Immune Defence Review 2022: Is It Really The Best Immune Support Supplement?

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Today’s product is a relatively new one on the market but it has been in high demand since day one.

In this Immune Defence review, we will look at how these tasty little lozenges can support your immune system, and whether they live up to the hype.

This natural supplement is packed with powerful, premium ingredients to help boost your immune system.

 Immune Defence

Since it’s suitable for almost all age groups, including children, it’s often seen as a great immunity booster for the whole family.

In this Immune Defence review, we will look at the ingredients, how it works, the pros and cons, and much more.

At times like these, an immune system booster like this might just be exactly what we need. Let’s find out…

What Is Immune Defence?

Immune Defence is a so-called immunity booster. It’s a natural supplement designed to provide you with essential vitamins and minerals to support your body’s immune system.

The main ingredient is zinc, plus it contains multiple different vitamins as well.

It comes in lozenge form and has a sweet, aniseed flavor. You use it by taking up to 4 lozenges per day. 

Immune Defence Review Pack

You can either use the supplement to give your immune system some extra support in fighting off viruses, or you can take it to help speed up recovery from an illness such as the common cold.

Who Is It For?

One of the first things we wanted to know when starting this Immune Defence review was who it’s actually suitable for.

With the current coronavirus situation, many people are looking for immune system boosters not just for them, but for their loved ones as well. That’s why it was important for us to check if it ticked all the boxes.

Immune Defence - Review For Adult

Luckily, Immune Defence is great for full-family support. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and everyone over the age of 12, you can safely protect the immune defenses of all your loved ones.

Given that your immune system loses strength as you age, and that zinc deficiency is a common condition among the elderly, this supplement is particularly beneficial for elderly people.


Now that we know a little bit about the type of product and who it’s for, let’s dive deeper into what the product is actually made of.

Ingredients - Immune Defence
Ingredients – Immune Defence

So after reviewing all ingredients, we think one of the things that really makes Immune Defence one of the best supplements for immune system boosting out there is the scientific support behind many of the ingredients. We’ll discuss them one by one, and the science behind them.

1. Zinc

This is the main ingredient and a well-known immunity booster. Per lozenge, you’ll get an impressive 3.5 mg of zinc, which means a total daily dosage of 14mg!

This essential nutrient has an important role in supporting and developing your immune system.

The effects of zinc on the immune system have been thoroughly studied, and multiple studies back the efficiency of zinc to treat the common cold (1).

2. Vitamin C

The runner-up ingredient is vitamin C. With 2.5 mg per lozenge, totaling in 10 mg per day, Immune Defence contains enough to support your immune system in times of need.

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant in your body. It protects your cells from damage done by free radicals. It’s why studies widely support that vitamin C can help your body fight off a cold (2).

immune defence - 100% Money Back Guarantee

3. Vitamins A & E

These lozenges contain both Rosehip and Acerola as well, which in turn contain vitamins A and E.

Studies have linked both these vitamins with your immune system (3). They are believed to have a generally supportive role in maintaining a healthy and strong immune system.

Together, all the ingredients in this supplement form a powerful blend for immunity boosting, so we were really quite impressed by it.

Especially the fact that there’s so much scientific evidence around these ingredients that makes this supplement really stand out.

<< Go here for more information about Immune Defence’s ingredients >>

How Do You Take Immune Defence?

Ok, now we’ve thoroughly checked what’s exactly in the lozenges the next step in this Immune Defence review is to actually give them a try. So how does it work?

As mentioned, Immune Defence comes in the form of lozenges. You can take up to four of them per day.

To take one, you simply put the lozenge in your mouth and you suck on it until it’s been dissolved. You can do this every two hours if required, as long as you stick to the limit of four per day.

Immune Defence - Review For Adult

The fact that it comes as a lozenge means you don’t have to worry about swallowing pills, which we personally really like about this product.

On top of that, studies show that there are multiple advantages to lozenges compared to pills, such as increased bioavailability and reduced gastric irritation (4).

The lozenges have a sweet taste, making them pleasant to suck on. The only small downside is that there is currently only one flavour available (aniseed).

We hope that Immune Defence will add new flavours to their supplement range soon.

Prices And Where To Buy

Immune Defence is competitively priced with a 1 month supply only costing $44.95. The more you buy all at ones the more discount you receive:

  • 1 month = $44.95
  • 2 months + 1 month free = $79.95
  • 3 months + 2 months free = $119.95

Immune Defence pricing policy

The best place for you to buy Immune Defence is straight from their website:

<< Immune Defence Official Website >>

Pros And Cons

Looking at what we’ve seen so far in this Immune Defence review, the odds are certainly in their favour.

But, before we come to a final verdict, let’s sum up all the pros and cons of this immune system supporting supplement.

  • Pro: The ingredients are backed by multiple scientific studies

All ingredients – zinc and vitamins A, C, and E – have been linked to supporting the immune system.

This means there are no unnecessary ingredients in the supplement, so no fillers to bulk it out and no hidden ingredients that might potentially harm you.

The blend of ingredients can help you protect your immune system so it has more power to fight off viruses and bacteria.

On top of that, you can also take Immune Defence when you already have a cold to soothe your throat and help your immune system recover quicker.

  • Pro: It’s completely natural

The fact that there are no fillers and that all ingredients are 100% natural makes this supplement completely safe to use. As such, you don’t have to worry about any potential side effects.

  • Pro: It’s suitable for the whole family

Children, parents, and grandparents; vegetarians and vegans. With the only age restriction being children younger than 12, Immune Defence is a great product to support all your loved ones.

  • Pro: No pills or capsules to swallow

The benefit of lozenges is that you don’t have to swallow any pills or capsules, something which quite a lot of people tend to struggle with.

You simply suck on the sweet lozenge and as it slowly dissolves it will automatically start boosting your immune system. The best thing is, there are even scientific studies supporting lozenges in favour of standard pills and capsules.

  • Con: There is only one flavour to choose from

After reviewing Immune Defense we found only one con, and it’s really just a small one. Currently, the supplement only comes in one flavour (aniseed), which might not be everyone’s favorite.

This might put some people off when it comes to going for these lozenges. We hope that Immune Defence might add different flavours to its product line in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQs}

⌛ How long does it take to work?

The best way for you to take Immune Defence and get the most of it is by taking it continuously on a daily basis. This way, you will experience ongoing immune support. However, you can also take it when you are feeling signs of a common cold. It will help reduce the symptoms of the illness and speed up your recovery within the first 24 hours after taking it.

💊 Does Immune Defence have side effects?

No side effects have been reported from taking Immune Defence. Of course, you should always follow the directions and recommended dose as described on the label. Exceeding these recommendations might result in minor complications.

🤔 Who can use Immune Defence?

Anyone can take this supplement, as long as you are aged 12 years or over. Since it’s a natural supplement it is unlikely that it will interfere with any other medication you might be taking. Nevertheless, we do advise you to always check with your doctor first before taking this supplement.

🌱 Is Immune Defence vegan?

Yes, these supplements are completely natural and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

❓ Can I use it if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

As long as the recommended daily dose is not exceeded Immune Defence should be safe for pregnant women. The recommended maximum level of zinc per day that’s safe for pregnant women is 25 mg. Given that the maximum daily intake of Immune Defence per day contains 14 mg of zinc it should be safe for pregnant women. Nevertheless, we do advise you to always check with your doctor first before taking this supplement.

🧬 Does Immune Defence stop me from getting ill?

These supplements are designed to give your immune system extra support. By doing so, your body’s protective system will be stronger and more capable of preventing viruses from entering your body. As such, it may stop you from getting ill. Nevertheless, this does not mean Immune Defence is a form of medication or medicine. These supplements are purely formulated to give your immune system extra support.

🦠 Does Immune Defence protect me against the coronavirus?

Immune Defence is no form of medication or a cure to protect you from the coronavirus COVID-19. That said, the natural and healthy ingredients in the Immune Defence supplements are designed to support your immune system, which may provide it with extra support in fighting off viruses such as the coronavirus.

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Conclusion: Immune Defense Review 2022 Recap

And that wraps up our Immune Defence review.

We went through what the product is, what ingredients it contains, to what pros and cons there are to taking Immune Defence.

Our verdict is that this supplement is definitely a great solution for anyone who wants to give their immune system a boost.

The powerful ingredients in the lozenges give your immune system the support it needs, both as a preventive measure as well as helping you recover when you already have a cold.

On top of that, the competitive pricing makes it even more appealing, especially if you buy it as a family pack to receive a bigger discount.

Conclusion: Immune Defence is definitely one of the best supplements for your immune system out there!

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