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Starting from chemically, a ketone has carbonyl carbons that are bonded to two of the other carbons. Ketones basically,

tend to have an impact on the hormone-producing fat cell and that impact turns to be a positive one and on the other homeostatic systems that actually affect a lot of our body parts and their functions. So, these changes are not turning out to be good.

Yes, there are products like KETO NOOTROPIC, KETO SUPER FUEL, KETO DIET, KETONES (vitamins B6 and B12), etc.

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These are the products that help in building your metabolism strong by converting the ketones into the source of energy and excreting the unused ketones.

And our company provides all kinds of required KETO products and usually, they are exogenous ketones.

These products when are consumed on a daily basis in the right amount that actually helps in building a strong immune system and you will not crave eatables so much (basically you can control your hunger) and that is the hunger suppression.

In order to build strong metabolism or lose weight, you have to control your diet or remake your diet chart, because just exercising will not going to help.

As exercise is just 20% effective and rests 80% is totally based on your diet.

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So, having a ketogenic diet means consuming so many nutrients in one spoon and hence, is much better than living on heavy carbohydrates diet.

As we don’t know how much carbs are we consuming daily and it is the reason for increasing weight or having a higher appetite.

As most of the organs do use fats and carbohydrates as fuel but our brain cannot do that and in that case, the brain uses ketones as energy and that is up to 60%.

The purpose of consuming ketones exogenously from sources such as MCT oils and BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate) salts (magnesium, calcium, sodium) is usually to produce ketones

and that will further be going to burn in spite of burning the carbs having in and to reach ketosis faster.

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Ketosis usually at more than 0.5mM makes the presence of ketones in the body.

BHB is the molecule that will gear up your workouts, brain, heart, snack cravings, managing muscles during the lower intake of carbohydrates, normalizing the hormonal effects of low blood sugar.

Basically, BHB-dehydrogenase enzymes are there in the liver that reduces the acetoacetate to form BHB, and then BHB is further used as fuels to circulate the ketones in order to provide energy to the body.

MCTs do require much more processing than other types of exogenous ketones. They are dense in nutrients and their main source is coconut oil.

Consuming BHB supplements will always be effective whether it doesn’t involve consuming

MCT oils. But, do find supplements that involve both BHB salts and MCT oils as when both are combined, they effectively raise the blood ketone level to higher for a longer duration.

While experiencing ketogenic diet at first will be tough and that’s why we had formulated Ketologic BHB Exogenous Ketones that will actually help you to get in ketosis faster.

The ketogenic diet is totally relying on fat-derived energy cells. Exogenous ketones help in maximizing human performance and endurance.

So, what happens is ketone bodies when are positively used by the muscles and brain, where they generate energy on consumption far better than the carbohydrates and fats.

Researchers had found out that the body could adapt ketos which can very effectively burn

the stored fat and are a very excellent source of energy during the heavy workout sessions as compared to the energy provided by the breaking of glucose.

A study showed that by consuming Keto products an athlete burns 2.3 times more fat than an athlete consuming the high carbs diet.

 KETOAF Keto Nootropic - KetoAf Review

And another study revealed that the athletes that are following the ketogenic diet are burning up to 70% of the fat as compared to the athletes following the high carb diet that just burns 55% of the fat during high-intensity cardio workout.

Some Tips On How To Use Exogenous Ketones

  • First of all, consumption should be in small dosages, as every individual has different levels of tolerance rate, then after some time according to your tolerance you can increase the consumption rate. KetoAF’s super fuel formula does use acacia fiber that is basically a prebiotic that aids in easier digestion.
  • Use KetoAF’s super fuel in the morning in place of breakfast. This helps with increasing the energy and killing the cravings for snacks.
  • Don’t just rely on a 100% ketogenic diet alone. As exogenous ketones keep your blood sugar regulated as it keeps energy levels up and helps in limiting the carbohydrates consumption.
  • When you switch your diet from carbs to ketones (converting ketones instead of breaking of glucose to convert in energy) the little bit of suffering that your body feels is, basically termed as KETO FOG or KETO FLUE, in which you just feel tiredness and your body will be lethargic. Sometimes it happens as your body might have a low fuel problem.
  • As you will not be able to exercise on either the full stomach or empty stomach so better to use something that energizes you, doing the exercises like weight lifting or cardio, will need some kind of super drink and there you should use KetoAF’s super fuel before the exercise as you will feel energetic and keeps you shredded.
  • Just for flavor, you can mix KetoAF’s super fuel with cinnamon powder and for good taste, you can also make its cinnamon latte in almond milk or with the morning coffee (caffeine raises the level of ketones).

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One can find the best keto products at our KetoAF that include free shipping, testing, 30-day money-back guarantee, and safe checkout and you can also get a complete guide to keto ebook at 10% off at your first order.

Now, you are wondering that there are so many other companies then why to choose KetoAF’s products. Here you will know why?

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  • KetoAF is basically a keto-friendly pre-workout that combines both Beta-hydroxybutyrate salts and Medium-chain triglycerides oils, that are leading the pre-workout ingredients.
  • Ketones that are consumed by the brain and muscles generate much energy per unit of consumption of oxygen than carbohydrates do, and for that KetoAF’s products are the best. The formula is insanely made for the athletes in order to maximize their potential that provides muscle pumping, high concentration, strength and stability, energy, and endurance. Nowadays, many companies are basically selling keto products that are helpful in weight loss and ignoring the facts of strength and muscle building up.
  • Keto products are not very expensive as compared to their manufacturing cost; they are in a range that anybody can afford.
  • KetoAF’s super fuel cinnamon latte is a flavored addition and you can add it with your coffee too, which can replace your heavy breakfast and you will even not feel hungry. And also cinnamon acts like an antioxidant that prevents inflammatory conditions.
  • Some companies do not even have their contact information and that may scare you as of their lack of accountability but we do have every provision of the contacts.

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Conclusion: KetoAF Review 2022

Before using any KetoAF product, consults your physician first to know your health problems with the whole keto-diet plan and all the supplements, and if your doctor would

recommend you use keto products with trust, then do use it but be sure to follow the instructions written on the label.

These reviews that I had expressed in my article are just to fulfill the information part and give a light of knowledge on different products that would be very helpful to one on KetoAF.

I should not confine myself to advise you medically like any treatment, even it is advised by the professionals, so you should better see your personal physician or doctor.

This was our KetoAF Review! Grab the code and get free shipping now!!

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