House Of Brides Review With Coupons Code 2022 : Get 80% Off

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Traditionally, the purchase of bridal dresses takes place in a physical wedding dress business. Grab 80% Off On House Of Brides Coupons, more offers in this article.

But in the last decade, many modern brides have been confident enough to break the tradition and enjoy the comfort of buying their wedding dress online!

Although buying a wedding dress online can be easier and much cheaper, you need to know a lot before you start.

But do not worry, I’ve done a lot of research and used expert advice to buy a wedding dress online.

And everything is there for you to be able to conveniently purchase the wedding dress of your dreams, From House of Brides, from home without being falsified.

House of Brides Review

House Of Brides Review

House of Brides is an authorized retailer of authentic branded wedding dresses, including bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, maternity dresses, bridesmaid dresses, evening dresses, oversized dresses, and more.

House of Brides also offers lingerie, shoes, bags, headdresses, veils, children’s clothing, and wedding accessories. House of Brides has been in business for over 87 years since opening its first store in 1929 in Cicero, Illinois.

Today, it has 10 full-service wedding salons in the Chicago area and a retail department dedicated to www., your global website for customers around the world. is the largest and most active web retailer of authentic designer wedding dresses at incredible prices with up to 80% off retail prices!

The website, with more than 50,000 products in operation since 2001, relies on a full team of phone orders, customer service representatives, and live sales representatives who assist their customers 7 days a week.

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Why You Should Consider Buying a Wedding Dress Online?

  • Buying a Wedding Dress Online is Cost-Effective

The main draw to buy a wedding dress online is the amount you save. You can buy a legitimate designer wedding dress and save between 40% and 50% compared to what you would pay in a retail store.

When you shop online, you do not physically go through a store, resulting in many overheads.

Shops have to pay rent, their employees, utilities, and taxes. In fact, in the end, you pay a lot for shopkeepers because they tend to increase their clothing prices to stay afloat, let alone make a profit.

  • It is Convenient

Think about it: When you shop online, you are sitting on your couch. You must not travel anywhere in search of the perfect style. So, think about how much you can save on fuel costs and wear out your car.

I can also tell you from experience that you will have many more options online. If you go to a wedding shop, they have a good selection of dresses, but they may not have the dress of your dreams.

So, you might have to go from shop to shop to find “one”. When you shop online, you have a much wider selection of dresses in one place.

Where can I buy an authentic wedding dress online?

You now have a better idea of ​​the benefits of shopping online, but I want to tell you that you have to be very careful where you go shopping, as there are many crooks.

The problem is that although some people make you believe that every online wedding shop is a scam, it is not. There are legitimate ones there. However, the removal of rotten apples can be difficult.

House of Brides Review - authentic wedding dress

When you search for bridal gowns online, all the places you are in seem to be fine. But some are much better than others. It is important to read the opinions of consumers on every website you visit.

A customer who has been cheated will certainly post something negative. So, be careful. One of the biggest scams brides spend is paying a fortune for a dress that they refer to on the website as a “designer.”

This is nothing else than the picture posted online.

You should never buy a site that you have never heard of or that does not appear in any of the major magazines. Never buy anywhere where there is no return!

Never buy online from a vendor who does not have enough information on your site, such as your contact information, or who has no customer service!

The following page is legitimate to stop compulsory business when you search the Internet for the dress of your dreams.

About House of Brides 

House of Brides has a great site, with stylists to help you find the dress of your dreams. Your stylists will gladly advise you on style and size, on safety, on the perfect accessories for your dress, or even for a second opinion.

This is a very well organized website that explains everything about ordering online and understanding your policies. They wear gorgeous authentic dresses from top designers.

House of Brides Review - House of Brides

And they have physical stores in 16 major cities in the United States.

So, you can personally try the dress before you buy it online. Oh, and another thing I like about them is that it usually only takes 5 to 7 days for your dress to be in stock!

With an excellent return policy, a first-class customer service, and an exclusive outfit.

Detailed Key Features

Online Orders

To make an online purchase: Click on the product you want to buy. Choose the size, color and any additional options. Click “Add to cart” in the upper right corner of the screen to complete the payment process. If you need help, call 1-630-827-0500 for assistance.

E-mail commands

Send your order by email to [email protected] Make sure you provide the following information: full name, billing/shipping information, phone number, event date, designer, style, color, size, additional options, and payment information.

House of Brides Review - The Couture Experience

The lowest prices guaranteed … or who will fit?

House of offers the best price, guarantees authentic designer products, or a price that matches that of a competitor!

If you find a cheaper price somewhere House of will honor your prize by providing you with verifiable documentation of the lowest price. Your payment will not be processed until the House of confirms the lowest price.

Check the status of your order

Log into your account at to check the status of your order. If you would like to discuss the status of the order with one of your customer service representatives, call 1-630-827-0500. Also, try the live chat!


House of Brides Review - Intrigated with

The Credit Returns Online

House of offers an online refund of the balance when buying their instant pickup orders. Immediate Delivery Merchandise is available in a selection of styles, sizes, and colors for sale in stock.

Returns must be unused and in perfect condition. You need a permit for all returns. For online redemption information, see the following instructions.

Send an e-mail to the following address: [email protected], Monday through Friday, within 5 days of receiving your immediate delivery, to request a credit online.

House of Brides Review - Dresses

A customer service representative will notify you of the return authorization number within 2 business days. Your service representative will also tell you the address to which you can send the return.

Authorized returns must be returned to House of within 3 business days of receipt of the Return Authorization Number. You can use the vehicle of your choice.

You must ensure your return to the carrier and send the “returned signature”. House of is not responsible for any return costs.

Please enter your return authorization number clearly outside the box next to your postal address. You will not accept returns without the Return Authorization Number and the package will be returned at your expense.

Upon receipt, Customer Service will verify the return shipment to ensure that the goods are unused or in perfect condition with the original product labels. Any goods that appear to be used or worn will be returned to you.

The processing time for the return is 7 to 10 working days. Upon completion of the process, a customer service representative will contact you to confirm your balance online.

The online balance is made up of the purchase amount of your goods and possibly the sales tax. Shipping and insurance costs are not credible.

International customers

Online credits are issued in US dollars. You are not responsible for the current exchange rate of the currency. Taxes or duties are not credible and are charged to the customer.

House of Brides Review - International customers

Use your Credit Online

Send an e-mail to [email protected] to claim your balance online. Enter the identification number of your previous order.

A customer service representative applies the online balance to your new purchase and confirms the updated balance if necessary.

For your new purchase, shipping costs may apply.

Online credit is only available for purchases on and cannot be used in the rooms of the House of Brides Couture. Online funds cannot be converted into a refund.

House of Brides offers a wide selection of dresses for all occasions. Whether you are looking for the perfect bridal gowns or an outfit for your graduation party or a special occasion, they have the widest selection of dresses at unbelievably low prices!

The tailor-made option guarantees the physical condition and enables safe control. Use your handy filters to find and save your favourite items online!

House of Brides Review - Shoes

Wedding Dresses

Nothing completes a beautiful wedding better than a beautiful wedding dress. Discover your precious and affordable bridal gowns available in a variety of styles and sizes, including the latest 2019 wedding dresses, and the size of bridal gowns and more. Do not miss your wedding dresses for a limited time of sale.

Women’s Dresses

Are you looking for stylish bridesmaid dresses without breaking the bank? Look no further, they have thousands of bridesmaid dresses that you can order from the comfort of your own home.

Available in over 50 colours, including multi-way bridesmaid dresses, you and your bridesmaids can easily pick the right ones. Combine the tones, styles and lengths of the dresses to create the best wedding party.

House of Brides Review - Flower Girl Dresses

Bride’s Mother’s clothes

They know how important this day is not only for the bride and groom but also for their parents. They offer high quality elegant bridal gowns suitable for all body types, including plus sizes. Your selection of comfortable and modern clothes will make your mother feel better!

Prom Dresses

Make an appearance at your most important party of the year with one of your perfect graduation dresses! Its impressive selection, including the fashionable evening dresses for 2019, offers the latest styles for a stylish appearance and a sense of well-being.

House of Brides Review - Prom Dresses

Cocktail dresses and evening dresses

For every occasion, they have the right dress. They are your one-stop-shop for fabulous cocktail dresses and tailored evening dresses. They have clothes that adapt to informal and formal events that are delivered quickly to your doorstep.


Complete your look by completing your dress with accessories, jewellery, headgear, shoes and bags. They offer the widest range of accessories at wholesale prices. So, you can comfortably complete your outfit regardless of your budget.

House of Brides Review - Accessories


Buy a wide selection of high quality and affordable shoes like boots, sandals, dance shoes, wedding shoes and more! You can easily order online and with fast shipping worldwide. Online shopping is easier!

House of Brides Review - Shoes

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More About House of Brides

House of welcomes you! The global website features thousands of designers, bridesmaids, bridal gowns, bridal hairstyles, wedding accessories and more. Wedding shop in one place.

They offer their collections at unbelievable prices! They also offer free shipping and no VAT for most orders. House of strives to provide excellent selection, pricing and customer service.

House of Brides Review - Long Dresses

They have effortlessly entered industry trends with a focus on the future. In 2001, House of launched its global website,, with which wedding purchases reach a new horizon.

Now they serve customers around the world with the same goal: to offer the best choice, the best price and the best customer service.

They are authorized distributors of leading designers and show thousands of products online at incredible prices! Your website is backed by a comprehensive, professionally trained customer support team, ready to help you from Monday to Friday.

House of focuses on the future to bring new designers, features and interesting services to its website. House of strives to deliver excellence and make this day, your wedding day, a memorable one.

Pricing policy:

$160 to 1750 

Did you know that you can buy your wedding dress at House of Brides? Well, you know now. House of Brides offers a wide range of styles and designers that suit every bride on a budget.

Even if you just go through the options, the frugal heart beats faster.

House of Brides Review - Pricing - Policy

The brand also offers a range of eco-friendly bridal and formal bridal gowns priced from $268. Here you will find classic lace dresses with short sleeves and two pieces of silk charmeuse.

The dress of House of Brides is a beautiful lace dress with an open back for brides shopping at House of Brides. It’s also only for $1625, which is pretty good with regards to bridal gowns.

Pros and Cons Of House Of Brides Coupons


  • The shop is never closed.
  • Buyers can buy Bridal Dress whenever they want.
  • Online shoppers save time.
  • There are no parking problems.
  • Online bridal buyers rarely have to deal with aggressive sellers.
  • There is no disturbing amount.
  • Online shoppers do not have to wait in long lines to pay.
  • For many online retailers, shoppers can comment on the products they buy.


  • Online shoppers are not able to physically inspect or examine specimens whose purchase is envisaged.

Frequently Asked Questions:

✅✅ When Should I order Dress?

Wedding attire is custom made. Typically, the designer will need between 10 and 24 weeks to make his dress and send it to its location. After the designer and the product; Immediate delivery, express delivery, or storage options may be available, reducing the time it takes for House of Brides to get their dress. These times can vary from 1 to 8 weeks.

😄 What about color consistency in group orders?

Group controls should be placed as a single command to ensure color consistency. If you order clothes one at a time, it is possible that the clothes will not be made with the same dye that exposes you to the risk of color variations. Do not forget that the colors of each designer are different and not comparable.

🔥 What if I want a dress I do not see on your website?

House of will do anything to find the dress or product you are looking for. Call 1-630-827-0500 and a customer service representative are here to help. Can I order directly from the designer? Designers only accept orders from authorized retailers, such as B. House of Similarly, designers can not communicate directly with customers about the status of their orders.

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Conclusion: House of Brides Coupons 2022

House of Brides lets you save money and reduce your frustrations by taking time to learn about the rules of online and local businesses before making a purchase.

There are sometimes hidden fees, eg. Replacement fees in some local stores and on the internet. The refill fee may increase later when the buyer returns an item.

Like taking more time to send a product to an online store than to send it to a local store, it may be the deciding factor for where to buy.

The fine print in the return policy may indicate that buyers have to pay for returning products if the items come with a mistake. It is also common for online stores to deduct the cost of shipping the product back to the bill.

If a buyer is unsure of the purchase, the return of the online store policy may affect their decision to acquire locally.

Another point to consider is how to handle repairs on purchased products.

It may be easier to return a defective product to the local dealer for repair than to fix the problem and cost of returning it to an online retailer.


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