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FAQs Related to Nighslee Coupons

✅ Does Nighslee have any working coupons right now?

We have found 15+ active Nighslee US coupons and promo codes in the store. You can use these codes for a limited time.

🚀 How frequently releases new online discount code?

Nighslee releases coupon codes and discounts after every 15 days. You can check for more discounts and promo codes at Nighslee here.

🥇 How can I find valid discount codes for Nighslee Mattress?

You can find valid Nighslee promo codes on mattress and pillows on our store and by following them on social media.

📁 Which Is Best Nighslee mattress discount code currently?

Currently, the best discount at Nighslee is $100 OFF.

🥇 How long do Nighslee Mattress coupons last?

All the Nighslee mattress coupons and deals are available for limited time. Nighslee Black Friday discount, Nighslee Cyber Monday and Halloween discounts are available till the season. However, some discounts may be endless.

✅ How to save money at Nighslee Latex Mattress?

You can save money on Nighslee organic latex mattresses by using their deals and discounts, coupon codes available for

👉 How many Nighslee Mattress online coupons are available?

Currently, there are 20+ Nighslee s coupons. The best discount offer is $100 OFF with Free pillows.

💼 Does Nighslee mattress give any free trial?

Yes. Nighslee mattresses give 100-Night Free Trial on mattresses only.

🏆 How often do Nighslee mattresses go on sale?

Nighslee offers discounts throughout the year. But the best discounts on Nighslee mattresses are available on the Fourth of July and Memorial Day.

💲 Does Nighslee mattress have free shipping?

Nighslee offers free shipping in the 48 states of USA. Most orders are eligible for free shipping. Once you've added your Nighslee purchase to the cart, you'll be able to view the shipping fee at the checkout. Your purchase will arrive in 7 - 14 business days.

🔥 Does Nighslee Mattress offer a military discount?

Nighslee offers exclusive discounts to first responders, military, medical personnel, teachers, seniors, non-profit, and more.

💥 How long does Nighslee mattress last?

With the latest technology and durable foam, Nighslee mattress is expected to last about 10 to 25 years. These are GOLS and GOTS certified.

🎉 Is Nighslee a good mattress?

Nighslee is excellent quality stuff that is made from high-quality latex material. For this reason, they are more durable.

How To Grab Nighslee Coupons and Discount Codes?

  • Go to the website by clicking the discount coupon button.
  • Select the desired product. Click the add to cart button.
  • Fill in the necessary details. Apply the Nighslee Discount Coupons at the pace given.
  • Choose the payment option and fill in the details.
  • Click the checkout button.

It is significant to know that you cannot apply all these coupon codes together. You can only add one code at a single purchase.

Nighslee Discount SignUp

What is Nighslee?  

Nighslee is a smart mattress that knows where you need more support and where you need to be cuddled and cradled. Their 7-inch support layer provides an ideal base for a night of uninterrupted sleep. 

Nighslee Discount Homepage

The best layer distribution in any cool gel memory foam mattress. Nighslee has a Hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant design. Their patented cooling Aircel keeps the heat at a distance leaving you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

They are offering the best value for their products, instead of just striving to be the cheapest one. With great quality, comes higher prices but they got your back. They are providing huge offers that you can immediately check out. 

Nightslee chose the perfect quality material to design and make each mattress. Nighslee mattresses are comfortable regardless of your sleep position. 

Nighslee mattress firmness

Why Nighslee should become your First Choice?

The durability is mind-blowing and you’ll be surprised with the efficiency of the effect it has on their customers. 90% of the Nighslee users rate their mattresses as a medium-firm feel.

Nighslee Features

Nighslee took the product test very seriously. They didn’t stop testing it once. Some companies only do the Egg test while some companies do the wine test but Nightslee did both.

At Nighslee, you can blend your bed with any decoration, whether you have a box spring platform or an adjustable platform bed frame. Nighslee always finds a way to fit perfectly. You can even just use the floor. Although, it could be quite dusty down there.

Nighslee is a mattress that understands which area to be supported and where you need to be cuddled and cradled.

Their 7-inch support layer provides an ideal base for uninterrupted sleep. They provide the best layer distribution in any cool gel memory foam mattress.

Nighslee has been created and designed in a much better way to be the best for you, no matter your body shape and sleeping position. Nighslee products are CertiPUR-US® Certified & OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

Mattress Warranty- Nighslee Mattress discount codes

Features of Nighslee Mattress:

Nighslee sleeping positions- Nighslee mattress coupons

 Here are some of the features that make them absolutely right for you. 

  • Nighslee Patented Cooling AirGel Technology.
  • Its smart pressure relief makes sure it gives you a soothing night regardless of your body size and shape, unlike the other mattress. 
  • Eco-Friendly Hypoallergenic Bamboo Cover.
  • Meets the Required Criteria of Standard 100 By OEKO-TEX.
  • Millions of gel microbeads infused directly into Nighslee cool gel memory foam mattress to regulate body heat within a certain temperature range. It plays a key role in maintaining the temperature. No more hot nights for you! 
  • Durability – Nightslee users are surprised by the durability of the mattress.
  • Dual motion isolation.
  • Washable cover so that you don’t have to stress about the food spilt on the mattress.

Nighslee Mattress

10-Year Nighslee Warranty:

First and foremost, thank you for purchasing your new Nighslee product.

They get it, time is valuable. Who has time to flip through pages of warranty? So, here are the basics:

  • Try their product for 100 days*, if you are not satisfied, they’ll take care of it and give you a full refund.
  • Limited to one refund, per household, per year.
  • Only if purchased from us @ or*.
  • Your mattress will be under their warranty for 10 years covered from the date of purchase! A whole decade of comfort.
  • Covers manufacturing defects, sag in the foam, or flaws that caused tears in the foam or fabrics.
  • Does not cover damage from sailing, paragliding, flying down a snow slope, or any other extreme uses not intended for a mattress. (Don’t try this, please.)

The 100 Night Trial:

Try the mattress for 100 nights. If you don’t love it, they will arrange a pickup and refund your purchase – for free! On top of that, your returned mattress will go to those in need.

Ordering online has never been easier and your mattress will arrive in 3 – 5 business days! They’re turning it up to 11 days.

You should feel comfortable when you sleep, and you should also feel comfortable in purchasing a product knowing they are there for you if your purchase is not to your liking.


You can buy Nightslee mattress on their own website, which is a bit messed up. They also sell their mattress with Amazon so if you’re confused about the website, you can purchase it from Amazon. Nightslee doesn’t own a showroom of their own yet neither any shop.


How much does Nighslee Mattress Cost?

Nighslee mattress coupons

When it comes to pricing, Nightslee stands really affordable. Their mattress comes under $500. Yes, trust me. Their mattress comes in different sizes. From twin to a queen and to California king. The price varies from size to size.

Currently, the Nightslee 10 inch size twin mattress is at $172.50 with their ongoing sale. However, the original price is $385 which is still affordable when we look at other brands. 

Listed below are some of the prices of their mattress. 

  • Twin mattress – $265
  • Twin XL – $275
  • Queen – $405
  • Full – $325
  • King – $615 

The prices might vary to their sales and offers. 

Pros And Cons of Nighslee

Here are the pros and cons of the Nightslee mattress. 


  • Constantly provides with offers and reasonable prices. 
  • It has a Hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant design.
  • World wide shipping of their products. 
  • The mattress is delivered straight to your door in a small box. It is super easy to take it inside your bedroom. 
  • 100 night sleep trial so that you can be fully sure about the product. 
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty. 
  • Nighslee cool gel memory foam mattresses have the confidence to dispense the heat around you and regulate your body temperature.
  • No more back pain or muscle pain when you wake up. With their pressure relief feature, you can sleep in any position you want. 
  • Long term durability.


  • It might be expensive for many people. 
  • Many nightslee users complain of body pains after waking up which means pressure relief doesn’t work for everybody. 

Is Nighslee Mattress Any Good?

The Nightslee mattress has impressed me with its various features. Their foam comfort layer and pressure relief feature helps you alleviate any muscle pain. However, it still doesn’t work for everyone.

Nighslee mattress customer reviews

They claim that their mattress is perfect for everybody irrespective of their shape and size but people have still complained of aches with their mattresses. 

Apart from that, when you go on their website, it is pretty shabby. The website doesn’t give you a clear idea about the mattress. For example, when you go and click on their “bed and bath” section you will be able to find only sheets and pillows rather than a mattress. 

There’s no proper option to check out various mattresses currently. But overall the price is really good if you’re someone who sticks with the budget. You can buy from Amazon to get better options rather than their website.

Another plus point, when you sign up and register on their website you get a coupon code which comes in handy while making a purchase.

Conclusion: Nighslee Mattress Coupons, Discounts & Promo Codes July 2022

The Nightslee mattress is perfect for you if you love sleeping cool. It can be your best companion in a friendly budget with some impressive features.

The quality is excellent and the mattress can be helpful to reduce your body pain despite your sleeping position. 

Nighslee is confident that you will love their mattress, but just in case, they will refund the entire amount of your purchase and schedule a pickup – for free! You can feel rest assured you are taken care of with Nighslee. Apart from this, the mattress you return back will be sent to people in need. 

So you can take advantage of 100 nights trials and check if it gives you what you’re looking for. In the end, you’re the judge of your comfort.

Hope you found this Nighslee Discount Coupons 2022 helpful! Happy shopping!

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Verdict: Nightslee mattress is perfect for you if you love sleeping cool. It can be your best companion in a friendly budget with some impressive features.

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