review on smilelove.

  16. Smiles and love are what life is all about, so Smilelove aligners are perfect for people who want to show their interest in both! They’re made of a hard plastic material without being cold or uncomfortable like many matte aligners which make them ideal for patients. Plus these trays have the backing painters use that conformed to my skin tone so they were less visible.

  17. “Smilelove is the best deal on the market, matching affordability with superior quality and outstanding customer service. I’ll be honest – when my friends come over they always compliment me on my perfect smile.”

  18. Smilelove understands that you can’t put smile on your face all the time. That’s why they made their aligners affordable! Smilelove is the perfect solution to treat your orthodontic problem and still have enough money in your bank account. you can also watch a quick video on how to use your aligners, or you can read this smilelove review haha, and you’re good to go! Conveniently available as both a prevention kit or treatment kit from smilelove.

  19. I was so hesitant to get braces, I didn’t want the metal poking out of my face and honestly couldn’t afford them. Smilelove is what saved me! The price might be a bit higher than some other options but the quality and service make it worth paying for once you see the amazing results they yield on your teeth. And don’t worry about getting hooked up with an unqualified doctor- our doctors are certified by whatever state is necessary.

  20. So far, the price is significantly lower than any other firm I’ve encountered, particularly for someone living on a month-to-month basis. I would absolutely recommend to anyone searching for a more reasonable approach to straighten their teeth because the customer service was quite pleasant and informative.

  21. I was self-conscious about the appearance of my teeth, but much more so at the prospect of wearing metal braces in my late thirties. I’m a working mom of two who didn’t want to keep going to the dentist and paying outrageous fees. Smilelove provided a straightforward, attractive, and budget-friendly solution. It was successful, and I now have a beautiful grin!

  22. Was able to pay with my HSA card. Arrived on time and complete order. Have had questions about the process and they have been answered promptly via email.

  23. Wow, you have no idea how much this clear aligner has changed my life. It’s so sleek and inconspicuous that it practically disappeared from my mouth. I used to be embarrassed of how crooked I am, but now with a smile on my face-literally! As soon as I got Smilelove in the mail, all my friends starting commenting on when they could see the finished product. Seriously though, don’t hesitate putting your order in for these (even if you have braces), they are 75% cheaper than other brands and just as perfect., You have complied a really detailed smilelove review, i really liked it

  24. I really like your review on smilelove, The coolest thing about Smilelove Aligners is that they’re clear! There’s nothing more frustrating than having an aligner show so you can’t have your lipstick on without looking like a clown. It’s like, what am I even doing here? Why did I wear makeup at all? With these beauties you can go ham with your lip colors and contouring skills—who cares if people can see the color of your teeth anyway…

  25. I finally have the smile I’ve always wanted! The smilelove came in at a perfect time and had everything I needed. It was easy to follow instructions, quick, painless (literally), and it looked great. I really liked like the product, and i will definitely recommended it to my family and friends.

  26. When I heard that Smilelove was affordable, I dismissed the possibility because of my past experience with other teeth alignment products. However, I decided to give it a try and see how things went. Much to my surprise, the results were great! My teeth looked so much straighter in just two weeks but without any discomfort at all. Plus their customer service is excellent and they are really friendly too!

  27. Smilelove has the best customer service. I was really worried about my teen years and what it would do to my teeth but with Smilelove I had great treatment that rejuvenated them while looking nice without breaking the bank, I just want to thank Smilelove…for making this amazing product

  28. “I am obsessed with my smile!” That’s what I can hear you say to yourself. You’ve been trying for years, but it hasn’t happened yet and you’re fed up. Prepare to be amazed because Smilelove is a company committed in giving everyone a straight-tooth grin they’ve always wanted: right from home! First of all, let me start by saying that this is not just another journey for the brave person who wants their teeth fixed without having it done through braces or getting traditional dentures. No way–it’s a whole new experience! You’ll learn anything and everything about how your mouth works, the diseases associated with bad teeth, as well as other useful facts like brushing techniques. It will give you the

  29. Hey Della , I really liked your smilelove review. Smilelove is the clear aligner of my dreams. When I first got it, I had no idea how big a difference something as simple as an invisible orthodontic appliance could have made on me. Smilelove has given so much because lowest prices in the aligner industry means that I can easily afford to take care of my teeth while wearing braces or using other types of dental appliances. The material also makes the treatment process easier and better since it’s thin enough to be comfortable but sturdy enough not break during use which, unlike with many other cosmetic mouthwashes, really motivates people like me who just want to brush their teeth!

  30. I never thought I’d be able to smile again. Life has a way of taking the control out of seemingly easy tasks like breathing and smiling. Then one day when my daughter seemed more worried than usual, she whispered, “Mommy I know you’re sad, but don’t worry – Smilelove will make it better!”

  31. When I couldn’t afford braces, it was a daunting task to get my teeth straightened. My orthodontist recommended that I try clear Smilove aligners. Not only were they less expensive than the other brands on the market, but when I finally got them in, my teeth looked better than ever! (Plus: you can wear them while drinking red wine!)

  32. Smilelove is affordable, reliable, and offers perks like exchanges. I love my Smilelove clear aligners! The cost was so low that I invested in a year’s worth of aligners. Now when my new teeth come through, it will be easier to slide these over them for the perfect finish. They also offer 24/7 customer service with real people who always get back to me right away during business hours.

  33. So far, everything has gone swimmingly. I received my kit early and am simply waiting for permission on my practise moulds. I like how simple it is.

  34. Smilelove aligners are the most comfortable of them all. i would definately give 5/5 stars! Most people who use my aligner love it and can’t seem to stop raving about how much more comfortable this does vs other brands in the industry, And Smilelove offers a discount on standard pricing at certain intervals

  35. In fact, the service was great. My only issue was with the actual goods and my inability to properly complete my impressions kit. I had a pending video session that I couldn’t keep due to the infection. So, my procedure isn’t over yet, but I’d like to keep going and get my impressions.

  36. My new smile is fantastic! Before my spouse and I travelled overseas, I ordered my Aligners! I was blown away by how simple my Aligners were to use! Thank you so much, SmileLove! So far, this has been a fantastic experience. I’m quite pleased with my outcomes!

  37. Customer support was excellent, but I’m not sure if this company is still in operation or not. I’ve only recently begun treatment; what happens if I require assistance? So, what do I do now? I’m not sure who to contact. Is there a refund because your organisation is no longer in operation and there is no guidance?

  38. Good. My front teeth are in excellent condition. My bottom teeth are getting better, but they are still not quite right, and I’m done with the aligners. I guess I’ll just have to put up with them. Chemotherapy causes your teeth to rot, which is something they don’t tell you about when you have cancer. I lost a lot of teeth, which caused the others to advance. Also, I paid $1,600 for my daughter’s set and received no credit for recommending or paying for it.

  39. Until now It feels great to be open and honest. All of my concerns were addressed. It’s simple to check out, and all I have to do now is hope that the actual procedure goes as smoothly as the process has so far!

  40. The site is simple to use, and the customer support is excellent. Great experience, although I’m still looking for new retainers to keep them straight at night. They performed precisely what I needed them to accomplish, and they did it swiftly. Now all I have to do is keep my smile…

  41. The website and user interface were really simple to navigate and use. Furthermore, the 0% APR and the ability to set your own payment date were huge benefits. I’d tell a friend about it 🙂 It was simple to order. Also, customer service is quick to respond.

  42. I’ll be starting my third set of aligners tomorrow, and it’s going to be a breeze. So far, my treatment hasn’t caused me any complications. When I was having trouble with my first impressions, the video chat was quite helpful, and I was guided through each stage. I don’t recall the name of the Smilelove person, but he was incredible; he did the impressions himself, so I could see them right in front of my eyes! Everyone is incredibly accommodating! Smillove has nothing but good things to say about it! I really liked this amazing smilove review.

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  44. Customer service is outstanding! I email the customer service team whenever I have an issue, and they always respond quickly! Great deal, and the comfort and convenience are incredible. Very simple, I’m looking forward to a fantastic outcome, plus I saved money!

  45. It was simple and quick to place an order. I’m hoping this will work for me. As a follow-up, I’m satisfied with my development thus far. I’m excited to see how my new grin turns out! So far, everything has gone well, and the purchasing procedure has been simple. I’m overjoyed that I was approved despite of my credit situation.

  46. SmileLove is one of our favourite things. This is my second child that will be using your services. The email, text, and phone reminders are fantastic.

    However, I asked for a connection to post my second daughter’s tooth images four days ago and have yet to receive a response. Is it possible for someone to look into it? Thanks!

  47. Signing up is extremely simple and quick. I also appreciate how quickly the support crew responds. So far, this product has performed admirably, and I’ve noticed an improvement in my grin. It’s been rather enjoyable. However, I’d like additional details on how long it will take to acquire the things.

  48. Signing up is extremely simple and quick. I also appreciate how quickly the support crew responds. So far, this product has performed admirably, and I’ve noticed an improvement in my grin. I didn’t seem to have any issues throughout the entire trip. I would strongly advise all of my friends and relatives to use this service.

  49. So far, everything has gone well. I was able to take advantage of two promotions that decreased the price to the point where I could pay in full up front. Thank you so much. Smilelove’s aligners are less expensive than SmileDirect’s, but I’m hoping they’re just as good.

  50. I’m thrilled that you’ve agreed to let me make this purchase with my flexible spending account! So far, everything appears to be in order. I’m really hoping they can repair my smile, and ordering was a breeze! Now it’s time to look at the finished product. Thank you so much for helping me close the space between my teeth!! Customer service is excellent.

  51. Among competitor sites, this one is the most descriptive. Shows you how much money you’ll have before you fill out any forms. So far, I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with this company. It’s the cheapest company I’ve found so far, with fantastic sales.
    So far, everything appears to be in order. I’m looking forward to starting this process!

  52. There was a fast fault evaluation and a very rapid checkout. I received my moulding kit in a timely manner and was excited to put it to use. The customer support and help I received with my moulds was excellent; now I just need to schedule a conference call to properly complete my bottoms.

  53. Customer support was quite helpful in placing my transaction using my insurance advantages. When it comes to ordering, the process is simple, and the payment plans are a terrific alternative! I can’t wait to put these to the test! I adore Smile Love, and I’m so glad I went with them!! My teeth are wonderful, and my bite is incredible! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! All in the span of seven months!
    Thank you very much, Smilelove.

  54. I finished my homework and went shopping. Out of all the firms, this one has the best price. I’m crossing my fingers that the outcomes will be exactly what I’m searching for! Keep an eye out for updates! Checkout is simple. The website was simple to use. Everyone should be able to pay in a variety of ways. My aligners arrived quickly, the instructions were clear, and I’m well on my way to a more confident, straighter smile! I couldn’t be more pleased!

  55. I got my package, and it was pretty self-explanatory! I explained what was in the box and when it should be used! So far, everything has worked flawlessly, and I’ve already noticed improvements in the previous 12 weeks of utilising smilelove! really great review on smilelove

  56. I called and spoke with a really pleasant and helpful individual. I’m so glad I decided to put money into myself! MY SMILE IS FINALLY BECOMING ONE OF MY FAVORITES! It was simple to set up the website and payment plan. I wish the website provided more information, such as the cost of additional retainers and information on whitening.

  57. So far it was quick and easy! I do wish the 250 down payment came off of the total instead of just adding it on. It almost cancels out the save 400$ money bit, but unfortunately I dont have enough saved to pay it off all at once so I had to do the payment plan.

  58. So far, it’s been quick and simple! However, due to unforeseen issues, pandemics, and other factors, it has taken some time to return to a semi-normal state. In the near future, I hope to continue with this approach.

  59. I haven’t been able to get a good enough photograph of my teeth to use the kit yet. There’s always something wrong with it when I do it and take a picture. I inquired as to whether there was a specialist I could meet with to aid me, and all you provide is some sort of online support via video or something. That service has been unavailable to me. This really sucks. This package cost me a lot of money.

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  61. Smilelove aligners just snap into place and there’s great customer service. Smilelove aligners come in several different styles and colors, and the first set of aligners is always free! Perfect for those who want to smile more than they frown.

  62. Smilelove is an easy and medically proven way to fix dental misalignment. The moldableclear aligners are made of thermoplastic polymer with a polycarbamide coating, which makes them very comfortable to wear. Their proprietary Bubble Technology provides added comfort as well as a superior ice-picking resistance without the need for a tray gingivitis shield. Their all-new smile love mobile app has been designed for fun, entertainment, and motivation during treatment that gets you on your way to a straight smile in just 10 visits plus one night band, Thanks for providing Smilelove review

  63. You’re one of many who have done research on dental aligners. But Smilelove is the company you are most satisfied with. Precision-crafted to be more comfortable than competitors’ products, these custom-fit devices are invisible once they snap into place. If your teeth shift or you need a new device, simply contact us!

  64. Smilelove has an amazing customer service and their product quality is just what I needed to be able to get my teeth in order. I was having a lot of trouble with the other company’s aligners because they just never felt right and made it difficult for me to keep wearing them after a few months since according to them, 2-3 years is how long you wear this sort of thing. But Smilelove gave me the affordability, quick turnaround time for ordering additional sets, great customer service–I feel like this company understands how important it is that the customer feels beautiful throughout the process! Thanks so much 🙂

  65. The first time I traded my retainer for a set of aligners, I was nervous. But it’s been easy breezy since I got Smilelove! The customer service has been great and the product is durable. Plus, each set of aligners just snaps into place like you never expected anything less from them anyway. Thanks for providing Smilelove review

  66. Your teeth will be on the way to so much more than just straightness with SmileLove! SmileLove products are designed to give your teeth perfect alignment and comfortable wear. With each set of aligners, you’ll finish an entire level of movement, leading to better results without any visible gaps in treatment. They’re comfortable for days at a time – even sleeping! Slip these into place and enjoy unrestrained awesomeness awesomeness that keeps your smile looking gorgeous every day.

  67. Smilelove is the most innovative aligner company on the market today. They are continuing to innovate by using patent-pending tech that improves the efficacy of their products. Their teeth alignment technology uses up to 70% less pressure, meaning they’re friendly for adults and kids alike
    Smilelove is not only easy to use but also affordable, Their instructions are clear and concise They have an FDA registered hospital grade material so everything is safe…so what are you waiting for?

  68. Everyday I wear the aligners, my teeth are getting straighter and more confident. They’re very comfortable to wear; it’s like moving towards the life I always dreamed of! Smilelove is better than other companies because their customer service is unbeatable–I can ask questions during any time of day or night, before or after placement. It doesn’t interfere with daily activities either since there’s no tooth sensitivity, pain, swelling nor gagging.

  69. Smilelove Aligners are the perfect set of aligners for fast, safe teeth movement by vastly reducing discomfort and complications. The Smilelove Orthodontics Association has made this product with uncompromising standards to ensure a wonderful customer experience from start to finish!

  70. Smilelove is the world’s first kit designed to create organic, cruelty-free smiles in just minutes. The kit comes with detailed instructions for making your own unique smile that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Smilelove will have you giving everyone a reason to look at how awesome your teeth are all the time. Now there’s no need to avoid smiling whenever possible because guess what? You don’t need any unsightly invisible braces or other cosmetic treatments when it comes to Smilelove!

  71. I was hesitant to try this at first because it seems so simple. What could be easier than putting a rubber mold in your mouth for 90 minutes? This thing is crazy comfortable and really has made my life significantly better. The timer will even beep every hour, which reminds me that I should swap it out then! As someone who takes their mouth guard seriously, it’s been the best investment ever. It looks goofy as hell but worth every penny!

  72. I’m a dental assistant and I got to try out this product and it was awesome! It’s so easy, step-by-step instructions. You can’t go wrong with SmileLove!

  73. Smile love is a personal home dental kit. Our commercial-grade kits includes five brushes to choose from depending on your preferences, mixing bowls and jars for each mix, unlimited mixes with no expiration or shipping costs and free shipping and returns.

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  76. I love this product. It’s so so simple and easy to use. Definitely worth trying if you’re looking for that perfect smile!

  77. “I’m all about the smilelove kit. You get your kit in advance and make a practice mold before they send you what you really need to apply the temporary teeth to the back of your mouth.”

  78. Hi fellow fashion divas, I just got this fabulous new kit and couldn’t wait to share it with you! The perfect accessory. Put a smile on your face and spray some love into the air. It’s so easy and only smells like vanilla!

  79. Do you constantly find yourself apologizing for not smiling? You’re constantly muttering “sorry” or telling people, “I’m having a bad day.” Well there’s no need to apologize anymore! With our new line of SmileLove molds and putty, the days of feeling guilty about not cracking one of those mouth-up type smiles are over! Now you can be happy all day long without any worries. In fact, we’ve even added a free putty that does triple time as an instant mood lifter too. All your happiness needs in one pint-sized package so now you can have some enlightening fun with me – don’t say ‘LAUGHMEAT’ because I’m only meat on Fridays.

  80. Smilelove was the worst, it caused me so much pain. I had to wait two weeks for my aligners because they messed up with my impressions at the beginning – and they didn’t even offer any compensation! My arch wire got caught on something inside of my mouth and it irritated it SO bad. It’s all bled out, I cannot believe this is happening to me…

  81. How often are you left with droopy teeth after waking up in the morning? The smile that debuted with your big yawn has slowly faded into worry about whether or not anyone will be attracted to it. It’s time for a change! Smilelove offers great dental aligner solutions without any uncomfortable visits to the dentist. That doesn’t sound like fun to me, but I love how easy and non-invasive Smilelove is. Sound too good to be true? Luckily there’s no need for concern because we’re backed by Drs.

  82. Smilelove aligners are one of the most comfortable clear aligner systems out there. No more food getting caught between your teeth or stinging when hot liquids are spilled! Smilelove’s video chat staff will make it easy to adjust to wearing your teeth straight in no time at all with their help. The people at Smilelove are always available, even when you’re having difficulty with impressions, for guidance during each step in treatment.

  83. SmileLove is the premier prescriber of Invisalign. They have done almost a million cases and there are Smilelove centers in over 26 countries around the world. The video chats with their experts before your treatment initiation as well as each step along the way make Smilelove great because not only does it make for a more efficient, less scary experience overall but also an even better care for their patients!

  84. Smilelove is an easy, affordable way to straighten your teeth with aligners. Hailed as “the greatest thing ever!” by the smiles of its customers, Smilelove is renowned for being helpful and convenient with no need to break it up into payments.

  85. Smilelove is the best orthodontic treatment I’ve ever had! For starters, it’s affordable. And then, of course there are no wires to bother with. Smilelove has been completely painless for me- even my first impressions were great! The practice assistant was really informative and supportive too- and not just because she needs me as a customer. Smilelove definitely takes pride in their work and stands by their product 100%. Overall, this has been an extremely positive experience that I would strongly recommend to any family or friend.

  86. If you’re looking for the ultimate orthodontic experience with a high five of customer service, then look no further than Smilelove. With an initial impression kit including retainer and bands to help newbies get started right away, as well as leading technologies that ensure your teeth will line up as they should, this is the world we wish we had more of: easy-peasy fix-able done! Operators working 24/7 so you can wake up at 2 am worried about pesky brackets and call us–we’ll be ready to talk you through whatever’s on your mind without even batting an eyelash.

  87. I love Smilelove and all the intricate details they put into every step! Ever since I started my orthodontic treatment at Smilelove, I can’t stop telling everyone that this is the best company for getting their aligners. They have a great customer service team that does impressions themselves to show you how it’s done. That made such a huge difference when I was struggling with my impressions. Their dental assistants are willing to answer any question you may have, and make sure everything goes as planned. And if anything ever happens to your brackets or bands? Just email them and they will replace those too! The cherry on top of it all is that there’s not even an up charge for replacement parts like clear elastics.

  88. Smilelove is wonderful dental care for you and your family. We’re on the cutting edge of technology, providing high-tech treatment aligned with more than 50 years of orthodontic excellence. Our newest products include Smileline Thermoplastic Aligners that use heat to melt into correct position over time, giving you a perfect smile in just 4 weeks! None of us like getting our teeth checked by the dentist – it’s uncomfortable, boring, and sometimes painful. Forget about those unpleasant memories because we can provide fast relief with instant braces for adults! They come out at night so no more embarrassing unfortunate smiles – back on your game after one appointment!

  89. Smilelove is a top brand that has been helping people for over 20 years. With their elegant products and innovations, you know you’re in good hands. Their dental braces are made to be non-invasive with a subtle design that fits into any lifestyle. The Smilelove treatment comes with an easy order process and discreet deliveries that protect your privacy. They also come with one on one at home healthcare services two times per year during the course of your treatment. Smilelove is poised to change lives yet again with their new update! Get ready for some features like more customizations, better fit options, more comfortability, even wider variety of aligners than ever before!

  90. Smilelove is a braces company out to make orthodontics as easy and painless as possible through their state-of-the-art technology. We provide a personalized experience for adults and teens alike with the highest standards in smiles on earth!

  91. Yesterday I finished my last set of aligners and was looking forward to finally getting those chompers straight as an arrow. However, as soon as I took out the trays, I looked like a middle schooler again. The treatment didn’t work at all! This is the worst crowdfunding campaign ever– just throwing money down the drain for nothing in return.

  92. Smilelove aligners are terrible and the customer service is even worse. They don’t respond to emails or their phone at all, and when I had difficulty with my impressions I was put on hold for an hour before someone answered the line. This company should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

  93. my treatment wasn’t as smooth as I had hoped. they messed up my impressions and it took way too long to fix them, but they finally did.

  94. When I found out about this product, my best friend was all too happy to sign me up. She’s the teeth expert in the family and she wants to keep it that way. When I started browsing through their site, everything seemed fine; they offer free shipping (which is amazing), affordable prices for what you get (definitely an important aspect when living month-to-month like myself), and great customer service. It appeared as if this company was doing everything right until I received the product two days ago. When you first glance at it, nothing seems wrong; it looks exactly like its picture on their home page which is promising because anything couldn’t be more painstaking than receiving something different than anticipated. So not long after getting them

  95. I had high hopes for this product, but I was disappointed when I opened the package to find their most expensive time slot is only twice a day with updates not given in detail for how they work. The customer service was condescending and evasive, even though their product’s price is affordable enough. It doesn’t help that there are so many other better deals out there! When you’re trying to figure out what the best teeth straightening solution is for your budget, SmileLove’s monthly service per month commitment couldn’t be any more convenient! They provide an option that will fit every need at rates you can afford.

  96. I could not believe the prices for all of their services. They offer to straighten teeth, do braces, or both or you can save up for a package together! I was really pumped because it seems like they’re covering your time and need for storage—like if you’re living month-to-month then this is perfect for you … but the customer service wasn’t that great. The people were very nice, but they seemed impatient with my questions about payment plans and whatnot. So anyways I would recommend them as long as during checkout stress to ask any questions!

  97. Their customer service is nice, but the price tag vicious. I can’t believe people would spend some amount just to shrink their gums for a few months. Part of the cost should go towards teeth whitening gum. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to my old habit of using hydrogen peroxide on these bad boys daily.

  98. I had a really bad experience with the customer service, like it was over 3 hours of waiting on hold before I could finally talk to someone. Also, you can tell that they are very money hungry since they kept pushing their other products on me every time I called for help. I am not sure how they compare quality wise to most companies but this is definitely my last call with them.

  99. I am a busy person who doesn’t have time or money for a new liner every month. I got this product and it did not work, which of course is disappointing but I was even more disappointed when the customer service guy told me there were no refunds. For reduced prices the pressure to be constantly buying from them is too much! Not sure if you can get it anywhere else after that though.

  100. I had to cancel my subscription because I could not afford to pay for it anymore. They charged me two months in the month, and the customer service people were rude when I told them they made a mistake and couldn’t do much about it

  101. I really don’t know how to describe the look of these things in my mouth. It’s like when you draw a bad picture with pencil crayons… if the nose isn’t perfect, it’s ruined.

  102. I’ve been using smilelove for a little over 2 years now, and it’s been awful. The customer service is absolutely terrible with an average wait time of 90 minutes when they say “Usually within 30 seconds.” I called twice in one day to cancel my membership, but they said it couldn’t be done on the phone and that I would have to email them or do something else instead. It also makes my teeth more sensitive than before which is not what you want if your goal is actually to straighten out your teeth – just get braces!

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  148. I can’t say I’ve ever thought about getting braces; it seemed like something only the kids who were informed of tooth preservation might to. But then I was talking with my dentist and she suggested that I try to put an aligner in just one side of my mouth, which took me by surprise. It was weird at first because there’s no feeling or discomfort involved. Yet you could tell that since this is sort of a plastic brace, it gets closer than any metal band would so your teeth definitely feel straighter faster.”

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