Jillian Michaels Discount Coupon Codes 2022: Up to 50% Off

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This is an article on Jillian Michaels Discount Coupon Codes for 2022. Do have a look and see which one of them are applicable to your order. You may also find some other important information regarding the products, their customer services, and how their products are helpful. So, hope it is of some use in any way.

Jillian Michaels Training Program Discount Coupon Codes 2022

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Jillian Michaels review coupon codes

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Jillian Michaels Review with Discount Coupon Codes 2022: Try Free for 7 Days


About Jillian Michaels Fitness 

Fitness apps have come a long way in recent years. They are now more than ever fully customizable, accessible and ready to use. At least that was my experience with this new women’s health and wellness application, created by Jillian Michaels named My Fitness.

Jillian Michaels Review

I’ve been a big fan of Jillian for years (I’d like to think we’re the first name). She is so rude and one of the most motivating people in the industry. In fact, I recently had the opportunity to personally train during a tour with the Tone It Up girls in Seattle in September 2017.

After testing the app last month, I can recommend it to anyone who wants to stay active, motivated, and learn to make healthier kitchen choices. I’m really impressed with the usability.

What I like most about the My Fitness App is that you can customize it to the last detail.

After registering, you can choose your level of difficulty, swap workouts, select your music playlist, set up a heart rate monitor (optional), select available equipment, get shopping lists for the entire week, and ten. Access to seemingly hundreds of recipes and training courses.


Jillian michaels coupon codes

Unlike other pre-programmed apps or workout plans, this app offers over 550 HD, beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises. and a treadmill.

I even got him working when he was out of town in a hotel that did not have a gym. I changed my resistance bands instead of some dumbbell exercises and started sweating in no time!


This app offers more than any other fitness app you’ve tried. This app consists of two parts that make it a success: meal plans and training. Although this is the heart of the application, there are also great bonuses and incredible tracking tools.

This app has a calorie tracker for steroids. Keep track of all your nutrition information and really get a better understanding of your diet.

When you receive the app, you can choose your fitness level and specify your exercise device so that it can determine the exercises to be included in the plan. Then set up your profile by answering general questions about age, weight, and height. With this information, you will see personalized training plans and choose the training plan that best suits your fitness goals.

Then you can choose a menu. The options are Omnivore, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian or Pescatarian. That’s all you can get with the free view of the app. To continue, you must make a purchase.

How much is Jillian Michaels App?

If you are not sure if this app is right for you, the good news is that you will receive a free 7-day trial. This will give you some time to do the exercises for a test. When you’re ready to start your personal workout and meal plan, you have three options to buy:

$ 14.99 per month (7-day free trial) – Annual total cost: $ 120.00
$ 29.99 per quarter (7-day free trial) – Total annual cost: $ 100.00
$ 99.99 per year (7-day free trial) – Best value for money, save 25% per year

Choosing a payment plan depends on you and your fitness goals. If you have a lot of weight you want to lose, you should expect $ 99.99 per year. This will give you enough time to safely lose weight and help you develop the habits required to maintain your weight.

Otherwise, I would choose the $ 29.99 quarterly option, because if you want to get in shape, it will take you at least two or three months to get really remarkable results. 29.99 would be more useful.

However, you can save big with the Jillian Michaels Promotion codes and offers.



The two main parts of this application are the personalized workout plan and the daily meal plan. You can expect the following from everyone:

The Workouts

Jillian offers hundreds of custom workouts and workouts that will make you sweat! I really miss the same exercise with regular fitness apps over and over again, but that’s not the case. You get a new training track every day, so you do not have to do the same thing over and over again.

jillian michaels review- workouts

The workouts are also very easy to track. Everyone is seen on video so they can follow and adapt their form according to what they see. Another interesting feature is that the training can be previewed before starting.

No equipment is no excuse anymore, videos can be customized and do not require any equipment. If you have the equipment, you can specify what you have and the workouts will change according to your equipment.

The training can also be adapted to the training level. If you are a beginner you can start with beginner courses. I wanted a challenge and tried out the advanced workouts and they were great! I really felt that I was being challenged.

I like the way the training is configured in this application. I recently went on a trip and it was great to know that I have to do my workouts and that I do not have to worry about space or equipment.

The Meal Plan

As already mentioned, this app includes a meal plan. If you have opted for a diet, the app will give you ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Go one step further and even give yourself a grocery list, so you always have the ingredients you need to eat. The meal plans are even more customizable because if you do not like a recipe, you can easily swap it with something you like.

Jillian Michaels Review- Diet Plan

You can also look at the extensive recipe database and discover new ideas for the meal. The meals on the plan are very easy to do. You will not spend hours in the preparatory work or in the kitchen.

Most require minimal and very common and basic components. You get a recommended calorie intake and the foods you recommend are of caloric value, so you do not have to count the crazy calories.

There are 18 Programs in Jillian Michaels App

Here is the list of Jillian Micahels workout programs:

Yoga Fit

Jillian Michaels Review- Yoga

Yoga Fit is a 30-day yoga program that uses both traditional power yoga and flow techniques to build your stamina, strength, and energy. The workouts shift focus throughout your weeks to hit core, booty, and upper body to avoid over-training and ensure amazing results.

The Gauntlet

The gauntlet has been thrown. One year. You and Jillian. A 3 tier, pure fitness challenge, accommodating athletes of all levels, culminating with you achieving your fittest, fastest, leanest, strongest, sexiest body. Gauntlet features sequential monthly challenges to keep you energized, motivated, and focused ALL year round.

Participants will train and become proficient in multiple disciplines of fitness: Running, Calisthenics, Yoga, Kickboxing, Lifting, HIIT training, Jump training, and much more.

Fitness for Beginners

For people just starting their fitness journey. If you have never worked out, feel intimidated by exercise, or have just let yourself fall out of shape, Fitness for Beginners is the ideal program to get you on the path to your best self.

This program consists of 10 unique 20-minute workouts strategically sequenced to get you back into great health safely and effectively.


Jillian Michaels Review- Parential

Yeah, Baby! is a separate program for each trimester, so make sure you choose the corresponding trimester program with how far along you are in your pregnancy. Jillian will train you for approx. 25 minutes four days a week with the appropriate modifications for each trimester so that you and your little one get the best results as safely as possible.

Kickbox Body

The program progresses in difficulty over the 4 weeks to make sure that you properly learn all the techniques to ensure the best results. There are 4 workouts per week. Each consisting of 20 minutes of pure calorie torching MMA techniques to make you look and feel like a complete and total badass.

Along the way, Jillian will be giving you constant instruction on proper form as well as coaching to keep you motivated. So, flip your switch to Ninja mode and let’s get started.

Dad Bod

So if you’ve packed on 20 or so extra pounds and you wanna see that six pack again this program has you covered. You’ll perform four 25 minute metabolic circuit training workouts a week that is comprised of resistance training and hit intervals.

Then you will perform 2 days of moderate 20-minute active recovery cardio sessions. With one day of complete rest per week. If you are consistent and utilize one of my meal plans in conjunction with this program your results will be tremendous. Get excited.

Transform 90

Jillian Michaels weight loss system for individuals with 30+ pounds to lose. In Transform 90, Jillian trains you through 36 totally unique, 25-minute workouts, and trains you through three progressive phases of fitness to meet you where you are at and subsequently transform your body, your health, and your life.

Wedding Warrior

Jillian Michaels Review- Fitness

This 6-week program has 20 unique workouts that alternate between 40-minute strength days and 25-minute cardio days to get you in insane, stunning, sick, amazing shape for your trip down the aisle.

Slim 60

If you’ve dreamed of dropping the last 10 to 20 lbs, getting in the best shape of your life, sliding back into your favorite skinny jeans, having sex with the lights on, and making every ex you have ever had very… VERY sorry, this is the plan for you.

Slim 60 has 26 unique 25-minute workouts designed to maximize your athletic and metabolic potential to achieve your absolute strongest, sexiest self.

Sexy Abs

This program consists of 18 unique 25-minute workouts that utilize HIIT circuits and core-focused strength exercises to deliver amazing results!

Lean Legs

This program consists of 18 unique 25-minute workouts designed to burn fat, strengthen, tone and condition your lower body so you look and feel your absolute best.

Bounce Back Baby

In Bounce Back Baby, Jillian will ease you back into your fitness regimen post-kiddo to “get your body back” to tip-top shape. Jillian takes into account any who have had a C-section or diastasis recti and all the exercises are designed to heal and recondition your abs to not just flatten your tummy, but rebuild your core strength.

Jillian Michaels 30 day shred meal


Make sure to get clearance from your doctor before starting the program!

Beautiful Back, Chest & Arms

This program consists of 18 unique 25-minute workouts, sequenced strategically over 4 weeks so you get the most incredible results possible.

Booty Boot Camp

This program will lift and firm your buns in just 4 weeks with 18 unique, fast and fun 25-minute workouts!

5K Challenge

This program combines running drills, strength training workouts, and stretch routines to get you across that finish line fitter and faster than ever.


In just 8 weeks, Jillian will take you from your current running level all the way to a 10k. Whether you run regularly, you just finished the 5k program, or even if you are a novice runner.

Jillian Michaels discount codes

This program incorporates run-walk intervals, distance runs, HIIT training, mobility work, and resistance training to build lower body strength, prevent injury, and built endurance.

Bangin Bikini Body

This program has 12 unique 25-minute workouts sequenced over 4 weeks to get you in insane shape. Jillian incorporates all your favorite fitness techniques pulling from HIIT intervals, Yoga and Pilates moves, kickboxing moves, and more!

Gym Cat

This 30-day program utilizes functional training tools like barbells, medicine balls, stability balls, and training benches to keep variety in your routine, prevent boredom, prevent plateau, and maximize your results.

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  • Variety of training tracks.
  • The training courses are easy to follow and in video format.
  • The training is adaptable to team, fitness and body goals.
  • You do not need a training device for the exercises.
  • Customizable meal plan
  • You can trade recipes and create a shopping list for you
  • Practical and digital as if you had a personal trainer in your pocket.
  • Advanced monitoring of calories and nutrients


Expensive: This exercise app is slightly more expensive than most exercise apps. However, for the quality and quantity of the content, it makes sense to pay a higher price for such a great fitness machine.

Conclusion: Jillian Michaels Discount Coupon Codes 2022

I think this app is worth every penny! If you look at the reviews in the App Store, most people would agree with me. This app currently has a rating of 4.7 / 5.0 based on approximately 100 reviews.

Although this app is slightly more expensive than most apps, it is still much cheaper than a personal trainer or gym membership. Try this app with the 7-day free trial and see if it’s the app that can help you get in shape.

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