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Today we have featured Nexus Pheromones review, Are you interested to have dreamy life with a lovely girl, and have you been doing all kinds of things to get your girl spend some memorable time with you and have failed miserably in

doing so, though being good looking with well-built physic driving an expensive car and all the luxury to splurge on your dream girl?

Their hundreds of men like you sailing in the same boat, but you might also think how some men with average looks and not too expensive are still able to attract women, well

my friend who need to understand they have some oomph factor in them which you may be unaware of and now that’s is called Pheromones. 

Nexus Pheromones

Though every guy produces the pheromones naturally, the levels might not be so high to attract women.

But, we have the solution for all your problems introducing you to Nexus Pheromones, a spray or Cologne to your rescue.

This product helps to increase your pheromones level, and Nexus Pheromones is one of the most trusted and highly effective outcomes in the market.

Understand more in-depth about the Nexus Pheromones in my in-depth review of Nexus Pheromones’ review.

What Are Pheromones? 

 Pheromones are hormonal reaction which is produced by the humans present in both male and female; this affects their sexual behavior.

All the males emit pheromones, though every individual will not be able to produce the pheromones correspondingly.

And there will be variations from one individual to another. The kind of pheromones a human body produces speaks a lot about the person.

This chemical reaction gives hints about the body’s health condition in general, persons’ emotional well-being, and genetic alignment.



And when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, they will need to get right hints from the pheromones present in you; women will be able to get invited to the men only when they find a man with right pheromones.

The two well-known scientists, namely Martin Luscher and Peter Karlson, were the

first to introduce the word Pheromone in 1959. Pheromone is derived from the Greek

word “pherein” meaning to bear, and mone means to excite.

Initially, it was used for animals and insects to describe their conduct to invite the opposite sex for mating. Scientist Alex Comfort was the first to recognize Pheromone in human beings.

What Is The Nexus Pheromones™? 

 The Nexus Pheromones is a formula in the form of Cologne or spray, which will make us the men to a different level to get attraction from the women.

When you go through their company website the Leading Edge Marketing, Inc, they have excellent information about the product’s, giving a thorough knowledge about the product and its usage. 

Though let me give you more insights about the product before I let you know my results before and after use.

Nexus Pheromones Cologne

The company says by applying this pheromones cologne, the fragrance of it should excite all the beautiful women around us and strike an intimate conversation with us.

Mostly, when we use this, we will be noticed by women. The company claims the product is made of 100% pure Androstenone pheromones and can get a sexual response from the female.

The manufactures of the product also mention the Nexus Pheromones are clinically proved.

When I click on scientific proof, it does gives various studies and research conducted on this and sure short hit formula to fascinatingly move women closer to you and bring self-confidence back in the men like us.

Nexus pheromones review gives us positive feedback about the product from the users who have used it. 

How Does Pheromone Work? 

Many of us are not aware that when we take showers using a body wash or by wearing clothes with detergent smell or not keeping hygienic lifestyle, the natural male pheromones scent will be diluted, leaving no effect of it on the body.

The Nexus Pheromones formulas describe that it’s a powerful sex pheromone with its fragrance it will straight away stimulate the sense of smell of the female and make a positive change in their behavioral pattern towards us the men

So this how it works!

The attraction formula - Nexus Pheromones
The attraction formula – Nexus Pheromones

 A woman’s ovulation cycle is affected, which helps in stimulating the sexual attraction towards me.

Which therefore makes me extra eye-catching and desirable to the females in around me, which in turn helps in boosting my confidence

This is called “Releaser Effect” by the company based on this, and the product Nexus Pheromones was done.

The manufactures say that it adds a light layer and acts as a mask to bodies natural musky smell, and thus makes it attractive and feels good

 Of course, results have a lot of variations, so there are mixed reviews about the products,

while for some, it works wonders without much expectation, and some expected a miracle to happen overnight, but it didn’t work like that. Do keep reading to check my results.

Will This Product Work For You? 

 When you use Nexus Pheromones does not mean that all the women will be attracted to you, there will be no product in the market to do so.

Though it makes it possible to make you a more promising sensual and passionate partner 

 The product Nexus Pheromones makes it easier to gain attraction in social settings.

Nexus Pheromones Review - How Does It Work

You must have noticed for one single guy and will see many will be gathered around him, and he might not be handsome too; it’s the because of the right pheromones present in the man.

It also works well with your existing relationship, because over a while in the relationship, it becomes boring, less attractive by using Nexus Pheromones, you can revive your partner’s interest in romance and sex.

What Are The Key Ingredients? 

Nexus pheromone is a mix of seven types of human pheromones.

All of these ingredients stimulate the brain of the women in particular and distinctive way. Let’s look at them individually:

  • Androsterone –  Send the signals of Domination or Control, women perceive man more masculine, and also it makes women enhance their mood, by wearing this scent, women identify you as more physically and sexually attractive.
  • Androstadienone – Androstadienone called ‘the love pheromone’ adds has an advantage if you want to get connected emotionally with the woman. The Pheromone helps to attract physical intimation, and it’s mainly used for sexual intercourse, and also women perceive you as masculine.
  • Alpha-androstenol –  With this kind of Pheromone, women find great comfort with you. It’s been recognized as powerful sex pheromone and considered to be one of the top pheromones for sexual intimacy by using this; it increases her intimacy feeling towards you.
  • Beta-androstenol – Beta-androstenol with this, it helps introvert women to open up to you feeling more relaxed and friendly. 
  • Androstenone – it’s the first molecule to be learned by scientists, this depicts dominance, and it increases the sensual feeling in women towards you. 
  • Androstenone – With this kind, it helps you can impress a girl or woman on the first date or meet only women get attracted here in your first encounter. Epiandrosterone –  this makes you look younger and works well for men who want to look younger than their age. 

How To Use Nexus Pheromones 

 As suggested by the company, you can use the product just like aftershave lotion or how you use your Cologne the best points in the body to apply the Nexus is neck or chest.

Once applied, it will last up to 10 hours, and it can be used in the night and day. 

How Does Nexus Pheromones Compare To The Competition?

They have many pheromone products which are available in the market now.

And many claim the same that theirs is the best product to attract women and increase your manliness.

Let’s look at some high-end products to make a comparison with Pherazone and Domination XS. 

Firstly Domination XS makes use of just four types of pheromones in the mix, and it’s not scented, and It priced at $99.97 for a 0.33 fluid oz bottle.

Nexus Pheromones - Varieties

Second, Pherazone is priced at $89.95 for a 0.50 fluid oz bottle with seven kinds of pheromones in their mixes.

And Nexus makes use of seven pheromones in their combination.

It comes lightly scented with a pleasing fragrance and sells for $49.95 for one fluid oz.

Customer Support/Guarantee 

 The Nexus Pheromones spray is a more reputed company and has pioneering in making quality products.

The products cover a money-back guarantee within 67 days; in case I had not got the desired results, I could send it back to them and get refunded with the full amount.

Real Testimonials

Many companies don’t have the policy of money again with Cologne, but with Nexus, it proves their quality with this kind of offer.

 There is a contact page available on their website; we can write in or call them regarding any concerns regarding the product. Their policies are transparent; you can trust them easily.

 Benefits Of Using Nexus Pheromone


  • Excites Sexual Interaction
  • Feel More Fertile, Healthy Man
  • 100% Human Pheromones
  • Boosts Machismo in Users
  • Makes Wearer More Irresistible
  • Increases your Self Confidence
  • Official Website
  • Women Become Very Flirty
  • Women start Noticing you
  • Use It Alone or with Other Cologne
  • Proof to Be Effectiveness
  • Reputed Company Product
  • Builds Up Sexual Attraction
  • Positive Reviews/Results was Found
  • Works Up to 8-10 Full Hours
  • 67 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • There are mixed reviews, not guaranteed all the women will get attracted, Nexus Pheromones is just a big boost “tool” to me, for advantages to get hot women quicker.
  • Shipping: It cost $15.00 for one bottle
  • Company Claim: Nexus states its pheromone mix is claimed to 1000 better but no proof and not able to decide how this is done.

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Conclusion: Nexus Pheromones’ Review 2022

 In general view, the Nexus Brand pheromones have worked well for me they are has been increased in women approaching me, made a healthy conversation and flirted too with me, also allowed me to get intimate with them.

James Vaughn Kohl, who is the award-winning sex pheromone scientist, has been involved with the manufacturing of the products proving it all way the right product a man can use.

As per my experience goes, they are no side effects on my health and nor have I heard any negative impact on thereby using this product.

And also is FDA-registered, cGMP-compliant facility, that’s made under such strict regulations and in quality-controlled plants.

Plus, the 67-day moneyback guarantee policy makes it furthermore trustworthy. According to my Nexus Pheromones review, I totally recommend the product and give it a thumbs up. 

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