Lull Mattress Review 2022: Top Pros & Cons of Lull California King Mattress (Is Lull A Good Mattress?)

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Edge Support
Cooling Comfort


  • 10-Days Trial
  • Free Shipping
  • 7” foam base layer for support
  • US-Certified Foams
  • Made of 3 layers of foam
  • Polyester and Rayon Cover
  • Gel-Infused Layer
  • Propieratory Foam Layer
  • Great Discount Deals


  • Not the cheapest
  • Not for Innerspring lover

Verdict: Lull, is one of the topmost mattresses, and for obvious reasons. It is a comfortable fit for most of the body types, specifically for back sleepers. The buying and returning policies of the brand are pretty clean and easy. You get a trial period of 100 days. Heavy people are not suggested to use this mattress. They shall use a firmer mattress, for full-body support. 


Looking for a Lull Mattress Review? Check out our post to find if Lull mattress is for you?

The pain that comes with a bad night’s sleep. You have to get up early for work, and you can’t seem to find a comfortable position to sleep in.

It doesn’t matter how well you try to eat, how much water you drink, or what your fitness routine is like, if you don’t have a good night’s sleep.

The solution to the pain and agitation is this amazing mattress that will give you the best rest of your life. When it comes to sleeping it is important that you choose the best foam mattress for your Oh so dear sleep!

Well, it’s the same with us. So today, we are going to in detail Lull Mattress Review to know more about the most talked-about mattresses.

Lull Mattress is not one of your everyday traditional mattresses. It is made out of selective materials and special care has been taken in crafting this amazing product. The company Lull is an online mattress company, which means that you won’t get to test the mattress before you buy it, that is why we are here to answer all your questions and doubts, about your new sleep buddy. 

About Lull Mattress: LullMattress Review, Pros & Cons: 

The brand Lull, not only sells mattresses but also bed frames, pillows, sheets and a variety of more bedding products. This online company does have quite a lot of competition, but the best foam mattress they sell sure makes their hustle quite worth it. 

Lull Mattress Review

In this Lull mattress review, we have included various questions which would be helpful for you. By the end of the article, you will find the advantages, features and benefits of Lull Mattress: 

–  What is the Lull Mattress and how does it work

-Why I chose the Lull mattress?

– What are the pros of the Lull mattress

– The cons of the Lull mattress

– What is my experience with my first night on a new bed?

–  Would I recommend this product to others who are looking for a new bed that will help them sleep better at night and feel refreshed in the morning?

– Are Lull Mattress Toxic?

– Does Lull Mattress Smell?

– How long does Lull take to deliver?

– How long does Lull Mattress last?


Construction and Material of Lull Mattress 

The Lull Mattress is a mixed-foam mattress. It is a combination of polyurethane foam and memory foam. This allows the mattress to be comfortably balanced. The mattress is a three-layered affair and each layer contributes to making what we call a ‘baby’s sleep’.

The layers and their particular advantages are listed below: 

  • Top Cover: The cover is a soft, handcrafted layer, and is breathable, which means that it allows air to pass easily through it. It is made with the help of a polyester blend, which makes it durable. The cover has a nice warm and cozy feeling to it.
  • First Layer: This layer is the most important in the making of Lull. It is a 1.5’ layer made up of gel-infused memory foam. The gel allows the bed to be cooler in a way, as it draws in the heat. Another advantage to this layer is that it takes up the contours of your body allowing the sleeper for releasing pressure easily. It responds slowly to the pressure exerted, which makes it easy for the sleeper to sink in. 
  • Second Layer: Next up is another 1.5” layer, which is responsible for full muscle rest. It is made up of polyfoam and is firmer than the first layer. This firmness adds in the balance for the sleeper, allowing the sleeper to sink in just enough to make them comfortable, and also to get up easily. This layer is a little quicker to respond to than the layer above this. We can also name this as the transition layer. In easier words, this firm layer balances out the softness of the layer above this and balances the sleeper’s body.
  • Third Layer: This layer is a 7” thick layer made up of high-density polyfoam. This is the strongest layer of all, which provides longer durability and also helps reduce sagging and acting as a base foundation for the layers above it. This layer is the strongest, giving the body enough support.  
  • Final Covering: The cover is made from high-quality fabrics, which acts as a strong sheet to hold the entire mattress together. Because of its strong structure, the chance of this cover tearing at any point is quite minimal. 

Multi Layer for comfort

Which sums up the matter to be 10” in height. The entire cover is made with a blend of rayon and polyester. The cover is removable, with the help of a zipper, but is not machine washable. 

Lull Mattress- A Certified Mattress

The foams used in the making are CertiPUR-US Certified, which declares that materials have been through a rigorous screening process. Lull takes special care of the materials they use to be environmentally friendly. It has received specifically three certifications on the same topic.  

  • CertiPUR-US

This certification proves that the mattress is environment friendly with the additions that, no formaldehyde, harmful chemicals, ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals like mercury and lead are used in the making of the mattress. It also suggests that the mattress are made with fewer than the standard of 0.5 parts per million of VOC (volatile organic compounds)

  • Sustainable Furnishing Council Member

It gives minimized carbon emissions and pollutants. Hence, it also creates a really small carbon footprint. 

  • Mattress Recycling Council Member

This means that the mattress can be recyclable at the end of its use and the materials won’t cause any severe harm to the environment.

Know more about Lull Mattress in the video below-

How Firm is Lull Mattress?  

The firmness of the mattress is the most important aspect. People often prefer a medium-firm mattress as it can accommodate major body types and a variety of sleeping positions. Here, you will read a detailed report on how the mattress reacts to your body type. 

The firmness of the mattress can be rated as a 6/10. Which means that it is at a medium level of firmness. It is a tad bit softer than the industry’s standard measure of medium firmness.  

Being a mixture of two materials and with a medium firmness level, this mattress is a good fit for all types of sleepers. When you sleep, on the Lull, it contours the body, which makes you feel a little sunk in the bed, making you feel comfortable. This is a unique trait that is not found often. The memory layer is thin, so it won’t be sinking too much into the mattress. 

Types of Sleepers

Lull mattress customer reviews

  • Back Sleepers: Lull, is the most comfortable for back sleepers. It balances the entire body in the most comforting way. The hips sink in the right amount, while the rest of the body gets more than comfort support.
  • Stomach Sleepers: Lull is amazing for stomach sleepers too, handling the pressure in the right positions. It cradles the body when the pressure exerted is maximum on the stomach. Since, the first layer, which is the comfort layer is pretty thin, the body receives a middle ground for neither too soft nor too hard.

When you talk about back and stomach sleepers, a firm surface is of the essence. The hips and shoulders need to be in proper alignment. Extremely soft beds, makes the body sink too much into the bed, which makes the body sore in the morning.                         

  • Side Sleepers: The medium firmness of Lull, does contribute a good sleep to all kinds of sleepers. Side sleepers may find Lull extremely comfortable as it gives nice support to the hips and the shoulders. Though side sleepers prefer a softer surface, Lull miraculously is quite a fit for them. 
  • Combo Sleepers: Since lull is comfortable for all body types, combo sleepers can opt for Lull. It allows smooth transitioning, from one position to the other. 

When we include body weight in the proposition, if you are a petite person, the pressure you execute will be minimum and best for sleeping on the back and the stomach If you are an average body type, Lull will provide enough comfort for all sleeping positions.

  • Heavy People: If you are a heavier than average body type, you would prefer a firmer mattress, than the lull. The support foam in Lull is not strong enough to hold you comfortably. You may sink in the mattress, too much for your liking. Even if you prefer buying it right now, all-foam structures will wear out in a shorter period, maybe in 5 years or so. 

If you happen to be a digger for soft mattresses, Lull is not the option for you. You can try hunting for a softer mattress at the scale of maybe 5 or 4.5. But if a firm bed is of your liking, you definitely should dig on at the Lull.

This settles the matter for the mattress being preferable to your body type or not.

Lull Mattress Features-

Temperature Control

Since Lull Mattress is made up of polyurethane, it may portray that it tends to get hot in the night. But Lull is actually temperature neutral. Even if the mattress tends to hug you while you sleep, the gel-infused foam, right under the cover, balances out the warmness of your body. 


In general, sleeping on the Lull feels like sleeping on the clouds. The three layers of the mattress each giving a specific function allow you to relax as you have never before. Giving a cooling effect, therapeutic pressure relief and contouring support, this mattress sure crosses the top 10 list. The top gel-infused layer does allow you to have a cool sleep as it contributes to maintaining your body temperature. The Lull being called as a firm mattress does allow proper protection to health and reduces back pain and stiffness. 

Motion Transfer

If you share a bed, it is a must that you check about its motion transferring ability. The less the better. Lull, in the best case, does offer this amazing advantage. After several tests taken on Lull, it has been concluded that Lull provides enough motion control. Lull’s slow response to pressure, helps in absorbing a lot of movement. 

It means that if your partner is someone who moves a lot in sleep. Lull, makes sure that the vibrations don’t reach your side of the bed. Memory foam is the best material when it comes to holding motion transfer, and Lull has it right on the top, which makes it suppress movements on a large scale. So, even if your partner is tossing and turning in sleep, you won’t feel any major movements happening on the other side of the bed. 

Though this trait is not too strong either. You are going to get disturbed if a kid is jumping on the other side of the bed. The mattress can’t handle a heavy disturbance and you will notice these major movements. 

Lull Mattress Features

Edge Support

Lull does have amazing edge support. Even if you sit on the edge of the bed, you don’t tip over easily. You sink in a little bit at the edge too. This sinking is a perfect balance of being comfortable enough to sit, and not topple over and to get up easily, without being pulled into the mattress. 

This advantage allows you to exploit every single centimeter the mattress has to provide. If you are an edge sleeper, this bed sure is a good fit for you, it won’t make you roll over in your sleep. 

Lull is a great fit for various sleepers, but the best fit for back and stomach sleepers. I wouldn’t recommend Lull for heavy people. It won’t be firm enough for you if you are heavy body type and you deserve a better sleep than on the Lull. This mattress does allow satisfactory temperature regulation. 


Lull sinks from about 1-3 inches, depending on what position you are sleeping. Since the weight is overall distributed, back sleepers and stomach sleepers will sink less, than the side sleepers. 

You may find other mattresses, which sink way too much, due to which you lose your body’s alignment, but Lull’s top layer is soft, which makes your body sink, but at the same time the second layer, which is a little stiffer, gives immediate support to your body, obstructing it from sinking too much. 

Lull Mattress Shipping & Delivery:

The Lull, since bought online is delivered onto your doorsteps via FedEx in between a minimum of one and a maximum of four business days.

The lull comes in a box that is a little smaller than the mini-fridge, which reduces packing space by up to 70% and is not too heavy to move. Once, you unbox the mattress, place it on your bed and let it expand to its full potential. The mattress will take about 2 days to completely get rid of the stench of the chemicals.  

Lull Mattress Pricing: (How much does Lull Mattress cost?)

The Lulla mattress comes in various sizes and the costing of the mattress depends upon the size of the mattress. You can either pay the money all at once, or you can pay at a monthly price, as low as 28$. There are six types of sizes to choose from. The size also alters the weight of the mattresses. 

Below given is the list of the sizes and their respective price:

  1. Twin Bed- 499$ or 28$/month
  2. Twin XL- $549 or 31$/month
  3. Full- $699 or 39$/month
  4. Queen- $799 or 33$/month
  5. King- $999 or 42$/month
  6. Cal King- $999 or 42$/month

Lull Mattress Pricing

While investing in a mattress you have to be quite generous. Lull, does provide genuine discounts and cost reductions. The cost, if compared to other competitors, does not provide a major difference. 

Things to Consider Before Buying the Lull Mattress

  • Trial:

Lull allows a trial day of 100 days, if you are unsatisfied with the product you have bought, you can return it within these 100 days, effective from the day the product was delivered to your house. 

  • Return:

You can easily return the product if you are not satisfied with it. The only thing Lull asks is that you give the mattress a try for at least two weeks, as the mattress takes time to adjust to your body. Even after that, you feel unsatisfied, you just have to contact the company. They will ensure a free pick up for the mattress and also guarantees a full refund.

  • Warranty:

Lull Mattress provides a guarantee of 100 days on their product. It is confident that the mattress you have chosen will provide you with a comfortable and restful sleep for years to come.

The Lull not only provides mattresses but has a far more variety of sleeping products. Ranging from pillows, sheets, duvets, protectors etc. You can surf through these items on the online store and match your new mattress with the Lull products. These products will again be delivered to you by FedEx. 

Things to consider before buying

Lull Mattress Pros & Cons


  • It is a streamlined all-foam mattress that comes in great value.
  • The foam does allow the mattress to be stiff enough to maintain a person’s posture. 
  • A great option for back and stomach sleepers, because of the mixed materials it provides. 
  • The sinking that the bed creates, does add an advantage of feeling more comfortable.
  • A multilayered system balances out the pressure of the body, quite evenly allowing each part of the body to rest comfortably.


  • Lull is not a comfortable choice for heavy sleepers. 
  • Side sleepers might feel a need to choose according to their preference. 

Let’s Compare – Lull Vs Traditional Mattress

Why should you prefer Lull over a traditional mattress? 

Lull is a one in a kind mattress, it provides a type of comfort which is not found in the traditional mattresses. Traditional Mattresses, don’t seem to cradle you while you sleep, but Lull allows a person to feel the same.

The springs in the traditional mattress may loosen up at some time, which will make an irregular surface and uncomfortable to sleep on. Besides, the springs will be placed evenly according to the mattress, but not according to your body. This won’t allow proper body relaxation. Lull mattress has evenly spread out layers that tend to your every body part.

Lull Vs Traditional Memory Foam

Lull Mattress Customer Reviews 

  Laila. K: Life of a soldier: The lull mattress has by far been the best thing I’ve slept on. I’m in the army and I come home late and get up early so every second of sleep counts. It wasn’t until the lull mattress that I actually was able to sleep like never before.

Kaitlin I: So worth it

I got my mattress yesterday and last night was the first night that I slept on it and I have never slept so good in my life. I slept from 11 pm-11 am! I would totally recommend this mattress. I am a side and back sleeper and it is perfect for me!

Christina G:

I’ve suffered from back pain for a few years and it was worse after I gave birth to my daughter 5 years ago. I spent so much money on treatments and doctors, which helped a bit but I would wake up in pain. I honestly thought I would always wake up in pain but then I decided to get a Lull. This mattress has changed my life, I don’t wake up in pain, which makes it easier to get through my workdays and I’m able to get good sleep. I had to try it to believe and I’m never going back to a traditional mattress again.

Jennifer M:

Better than I expected.

Better then I expected. I do wish they made a deeper mattress. It’s extremely comfy and plans to buy again for my guest bedroom.

Lull Mattress Customer Reviews

Lull mattress customer reviews

FAQs on Lull Mattress

👉Is the mattress pet friendly?

Yes, the mattress is pet friendly. It has in no way any materials which harm any animals.

👉Will the mattress lose its bounce?

Lull is as normal as any other mattress. Lull will lose its bounce as all mattresses do. It may take a few years though. The mattress will tend to shrink in height a little bit. The frequency of use and the pressure exerted on the bed constantly will determine how much the mattress tends to lose its character.

👉Is it okay to flip the mattress and then use it?

No, it is not advisable to flip the mattress for use. If anyways you do flip the mattress, you will be sleeping on the support layer which your back won’t be thankful for and you will in return be crushing your soft layers of the Lull.

👉Is it possible to customize the mattress into the shape I want?

Lull, usually provides the standard sizes available in the local market. If you are willing to pay the extra amount for customization, you could always check with the company via their customer helpline.

👉Will the Lull give off-gassing smelling?

Yes, this smell is accompanied with the mattress, it will go off in around 30-48 hours.

Conclusion- Is Lull Mattress Good Enough? Lull Mattress Review 2022

Lull, is one of the topmost mattresses, and for obvious reasons. It is a comfortable fit for most of the body types, specifically for back sleepers. The buying and returning policies of the brand are pretty clean and easy. You get a trial period of 100 days. Heavy people are not suggested to use this mattress. They shall use a firmer mattress, for full-body support. 

The bottom line is: Lull mattresses are made with special materials that provide extra comfort, breathability and hygienic values for a long lasting night’s sleep. They are much more comfortable than regular mattresses. They can be used both at home and on the go, which makes them great options for people who travel a lot or who work in different locations.

Lull Mattress has a lot of competition out in the field and hence uses various tacts to sell in huge amounts. For example, they have reduced their prices at a discount of 200$, which makes a huge relief for the customer. The company is customer-friendly and believes in serving you and your needs in the best possible way. 

Let’s hope this review has cleared enough doubts which you had for the Lull. If you are still doubtful, feel free to exploit the company’s 100 day trial period. I assure you won’t be able to let it go if you get the comfort Lull is so proud of giving. 

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