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In this post, you get the most recent Medical Guardian Coupon Codes July 2022 that you can use in order to claim amazing discount offers. Let’s get started here.

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Medical Guardian Discount Offers with Review 2022: Up to 20% Off

Medical Guardian is proof that nice things come back from humble beginnings. Back in 2005, the fledgeling company was headquartered in an exceeding metropolis lodging. Today they serve over two hundred,000 customers and supply a good vary of solutions for seniors — everything from their Care Circle to wearables, and even motion sensors that allow a family to check in on loved ones. The prices area unit slightly high, otherwise, this is often a prime selection for peace of mind.

medical guardian monitoring system review

If you’re searching for a medical alert system that encourages senior independence, you ought to contemplate Medical Guardian. Whether you prefer the comfort of your home or you like to stay on the move, the company has a device to suit your specific needs and preferences.

They have been present on the market for more than a decade and have managed to acquire the respect and approval of users nationwide. Their offering includes both home and on-the-go solutions, all designed to address important senior necessities.

In that spirit, we went ahead and analyzed several Medical Guardian reviews and ordered the devices this company manufactures. After thoroughly testing them, we discovered their properties and functionalities, which we will outline in this review. At Med Alert Help, they are invested in helping you choose the best products and services according to your needs and preferences, and that’s exactly what this review will do.

  • Emergency Response Performance

Medical Guardian’s decision time interval was in no time, receiving Associate in Nursing A- with a mean speed tied with 2 alternative services because of the second quickest time interval. It averaged concerning twenty-eight seconds from the instant I ironed the assistance button to the instant Associate in Nursing operator answered. By comparison, the general average decision time interval (averaging all the services together) was forty-seven seconds. Some services averaged more than 90 seconds. However, despite its spectacular speed, GreatCall was still double as quick.

Medical guardian coupon codes

The call-in-progress quality of Medical Guardian’s mobile and in-home system is excellent. The systems always indicate a call is active. It may appear to be a little detail, however, it’s stunning what percentage systems I tested did not create any indication a decision was active. With many service’s mobile devices, I could feel my own anxiety increase because I didn’t know if a call was active until they answered, as the devices made no sound after I pressed the help button. It’s not unlikely to imagine however this silence may induce panic in an exceedingly senior with a true emergency.

  • System Performance

The Classic Guardian has been one in every of the most effective in-home systems for several years, in part because it has the longest wireless range. However, I’ve de-emphasized the pendant range, because if your loved one is active enough to roam 1,300 feet from the base station, they really should be using a mobile medical alert system. As such, I’ve turned my focus to the standard of the speaker quality and most volume, since communication with emergency responders is critical. Even with this shift focussed, the Classic Guardian is among the best performing in-home systems with a very clear speaker and the loudest volume is the highest in my test, averaging 91-dB.

Complete Lineup of Medical Guardian Products

By introducing systems that can accommodate a number of lifestyles, the company manages to minimize any feelings of dependency in its users. The at-home line consists of 3 medical alert devices that tend to the requirements of homebound people: the Classic Guardian, Home Guardian, and Family Guardian are all a solid choice for an in-home solution.

On the other hand, the three solutions from the on-the-go line are based on the needs of seniors who prefer to stay active. The Medical Guardian book for the on-the-go solutions consists of the Mobile Guardian, Active Guardian, and Freedom Guardian.


  1. Classic Guardian

The Classic Guardian may be a two-piece setup consisting of a home base and a wearable pendant.

It is the least expensive, most basic device by this company.

It connects to a telephone circuit and uses an equivalent precise base unit as LifeFone for his or her in-home system. The only factor that differentiates them is that the Medical Guardian emblem.

discount for Medical guardians

However, other than the actual fact that the pendants for each of those systems supply a 1300-foot vary, there’s a no different similarity.

A large, grey Emergency Call button is in the middle of the device. Once pressed, this button will glow red and the outer circle that surrounds it will flash blue. Above it, there is a Reset button. If you push the Reset button, it will only stop the beeping and won’t cancel the call altogether.

In the top left corner there is a speaker, and along the bottom edge are a microphone and status indicators for Power, Communication, and Trouble. We didn’t perform any Medical Guardian troubleshooting. Nonetheless, the Trouble button will flash red if the base unit is not functioning correctly and blinks red if the battery is low. The Communication indicator is red if communication is down, and it flashes red if the transmission is obstructed. Conversely, the indicators will flash green when there are no issues.

  1. Home Guardian

Design-wise, Home Guardian is incredibly like the opposite systems we’ve reviewed. The home base works wherever there is an AT&T network.

The Medical Guardian alert system has huge buttons on the white base unit that glow all the time.

medical guardia system offers

The largest Emergency button is on the left, and the Reset button is to the right.

In the middle of the device, there is a large LED display that shows the date, time, and home temperature, as well as the signal strength and battery indicators.

A small Test button is just below the LED display. Aside from the look and therefore the incontrovertible fact that this is often a cellular possibility, the Home Guardian and Classic Guardian don’t differ much. However, this device comes with a shorter pendant that varies of simply 600 feet.

  1. Family Guardian

This Medical Guardian alert comprises the classic model with motion detectors and a mobile app. On the skin, this gadget looks simply like the Classic Guardian.

However, it uses a cellular base, and it’s upgraded with features that track door openings and motion sensors to allow family, friends, and caregivers to track the user’s activity levels throughout the day.

medical guardian discount offers

Moreover, the Medical Guardian app will send time period notifications to chosen members of the family or friends via email or a smartphone.

This device is the most advanced system by this company. It adds peace of mind thanks to its unique features and never-before-seen motion sensors.


  1. Mobile Guardian

This terribly distinctive resolution is nothing just like the different medical alert systems we’ve reviewed up to now.

The Mobile Guardian is, in fact, a combination of in-home and on-the-go system.

Whether you’re at home, visiting neighbours, or going for a car ride, this device has your back thanks to its GPS locating technology.

Users get to choose between a white neck pendant and a black or white wristband. The home base appearance a lot of sort of a mobile medical alert than a home console. At such a small size and weight, it is perfectly suitable to be worn wherever you go.

The wearable pendant is smaller, but it doesn’t feature a speaker and microphone, and the grill is instead placed on the home base. Moreover, the pendant incorporates a restricted 350-foot vary from the bottom console. This means that if you wish to fancy the mobile properties of the Mobile Guardian, you have to carry the base unit as well. As a matter of fact, for this review, we ended up wearing only the base unit because, although a bit unusual, it eliminates the need for a pendant.


  1. Active Guardian

Next on the list of mobile Medical Guardian alert systems is that the Active Guardian. This device is a standalone wearable solution that comes with a sleek design.

However, it is a bit larger than comparable systems, but considering its five-day battery life, we can justify the size.

The round gray Help button with Braille lettering is on the exterior of the device.

Above it, you can find the loudspeaker, which enables clear two-way voice communication.

On the bottom, there are dual microphones and four LED indicators for battery, call status, Wi-Fi, and GPS signal. The Medical Guardian Active Guardian uses the AT&T cellular network and incorporates each GPS and Wi-Fi locating technologies.


  1. Freedom Guardian

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Even though it looks just like an ordinary watch, this Medical Guardian watches doubles as a medical alert.

Aside from displaying the time and weather forecasts on its touchscreen, it offers multiple features that not even traditional alert buttons have.

The Freedom Guardian comes with 2 buttons placed on the facet.

While one is for controlling the touchscreen itself, the other is actually an Emergency Call button.

offers for medical guardian

As a medical alert button, it’s fitted with GPS, Wi-Fi, and triangulation, so it comes with advanced location tracking.

Moreover, it will apprise users concerning doctor’s appointments or manage different day-after-day activities.

This Medical Guardian smartwatch holds a charge for up to forty-eight hours.

Depending on usage, the battery may not last for two whole days. We would love to see better battery life, but we can’t complain about anything else.

Additional Features & Accessories

When it comes to additional features, the company doesn’t offer them all, but they offer some of the most important accessories.

Firstly, all medical alert system comes with a wearable necklace or pendant.

However, with this medical alert system, you can add up to two additional Help pendants and expand to multiperson monitoring for as low as $2 per pendant.

Therefore, we tend to suggest you selected Medical Guardian for seniors whostand spouses and need cheap protection for each member of the menage.

The most necessary feature, fall detection, is also an option, but not for all systems.

If you want to upgrade the compatible systems with fall detection, it will cost you an extra $10 per month, which is more than a reasonable price.

You can purchase wall-mounted buttons as an added layer of protection for $2 a month, which is also how much a Medical Guardian lockbox will cost you. What’s more, they have voice-activated wall-mounted buttons, which can be triggered by voice command or a tug at the pull cord. These buttons cost $5 a month each.

Medical guardian customer reviews


Pricing Plans for Medical Guardian

The rating structure of the packages is not costly, but it becomes cheaper with the Medical Guardian coupon codes here!! 

The Classic Guardian is the least expensive option. It comes at a price of around $30 per month, and you can upgrade it with fall detection. The Home Guardian is less than $35 a month and is also compatible with fall detection.

The Family Guardian is that the most costly device the corporate should supply.

Considering all the unique features it comes with, the price of around $80 per month is more than fair.

The Medical Guardian costs for its mobile solutions are higher when put next to the in-home solutions.

However, since they offer security wherever you are, the prices are justified.

Hence, the Mobile Guardian comes at a value of $39.95 a month, and unfortunately, it can’t be upgraded with fall detection.

The Active Guardian won’t cost you more than $50 a month, and it is compatible with fall detection.

The Freedom Guardian comes with an amazingly low monthly subscription of around $45.

However, this is the only device that requires an activation fee of $99.


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Final Verdict: Medical Guardian Coupon Codes July 2022

Although the company is relatively new, they’ve already managed to build a reputation for themselves. With six available packages for customers to choose from, they’ve thought about everybody’s needs and budgets.

They provide fast and responsive monitoring service and are praised for their highly professional staff. Since the pros outnumber the cons in ours and other Medical Guardian reviews found online, it’s hard not to consider this company as your medical alert system provider.

Try Medical Guardian Coupon Codes and Offers given above by clicking on the link and get the best deals for your system.

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