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Thailand is loaded with many places that are not known to foreign visitors even though these places have a historical as well as cultural significance. One such place is Phitsanulok and Phitsanulok is famous for nightlife.

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It is amongst the remarkable towns of Thailand with a historical significance. You can buy your train ticket to Phitsanulok from the railway station in Bangkok – Hua Lamphong and travel on the Special Express. It takes five hours from Bangkok to reach Phitsanulok. Phitsanulok might not have a very exciting, lively and spectacular appearance, however, it has a lot to offer!

Also, the Phitsanulok nightlife is quite surprising as well!

Nightlife & Thai Girls In Phitsanulok | Bars & Clubs

  • The Downtown

About 5-7 minutes walk from the riverbank, you can find guesthouses one of which is the Bon Bon guesthouse which has fan rooms that will cost you 350 Baht and the aircon rooms will cost you 450 Baht. You can opt for any room based on the weather and your preferences.

Phitsanulok Nightlife Bon bon guest house - enjoy night with girls
Bon bon guest house – enjoy night with girls

Right next to this guest house is the Lithia Guest House, which is a very well-known budget hotel. The rates of the room are almost the same. If you want a top-end room and hotel, you can check out the Grand Riverside Hotel. During the day, you can take a walk on the bank of the river which is quite relaxing. 

  • The Temples of Phitsanulok

Phitsanulok is known for its three noteworthy temple complexes which are just a few minutes away from each other. It will take you about 20 minutes to reach these temple complexes, from the station or the Phitsanulok night market which is on the river bank.

  1. Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat (or Wat Yai)

This temple is popularly called the Wat Yai by the locals because this temple is one of the very important temples in the province of Phitsanulok and is also the biggest temple in this province. It was built in the year 1357 and this temple is home to the most copied images of Buddha, the Phra Phuttha Chinnarat, which ranks second in terms of importance.

Wat phra sri rattana mahathat temple - thailand
Wat phra sri rattana mahathat temple – thailand

The first important Buddha image in Thailand is the Emerald Buddha which can be found in the Grand Palace in Bangkok. The Buddha had been cast in the traditional Sukhothai style, but this Buddha’s head is a bit wider than the basic standard Sukhothai.

Admission: Foreigners have to pay about 100 Baht. At times you will not be asked for any fees as well and you can drop your offerings in the box along with with the lotus bud, the joss sticks, and the tiny gold leaf sheets.

  1. Wat Ratchaburana Temple

This temple does not have many visitors. However, do not miss visiting this temple when you visit Phitsanulok because there are a lot of interesting replicas as well as monuments in this complex. The temple was built in the year 1463, when the capital was moved by King Trailokanat of Ayutthaya, to Phitsanulok. At present, you will only find the chedi. 

The wi-Hahn has a golden Buddha that is about 700 years old. Next to this Buddha is a sacred tree that has ladders which can be climbed by the visitors, and where you can leave your offerings. Post this the bell has to be rung and then you can descend.

This is repeated about 3-9 times. The temple also has an ubosot chapel that has some beautiful murals as well as a huge wooden boat that is beautified with garlands and formerly transported King Rama 

Admission: There is no admission fee to enter this temple complex.

  1. The Wat Nang Phaya temple

This temple resembles the Wat Yai. It is situated on the east bank of Nan River. It was constructed during Located on the eastern King Trailokanat’s reign I .e.1448-1488. This temple is a bit smaller in contrast to the Wat Yai which is located on the other side. The atmosphere is quite calm and quiet. There are many beautiful paintings on the walls of the temple.

Wat Nang Phaya Temple - Si satchanalai

Admission: There is no admission fee to enter this temple complex.

  • The Annual Long Boat Racing Festival in Phitsanulok 

The annual long boat racing festival is held once in a year and takes place in the Nan river right in front of Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat. The event is held during the Lent period of the Thai Buddhist which is in September or when the tide of the river is the highest, which is in October.

There are not many spectators for this event, however, you will find women wearing traditional dresses and dancing continuously. An outdoor market is also put up during the event.

  • Phitsanulok Nightlife, Bars and Girls

  • Phitsanulok Bars

If you are on the lookout for some good indoor party options, check out the Wood Stock bar that has some funky furniture from the 60s and 70s. Live music starts from 9:30 pm onwards in this bar. the bar has two TV screens as well that air live sports.

Best Places to hear live Misic and Enjoy Drinks -Bangkok Jazz Bars

They offer some good Thai food, and Heineken or Tiger Beer. The place is just 5 minutes away from the railway station.

  • Phitsanulok Girls

The young crowd of this town gathers at the riverbank near the Phitsanulok night market and this is the place where they hang out. There are plenty of bars on the east of the river and these bars have a good outdoor arrangement that gives you some amazing river views.

Once the Naresuan bridge is crossed, you will find two places that have been built in the river – the Sabai boat and the Calito, where you can have an amazing time. It is tough to find Phitsanulok massage parlors that offer different kinds of massages inclusive of happy ending ones, in contrast to that found in other areas of Thailand.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

❓ How is the Downtown area in Phitsanulok?

About 5-7 minutes walk from the riverbank, there are guesthouses. One is the Bon Bon guesthouse which has fan rooms that cost 350 Baht and the aircon rooms cost 450 Baht.

❓ What are the temples in Phitsanulok?

There are three famous temples in Phitsanulok. They are Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat, Wat Ratchaburana Temple, and The Wat Nang Phaya temple.

❓ What is the popular festival held in Phitsanulok?

The annual long boat racing festival is held once in a year and is very popular among the tourists. An outdoor market is also put up during the event.

Conclusion: Phitsanulok Nightlife | Enjoy Night With Thai girls

Phitsanulok might seem to be a province that is quiet and calm and lacking any action, however, the Phitsanulok nightlife is completely surprising.

There are no go bars or bars that are Farang oriented, but there are many other options to enjoy the Phitsanulok nightlife. There is a night bazar near the riverbank and many outdoor bars. You will find a few pubs and indoor bars scattered in the city.

When it comes to the Phitsanulok nightlife, you will not find a lot of entertainment, other than snacks, beverages or some Thai music. You can check out the Tree House – it is a small bar that has an adjoining garden. You can enjoy some good live music at this place and you will also find some beautiful girls hanging out in this place with their friends.

Yes, this is a place where a lot of people gather in groups and chat over drinks. However, this place is not similar to the RCA places in Bangkok. The locals are quite easy-going, however, you cannot expect them to simply invite you for a drink and chat. You must make the first move and strike a conversation to be part of their group.

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