Running Tips A Beginner Should Know In 2022

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Running is an exercise that not only helps you keep your weight in check but also include a lot of health benefits like building up bones, strengthening up muscles. Now, if you are someone who every time sets a goal of losing weight and getting into shape but then never actually acts on it or maybe someone who just wants to improve his physical fitness, well, now is the perfect time for you to step everything aside, put on your running shoes and start running.

Running Tips A Beginner Should Know

To get you started we have provided you with a number of tips you should know before you start your running exercise:


  1. Start With Short Intervals: The most important thing to keep in mind before starting any exercise is to never overdo it. Always keep in mind that overdoing any physical exercise will not only make you tired quicker but also have a drastic effect on your body. Break down your exercise into intervals. After some time you will notice an increase in stamina which is when you should increase your running intervals by a minute or two.


  1. Give Your Body Some Rest: It takes some time for your body to get used to all the running which is why you should give your body some rest. It is advised to give your body a full day rest after your first workout session. This will not only help your body recover from all the intense workout but also help your body adapt to these new demands and make your bones and muscle stronger.


  1. Keep Your Speed Under Check: It takes time for your body to get used to all the running and to avoid any injury to your muscles it is advised to start off your running exercise with medium pace, at least during the starting weeks. Soon we will be able to notice the hard work paying off as your body will heal considerably faster and require a lot less time to recover.


  1. Run Using Short Easy Steps: Not using a proper technique can cause a lot of problem in the long run. Let’s just say that your body gets more and more familiar with how to perform a complex sequence of movements with every mile you run. Try to run using short steps as they don’t slow down your forward momentum and keep your body in an upright position while moving.


  1. Choose Your Running Surface Accordingly: If you are in for some fast running, running on pavements in an excellent choice as the chances of you injuring your ankle is very less. However, it can cause a lot of stress on your joints as the pavements are quite hard. On the other hand, running in a forest or a park floor provides excellent cushioning to your feet. Running on a sandy surface can also help you train your muscle but be careful as overdoing it can cause injury to your calf muscles. And at last, there’s a treadmill that can be used whenever you want to complete a quick workout session. There’s also the added advantage of good cushioning under your feet which helps minimize any injury that can happen to the muscles.


  1. Side Aches Are Normal: It is very common to get a side ache while running. In order to minimize the risk of getting side aches, it is advised to avoid eating anything approximately two hours before you are to start your running. However, in case you still get a side ache, don’t stress too much about it. Just walk at a normal pace and avoid running. Also, breath calmly and press your hand onto where it hurts. Within some time you will notice the pain go away.


  1. Take Proper Care Of Your Body: As I have mentioned several times earlier overdoing any exercise can cause a lot of harm in the long run and running is no different. Therefore it is advised to have short intervals and after each workout sessions give proper rest to your body. Taking care of your body is the most important thing you need to do in order to avoid any unnecessary injury. Also in order to run tall, you need a strong healthy body.


  1. Cross Training: To keep yourself from getting bored, it is advised to try out new things like playing different sports that will not keep you motivated but also keep your body in shape and your muscles strong. And most importantly it will keep your love for running alive.

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Hope these running tips will be beneficial for you as a beginner. 

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