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Autism is a kind of developmental disorder that has affected many kids. Autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affects the communicational and behavioral skills of a person.

Centers for Disease Control says that Autism Spectrum Disease today affects 1 in every 54 children in The United States. Autism is like a hurdle in one’s growth in life.

Thankfully several tools are there to teach and train people suffering from autism. National Autism Resources is a corporation that provides people with therapeutic tools and products for autism.

Let’s dig deep into the National Autism Resources Review to know what products they have to help people with Autism.

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About National Autism Resources Review

National Autism Resources is a much-esteemed establishment that started its journey of serving people affected due to autism in 2008.

They have managed to develop various different tools and technologies with the aim to improve the lives of kids and teens affected by this disorder.

These technologies are very adaptive and effective in providing better means of livelihood to autism affected people but these tools can be very costly and might not fit everyone’s budget line.

But NAR has a solution for this too. They have succeeded in sourcing and curating the most well researched and cost-effective tools. Autism affects the confidence of the person especially during their teens and decreases their chances of life.

National Autism provides its customers with products that are really helpful for the people on the spectrum of autism. Products like autism toys and sensory tools can help kids learn to be independent, thus gaining back that confidence as they improve their quality of life by themselves.

They supply these tools to different therapy centers, schools, hospitals, and even the family members to ensure the calmness and safety of autism affected people.1

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Why Choose National Autism

NAR is the one-stop solution for all the autism-related problems. From working for increasing attention span to getting them to focus, from getting calm to working on verbal skills and from improved hearing to training, their products have a tool/toy for everything!

National Autism Resource has been found worthy because it has proven to ease the hardships of people suffering from autism. They provide the best solutions along with the best products for autism patients.

The products at National Autism Resource are very carefully curated after several years of testing and trials by verified professionals.

The company ships its products all over the world without costing any shipping charges. Products designed for kids especially are often available on sales on their sites.

In case of any problems understanding the workings, the customer support team is available to help and can guide through it.

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What Products do National Autism Resources Provide?

The company produces about 1400 products that include helping tools, intervention tools, and various adaptive technologies that satisfy all the therapeutic needs of its consumers in the autism community.

These tools are provided to the people according to their requirements and conditions through sourcing. If required, people can also get them customized on special request and be amazed by the outcome. They have a varied range of therapy tools and school supplies that lead to the making of a safe surrounding for the kids.

The explicit range of classroom support is listed with products like a line for PTs, SLPs, and OTs. For classrooms, they have tools like flashcards, curriculum, books, and toys that are talked about for their capability of the provision of the IEP goals demanded by a school. And this isn’t all but they also have classroom accommodations to support these tools.

National autism resources can be very much trusted with their communication pictures, visual timers, and focus helpers to increase the attention span of the student, hence increasing motivation and assisting them to stay focus.

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Skill Building Tools 

  • Sensory and OT:

Sensory and OT have a wide range of products to address the sensory-processing differences of any ASD affected person. They have tranquil toys like turtles and snakes that use sensory integration and sensory-based strategies for the treatment. They also serve with pressure vests or body socks, massage rollers, and similar products that are proven effective. 

  • Focus helpers:

Attention span is one another skill that gets deduced as an effect of ASD. Children can have problems focusing on one thing which leads to impaired learning in the future. Focus helpers are products like liquid timers that help students to better their focus. They also provide exercise elastic bands for legs and popping fidgets that help children organize environmental input and perform daily activities.

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  • Oral Motor:

There are various skills that are lost among the problems of Autism Spectrum Disorder in a child. Oral motor skills are one of these where the child is not able to properly chew their food or talk normally and needs special care and attention.

Chewing helps children build their oral motor skills. NAR has a special range of chewing toys that can provide your child with just the right care. Chewing these toys is healthier and safer than any other. These include chewy bracelets, pendants, organic fabric wristbands and a lot more tools that have proved to teach oral motor skills to people with autism.

  • Fine motor tools for handwriting:

Studies show autistic children can have unpredictable degrees of trouble with fine motor skills. It suggests that autistic children could be a year behind schedule in fine motor skills than their peers.

Generally, students of this spectrum have problems coordinating their fine motor movements like normal kids, especially when it comes to writing. Products like medium claw pencil grips, normal pencil grips, hand-writer wristband, etc. are provided by NAR to support students through it.

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Toys & Gifts 

  • Toys for Social Skills:

ASD affected kids are slow in learning social skills and often don’t know how to behave or communicate around/with other people. The lack of these social skills also leaves the child alone sometimes with no friends because the peers of their age are afraid to be around them.

NAR understands the special need of these kids and provides a carefully curated curriculum that requires schools and therapists can take help from teaching the kids social skills. National Autism Resources DIscount Coupon Codes

  • Autism Calming gifts:

Children with autism lack communication skills and are often unable to describe what they need. Thus there can be a vast communication gap among normal people and people in this spectrum.

Thus, miscommunication and misinterpretations are sure to happen and lead to stress, anxiety, and meltdowns. Calming gifts to these kids work like miracles as they can be very engaging and soothing. The company has the best range of toys that have a slow and repetitive motion that has worked to calm kids in the past as well.

  • Autism sensory gift:

ASD kids are very vigorous in their actions and movements. Sensory toys can be very engaging in such cases.

Visual toys such as different light shows or light up rail twirlers have proven to be very effective and the best part is they also work for visually impaired kids. Toys and products that are tactile such as a fidget set and pin art can be used for kids to control their vigorous.

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Pros & Cons Of National Autism Resources

Here’s a list of the pros and cons of these products.


  • 24/7 Chat Option
  • Good customer support
  • Flexible return policy
  • Full refunds offered
  • Fast delivery of products
  • Diversity supplies
  • Free shipping available
  • Skill-building tools for kids
  • Cheapest Priced products for kids


  • Chewable products are non-returnable

What is the PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)?

PECS is a unique and helpful alternative communication system for ones with an absence of even basic communication skills. It helps them connect using visual pictures. People using PECS adapt to the method of approaching any person and show them a picture of the desired item so that they can bring them that item. It is like asking them for things using images, rather than using words for the task.

By using PECS, people can interest others in a conversation. This technique is used to make a request, share a thought, exchange comments about anything that could be symbolized by a picture. PECS begins with the exchange of simple icons and then onto building sentence structures.

This technique works best in classrooms or at home with no or very less distracting factors. A lot of people had conflicting views over the use of PECS debating that the method would hurt the expansion of spoken language. However, studies show that PCES helps people in the spectrum to develop verbal language, decrease tantrums, and odd behaviors, while also boosting active socialization in them.

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Six different phases of the System

Phase 1 –This phase focuses on the basic means of communication. Exchanging the images of an item needed is how individuals learn.

Phase 2 –With the use of the same images, the child develops the ability to learn the usage of different images. The child then also focuses on how to use the picture correctly at various places and around different people across distances. The child is also taught to be more persistent during this phase.

Phase 3 –During this phase, the child learns to differentiate the picture of the thing he wants from the rest.

Phase 4 –At this phase, the child adapts to the habit of building sentences with the help of a detachable sentence strip. They use the picture of the words ‘I want’ in front of the item being requested by them.

Phase 5 –The child learns to expand their knowledge of sentence building using adjectives, verbs, and prepositions. They start to answer questions like ‘What do you want?’

Phase 6 – The children gain skills to learn ‘What you see’ or ‘what you hear’ etc.

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FAQs On National Autism Resources:

💼What does the National Autism Resources sell?

The company produces about 1400 products that include helping tools, intervention tools and various adaptive technologies that satisfy all the therapeutic needs of its consumers in the autism community.. The explicit range of classroom support is listed with products like a line for PTs, SLPs, and OTs. For classrooms, they have tools like flashcards, curriculum, books and educational toys that are talked about for their capability of the provision of the IEP goals demanded by a school. And this isn’t all but they also have classroom accommodations to support these tools.

👉How is the customer service of National Autism Resources?

National Autism Resources believe in serving their customers with the best quality products to brink a change in their lives. The aim is so to make customers for life and help them every step of the way. To fulfill their promises, they have a 24*7 chat option customer service ready to answer any queries of the customers.

✅How to contact National Autism Resources?

You can contact them using: Fax-8772599419. Phone: 8772492393, Address: 77 Solano square #308 Benicia, CA 94510.

What is the Returns Policy?

For a company this big, they have a very fair return policy. Packages still in their original packing can be returned within 30 days of delivery with a full refund. If there is an error on their side of the deal, then even the shipping charges are returned to the customers. Orders like swings and custom made tools cannot be returned.

🔥Is PECS an effective Technique?

PECS enables autism to affected people in initiating a conversation with others. This technique can also be used to make a request, converse a thought, or anything that could be displayed or symbolized through images. The technique works well in classrooms or at home.

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Conclusion: National Autism Resources Review 2022 | Is It Worth?

National Autism Resources is the right place to shop with over 1000 autism products to offer to their customers. Their enterprise has autism products which are very useful and effective for families, teachers, ABA therapists of autistic kids and teens. They are working towards making the lives of these people as well as those around them a lot easier.

Their products focus on a series of problems like communication, touch sensitivity, and visual impairment. The products not only help kids and teens to focus but also comforts them through stress and anxiety. Their products are like a whole package. You can assuredly visit their online site and have a look at the range of products that they have to offer in this spectrum. Certainly, you would not be disappointed.

Hopefully, this National Autism Resources Review will help you in making the right choice for your loved ones.

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