Receptra Naturals Coupon Codes 2022: 15% Off on CBD Oils

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This is an article on Receptra Naturals Coupon Codes August 2022 which is surely going to help you be easy on your pockets this time while shopping for your favorite health products from them.

Receptra Naturals Coupon Codes 2022

  • 15% off site wide

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  • Free shipping on your order

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About the company

Receptra Naturals help their customers in obtaining optimal mental and physical soundness with their range of Active lifestyle Hemp CBD oils. Receptra naturals provide their customers with a proprietary blend of all-natural performance and recovery enhancing ingredients that help them be energetic and focused throughout their day.

All of their Hemp Oils are extracted from Hemp flowers that are grown on family farms in Colorado. Receptra Naturals use growing practices that are all-natural and organic, and so they are able to produce pure CBD oils that are always submitted for third-party testing also. Each of the plants is carefully handpicked to make sure that only the highest quality reaches you. Not only this, but they also share their testing results with their customers, so that there is a fair and transparent medium of exchange.

Receptra Naturals are specialized in health and wellness extracts as well as pet CBD oils. They claim that they ensure a full spectrum of hemp’s cannabinoids without using the plant’s seed, stems or stalks. The products ensure that your body will be benefitted with their range of Cannabinoids.

Receptra Naturals Review with Coupon Codes August 2022

Receptra Naturals is a brand with transparency. They are a maker of Hemp extracts and sell a different line of products with different dosage of CBD. They use a third party testing and not just this, they also post the result online. Just go to their website, and enter the batch number of your product and view the potency, mould, and heavy metal lab results of your product. Isn’t it something that everyone should bring into practice?

What’s great about Receptra Naturals?

  • They have the highest grade CBD tropical.
  • Their hemp flowers are grown on family farms in Colorado, so they are totally and natural.
  • They’re endorsed by professional athletes, which surely shows that it might have a good reputation out there.
  • They are specialized in CBD products which are great for active lifestyle people, for high performance and recovering.
  • They also offer transparent Certificate of analysis on all batches which are the results from third-party testing.


Receptra Naturals’ products

CBD oil

Receptra offers two lines of CBD oils, one is Receptra Active Lifestyle and the other one is Receptra Health and Wellness. 


Receptra Naturals CBD oil promo codes

Mental performance level and you can buy it with 15mg CBD per dropper up to 60mg. And the prices range from $24.95 to $249.95.

While the latter one is a pure hemp CBD oil that comes in two options: 22mg per dropper and a 44mg per dropper. Their prices range from $39.95 to $199.95. But you can save with the coupons and discounts available.


Receptra Targeted Topicals is somewhat oily on touch but is extremely effective when it comes to healing pain. It has a pleasant aroma to it, and it feels great to be massaged over your muscles. Price range is between $39.95 and $68.95 and the discount and coupon codes apply here as well. It’s usually for muscle and joint problems.

Receptra coupon codes

One of their other products, i.e. Receptra Body Butter is more of a natural skin moisturizer that soothes your skin, and takes away any dryness or irritation if any. They are infused with 400mg of CBD (entire package).

Receptra pet

As the name suggests, Receptra Naturals is for your dogs and cats. It’s the same CBD oil that you take for yourself. It’s safe for your pet, all-natural wellness solution that you can add in your pet’s food or put it under their tongues.

Receptra Naturals Coupon Codes August 2022: 15% Off on CBD Oils

The CBD oil contains MCT oil that is great in helping balance your pet’s thyroid. Just pay attention to the recommendation of the dosage of the pet CBD. The product comes in a price range of $44.95 and it contains 500mg of CBD in the tincture.



Trace your Receptra product to its source

You can also find the Certificate of analysis for your product on their official site, i.e.:

Just enter the code from the green label on your product and find its COA.

Some more digging into their CBD oils

As written earlier, they have two lines of Hemp oil products: active lifestyle and health and wellness. The former one is designed for those who are looking for physical and mental enhancement, and the latter one is for those who are new to CBD oils and wish to bring in to use for their advanced health regime. In other words, the health and wellness line is the ‘lite’ version of the active lifestyle oils.

One other unique aspect of Receptra Products is that their CBD is extracted from the Hemp plant using cold ethanol extraction. This is good because, a cold or room temperature extraction is good for preserving terpenes and other cannabinoids. Heat changes the properties of these materials and they become less effective. Also, a solvent such as ethanol, picks up on molecules like chlorophyll, so that the extracted oil often retains that green color.

coupon codes for Receptra naturals


What does color mean about a CBD oil?

This would involve a little discussion about the extraction methods. The most common industry extraction method nowadays is supercritical CO2. This method utilizes changes in temperature and pressure to extract the oil.

Plus, it also uses ethanol, which is a liquid solvent which is polar, so, it mixes with water and dissolves water soluble molecules. And the water soluble molecule in a Hemp oil is the chlorophyll, which co-extracts with cinnabinoids when ethanol is used. This only means that this chlorophyll will give your Hemp oil a darker green shade. There’s also a probability that it would taste harsh as chlorophyll is a tart.

How does it smell?

The elite and pro fresh berry, from the active lifestyle line, has a musky kind of aroma. They smell more like mint than berries, and it must be said, they do really good job in nullifying the smell of CBD oil.

The prime and fresh berry, from the health and wellness line, smells about the same as the earlier one. A bit stronger maybe.

How does it taste?

All the CBD oil products smell about the same. With variations in potency, and strength, you can be sure to swallow the taste of CBD oil. Since these products retain chlorophyll, so they are dark in color, they also make strong impression on the taste buds. However, if followed by a juice, or a glass of water, the taste is manageable.

In a Gist

If taste is not that important for you, and you prefer potency testing results more, then Receptra Naturals might be a good option for you. There are a few CBD oil that taste delicious, but they are rare. The active lifestyle line includes other ingredients such as avocado oil, grape seed oil, and turmeric. This rare benefit is near impossible to find, hence Receptra Naturals are no doubt, worth a try.

Contact Receptra Naturals

Phone – 3032231663

08:30 am –5:00 pm MST

MON – FRI = 8:30 am – 12:00 pm MST


Receptra Naturals Coupon Codes August 2022: 15% Off on CBD Oils

You can also fill a form that is given on their official site that requires your name, phone, email, and the matter that you want to talk about. Fill out all the details as required, and they will revert back and answer your questions and concerns right away.

Things to know about Receptra Naturals coupon codes

Receptra Naturals offers discounts on damaged, and or incorrect products and also on those orders that haven’t arrived or been opened. They also offer to replace your products within seven days of the date you received your order. But in that case, you’ll have to return the unused portion of the product to them.

Receptra Naturals have number on their site that will connect you with their Colorado team, where they grow their own Hemp plants, which is another indication of transparent policy.

Receptra Naturals also claim to resolve almost one hundred percent of the issues of their customers, and that too within 48 hours of consultation, which is a very rare promise to find. What reason can you give now to not at least give a shot to the company which is so transparent and reliable at the same time?



Pros and Cons of Receptra Naturals


  • They offer international shipping too.
  • Third party lab test verification
  • Moderately priced
  • Their coupons save you up to 20%
  • Offer products great for healthy and active lifestyle
  • Offer Transparent Certificate of Analysis on all batches of their products.


  • CBD is not FDA approved
  • They do not offer edibles
  • No free shipping (until and unless you don’t have the Receptra Naturals Coupon Codes)


Some FAQs about Pure Hemp CBD Extracts

  • What is pure hemp CBD extract?

Receptra naturals Pure Hemp CBD extract is an oil extracted from the flowers of Hemp plants that are grown on their family farms. They use a process that is similar to making of vanilla extract, i.e. the dried hemp flowers are washed with a food grade alcohol. Then, the alcohol is evaporated, and just the extract is left behind. The extract gets sticky and fragrant at this stage. This extract is then tested for everything from residual pesticides to heavy metals, etc. Once the products pass these tests, the oil is used to create the products.

  • How should one decide which hemp extract to purchase for their health needs?

The only difference that lies in all the products made from CBD extracts is the concentration of CBD used in each of them. The amount that should be taken by each individual depends upon their health condition. You can also talk to their customer service before buying so that they can tell you where to begin.

  • How should one take CBD oil?

There are several other methods of administration for CBD oil. Receptra offers an oil based tincture that is best if taken sublingually, which means that it should be taken under the tongue for 30-45 seconds as it increases the bioavailability of the product.

  • Are CBD products affected by weather?

Bottles of Receptra oil extracts are unaffected by varying temperature, and weather conditions. It is not recommended to leave the bottles in a hot car or on a porch in the snow, but once the product returns to room temperature, it would be fine, and will not have lost the efficacy.

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Conclusion: Receptra Naturals Coupon Codes 2022

Receptra Naturals is one of the best private online companies available today. The products that they offer are highly reliable, they give it for a third party testing and also post the result online. Their hemp flowers are grown in Colorado and hence, the products are natural. You can also know what’s in your bottle by entering your batch code and they provide you with its complete composition. This company is highly reliable when it comes to transparency and the originality of their products.


So, head to their site, and shop for your favorite products and use the discount and coupon codes provided here to save some money while shopping for the products that suit your body and health condition.

If you are looking for bigger discounts, then sign up for their email newsletter that gives the best Receptra Naturals coupon codes available anywhere online to its subscribed members, if you are intrested in vaping, check out the latest discount on Vape Bright CBD.


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