How To Buy Face Masks In Malaysia 2022 {Our Top Expert Pick}

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Today we have featured How To Buy Face Masks In Malaysia 2022, When you wear a face mask, it does not mean that you will not fall sick or you will not be affected by the virus.

You must know that viruses can transmit through your eyes. Also, tiny viral particles, called aerosols, can pass through the masks.

However, these masks are pretty effective in capturing the droplets, which is the main route of transmission of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

How To Buy Face Masks In Malaysia

A few studies have come up with an estimate that some studies have estimated that the masks give fivefold protection against not using any protection at all.

Total there have been 673 cases in Malaysia, so prevention is better than cure and wearing face masks gives you prevention against it.

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In case, you are most probably going to be in close contact with a person who is infected, wearing a mask reduces the chances of the spread of the disease.

In case you have symptoms of the coronavirus, or you are diagnosed with it, you can safeguard others by wearing a mask.

This makes a mask important for social care as well as health care workers who take care of patients.

Even family members who are taking care of anyone who is ill must use a mask.

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Tips On How To Wear A Mask: How To Buy Face Masks In Malaysia 2022

  1. Clean your hands using soap and water or a hand rub that is alcohol-based before you put on the mask.
  2. Ensure that the mask covers your nose and mouth and there are no gaps in between.
  3. Make sure you do not touch the mask when you use it, and in case you do, clean your hands as mentioned earlier.
  4. In case the mask gets damp, replace it. Make sure the single-use masks are not reused.
  5. The mask has to be removed from the back. Make sure you don’t touch the front. Discard the mask immediately into a closed bin.
  6. Clean your hands using the alcohol-based hand rub or even soap and water.
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