Idol Lips Review 2022 : Is It Really Effective For Your Lips?

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  • It is efficient and 100% safe according to certified users.
  • It is affordable
  • It is safe and 100% legal
  • Easy to use
  • Provides hydration, moisturization
  • You can make your lips more beautiful
  • Your lips will look fuller and sexier
  • The product nourishes your lips to make them shiny and soft
  • Simple to apply, instantly effective
  • The formula can repair chapped lips


  • Only available for purchase online

Verdict: Santrinico Enterprises is the company that has constructed Idol Lips. This is a lip-plumping product which claims to assist its consumers in getting full and plumper lips.


Today I have featured Idol Lips Review. Women have been fascinated by Plump lips late, and getting immediate results with limited or no adverse reactions seems to be a priority for many.

Is it possible to get plumper lips in the comfort of your house? Well, Idol lips could be a possible solution to this question. Read Our In-Depth Idol Lips Review.

Bottom Line Up Front:

Not only will Idol Lips Lip Plumper help you achieve a luscious, full pout, but it will also keep your lips moisturized and healthy.


There’s no need for risky procedures or costly products: Instead, keep Idol Lips Lip Plumper in your purse for the pick-me-up that your lips desire.

You can have sexier fuller lips which can give more confidence and energy.

I highly recommended Idol Lips, check out now!!!

Idol Lips Review 2022 – Things You Need To Know

Idol Lips Review

Let us divulge the truth about Idol Lips in our Idol Lips Review and check if the facts stated by users on the internet are true and whether the results are effective and immediate.

About Idol Lips :

Santrinico Enterprises is the company that has constructed Idol Lips. This is a lip-plumping product that claims to assist its consumers in getting full and plumper lips.

The desire to have plump and luscious lips has to led an uproar in the cosmetic industry. Consumers are obsessed with their beauty, and lips are one of those features that define beauty.

Consumers are quite willing to try out innovative methods to enhance their lips and plump them up.

Get The Plump Lips You have always Wanted

Idol Lip makes use of the latest technology in its product and can boost one’s confidence.

Some Main Advantages Of Idol Lips?

1. Their formula can heal chapped lips:

Chapped lips make you look unattractive, but Idol Lips are a quick fix for that problem. This product can revitalize chapped lips and make them plump and beautiful again if you need a boost in your lip appearance.

2. It can hydrate your lips and help them retain moisture:

Hydration is an important part of the beauty of your lips, just like it is for your skin. Not only does this formula moisturize, but its ingredients also help to lock in that moisture for hours, allowing you to maintain your plump appearance for longer.

3. Your lips will appear fuller and sexier:

If your lips are nourished, they will express their gratitude by appearing sexier and fuller. Idol Lips contains a carefully crafted blend of vitamins and other nutrients to give your lips exactly what they require.

4. The product nourishes your lips, leaving them shiny and soft:

Softness is at the top of the list of desirable qualities for lips, followed by shine. You’ll get both with this formula, and the effect will last a long time thanks to the formula’s nourishing and protective properties.

Ingredients – What Goes Into The Creation Of Idol Lips

The formulation of Idol Lips has a lot of ingredients which are listed below:

1. Glycerin:

This is one such ingredient that is used in a lot of skin moisturizers. It helps draw water into the skin and makes the skin hydrated without leaving behind a greasy residue.

Glycerin also has humectants that lock the moisture into the skin, and this provides the required hydration and maintains the skin barrier.

2. Sweet Almond Oil:

It soothes the skin and mucous membrane and softens the broken skin as well.

3. Hydrogenated Polyisobutene:

This ingredient enables the skin to retain its moisture and protects it from losing water.

idol lips, idol lips reviews

4. Shea Butter:

Shea Butter has a high concentration of fatty acid that makes it a very effective moisturizer and contributes to its anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Propylene/ Styrene Copolymer/ Ethylene:

This ingredient can be found in a lot of cosmetics, and it is popular because it can create not just a gel-like consistency but can stabilize the formula as well.

Such ingredients can lead to allergic reactions, thereby leading to the swelling up of soft tissues, and this ingredient has been the reason behind fuller lips in a few consumers.

Don't Be Fooled By Immitations

6. Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba can unclog the hair follicles and smoothen the skin.

7. Candelilla:

This is a kind of wax that is procured from the Candelilla shrub leaves. It has binding as well as thickening properties due to which it is used a lot in the lotion and lip balm industry.

Idol Lips Reviews

8. Mango Oil:

It is a fat that is used to improve the ease of the spread of various moisturizing products.

9. Ozokerite Wax:

It is an exceptional blend of various hydrocarbon waxes, and it helps improve the viscosity and also in emulsion stability.

10. Squalene:

It is mainly used as a moisturizer and is in products created for dry, sensitive, oily, or acne-prone skin.

Other ingredients consist of caprylic glycol, phenoxyethanol, tribehenin, etc. 

“I love that I can get professional results at home without spending thousands at the dentist”
– Kim Kardashian

Get the Plump Lips You’ve Always Wanted!

Any woman who wishes to feel gorgeous has plumper lips on her wish list. Learn how Idol Lips can turn heads and instill the confidence of a Hollywood star in you.

The Idol Lips Plumper employs cutting-edge technology to plump, hydrate, and moisturize lips for a healthier, sexier appearance.

There isn’t a single lady on the earth who doesn’t desire large, sultry lips. The sheer amount of cosmetic operations performed each year demonstrates this!

We hunger after celebrities with a seductive pout, and we strive to replicate it by overdoing it with lipstick or even resorting to painful collagen injections. All of this is no longer necessary! With Idol Lips, you may rapidly give yourself larger lips.

How Do Idol Lips Work?

The adverts of Idol Lips claim that it makes use of the “latest technologies” which help hydrate, plump, and moisturize the lips.

This might last a few hours and would need reapplication. The ingredients are contributing factors that help in hydrating and moisturizing the lips, along with giving them an effective plump.


To know more about the product, it is better to study the ingredients that are being used in the product.

On seeing the idol lips before and after pictures, the effectiveness of the product is clear. 

Does It Have Any Side-Effects? 

It is vital to understand that Idol Lips makes use of the mechanisms of the body. The body might have to get accustomed to using the product before it normalizes.

When the body goes through a transformation, there can be a bit of aggravation which disappears later. 

Idol Lips Reviews

Is Idol Lips Safe?

This product resembles a conventional lip gloss, but in addition to nourishing the lips, it also temporarily expands them. It’s profoundly hydrating and will help keep your lips healthy, and it shouldn’t cause the agony that lip plumpers are known for.

According to the official website of Idol Lips, some users may notice a warm or tingling sensation, but it should not be unpleasant.

The plumper should also be applied between one and three times per day, but those who want a truly long-lasting impact will most likely have to apply it more frequently during the day.

Idol Lips is manufactured in the US, and the company behind it is Santrinico Enterprises, also known as Pacific Naturals. This company has released a large number of beauty products along with health supplements and homeopathic remedies, and most of them can be considered successful.

Idol Lips is far from a scam, and just like the other products, it seems to be working.

Don’t Be Fooled by Imitations!

There are a plethora of lip plumping products available on the market. The majority of them don’t work or have unpleasant side effects including burning, tingling, or drying out your lips.

Idol Lips, on the other hand, hydrates and nourish your lips to keep them looking gorgeous while also making them appear fuller and sexier. Don’t waste hundreds of dollars on ineffective items or thousands of dollars on painful cosmetic procedures.

Plastic surgery and injections are not only uncomfortable but also extremely dangerous! Furthermore, they must be done every few months to maintain your attractive pout, not to mention the fact that not all treatments are successful.

It’s possible that you’ll end up with a bigger problem than you started with. Idol Lips will give you lush, bigger lips that you can be proud of.

What Are The Advantages?

There are a lot of advantages of using Idol Lips:

  1. A doctor is not needed, nor do you need medical supplies.
  2. It makes use of natural ingredients.
  3. It can be purchased without any prescription.
  4. It is quite cheap.
  5. There are no delivery costs involved.
  6. It is easy to order the product.
  7. The product comes in neutral packaging.
  8. The product has positive results.

What Are The Disadvantages?

  1. The product is available in shops only.
  2. Patience is needed while you use this product.

Idol Lips Customer Reviews & User Testimonials:

 “I’ve used it 3 times a day every day since the day (>2 weeks ago) I received it and I’ve noticed no change at all in my lips” – Becky A
“I have been using Idol Lips for a couple of months now and it definitely works well. I can see a great change in my before and after photos as well as in my mirror. Thank you so much for this wonderful product.” – Barbara S
Idol Lips review
“I put it on and nothing happened, nothing at all. I tried several applications and still, nothing happened. Save your money.” – Elaine

FAQs : Idol Lips Review

👉 Are there any precautions to be followed when using Idol Lips?

The product cannot be used as a treatment, diagnosis, cure, or even the prevention of a disease or cannot be used as a prescription for any kind of medication. The product cannot be used by children who are below 18 years of age. The product has to be kept in a cool and dry place and away from direct heat or sunlight. Also, keep it away from children.

👉 What are the side-effects Of Idol Lips?

There are no side-effects mentioned. However, in the case of any complications in using the product, you must seek medical advice and discontinue using the product.

👉 What is the price of Idol Lips?

There has been an increase in the demand for the product, and the cost has been reducing on the purchase of a lot of these products. One bottle will cost about $49.95. When 2 Bottles are purchased, one bottle is given free of cost for $33.30 per bottle. When 3 Bottles are purchased, two bottles are provided free of cost at the price of $29.97 per bottle.

👉 What is the return policy of Idol Lips?

In case you are not happy with the product and the formula, it can be returned within 90 days. Any product that has been opened up and used cannot be returned.

👉 How should you use Idol Lips?

The manufacturer recommends that this product has to be applied at least 1-3 times a day. Firstly, the lips have to be dry and clean. Next, the applicator has to be used to apply a very thin layer of this product on the lips. You must ensure that the natural line must be maintained.

👉 Do Idol Lips give you a Free Trial?

The company does not offer a free trial currently. However, there are numerous deals offered by the manufacturer. Besides, when you purchase many packs of the product, you get the product at a lesser price, and you also get a bottle or two free of cost, based on the deal you purchase.

👉 Is it safe to use Idol Lips?

Yes, Idol Lips has natural as well as herbal-based ingredients, and this ensures the product is safe to use. However, you might experience some tingling sensation when you apply the product. The lips surface might have some redness as well. But this is quite normal.

👉 Does the product really work?

Yes, the best part about using Idol Lips is that it really works, as clear from the many positive Idol Lips Reviews.

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Conclusion: Idol Lips Review 2022

Irrespective of whether you watch television or are walking on a street, you would have observed the lips of other women, and at times you could get jealous when you notice how beautiful and soft their lips are.

Idol Lips make your lips soft, attractive and will make others envy you. The product can be applied easily and does not require any prescription.

It is clear from the Idol Lips Review that it has many benefits, and the right dosage ensures that the lips remain soft and plump for a specific amount of time.

The product, not just repairs chapped lips; it also enhances the plumpness and softness of your lips for a long time.

If you want a product that can effectively improve the appearance and plumpness of your lips, then Idol Lips is worth trying!

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  61. Love that I don’t have to worry about all the crazy ingredients. Love that it’s not drying like most other lip balms and moisturizers out there! 100% natural and organically sourced, Fabulous.

  62. It’s a no-brainer. Grab your very own jar of hydro-lipid goodness and slather it all over your lips to restore optimum hydration, get smoother skin texture, and diminish the effects of aging. I’ve been using this product for years! The jojoba oil makes my lips feel so much hydrated!

  63. I can’t say enough good things about the Idol Lips! My lips have always been dry and itchy, but now that I’ve been using this product my lips are soft and bright.

  64. I’ve been looking for a lip balm that doesn’t feel too greasy, or have an artificial flavour. This one is perfect! It’s equally as soothing as the Elizabeth Arden 8-hour lip treatment but without feeling too thick and uncomfortable on your mouth.

  65. This is life-changing. My lips are softer than they’ve ever been, finally! I swear that 10 minutes after applying this stuff my lips just seem to burst with the plumpest amount of color and shine possible. I wear it every day now!

  66. I would recognize the Idol lips anywhere, but it’s more than just a pretty face. Aside from reducing dryness, this peach-colored balm will nourish your lips with essential nutrients and protect them from oxidative stress and environmental damage.

  67. Idol Lips is the perfect addition to any makeup routine and one that you don’t want to miss out on. Add them in for an extra punch of color and a healthier looking pout.

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  71. The product wasn’t bad. I was expecting it to be more moisturizing, but it actually did give my lips a good amount of shine. There’s not much else to really say about this other than if you’re looking for some type of lip care product that will do what any expensive one does without being too pricey, then this one is worth the try.

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    Faster than you could order a pizza AND hotter than prom night’s after party at your boyfriend’s place, you’ll be glad you tried Idol Lips

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  83. I don’t need to use my lipstick anymore because I’ve been using this on a daily basis and keep my lips moisturized and plump. The formula is super easy to apply and all of the ingredients in it work towards fighting dry skin, while moisturizing your lips for hours that feel soft and hydrated after every use.

  84. Wearing velvet or matte? Spice up your lips with the new Idol Lips lip balm by JOY. It’s super moisturizing and makes it so both of these sexy makeup styles will last all night long.

  85. This is the best lip moisturizer I have ever tried. Literally, my lips are so dry it’s uncomfortable to talk or eat normal food that doesn’t require just shoving it in your mouth really fast because all of a sudden every part of your mouth will be burning. Plus, I got this for less than $10 AND it includes L’Oreal! You can’t beat that!

  86. “I can’t ever go a day without it – together with lip balm and highlighter, this product is the best!

    My lips feels so soft and plump. It’s really hydrating and I love that you only need such a little bit to cover your whole mouth.”

  87. I’ve been a longtime avid user of Idol Lips. The formula not only acts as a moisturizer, but locks in moisture for hours to keep my lips from becoming dry and chapped throughout the day.

  88. All the hype is true, this product works. I pulled out a tube of Idol Lips from my purse at dinner with friends because my lips were so chapped and it seemed to be the only thing that might do the trick. Now, two hours later, I’ve got full-on soft and supple cushions for days! And your peeps won’t even notice you deceived them into thinking you’re wearing lipstick. Thanks again, Idol Lips!!!

  89. I’ve never tried anything like Idol Lips before, so I thought it would be nice to experience. Turns out, my unruly lips are now smoother and more kissable after only a week of use! The tingling sensation is still there but it has slowly disappeared from my senses. In addition, this product makes me feel self-assured because the results don’t disappear almost instantly – they last for quite some time!

  90. I used this for the first time and it didn’t really work. My lips seemed to get more chapped than before, and I still felt them tingling after 20 minutes of waiting. They’re also pinker now than they were before! It might just be me: my sister uses Listerine all the time without any side-effects at all. What gives?

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  93. I’ve always been skeptical of products like this, but I decided to test it out. Boy, am I glad I did! No stingy sensation or burning (hurts your lips way too much for something that doesn’t do anything,) perfect amount of time needed before you eat or drink anything afterward so EVERYONE can see just how beautiful you are without ugly lines in your lipstick wear.

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  96. These collagen lip masks are seriously worth their weight in gold. I needed that extra pop for my picture day, and these felt like heaven when they hit my lips.

  97. I love that I can slather on this product to help give me shape-shifting pouty lips without the sensitivity issues you have with other lip plumpers. And honestly, instead of being wary of sucking it in for a selfie or meeting someone new at the bar, my confidence went up after applying Idol Lips because suddenly I felt like Beyonce and had her fierce attitude.

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  101. I can not believe how much my lips have changed since I started to use Idol Lips. Before, they were constantly dry and cracked all the time but now I barely need lip balm anymore! The ingredients in this product are phenomenal for bringing back moisture and boost of hydration to dry or chapped lips. It also really brings out your natural color which is an added bonus.

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  103. I’ve been using Idol Lips for a little over two years and am so glad I finally invested in them. They come with three different shades of soft, smooth cream that all work perfectly to give the perfect pout every time. Whether you want something that makes your lips look juicy or just need a bit more coverage, this product offers it all! Alongside the lipstick itself, this kit also includes primer and applicator (both really easy to put on), and best of all: they’re water proof!

  104. Okay, this is probably the best lipstick ever. It’s not really a feeling I could possibly put into words how much love and happiness Idol Lips has brought me. It stretches to fit your lips perfectly like a glove because there are lots of different sizes! The texture is very comfortable and doesn’t flake off anywhere – even on my cupid bow (I was nervous at first but it’s totally okay)! Plus, the color lasts for hours without fading or smudging around or running down my face if that happens to you sometimes 😉

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  119. Before trying Idol Lips for the first time, I was skeptical. After all, how could this product just work? It’s not like my lips are magically transforming themselves right before my eyes or anything. Nope! So I bought myself one of these babies and did some research on YouTube to see what people had to say about it. Needless-to-say, they were blown away by the results too – after using Idol Lips twice a day for 10 days, their lips became noticeably plumper and more hydrated than ever before. The best part is that once you get plump pouty lips you can stop use if you want – your girl will never go back to her original “less full” look because she’s got A+

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  123. This stuff is great for an extra pop of volume in case you’re going for a “natural red” or “neutral lipstick” makeup look. It’s rather pricey, but it DOES work! And if you want to win someone over with your pouty lips, this product will get them every time 😉

  124. I bought this product just for kicks, and I have to say that it truly is an awesome product. While there was a little tightening feeling when I first applied the lip plumper, within 5 minutes my lips felt bigger and fuller than they have in years! These results after just one time really blew me away – having been disappointed by every other lip plumper out there! The Idol Lips gel even has SPF 30. This leaves your lips softer to the touch with increased blood flow which leads to less lines or wrinkles on your face. Needless to say, try these babies today like I did last night before you miss the boat!”

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  128. I have been hooked on this product for a few years now, and I won’t pile on any other lip balms because of it. One application every morning at work is all you need before going out to your daily business, or else wait until lunchtime. Four hours later my liquid lipstick is still sitting there fresh faced – while the rest of me definitely needs some TLC. It leaves a healthy sheen that gives lips just enough color to compliment makeup without being too sharp edged or glossy which can actually wrinkle the skin around the mouth from over use. Thanks for providing idol lips review

  129. Honestly, I didn’t expect much from Idol Lips, seeing as it’s just candelilla and mango oil. And while that may be the only ingredients; the packaging is cute with pink on one side of the tube and blue on the other! Not to mention how convenient not having to carry around a tiny pot of lip balm has become for me. Idol Lips made my dry winter lips feel smooth if only temporarily; but what I liked most was getting compliments on my new color— even though I don’t really need lipstick or lip gloss right now.”

  130. I’ve never had a lip gloss that lasted for more than an hour before it wore off and left my lips chapped and irritated. Idol Lips solved all of the problems I dealt with by staying on and forming a protective layer over my skin and giving me super plump, kissable lips! The best part? This product uses mango oil to make application easy right out of the tube, no need to apply lipstick on top. I’ve been using this instead of lipstick for months now- it’s hands down the only thing I put on my body besides deodorant (which is really all we need). My mother always trusted Victoria Secret products while she was alive, but ever since her death several years ago, they don’t hold their promises

  131. This all natural lip shine is perfect for adding a spicy zing to your pout. Created with jojoba wax, candelilla wax, cocoa butter, mango oil and peppermint extract- this lip gloss has just the right amount of glamour. Long lasting and addictingly tasty, Idol Lips will make you feel like an idol!

  132. I saw some girls on my softball team use this while out for our game and they looked so amazing, even in the harsh sun. So I had to get one! I can’t believe that’s how smooth it made my lips without looking like they were an obvious lip gloss. And then it just makes me look 10x hotter all day long. The best part is there are no weird taste or anything with this product – but if you want a fun flavor, check out their other versions too!

  133. My name is Tara and I’m full of energy: like most people, I often need a little boost. Having thicker and fuller lips really helps with my confidence when talking to others, especially when it comes to dealing with clients in the office! The Idol Lips range claims that it will leave you feeling refreshed and radiant- so I was attracted by this marketing. After trying this for two weeks straight though, my lips feel dry at times and very sticky on occasion- granted these aren’t strong side effects but they’re still noticeable enough not to want them in your life permanently. My boyfriend always says that no matter what lipstick shade or lip balm brand we try: only one thing will make me feel more comfortable than anything

  134. I’m not exactly sure what the point is to these plumpers. I found myself squeezing my lips together for no reason at all and then dealing with the feeling on my skin afterwards, which wasn’t that pleasant.

  135. I’m in love with this lip plumper, it doesn’t make my lips dry at all. It is gentle for regular use but if you are sensitive to scents they will start to bother you after a while of using it. But that’s not what I bought the product for anyways so I really don’t mind.

  136. I have been using IDOL Lips for 2 weeks now and I love it! While you do feel a tingling sensation on your mouth, it’s not overpowering. You might experience a little irritation to the skin of your mouth but that is fairly normal for products like these. The one time my lips felt really dry was after really chapping them with chapstick beforehand. We all know how much lipsticks make our lipstick last longer or offer a natural sheen to our lips, producing a youthful glow. But what if we found out there were other ways to make those babies pop? IDOL Lips has something creative up their sleeves- literally.

  137. When I first saw this product, I was skeptical because it looked harsh and painful. It came in a metal tube with rough edges that looked like they were made to cause irritation. The moment I opened the lip plumper for the first time, I found that it had an unusual but nice flavor to it – not too powerful or sweet tasting. When applied (don’t overdo this part by the way!) my lips became very sensitive and felt like something biting them, but after about 5 minutes everything stopped stinging and started working! My lips literally went through some crazy shape shifting phases while using this lip plumper… But did anything happen? Well yeah!!! They became full (just what girls want), pouty (my personal favorite), juicy, Thanks for providing idol lips review

  138. Going for an afternoon coffee run is all well and good to meet up with friends, but it can be quite frustrating when you are unaware to the fact that your lip color has reverted back into its original state. Let me tell you I’ve been there, it’s hard enough climbing out of bed to get ready for work let alone remembering everything else on top of our makeup. I discovered this amazing little creation so my mornings will never have to worry about my lips ever getting any less hydrated or not being refreshed again after a long night at the bar. I felt so much more confident walking around without having to worry about whether people were catching on because my bright lipstick was starting peeling off from being over worn throughout the evening before

  139. Perfectly pouty lips? Yes please. That is, until you reach for your chapstick and realize it’s been tossed to the bottom of your purse – but not anymore! The Idol Lips lip plumper will keep those soft and curvy lips ready and looking good. It also won’t cost a fortune so you can buy more than one tube at a time.

  140. I love this lip balm so much! I use it every night before bed and the next morning my lips feel plump, hydrated, and soft. My lipstick applies more evenly too! I used to only apply chapstick once a day before work, but now that I am using Idol Lips all throughout the day for an extra moisture boost on dry spots like my cuticles or just some tucking around my mouth when needed. It leaves a nice glossy sheen that doesn’t migrate into other areas of your face as mattifying lipsticks do.

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  141. I was hesitant to buy this product when I saw it, but it has actually worked wonders for my lips. They’ve never been so soft in all the years they have existed!

  142. THIS STUFF WORKS! I have been using Idols Lips for a few weeks now and can’t believe how much my lips have changed. They are fuller, smoother, and so moisturized- it’s incredible. I feel more confident every day with a natural color to my lips because of this stuff. Don’t wait any longer & order here- you won’t regret it!

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