Philips Lifeline Promo Code, Coupon Codes July 2022

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In this post, we have shared the Philips Lifeline Promo Codes July 2022 with detailed pricing and all the products.

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FAQs About Philips Lifeline Coupons

How to get Philips Lifeline Coupon Code?

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How To Use Philips Lifeline Promo Codes?

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What Does Philips Lifeline Cost?

The standard lifeline costs monthly to its lowest i.e. $29.95 for the new customers and after the installation of going safe and mobile alert the cost goes all the way to $64.95 monthly. Lifeline has its price a little high as compared to the other companies but the best part is that they provide the best than other companies.

How To Use Philips Lifeline Promo Codes?

Philips Lifeline coupon codes


Philips Lifeline Promo Code July 2022: Get First Free Month & Free Activation

Philips lifelines provided its first medical service in North America and are the largest subscriber to this day. Philips’s lifelines have remained the number of providers to today’s date.

Philips Lifeline Promo Code

How the Philips lifelines was originated?

In 1972, Gerontologist Andrew Dibner, Ph.D., came up with the same idea after the question asked i.e. “what some elderly people will do if she or he were alone and need help?”

After the time of two years his idea was converted into reality when he and his wife, sociologist, Susan Dibner, established lifeline Systems, the late 1970s, they implemented the facilities they started providing call systems in the many hospitals and healthcare centers of US and Canada.

Philips Lifeline coupon codes

Healthcare centers provided the very new and unique facilities for their patients of the rented button in a pendant or wrist band through which they can connect and respond to their patients immediately.

They provided the public with the facilities of the call center so that the connectivity with the public will get stronger and to provide world-class services for the users of a lifeline in 1983. More features were added in these years they were waterproof call buttons that can be worn into showers too.


In the year of 2006, Philips lifelines expanded in the global market Philips lifelines were born when royal Philips acquired lifelines. Because of this advancement, Philips continuously acquired growth in the leading markets and were became famous for their capabilities and their innovation for the public.


They are world-famous because of their innovative skills, they work and show or stunned the public with their innovation skills. From the invention of lifeline buttons to make them more comfortable and lighter for the patients to carry Philips always won the heart of their customers.

In their recent updates they provided the latest wireless technologies that are “home safe” and “go safe systems” they borrowed the money and invested in their projects and successfully updated these two projects. What is the main purpose of these wireless technologies basically is to allow the seniors to call for help from anywhere practically in this world?

In 2010, the other most important technology is introduced to auto alert automatic fall detection, which help the customer of Philips lifelines to the next level. After almost five years the aging hub was launched by collaborated groups for the research of innovative groups and services provided.

How Does It Work?

Philips lifelines consist of the base unit that is connected to a phone line and connects the call button provided which usually wore on the wrist or is in the pendant. The person in an emergency will press the button and they will directly connect to a trained medical agent and call for help by speaking with the user.

Lifeline services are open 24*7, every day of every year. The person in an emergency always gets help from the agent. The best part is that they can not only contact when they are home, they can also contact when they are practically traveling anywhere in the world. The emergency call button works everywhere in the world and the customer services are too provided everywhere in the world.


Philips lifeline Support
1. Philip lifeline auto alert option:-

This is one of the updates in the call button, the auto alert option automatically detects the fall of the patient, that is if in some case they fall down or fall unconscious and are not able to press the button, in this case, the auto alert call is automatically sent to the helpline or the personal response associate can
help accordingly.

Philips lifelines claimed that the machine is 95% accurate and no machine provides the 100% accuracy. They also stated that sometimes there are some false alert issues too.

2. Philips lifeline medication dispenser:-

Besides the auto alert option, Philips also provides a separate medication dispensing service. This is the separate service for the patient who installed it, in this, they are reminded of taking their dose. Time is set for
the dose and in case of missing the dose, the call is sent to them or any family member in charge.

3. Philips go safe home

This feature was launched in October 2014, this is a kind of mobile medical alert system, with this user can wear the pendant at home and can use it at outdoors too.

The Philips Lifeline GoSafe system basically consists of the base station unit which is placed at home, and along with this an auto alert pendant that works with both, the base station at home and in a stand-alone manner when users go outdoors. Automatic fall detection is also part of this system.

4. Go safe home 2 mobile alert pendant

It was introduced in 2017 with the modification in going safe home system, unlike the original system it does not contain separate communicator at home instead of that it is a single mobile alert unit which contains all the required things i.e. GPS, automatic fall detection. Help button, microphone, speaker, etc.

Philips Lifeline Pricing

Philips Lifeline Monitoring Center:

Philips Lifeline is running its own monitoring center which deals directly with the emergency phone calls. Monitoring is provided 24*7 all 365 days. They want to reach every customer in help.

Philips Lifeline Discount Code

  • The range of the system is up to 800ft and sometimes also depends on the environment. This range is suitable for the homes and the apartments and in case someone wants to add more voice extender then they pay the extra charges for the addition.
  • Now the big question arises is how to install the system, so the facility of installation is provided by some
    professional and they install all the setup at home with proper testing of all the calls by answering and questioning.
  • The standard lifeline costs monthly to its lowest i.e. $29.95 for the new customers and after the installation of go safe and mobile alert the cost goes all the way to $64.95 monthly. Lifeline has its price a little high as compared to the other companies but the best part is that they provide the best than other companies.

Auto fall detection service charges $44.95 a month and if to connect auto alert service to the phone instead of the traditional phone line then that may cost $56.95 a month.

For the activation of going safe home, you may charge up to $54.95 and plus $149 for the button. The new go safe home 2 costs a little less than the original one, its pricing starts from $44.95 and plus $99.95 for the button.


  • Go safe mobile solution, it is the mobile button that works both at home and our home, that is waterproof and detects the fall automatically and also installed with a GPS technology. The button costs only $99.95.
  •  Lifetime wants their customer to be satisfied at every stage, they do not have long term policies or long term contract. They only ask for monthly payments and the end to the subscription is also facilitating, you can end you any service with 15 days’ notice.


  • The only negative information about the lifeline from the public is their fees and charges. Providing the best facilities they charge a little extra and that becomes a bit unaffordable for some. Their current charges are $29.95 that the lowest to the date. They do not give any discounts on the prepayments, or neither they
    provide any special offers on the payments for the customers.

Philips Lifeline Complaints:

Complains received for the Philips Lifeline service were only 28 complaints over 3 years, in that 7 were resolved and the rest 21 were addressed by the lifeline but remained unhappy.

The Philips Lifeline complaints were mainly about the way of phone calls handled by the customers but the lifeline matched every level to keep the satisfaction of the customers.

Conclusion: Philips Lifeline Promo Code 2022

The only thing that can be said for Philips lifelines is they work for the betterment of their customers and provide the best medical facilities all over the world. They are the largest medical alert service in the world. With their new innovation, they always help their customers to the best.

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  1. My mom has actually been residing in Monroeville for several years and now she’s with us in California since she took a horrible loss last July 3rd.

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    I got on the flight within a couple of hrs to arrive and also stay there with her for four and also a half months. I am so thankful for Philips Lifeline. I’m not a physician, however, I understand it made a significant difference.

    She would not have anyone concern about that date. No one would certainly have gone there to see her till midmorning.

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