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When we wanted to know more about Kobelli jewelry to write a full review, we were thrilled! We have found Kobellis reviews are fantastic! It’s very rewarding to hear important things about the companies we promote.

We also believe that this praise should be shouted from the rooftops for customers to hear! Let’s see what you say: Kobelli’s reviews are excellent and you’ll know why!

Ok, on the formal review of Kobelli We also have the “short version” in video format, which I have below this feature.

This publication covers the following topics that we consider important for potential customers of Kobelli Fine Jewelry. Click on one of the following topics to go directly to this section of the article:

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A little More Kobelli:

As you probably already know, there are very large players in the field of fine jewelry. In the early 1980s, Kobi Katz founded his jewelry store in Los Angeles, California, now known as Fine Jewelry Kobelli.

Kobelli is now a major player in the manufacture and sale of unique and environmentally friendly diamond and moissanite jewelry.

We have found that Kobelli diamond jewelry differs greatly from many other diamond jewels on the market today. Their designs and styles are fresh, avant-garde and innovative.

Kobelli strives to meet the needs of its customers by offering parts of excellent quality and design, but also of the highest quality.

If you think you’ve ever seen Kobelli jewelry in department stores like Macy’s, you probably did! I’m not sure if Kobi has his creations here these days, as potential customers can save more money when they connect directly with Kobelli online, but I know there are jewelry in other stores at some point.

Kobelli Review

Dedicated to conflict-free use of KPCS certified diamonds

And to make matters worse, society takes the issue of conflict-free diamond imports seriously.

There are many conflicts surrounding the import and export of diamonds from other countries, partly for environmental reasons but also for human reasons (diamonds from war-torn regions are also referred to as diamonds).

More and more jewelers do not want to have anything to do with blood diamonds.

For more information about the Clean Diamond Trade Act, which governs the import of rough diamonds through the Kimberley Process Certification System (KPCS), click here. The Clean Diamond Trade Act has been in effect since July 2003.

Kobelli has a large selection of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets with diamonds (in my last look, there were more than 3,400 rings on the website alone!).

What is Moissanite?

Kobellis Moissanite jewelry is impressive and in many ways more beautiful than natural diamond jewelry.

To fully appreciate this lab-made gemstone or diamond, it is important to understand the origins of moissanite and its comparison with a natural diamond.

Moissanite was discovered in 1893 for the first time in a meteorite crater by a chemist named Henri Moissan.

Kobelli Review with coupons

Natural Moissanite is an extremely rare mineral that does not naturally occur on Earth. Many years after the discovery of moissanite, scientists have learned to make the gemstone in the lab.

The jewelers Charles and Colvard were the first to patent the process. One of the jewels of Charles and Colvard is Forever One’s great moissanite, and Kobelli uses this exceptional laboratory-made diamond in some of his most spectacular jewels.

Benefits of investing in moissanite jewellery

Have you ever heard of the three-month rule? It’s a “rule” of yesteryear that your engagement ring should cost up to three months of your partner’s salary.

In our opinion, this rule is outdated and Ludacris completely inferior.

Diamonds are eternal, right? They should symbolize the permanence of their next marriage. But did you know that diamonds also have a sinister story?

There is something much nicer, brighter, cheaper and less guilty than diamonds: Moissanite.

Kobelli Review - Product

If you have not yet selected the ring, you want to donate it to your loved ones. Take a minute to think about the possibility of a beautiful moissanite ring.

More than a century ago, Dr Henri Moissan a small amount of a new mineral hidden in an Arizona meteorite. This mineral could be the brightest stone filled with fire, lust and hardness.

Kobelli Review

But there just was not enough stone. In fact, they could not even make a pair of earrings with him. But even if he has not figured out how to make these stones in a lab, the people who made them in the lab named them in his honour.

After years of research and a groundbreaking discovery, scientists discovered that they can produce and distribute moissanite. The generated moissanite is silicon carbide, which is formed in a single crystal.

Master tailors have carved these laboratory-made stones and their resemblance to diamonds is obvious. Moissanite, however, has more fire, shining and shining than a diamond at a fraction of the cost.

What are the benefits of moissanite rings?

Another advantage of a Moissanite ring is its lifetime. Moissanite stones do not lose their shine, do not become cloudy or sluggish over time.

Years later it is as bright as the day you bought it. These kinds of things you can pass on to your children and keep in your family for many years.

Kobelli Ring discounts

These rings are also durable They can withstand abrasion and scratches. Although a diamond is harder than a moissanite ring, both stones have similar durability.

In fact, they are only overtaken by a Mohs-scale diamond, which makes them more difficult than any other gemstone.

Moissanite also resists bursting and breaking. All this makes Moissanite an ideal product for everyday use, no matter what you do. Moissanite is incredibly brilliant. With this stone, you get an incredible return of the light, even more so than with a diamond.

Moissanite seems to shine and shine no matter what light they are.

Without Guilt Lately, there have been many stories about conflict diamonds in the news. This is an important issue of human rights.

A conflict diamond is a diamond that is mined in the war zones of Africa to finance the civil wars taking place there. Despite the way the media describe it, Kobelli Review these diamonds are still bought and sold worldwide.

These diamonds finance wars, violence, poverty and unethical mining practices. Even companies claiming that their diamonds are ethical to have recently been criticized for their obscure business practices.

Without a doubt, your moissanite is ethical in origin. They are bred in laboratories under safe and equitable conditions by scientists who use the best equipment.


Investment In Dimond

A popular argument against the moissanite rings of people who love their diamonds is that diamonds are an investment. But that’s just not true.

In some cases, diamonds are of course investment. But for the average person, it’s impossible to get one of these diamonds. They are the kind of diamonds owned by kings.

The middle diamond loses value fairly quickly. This is exactly what someone wants to pay for, and used diamonds are pretty hard to sell.

Kobelli coupon codes and offers

What actual consumers are saying in Kobelli reviews

In general, Kobelli has received the best ratings from the majority of its consumers. One person fell in on Kobelli when she went to LA with a group of friends, the company’s base.

In the end, each of them bought a Kobelli jewel and everyone was very happy with their purchases and impressed with the quality of the service they received.

Kobelli has received five-star reviews from almost all customers, which is truly an incredible achievement. Kobelli attaches great importance to service and quality.

Even in-jewellery websites, such as Yelp, offer very good reviews. You can see some screenshots of the revisions in the video under this article.

Kobelli Review - Products

Do not forget that Kobelli is not limited to engagement rings and bridal gowns (more than 3,400 wedding rings can be found on the website!).

As mentioned above, they also offer bracelets, necklaces and pendants as well as earrings, and offer more than diamonds and moissanite.

For example, if you look at your “Kobelli Precious Stones” collection, you’ll see green quartz, amethyst, blue topaz, peridot and other gems.

When many people think of high-quality jewellery and special collections, they think of pieces designed for use by women. Kobelli Review At least that happens every time I see a TV commercial for jewellery (especially during the LOL holidays).

But do not forget the guys! Kobelli has a large and beautiful collection of rings and rings that only exist in Lashbrook.

These are conspicuous and male. The men’s collection includes rings on the theme of sports, matte surfaces. You can find rings in different metals, such as tungsten carbide, Elysium (a cut diamond), 14ct and 18ct gold, platinum and even a meteorite inlay pattern. Gibeon

Honestly, I think these Lashbrook rings are some of the best men’s rings I’ve ever seen. This collection is very impressive and my husband found her the best he has ever seen. We’ve written a lot about Lashbrook men’s rings.

let’s not forget Kobelli coupon codes

Keep in mind that one of the benefits of buying jewellery online is that you can save money with the Kobelli coupon code we have here at DealUniverse.org! It all depends on what you buy and how much you want to spend.

But they want your business, so they offered you coupons that you can use when shopping online!

They also have special holiday offers from time to time! So please come back with us, we will publish them as soon as they are available!

Kobelli Customer Review


Kobelli Review

Another way to back up with Kobelli is to visit your payment page. You will be surprised how many coins have been greatly reduced! For example, on the day I wrote this review, I saw 48 items on offer! One of them was a beautiful 14ct 1/3 white gold (ctw) engagement ring, which has been reduced from $ 899 to just $ 425!

Then there was a beautiful 14-carat pendant with pink moissanite as the central stone, surrounded by diamonds. It was available in white gold or rose gold, from $ 1,100 to just $ 550! There was much more and there were no “seconds” or anything. Some ring sizes may be a limited size, but I recommend checking the items in your payment (here). They never know what they will have specifically.


Why Moissanite and diamonds are a good choice

Moissanite and diamonds make beautiful engagement rings. Both options give you the following benefits:

  • Durability: Moissanite grade 9.25 on the Mohs hardness scale. It is only surpassed by diamonds (which have a rating of 10). Both are durable enough for everyday use and do not easily scratch or break.
  • Sparkle: Both are loved for their beautiful flashes. But some smart observers can make a difference. Moissanites usually have more than a rainbow luster, while diamonds provide a combination of colorless sheen, rainbow luster, and flashes of light. Both are beautiful. Kobelli Review What you like is your personal choice.
  • Size: Diamonds and Moissanites are available in different shapes. In both variants, the round is the most popular. The brilliant round cut offers the highest brightness and the whitest appears.
  • Extreme brightness: The Moissanites are very bright. They have a high refractive index. This produces a higher gloss than a diamond. Lightning is often rainbow-colored instead of colorless. In short, you’ll get a flashy ringtone.
  • Better clarity: Moissanites are only sold if the clarity is greater than or equal to VS. This notice means that there are no visible defects. Diamonds, on the other hand, can show visible defects to the naked eye.
  • Ethically made: Unlike diamonds, moissanite is not extracted from the earth. Moissanite is grown in a controlled laboratory environment. This removes concerns about unfair labor practices and war. Kobelli Review They also have a lower carbon footprint. All of these reasons make Moissanite an environmentally friendly option for an engagement ring.
  • Diamonds are the best friends of girls: Society has taught us that diamonds are the supreme symbol of love. Some women can not think that another stone is a good substitute.

Kobelli customer reviews

return Policy: Kobelli Review

Yes, Kobelli offers free returns and exchanges. For more information on Kobelli’s Return and Exchange Policy, please visit the company’s Customer Service page here. You can also check the homepage to see if Kobelli has posted additional information about the return and exchange policies.

Ring of Eternity and its special facet.

A ring of eternity is also called an infinity ring. An eternity ring is usually a women’s ring and consists of a band of precious metal with a continuous line of carefully cut gemstones. The precious metal is usually gold, while gems are usually diamonds.

As already mentioned, the Ring of Eternity symbolizes endless love. For this reason, this ring is usually given away by a spouse for a special occasion, such as a birthday, to his wife. Kobelli Review In general, after 50 years of marriage or more, the symbol of eternity is granted, meaning that the love between two people lasts forever.

Eternity rings with diamonds

It is true that diamonds are eternal. That is why they are often used in the rings of eternity. As I said, an eternity ring is set with diamonds, which are inserted around the metal band. This makes the rings of eternity extraordinary and makes them shine from afar in the light.

Usually, there are these diamonds in different sizes and designs. Large diamonds are usually placed in a row, while much smaller diamonds produce a more discreet appearance.  Kobelli review, therefore, an eternity ring can be used with other rings as they are remotely visible. If they shine, they are undoubtedly a great spectacle for the eyes.

The original symbol of luxury

Kobelli Instagram Offers

Pure luxury is something that a Ring of Eternity is known for. Because? It is made up of many diamonds that have been carefully designed to give the ring an absolutely stunning, elegant, elegant and ethereal look. Not to mention the piece of pure metal the group created.

The materials used for this ring are already expensive and much work has been done to develop this masterpiece. Therefore a ring of eternity should be the original symbol of luxury.


Her jewelry is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen at our headquarters in Los Angeles, California, using precious metals. Our goal at Kobelli is to make you our lifetime customer. Our top priority is to stay behind our products. Each Kobelli piece is lovingly crafted and comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can be sure your jewelry is covered.

  1. At Kobelli, we support the quality and workmanship of our products and give the first-time buyer a lifetime guarantee that covers the manufacturing defects of all jewelry.  Kobelli Review If you, as a first-time buyer, find a manufacturing defect, we request that you contact us immediately so that we can evaluate and resolve the problem if necessary. Kobelli Review We are happy to repair anything that is considered a manufacturing defect for free and to help you with further questions about non-warranty claims or any upgrade requests you may have.
  2. The terms of our limited lifetime warranty are as follows:
  3. The limited warranty is valid from the date of purchase. For jewelry within 12 months and for life for diamonds.
  4. This limited warranty covers the optical properties of diamond, including shine and fire, as well as its physical integrity, including crushing, cracking, scratching and abrasion. Not covered: Damage or defects resulting from accidents, misuse, misuse, loss or theft of your diamonds or jewels.
  5. All Kobelli jewelry must be handled exclusively from our headquarters, which means that anyone who is not a jeweler in our jewelry store EE. If you perform any jewelry work, this warranty becomes void. “All work” includes and refers to similar operations, such as B. Calibrating, polishing, and clamping stones. Kobelli reserves the right to repair or replace the warranty jewelry with a new item.

Kobelli Review - Neckless

You are responsible for shipping your jewelry/diamonds to Kobelli. Kobelli is not liable for any damage or loss incurred during the expedition. Items purchased directly from Kobelli.com will receive a free shipping label within 90 days of purchase.

Shipping & Delivery

Delivery To The United States

  • All orders in the US You receive UPS standard ground shipping with the signature of a required adult.
  • All orders over $ 500 will receive a free UPS Expedited delivery with an adult signature (exceptions apply to mailboxes and military bases / APO addresses [see below]).
  • All orders will be shipped with a UPS tracking number.
  • All orders with a shipping address from the US Post Box will be sent via USPS Priority Mail or USPS Priority Mail. Please wait for 2-5 working days for delivery.
  • All orders with a military base delivery address will be sent via USPS Priority Mail. The delivery time may vary depending on the customs service/reception between 1 and 8 weeks.
  • All orders received before 9.00 am will be dispatched the next working day without indication of the processing time. Please wait for 1 to 3 business days for the processing time as each piece is made to order, 3 to 5 additional working days for each piece and certified bracelets for men and 2 to 4 days for platinum / 18ct
  • For customized parts, wait at least 2 weeks for the production time. For urgent shipments contact us at [email protected] or (800) 432-3222.

Kobelli coupon codes

International Shipping

  • Kobelli is globally active through Globalshopex, which supports Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Diners Club, PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union, Safety Pay, AliPay and bank transfers.
  • All orders received via Globalshopex will be accompanied by a separate order confirmation via Globalshopex. This order confirmation includes all fees and all tracking information, including the parcel service. International shipping costs are calculated and guaranteed by Globalshopex during the payment process. The calculation is based on the service level, the number of purchased items, the weight of these items, the destination country and all applicable rates and taxes.
  • The customs authorities of the country of destination set the customs duties (or tariffs) and rely on a combination of the country of origin or manufacture of the goods purchased and the classification of the goods according to a harmonized system adopted and used by the Commission. , Globalshopex accepts the VAT rates set by the country of destination.


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Conclusion: Kobelli Review With Coupons 2022

Kobelli saves money and reduces their frustrations by taking time to learn about the rules of online and local businesses before making a purchase.

There are sometimes hidden fees, eg. B. Replacement fees in some local stores and on the internet. The refill fee may increase later when the buyer returns an item.

Like sending more time to send a product to an online store than to send it to a local store, it may be the deciding factor for where to buy.

The fine print in the return policy may indicate that buyers have to pay for returning products if the items come with a mistake. It is also common for online stores to deduct the cost of shipping the product back to the bill.

If a buyer is unsure if the purchase is doing it, the return of the online store policy may affect their decision to acquire locally.

Another point to consider is how to handle repairs on purchased products.

It may be easier to return a defective product to the local dealer for repair than to fix the problem and cost of returning it to an online retailer.

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