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Jeulia Jewelry
Jeulia Jewelry

Review of Jeulia Jewelry: Does it conform to the expectations?

Artisanal is a known word that intrudes on every single thing from fashion jewelry to the culinary world — also in the ring industry and wedding industry, by brands such as Jeulia Jewelry.

Gen Z is most famous amongst millennials which is the artisanal branding that’s been a strong driving force for niche companies, local businesses, and platforms such as Esty which is consumer driven.

In order to hunt something personal, unique, and different from bulk production, consumers day by day are collecting items like beer, bread, clothing, and even, rings that are sold as artisanal.

But what exactly is artisanal, and did Jeulia Jewelry conform to its promise? Here in this particular review, we’ll as a company reveal Jeulia Jewelry, and inspect if it’s different from bigger and recognized names (like the Blue Nile, Zales, and Ritani ) and then we’ll give concluding suggestions.

Does the Name  Stand Up to the Branding?

For this, inspection will be made firstly, on Jeulia Jewelry like a company and then, on how well it stands up to its publicity and also artisanal branding.

We would be putting Jeulia Jewelry at a greater standard than any traditional company, like Charles & Colvard. The reason is the way it’s marketed. Their rings should meet ethical levels, the environment, conscious of small communities, ethical sourcing, everything with personalized, smaller-scale outlook to production.

The philosophy of Jeulia Jewelry- what’s that?

Jeulia Jewelry
A Vast Range to choose boldly from…

Jeulia Limited owns Jeulia Jewelry. Their philosophy aims on “in house, state of the art” styles, with customized Jeulia style craftsmanship. According to them they have an army of designers who by working together make eco-friendly rings ,they also claim that every gemstone is “100% traceable.”

Statement: It only sounds good

The claims made by them sound reasonable but you’ll need to delve a bit more to get full information. For example, their claim of their products being eco-friendly isn’t instantly backed up by data, statements, or any other thing stating how.

We’ll delve deeper into their claims, however it will benefit all, for the sake of transparency, to incorporate those details in the mission statement of the company.

About – Jeulia Limited

The owner as well as the controller of all sales of Jeulia Jewelry is a company called Jeulia Limited whose headquarter is in Hong Kong. However much details are not easily available, it appears that the company has been operating for four years.

It’s website mentions the location of the company, and a business profile mentions their location is in California–now this raises concerns. From the word limited, we might assume that the company is a limited liability.

The fact that the website reveals the location is appreciated , however the details of the company are hard to find –and surprisingly, there’s a flag on Jeulia Limited by Better Business Bureau, which shows the disparity between it’s reported location and it’s actual location.

What is the handling and shipping policy at Jeulia Jewelry?

Because every product is made after the order is placed, there isn’t any uniform delivery time. But, delivery time is evaluated by including processing plus shipping and you’ll be provided an estimated time. The orders are transported anywhere between 24 hours plus 3 to 10 business days.

For more than $99 worth of order, shipping in the US is free (standard free shipping), on such orders payment can be made for faster shipping (which is 3 days; standard and express ) of extra charges worth $10 to $20. A few international shipping is also available.

After ordering an email with tracking number is sent which can be used to track the order.

Statement: Reasonable shipping policy, yet one crucial element missing. Shipping policies are reasonable and that’s appreciable –the calculated time plus free shipping does sound okay for customized orders. The crucial thing absent , is that directly, secured shipping isn’t mentioned, something which is standard for this jewelry industry. Moreover, nothing about package insurance is mentioned, neither flexible options for shipping is available, nor any other services that you should see.


Artisanal jewelry - what are these?

A company that has a brand like Jeulia Jewelry is assumed to be many things: customized products instead of bulk-produced; products made up of materials that are ethically sourced; made of multitude of distinct, and alternative materials, which are generally sold in markets. The main idea is that craftsmanship is used to craft the jewelry which would become truly unique. Because of such reasons artisanal jewelries are even more costly than companies such as Jared, which possess a bulk of diamonds.

What Jeulia Jewelry is made up of?

Jeulia Jewelry used 925 silver mostly all of its rings. Because they could be a classic option to keep the cost of the items lower if compared if they were made from material like palladium and platinum.

What is the stone of Jeulia?

Partly the branding of Jeulia Jewelry is Jeulia Stone, that is refined and made to demonstrate just as, or even more long lasting than diamonds. Predominant to the branding of this Jeulia Stone is that it's bound to the commitment of the company in order to support safe working conditions and better environmental conditions, unlike mining methods.

How can Jeulia Jewelry be cleaned?

It is suggested by the company to soak rings in an ammonia solution with 3 (water) :1 proportion, after soaking brush the ring cautiously with a brush. Then take warm water and rinse the ring and make sure that the ammonia solution is no more ,and that the ring is dried completely. During this process you ought to be very careful and must go for professional cleanings.

Conclusion: Review of Jeulia Jewelry

It must be noted that much better could be done than this company Jeulia Jewelry, it should also be noted that much worse companies are also out there. Jeulia Jewelry does provide you with customized jewelry, moreover, they are truthful, on their website, regarding where their headquarters are . The shipping and payment options are also reasonable.

But, the quality states that the item might not be durable, and marketing is also misleading to some extent. Moreover, it’s not an artisanal company.

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