How To Get Laid in Columbia in 2022? Find The Best Solution

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Columbia may not be the best city to get laid in, but it is also not is the worst. The main reason why Columbia is considered to be great with getting sex Is that the women there are very sexy. We all boys dream about banging hot women, don’t we?

These are precisely the kind of women men want. Tall, dusky, hot, sexy features, knows their way around men, intelligent, and not too easy to get. Although it may be hard to get laid in Columbia, here we tell you some of the best tips to help you get laid in Columbia.

I can guarantee you, using these tips, you will score a scorching chick of your dreams and would love to spend time with her.

How To Get Laid in Columbia

Columbian Chicks

Many claims that the country’s boom in tourists has destroyed everything when it comes to having sex with Colombian women. Colombian culture is mostly Spanish-colonized and, as a result, influences Colombian natives with Catholic approaches; it’s no secret that Christianity is permissive concerning sexual behaviors.

Though Colombians like having sex, approaching a woman is a challenging task, flakiness is possible if you plan a date night with a Colombian female online. Only one woman will attend a dating night. Flaking is a global problem, not a personal one. Managing out on the first date is less likely to cause flakiness.

Typically Colombian women you may meet may be involved or entertaining numerous gringos with free drinks and food. This is the lives of Colombian females.

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Don’t fall in love until you are sure it won’t lead to misery since Colombians are known across South America as the most okay liars. If your life’s mission is sex, Colombia may be a top-notch country in Latin America.

The Colombian females are easygoing, and if they like you, you will be gifted with Colombian pussy.

How Do Columbian Girls Look?

Every nation has both beautiful ladies and less attractive ladies. A little, but not too much. Colombian women would rather be fit and financially well-off. Some say that even surgery is involved. Columbia is said to have many gorgeous ladies on the continent.

Overall, the number of sexy ladies who will give you a hard-on is outstanding throughout the nation. Each lady is equal to or greater than Shakira in Colombia; chances for you of fucking a Latin American lady are more significant than in other national regions.

Brazilian and Panamanian women are simpler to bed than Peruvian and Mexican women.

The Attitude of Columbian Chicks

Socio-economic factors have led to a lot of gender discrimination for Colombian women. Colombian women have an attractive attractiveness and an assertive attitude towards family values.

However, Colombian females prefer to marry affluent, bald foreigners for financial reasons that they lack in Colombia. The Colombian ladies triumph when they are compared to ladies of other nations.

Colombian ladies are lovely. But they’re more than just lovely faces. They prepare beautiful dishes at home. They have an eclectic variety of sentiments, including support, resentment, understanding, compassion, passion, jealousy, tenderness, intelligence, etc.

Women from Colombia are sensible and well-suited to handling concerns because they have survived some very tough circumstances. 

How To Get Laid in Columbia - chat with beautifull hot girls


Best Tips To Get Laid in Columbia

There are many attractive women around the globe, and many guys go to foreign countries to find them and get laid.

This makes Colombia a trendy place for gorgeous ladies all around the globe. Although there is an abundance of websites dedicated to Colombian dating women, this essay will dedicate more attention to today’s game. Okay, let’s begin. What are some of the finest day game strategies for finding sex in Colombia? Here they are – 

Instadates Work:

Certain instadates function in some places and don’t in others. Instant dates are hard to get by where I’m from. Maybe they’re visiting relatives, or they may have to return to their employment.

Hooking up in Cancun is all about random hookups. Instant dating is more of a possibility in Colombia. This is because Colombian women, particularly younger ones, have a lot of nothing going on in their life.

Remember that Colombian women tend to complete college longer and are less likely to begin working as rapidly. Even the younger cohort still lives with their spouses until their mid-twenties, which means there’s less pressure to be at work.

In conclusion, Colombian ladies are available for a quick hookup on the street.

Visit local universities:

Lastly, local institutions provide another excellent day game in Colombia. These are your two alternatives. First, universities have open campuses. You may approach ladies in these locations and chat with no issues.

First, you will need confirmation that you study on campus to get entry. But the costs to study abroad are far lower than in the US, mainly if you are a foreigner.

Sign up for a Spanish lesson and gain access to other private institutions with hot Colombian ladies who can also be approached. Within those parameters, women at the more private institutions are often more open to approach and open to foreigners in general.

Dress nicer:

The Colombian ladies like a well-dressed guy. No flip-flops or shorts would be acceptable down here. You should dress for the weather and also look beautiful on a guy. For example, it is pretty hot at Barranquilla or on the Caribbean Coast.

In Colombia, it’s boiling; thus, lighter clothes are required. In other places in Colombia, such as in Bogota, Medellin, or Pereira, the wind may be as strong as, but not as hot as, Barranquilla.

You can wear more excellent clothing in cities that are colder.


I’ve found Colombian ladies to be quite passionate and adore flirting. Since you do well with ladies, flirting is a good idea. You should know some Spanish to at least a conversational level to pull this off successfully. But it will repel them if you go overboard.

Like women elsewhere, Colombian women are kind, caring, and generous. She will see you as desperate. Flirting, but nothing substantial. - profile quality

For What Reason?:

Additionally, Colombian ladies often inquire, “What are you doing in Colombia?” Following all, tourism in Latin America remains underappreciated; thus, they may ask why you choose Colombia to visit.

As for living and working in Colombia, you should remark that you genuinely appreciate the culture. That lends the appearance that you are more engaged in the nation and that you are a long-term deal. She will be interested in you more if you keep her curious about you.

When are you leaving?:

You should know how to answer a Colombian woman’s inquiry before approaching her. Women in Colombia will often inquire how long you’re here. If you merely specify how long you’ll be here, you’re undermining your image of long-term commitment.

Additionally, she may think you’re a sex tourist in Medellin. So state that you are here for at least a couple of months

Visit Non-touristy locations:

While visiting the main towns of Colombia like Medellin, Bogota, and Cartagena, it’s occasionally a good idea to explore shopping malls, parks, and other non-tourist locations.

Zone’s international tourists never go to Another contributing factor is that your international worth is significantly greater in those locations. They’ll be wondering, “Why is he in this area?” Research the site before you go, however.

Make sure it’s safe, and you’ll be okay. Also, this method works if you play a day game in Medellin.

In less touristic regions of Medellin, women are more accepting of outsiders and more welcoming to your approach.

Pay attention to Area Codes:

When adding ladies to your phone, remember to include area codes. Sometimes while using Whatsapp, I can’t locate ladies on Whatsapp since I did not provide an area code. When your phone is American, and you have an American phone number. 

Add her area code in front of the phone number she provides you. In addition, you may also provide her your phone number. Women in Colombia find me on Whatsapp more often than I can while attempting to locate them.

Get WhatsApp:

Doing day games in Colombia to accumulate numbers necessitates using Whatsapp. WhatsApp is just an app that allows you to chat with ladies. As long as you have Wifi, you may text for free.

Also, you may exchange images and perform video conversations, which allows you to become closer with your contacts. Only ask for her phone number if you plan on using Whatsapp to gather numbers.

As we just said, do not ask for phone numbers. Walk confidently with your phone in hand and make arrangements with her later that day or next week.

The direct game does better:

Here, utilize more direct game approaching women. In my experience, straightforward approaches are much valued. Like Bangkok girls, Colombian ladies esteem a bold enough guy to approach a lady on the street.

The indirect game doesn’t seem to function very well with the day game. In my experience, that day game is a more significant turn-on for women than the evening game.

Speaking in Spanish will look better:

Harsh, but accurate. Do you know any Spanish words? Naturally, if you want to sleep with Colombian women often and play day games, you’ll need to speak Spanish well. It isn’t difficult—you can learn it in six months.

We’re not ideal Spanish speakers, but you should be able to chat. Get a textbook and devote time to speaking and listening. If you’re not Spanish-speaking, you’re significantly limiting your choices.

First, she was surprised that you only knew a few of her languages when you showed her here. Secondly, “gringo hunters” and girls from private schools are the only women you may pursue. Some chicks seem to be more self-centered.

It is critical to succeeding in dating if you know Spanish. Having the ability to speak Spanish means she views you as much more clever.

The “Do you Speak English” Opener:

This is done by foreigners the most in Medellin. Foreigners in Ukraine also utilize it when they want to have sex. You start with “Do you speak English?” and everything else follows from there.

I do not advocate this since it is already overused in Medellin. Certain ladies in cities like Cartagena and Bogota know about it. However, in rural areas, this technique works better due to fewer visitors.

How To Get Laid in Columbia - chat with hot girls

Be Mindful of the Size of City:

When you are in Colombia, cities seem smaller than they are. It will feel like a city of maybe 100,000 to 200,000 people in cities like these. The city seems much smaller, with about 30,000 to 50,000 inhabitants.

So what? A city is not very large. Thus everyone is on foot. So when you go on dates in Popayan, you should be aware. Many numbers and bang Colombian females don’t raise eyebrows in places like Barranquilla or Bogota.

You will stand out in Popayán since the news will spread, and ladies you’ve previously met will notice you with other ladies easier.

Day game is more successful in larger cities:

wouldn’t do much day gaming in a Colombian city with fewer than 200,000 people like Valledupar, Santa Marta, Villavicencio, Bucaramanga, Soacha, Ibague, Solebad, Cucuta, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Cali, Medellin, and may be Bogota.

Concerning how many women you approach and date, anything smaller requires more caution

Get the best results for your travel by going outside of Medellin:

Many of the males I know who have flown to Colombia head to Medellin to meet Colombian ladies. This is the problem: Medellin is overhyped as a foreign destination.

Most Colombian females in Medellin believe you are a sex tourist since you are a foreigner in Medellin. It’s been observed time and time — people come to Medellin to have sex and then go.

In other places, the stereotype isn’t as prominent. Also, bear in mind that Medellin has many gorgeous ladies, especially those from Cali and Pereira.

Be Near a Shopping Mall:

You will have to realize that many Colombian cities function around the retail malls in the communities. For example, I would meet women to go on dates virtually every time I was in Barranquilla.Like in Pereira and Bogota.

Many Colombian ladies like to begin their date in a shopping center. There are security guards and lots of people present. Better overall. Additionally, you may take your wife to places near a shopping center, such as a neighboring café or park.

A lot of them accomplish nothing. Nothing, except shopping. So they may choose to visit a shopping center because. Work your day game near the shopping mall and take advantage of it!

In essence, the day game may be a fantastic experience in Colombia since the ladies are open to approaches from foreigners here. Just be sure to dress nicely and know some Spanish, and it will be easier to have sex in Colombia.

How to get a Colombian Girlfriend?

Here are some tips –

Think Outside of the Box:

Being different from other men on the Colombian dating scene is one of the most acceptable ways to set yourself apart. Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and parks are what most guys recommend when asking a woman out. Instead, make your dating adventures more enjoyable and exciting. Hiking in the jungle, dancing at a carnival, or checking out a museum or art gallery is sure to pique her attention.

chat with hot girls in best - asian dating site- How To Get Laid in Columbia

Be Warm:

Colombians are warm, sensual, and loving people. Smile when strolling past the woman you like. Keep things going by experimenting, such as by stroking her shoulder or leg, caressing her, or embracing her if it’s freezing outside. In any case, she’ll value your kind actions.

Play the Game:

Getting females is hard in Colombia. In Machista society, it is customary for males to be forthright when communicating their needs. Colombian females are praised all the time. If you approach her, she will not respond since she’s accustomed to males approaching her. To persuade a Colombian lady to go out with you, frame it as a numbers game. Get a lot of numbers by approaching as many females as you can.

You Should Learn Spanish:

Colombia recognizes Spanish as its official language. To talk to the females, you will need to become conversational in the language. Girls appreciate you attempting even if you learn only a few phrases and words. They won’t know much English.

Is it easy to get girls in Columbia?

I believe Colombian women are easy. This is best shown by comparing nations. It isn’t easy to date Peruvian ladies. Connecting with Panamanian and Brazilian ladies is easy. They are equal to Mexican ladies in terms of ease.

Colombians tend to see sex as a healthy and enjoyable activity. When compared to other nations, Colombia has more minor issues with flakiness. If you’re meeting women online, 1 in 3 will appear on your date appointment time. I’m not sure why it’s so much worse here, but that’s simply the way it is.

However, flakiness is reduced if you can snag them on their first date. To prevent this, plan dates ahead of time. It’s not you! When it comes to you, it is more of a cultural problem.

The second problem with Colombian women is their inclination to be manipulative. Many single women have partners. Gringos will be playing various characters for free beers and food.

How To Get Laid in Columbia - dating app

In my opinion, Colombian females flake because they’ve arranged prior arrangements with other men. Be careful; they are experienced spotters. They’ve played this their entire lives, and they can do it well.

You are sure to get scammed at least once if you go to Colombia. She is the girl who prepares and cleans for you? Watch out. Everything is not as it seems.

Colombia is one of the most incredible places in Latin America if you’re just searching for fun and seeking a serious partner. If you’re just here for a two-week excursion, you’ll be able to escape their web of falsehoods.

Easy-going, loving, and feminine. They won’t hold their vaginas hostage if they like you.

How do you get a Colombian woman to fall in love with you?

There is no use in even trying to have a first date if you aren’t sure how to act in person. Don’t fail. Read these suggestions.

Stop mundane discussions about culture:

To bring your Colombian girl, talk about how her customs are vibrant and ask to share more details. Each date, she hears it. Ask about her ideas on relationships; chat about psychology; explain the last item you made and how you failed. The conversation may go for a long time, primarily if it’s based on minor, light-hearted subjects.

Pay the bill:

Even if you ask her if she wants to share the cost, there will be no second date with her. Prove you’re generous, and you’re not a thief.

Flowers are important: 

Or another kind but a straightforward gesture to show you care. When Colombian brides see you, they want you to dominate them. She wants to melt in solid hands and relax when she first sees a guy Fail this test.

Dont try to speak in a Spanish Accent, be original:

She will never find you impressive. Is it possible that there have been others who have done this before you? Be unique! Ask your business partner for aid. Do not even mention this issue! This is far better than talking about the same movies with every other man.

Don’t be shy: 

Gazing at the Colombian woman in the corner won’t help; she will likely report you to the authorities. Though all of them seem confident and superior, you’ll learn just how simple communicating is with her. They are pretty welcoming to new people, particularly when they believe you Fake it ’til you make it.

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Hooking Up Online with Columbian Hot Chicks

It is not uncommon to discover hookup females in Colombia online these days. Laid in Latin America through online dating is the most acceptable option. However, keep in mind that Colombian women are not likely to indicate they are up for a hookup.

Almost many of them say that they search for buddies when they speak to you online. That’s not what you’re searching for. When you’re sexual, you merely frighten away the females. The right approach is charm, genuine appeal, and good humor.

Several hookup apps and services are available in Colombia to get laid. Take a look:


Tinder is, as a rule, never incorrect. The app is a great place to meet gorgeous Colombian women who want to hook up a massive hit in Colombia. Apps that can also help are Also actual Bumble, Happn, and Badoo.


Only Colombian ladies can be found on this site. It’s ideal for males looking for easy hookups. It includes a comprehensive search function that makes it simple to find nearby females. To facilitate finding gorgeous Colombian girls, you should use as many parameters as possible.


This site is relatively popular in Latin America, with over three million subscribers. Your dating alternatives will be many if you join this service. A laid-back hookup is available in those countries, naturally.

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FAQs | How To Get Laid in Columbia

💘The city in Colombia with the hottest girls?

Cali is considered to be the city where most hot women of Columbia reside. However, it Is a lot easier to get hooked up in Bogota than in Cali.

💜What are guys likely to get laid with Colombian girls?

It is relatively uncommon for foreigners to date in Colombia. Colombian women are open to dating, but success with them will rely on several variables, including your attitude, communication skills, and physical appearance. Guys who are aware of the circumstance will before approaching any female throughout the world, which goes with Colombian ladies. What is the best chance? Treating a Colombian lady with respect. If you do not, she will notice. Approach with confidence and preparation. He prefers males who respect ladies and who look decent. As tourists, they don't have to worry about tomorrow. They like guys who treat them well and pay their expenses.

😘What is the Personality of Colombian Girls?

Very passionate. The most apparent feature of a Colombian lady is her passion. She loves with all her heart. She will offer you love in any conceivable manner she knows, and she's always honest when it comes to love. They are very passionate about sex and crave forsooth and rough fucks all the time.

💕How to Meet Colombian Girls?

There are many ways you can meet and bang Columbian hot chicks. The best-suggested method by us is online dating. Or either you can please a girl in or near a shopping mall, or you can go for paid sex.

💁‍♀️The most livable city in Colombia?

The most livable city would be Bogota. Medellin also gives a high competition to Bogota in terms of getting sex from hot chicks.

❤️The best city to get laid in Colombia if you don't speak Spanish?

If you don't speak Spanish, it is a little harder to have sex with a Columbian girl. However, you can try big cities like Medellin and Bogota.

🤷‍♀️How easy is it to have a casual hookup with a Colombian girl?

A quick lay with a Colombian girl is simple. For a Colombian female, having a wonderful time with a nice and attractive gentleman from the United States, Europe, Australia, or Canada is no big deal. It will take you less than an hour to make out with a Colombian lady if you do it correctly. Sexing up to impress Colombians is easy; all you need is looks, generosity, and a decent personality.

😍Where to meet Colombian Women (the best cities!)?

Here is the list of the bestcities you can visit for getting sex in Columbia – Cali Pereira Barranquilla Manizales Medellin Bogota Bucaramanga

💓How hot are Colombian Women?

Hot. They would blow your mind the moment you see them. Go to some nice place in a lovely city, and you will see sexy women in their fucking hot and revealing clothes that will make you hard in seconds.

🤔How can I impress a Colombian?

The best way is to know about their culture, food, religion, etc. It would significantly help if you know Spanish, and if you don't, you will have a hard time. You will have to patient and confident about this.

💞How to get laid in Colombia?

Be confident to approach, learn a little Spanish and be at the right place. The way you approach is significant and the way you play the game. Don't give up; you will get rejected a lot; even if the girl likes you, she won't fuck you because of the social norms. Keep trying and read the article above, which has 15 tips you should know to get laid in Columbia.

Conclusion | How To Get Laid in Columbia 2022

Columbia Is neither the best nor the most accessible place to get laid in. There are many more places like Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, Russia, etc., where you can get laid easily with sexy women.

However, men crave Columbian women, and there are many reasons for this already mentioned in detail in this article. Even though it is hard to get laid in Columbia, they have pretty good sex tourism.

The reason is their women, of course, and the best part is that men love women who are hard to get. Being a man has this ever occurred to you that you saw a very hot girl with sexy features and found her very attractive and out of your league as well.

Even though she was way out of your league, you decided to go up to her, talked to her, and confidently been with her. You later started dating her or probably got laid (which I would prefer).

After you got here, you almost got bored of her, and you ended things soon, even though she was the hottest girl you have ever been with. The reason for this is because men like to chase down women.

They like the feeling of trying on girls, and when they get the prize, they simply don’t enjoy them anymore because the path to the prize was more pleasing than the actual prize. So, they continue their hunt.

Columbian women are exactly for men like these. They are intelligent, sexy, hot, and look for severe comfortable relationships (not marriage). These women want some good time, and they know sex is an essential part of getting a good time for both of them.

So, men like these and me, instead of trying to get laid with hookers, look for women who are smart and do not sleep with people on the first try. Instead, men go on dates, make them feel loved, and then bang them hard.

Later, they find someone else. This is how the sex game is played and must be played.

However, not all men are like this, which is not precisely meant to be achieved by every man. Such men can go on dating websites, hookers, etc., to get laid. They are beautiful women, and you must at least fuck 3 Columbian women before you leave the place. Enjoy fucking!.

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Verdict: I believe Colombian women are easy. This is best shown by comparing nations. It isn't easy to date Peruvian ladies. Connecting with Panamanian and Brazilian ladies is easy. They are equal to Mexican ladies in terms of ease.

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