Hint Water Review 2022: (Top 5 Features & Pricing) Is Drinking HINT Water Good?

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User Friendly
Easy to use


  • The flavors are totally natural.
  • Hint is a refreshing alternative to sodas, juice and other sweetened drinks and it tastes great.
  • There is nothing artificial in them
  • Its 100% vegetarian, gluten free and made from non-GMO plants
  • With no calories and no added sugars, you don’t have to worry about drinking it.
  • It encourages you to drink more water.
  • HINT water is both refreshing and tastes wonderful.
  • Hint Water does not contain any Stevia.
  • Hint Water is BPA-free so if you are concerned about that, worry no more.
  • Hint water has zero diet sweeteners.


  • It is expensive
  • They do not ship to FPOs, APOs, P.O. Boxes, Alaska, or Hawaii.
  • The price difference depends on the flavor you choose.

Verdict: Hint Water is an American beverage company based in San Francisco, California, as an alternative to soda and sugar beverages. It was started by former AOL employee Kara Goldin


Are you looking for an unbiased Hint Water Review? You are at the right place, but let me ask you few questions.

Are you interested in vitamins?

Are you a hard-working person and want to improve your health? Are you tired of sugar? Try drinking hint water instead. It might surprise you!

Solution: Hint Water does all of the above, plus it’s nice! It’s also for those who love to drink lots of water but don’t like the taste. You know what I mean…

Drink Hint is dedicated to helping you find the best products at affordable prices so you can be healthy, live the good life and enjoy yourself. Feel free to browse their site and see how many different products they carry.

Here is my opinion on Drink hint Water Review, and I have Written This Detailed Drink Hint Water Review which is becoming increasingly popular and has been selected as a beverage for Silicon Valley.

Drink Hint Water was born in 2004 by Kara Goldin. Its point of sale is that it contains no sugar, that it is completely natural, and claims to have very high purity, but that it also has a sweet taste because it contains fruit flavors.

Drink Hint’s competitors in the water business are other natural water treatment companies such as Fruit Water, MiO of Kraft Food, and Vitaminwater of Glacéau.

Despite the aromas of fruit, the Drink Hint water label states that it contains no sweeteners, calories, minerals, minerals, preservatives, or even sugar. In addition, Drink Tints offers water to be gluten-free and vegan!

Drink hint water, in short, drink a hint of water that contains only essences and oils from natural fruits. This results from various combinations of heating, cooling, dissolving, and filtering.

Bottom Line Up Front

Drinkhint has created a way to make enjoyable soft drinks without the artificial chemicals found in sodas and sugar-sweetened beverages.

The carbonation process is 100% natural and produces a distinctive taste that stays with your beverage for hours after drinking it, while still leaving your mouth feeling clean and refreshed.

You will not find anything like this from any other brand on the market today!

Click here to learn more about Hint Water

Hint Water Review

Hint Store Locator, Find Where Hint is Sold or Buy Online. Hint is still water that comes in over 16 delicious fruit flavors, Enjoy one case each of six top-selling hint® water flavors:

Hint has over 18 refreshing fruit flavors, including watermelon, pineapple, clementine, and blackberry. It’s an anytime, guilt-free treat and a delicious way to stay, I highly recommended, Drink Hint check out now

Drink Hint Water Review

You might have questions like this for Hint water nutrition, Ingredient, Cost : 

– How does hint water get its flavor?

-How does hint water taste?

-How hint water is made?

-How hint water started?

-How is hint water purified?

-How many hint waters are in a case?

-How much does hint water cost?

-How much is a bottle of hint water?

-How much is hint water at costco?

Hint Water Review 2022 | Is It Really a Healthy Choice?

Hint Water Review

Fruit-Infused Flavored water: Hint Water Review

They made an already wonderful drink even better. Hint Water is delicious because it perfectly captures natural fruit flavour without the use of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

More reasons to love Hint Water: Hint Water Review

  • Still, water with over 16 delightful fruit flavors is a Hint.
  • Hint makes it simple to remain hydrated by being really delicious.
  • Hint fruit-infused water contains no sugar, no diet sweeteners, and no calories, unlike other flavored water brands.
  • For the greatest taste, we utilize ultra-pure, incredibly low mineral water.
  • There are no bubbles in this water. Hint Sparkling is a great place to go if you like fizz.
  • NSF has verified Hint as vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO.
  • Subscribe to Hint’s frequent delivery and save up to 15% — your fridge will never be empty again!

Hint Water 1-Liter Review: 

We tweaked the perfect drink to make it even better, and it’s now available in a 1-Liter (33.8oz) format. Because it authentically captures natural fruit flavor without sugar or sweeteners, Hint Fruit Water tastes wonderful.

The Hint 1-Liter is the ideal size for longer hikes, long bike rides, and larger trips – and it still fits in your car’s cup holders.

More reasons to love Hint 1-Liter:

  • It’s available in four of our favorite flavors: blackberry, watermelon, cherry, and pineapple, so you can remain hydrated for longer while getting more of the flavor you crave.
  • Hint makes staying hydrated simple by being incredibly tasty.
  • Hint fruit-infused water contains no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and no calories, unlike other flavored water brands.
  • For the greatest flavor, we utilize ultra-pure, low-mineral water.
  • This is water with no bubbles. Hint Sparkling is a great place to go if you like fizz.
  • NSF has confirmed Hint to be vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO.
  • Subscribe to regular Hint deliveries and save up to 15% — your fridge will never be empty!

Sparkling Water: Hint Water Review

Hint Sparkling is water with bubbles in it. What is it about bubbling water that people find so appealing? Because blowing bubbles is a lot of fun.

Is flavored sparkling water and flavored carbonated water the same thing? No, sparkling and carbonated water are not the same things. Everything is sparkling and wonderful.

  • Hint Sparkling Water has even more dazzling reasons to enjoy it:
  • It’s available in eight delectable fruit varieties as well as a four-flavor variety pack.
  • Watermelon, cherry, blackberry, peach, ginger, strawberry-kiwi, and grapefruit are among the flavors available.
  • Hint Sparkling, unlike most sparkling drinks, contains no sugar, artificial sweeteners, or calories.
  • Hint Sparkling is an excellent sugar-free mixer for drinks and a soda alternative.
  • NSF has certified All Hint as vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO.
  • If you get Hint Sparkling on a regular basis, you can save up to 15%.

Hint Energy Water Review:

Your new obsession with energy is here to save the day. With the newest member of the Hint Family, you can take control of your day. Hint Energy Water provides the same energy boost as soda or coffee but without the sugars, sweeteners, or calories.

See what all the fuss is about with Hint Energy Water:

  • The ideal substitute for a second cup of coffee or a mid-day soda fix.
  • 60mg of caffeine derived from plants, about comparable to an espresso shot.
  • There are three new flavors to try: blueberry grape, citrus, or black raspberry.
  • It’s a quick and easy method to stay hydrated and energized without the crash.
  • NSF has certified it as vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO.
  • When you subscribe to regular Hint Energy delivery, you may save up to 15%, ensuring that you always have some Energy on hand.

Hint Kids Water Review

Hint Kids Water is the simplest way to keep your kids hydrated — it’s boxed water that’s properly packed for small hands and comes in four delicious fruit flavors.


Hint Kids Water is popular among both children and their parents because:

  • It’s free of sugar, sweeteners, and juice.
  • Watermelon, blackberry, cherry, and apple are among the flavors available.
  • NSF has certified it as vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO.
  • It comes in a 6.75-oz easy-to-carry box.
  • When you subscribe to frequent deliveries of Hint flavored kids water, you may save up to 15%, ensuring that your fridge is never empty!

Hint Variety Packs Review:

Our most popular flavours are combined in Hint Variety Packs. These fruit-infused water packs are the most convenient way to try our most popular flavoured water.

Available variety packs:

  • Watermelon, blackberry, pineapple, and cherry tastes are all included in the Hint Water Starter Pack.
  • Hint Sparkling Variety Pack — a 12-bottle set of Hint Sparkling, Hint Water’s bubbly side. Watermelon, blackberry, cherry, and peach are among the flavors available.
  • Hint Kids Variety Pack – 32 boxes of Hint Kids Water, made specifically for children’s hands. Watermelon, blackberry, pineapple, and cherry are among the flavors available.

Hint Water Bundles Pack Review:

Hint Water bundles are the most convenient way to obtain all of our most popular flavours in one package. These bundles are the perfect way to keep your fridge stocked with your favourite Hint flavours.

Available bundles:

  • Assorted-flavors 6-case bundle (72 bottles). Hint Water, Hint Sparkling, Hint Kids, and Hint Energy are examples of bundles.
  • Assorted flavour 12-case bundle (144 bottles). Hint Water, Hint Sparkling, Hint Kids, and Hint Energy are examples of bundles.
  • Hint Water, Hint Sparkling, and Hint Energy are all included in this 12-case mixed bundle.
  • Sign up for a Hint Water subscription to save an additional 5% and receive convenient bulk water delivery right to your home!

Hint Hand Sanitizer Review:

Hand sanitizer is more necessary than ever, and Hint is here to help! This antibacterial hand sanitizer is infused with Hint’s trademark fruit essences and comes in three delicious fruit scents: clementine, grapefruit, and lime. It’s the ideal travel size, so you can stay healthy and happy wherever you go with a hint of delicious fruit aroma.

Here are some more details:

  • Topical antiseptic solution with a fruity smell
  • Fruit essences with a hint of sweetness
  • Quickly dries
  • Spray bottles with a capacity of 2 oz.
  • It contains 70% alcohol.
  • Glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, and essential oils are also included.
  • Produced in the United States of America

Hint Water Sunscreen Review

They manufacture the best-tasting water, and now They’ve added the best-smelling sunscreen to our repertoire. Hint sunscreen has a broad-spectrum SPF of 30 and is free of dangerous ingredients, leaving your skin feeling amazing.

Here are some more reasons why you’ll adore our fruit-scented sunscreen:

  • There are no parabens, oxybenzone, or propellant chemicals in this product.
  • Sunscreens with grapefruit, pear, or pineapple scents are available.
  • It’s a good beach or pool sunscreen because it’s water-resistant.
  • Hint Sunscreen is quick to dry and may be used on both wet and dry skin.
  • All skin types are welcome to use it.
  • It comes in convenient 6-ounce and 3-ounce quantities.

Hint Deodorant Review

Hint Deodorant is an aluminum-free deodorant with a pleasant scent that keeps you feeling fresh and confident all day. Hint Deodorant is really pleasant to use because it glides on gently, dries swiftly, and hydrates the skin with soothing aloe juice.

  • Eucalyptus Lemon Hint Deodorant is one of our favorites since it genuinely works! Without the use of aluminum, Hint Deodorant successfully
  • combats unpleasant odors.
  • The aroma of Hint Deodorant is fresh and gender-neutral.
  • It’s a deodorant that’s devoid of coconut and parabens, making it ideal for sensitive skin.
  • It’s also a vegan deodorant that hasn’t been tested on animals.

Do You Like Your Soft Drink?

Then there is another version of Drink Hint water called Hint Sparkling (formerly Hint Fizz), which is a hint but has an added effect.

That’s why Tip Drink Water is so popular. It is an alternative to sugar-free, healthy, calorie-free, and preservative-free soft drinks. The idea is to have a sweet drink to stay hydrated without having to worry about extra calories.

Fruit-Infused Fl Drink Hint Water Review

If all of these requirements accumulate, this could be the solution for you if you are pregnant, have diabetes, or are suffering from a type of gastrointestinal problem. Drink Hint Water Review Or you might just find that the taste of natural water is incredibly boring, but you understand the importance of moisture to your health.

Why Does The Pinch Pasteurize Your Water?

According to Hint Water’s frequently asked questions, cleaning systems vary depending on the type of water available in each bottler. The techniques may include reverse osmosis, deionization, and UV-cleaning prior to adding flavors. Finally, the hint water is pasteurized. “But what does that mean?

Drink Hint Review

In its most basic form, pasteurization is a process of heating a liquid to a temperature high enough to remove any pathogenic organism contained Drink Hint Water Review therein by exposure, rendering it drinkable.

Although you have almost certainly heard of pasteurization of dairy products, most manufacturers of mineral water pasteurize their products for safety reasons. Note, however, that pasteurizing water also kills many of the “good” organisms that commonly occur in water. Therefore, it could mean that you also lose some of its benefits.

Fruit-Infused Fl Drink Hint Water Review

Similar Options For Hint Water

Also keep in mind that the fruit-fortified water is not new, meaning that there are dozens of other similar products to Hint Water. Of course, some of them can use artificial sweeteners or add sugar to their formulas, but the fact is that you have options.

If you want to save money when creating your own flavor profiles, you can make fruit-enriched water at home for a fraction of the cost of Hint Water. You can even carbonize your own version of Hint Fizz.

To get an idea of ​​yourself, use the phrase “fruit water” or “fruit water to prepare” in your favorite search engine.

Drink Hint Review - Drink Hint

Do Customers Want To Suggest Water?

At the time of our survey, the Hint Water website received more than 7,400 guest reviews with an average rating of 5 stars.

There, frequent compliments turned to good Drink Hint Water Review taste, lack of sugar and other added ingredients, and helped to reduce (or eliminate) the consumption of soft drinks.

There were also 872 reviews from Amazon customers for the Hint Water Blackberry flavor, with an average rating of 4.1 stars.

While many compliments coincide with those on Hint’s website, the complaints also related to lower quality than the original batches, a “chemical” taste, and even some complaints that the water had been wasted.

(for example, a “rancid” taste). Drink Hint Water ReviewSome customers also reported that they had contacted the company to get a solution without receiving an answer.

Hint Water Review: What’s In The Box?

You’ll undoubtedly agree that making your own Hint Water at home is inconvenient. And even if you had the opportunity to try a variety of flavours and smells, there’s a chance you wouldn’t be able to replicate the distinct flavour that only Hint Water can provide.

That’s why the company figured out a way to fulfill your demand by delivering the things straight to your house, on your terms. Hint boxes are one of the greatest monthly subscription boxes on the market since they are designed to meet the demands and requirements of everyone.

Even after you’ve enrolled, you can change the contents of the box, the delivery frequency, or your mailing address. You’ll have a lot of fun picking your favorite flavor and getting a case of this naturally flavored water because the company has made the purchasing process so straightforward.

The best flavour Hint Water is made with no added sugar or sweetener to give it a deep berry flavour. Is that even possible? There’s no need for additional sweeteners or sugar because the fruit flavour is infused into the purified water. Is there stevia in Hint Water? No, that is not the case. It’s sugar-free and doesn’t include any artificial sweeteners.

If that’s not enough, try Hint original, Hint Fizz, or Hint Kick, the descendants of Hint Water’s original line.

You can get cases of three or six bottles in whatever flavour you want when placing your order. You can also choose from a variety of bundles and custom-picked boxes with each new order.


Hint Water offers a vast choice of mouth-watering flavors.”
The customer Hint water review number is over 7,400 reviews on the Hint water website.”
The flavors are totally natural.”
It is probably not really more expensive than buying fruit to cut up and infuse your water with.”
Hint Water has no calories, preservatives, is gluten-free, kosher, and has no GMOs.”
Hint is a refreshing alternative to sodas, juice, and other sweetened drinks and it tastes great.”
It has no sweetener of any kind so the water tastes like water but they add just a hint of flavors such as blackberry, watermelon, or cherry, for example, to add to our enjoyment.”
It’s 100% vegetarian, gluten-free, and made from non-GMO plants.”
There is nothing artificial in them.”
Hint Water is available through several national retailers, including Whole Foods and Safeway.”
With no calories and no added sugars, you don’t have to worry about drinking it.”
Hint Water offers a subscription service named Club Hint that will provide you with regular shipments of the product of your choice.”
The idea behind Hint is simple: pure water, nature’s original refreshment and accented with a hint of natural flavor.”
You can cancel or skip a delivery whenever you want, making it even more convenient for you whether it’s for the house or office.”
It encourages you to drink more water.”
With pure water, natural ingredients, Hint Water offers a burst of hope to people who dislike the taste of water.”
They have over 20 options and you can actually get free shipping on orders of three or more cases.”
Those who are pregnant or nursing looking for a no-sugar alternative, Hint Water may be your solution.”
The company boasts that they purify the water to a very low mineral content so the flavor is clean and pure.”
The whole line is made without diet sweeteners, sugar, preservatives, trace minerals, calories, or GMO ingredients.”
As healthy, flavored waters become more popular, Hint continues to look for new ways to innovate.”
If you are particularly sensitive or allergic to common commercial beverage ingredients, and/or if you politically, emotionally, or spiritually value the purity of this product, then it may work for you.”
Hint Water is a naturally flavoured alternative to water and if you are bored with having just plain water and wish it had some taste to it, then Hint Water could be your answer.”
HINT water is both refreshing and tastes wonderful.”
Made with pure water and a variety of all-natural, unsweetened fruit flavors, Hint Water claims to give you the sweetness you crave and the health you need.”
Hint Water also offers a monthly auto ship program so you have no need to worry about placing your orders each month.”
Caffeine is present in the Tip Caffeine Kick versions of Hint Water only.”
Hint water is a popular choice for a beverage at Silicon valley startups like Pinteresst and many other budding companies.”
Hint Water does not contain any Stevia.”
Hint Water is BPA-free so if you are concerned about that, worry no more.”
It is said to be an alternative to sodas, so you can stay hydrated with no need to worry about diet sweeteners or calories.”
Hint water has zero diet sweeteners, zero calories, and zero preservatives.”
With unquestionable ingredients and outstanding taste, Hint Water has become a choice for many consumers desperately desiring to increase their water consumption without dealing with what some would consider the bland taste of natural water.”
Hint water claims to be gluten-free and vegan.”
This water is vegan and gluten-free.”
The best tasting hint water by far is the Hint Fizz variety. There is nothing quite like a little fizz to really bring the sweet fruit flavors alive.”

We Tried Every Hint Flavor These Are The Best Option To try: Best Hint Water Review

While you’ve been drinking things like “coffee” and “soda,” Hint water has become Silicon Valley’s de facto drink. It’s water, but it’s been reimagined. Just joking! It hasn’t been reinvented in any way, which is part of what makes it unique. The hint is nothing but water flavored with natural fruit essence. There are no artificial sweeteners, calories, or preservatives in this product.

It’s just plain water with a smidgeon of flavor. Is that clear? They also have a wide variety of flavors to pick from. There were a total of twenty-eight, and we tried each one. To be honest, not all Hint waters are 100 percent [insert emoji here] [insert praising hand emoji here].

There are a few duds, but there are also some of the most delicious flavored waters we’ve ever tasted. The top ten Hint Water flavors are shown below.

Best Hint Water Flavours

1. Peach flavor

  • Price: $19.99


Hint Water Peach

The peach flavor was very sweet. And when it comes to peach-flavored products that are not real peaches, you just need a touch of flavor.

They also need to remember that taking aromatized water in an alcohol-saturated world takes some time to get used to. There is no carbonation that affects or obscures the taste. This is not necessarily a bad thing, just a little recalibration.

2. Kiwi Fizz Strawberry

  • Price: $15.99


Hint water kiwi strawberry

Speaking of which, it’s not surprising that five of our top 6 flavors were brilliant. What can they say? They are a group of millennials, and gaseous things give us a sense of luxury.

It looked like a gas daiquiri that you would drink at the beach at two in the afternoon to talk to a waiter wearing a Hawaiian shirt without a touch of irony. Yes, except for the terrible hangover of the next day.

Fruit-Infused Fl Drink Hint Water Review

3. Pineapple Flavour

  • Price: $19.99


Hint water Pineapple

Tasty The sweet and sour balance was just right. Pineapple and peach are familiar flavors, but it does not taste like anything we’ve tasted before.

4. Raspberry

  • Price: $19.99


Hint water Raspberry

In contrast to blackberry flavor, raspberry had a slight acidity that worked. They drank only a few sips to see that it is flavored water that you can drink a lot. And if you try to drink more water, is not that the goal?

5. Grapefruit Fizz

  • Price: $19.99


Hint water grapefruit

Most water brands have a grapefruit flavor. The suggestions were a little less sour with a stronger aftertaste. People really liked this list, which shows how much everyone else really liked the list.

6. Crisp Apple

  • Price: $19.99


Hint Water Crsip Apple

Imagine eating a green caramel apple. Now imagine that you actually drink the green caramel apple with no added sugar and it will not rot your teeth. They probably missed us, but that guy knew that.

Drink Hint Water Products:

1. Mango Hint Water

  • Price: $15.99
  • Save 20% With Our Link 


Pure flavored water, with a taste of mango and other natural flavors

  • Zero diet sweeteners
  • Zero calories
  • Zero preservatives
  • Vegan, gluten-free, kosher
  • Contains NO GMOs
  • One case of twelve 16 oz. bottle

Fruit-Infused Fl Drink Hint Water Review

2. Watermelon Hint Water

  • Price: $15.99



Pure flavored water, with delicious watermelon and other natural flavors

  • Zero diet sweeteners
  • Zero calories
  • Zero preservatives
  • Vegan, gluten-free, kosher
  • Contains NO GMOs
  • One case of twelve 16 oz. bottle

3. Blackberry Hint Water

  • Price: $15.99


Pure flavored water, with delicious blackberry and other natural flavors

  • Zero diet sweeteners
  • Zero calories
  • Zero preservatives
  • Vegan, gluten-free, kosher
  • Contains NO GMOs
  • One case of twelve 16 oz. bottle

How Did Hint Water Start?

In 2004, a housewife, Kara Goldin, began selling her homemade, fruit-scented water to her friends and neighbors, her garage, her friend, and neighbors.

Kara quickly realized that she had something unique. Shortly thereafter Kara and her husband Theo founded Hint Water.

Hint-water has grown explosively as the only company to offer flavored fruits with sugar-free water and has quickly become a leader in flavored water.

Fruit-Infused Fl Drink Hint Water Review

Offering the best flavors and flavors is the main reason for this emergency.

It is reported that Hint Water sells twice as many stores like other brands.


int is the fastest-growing flavored water in the United States and the largest beverage on campuses in Silicon Valley.

💰  Price

$ 15.99

😍  Pros

People are excited about Hint’s healthy products and their wide range of flavours.

😩  Cons

The price difference depends on the flavor you choose.


The flavors are totally natural.There is nothing artificial in them. It encourages you to drink more water.

Rating 4/5

The 3 Most Important Reasons Why You Should Drink Hint Water:

Taste: Did you know that 76 million Americans consume 72 million diet sodas each year? Take a look at this: 76% of those who drink diet sodas want to lower their soda populations.

But they encounter a big obstacle. They do not like the taste of water. With pure water and natural ingredients, Hint Water offers this crowd a sense of hope.

Variety: Hint Water Fizz Blackberry The tasty Hint Water (as mentioned earlier) offers a wide variety of delicious flavors. Stimulation of pineapple, blackberry, watermelon, peach, pear, raspberry, and more.


Drink Hint Water Review The recommended sparkling water proposal is also available in the same flavors. For those who need a little help in the morning or need a simple pick-up service at lunchtime, the natural caffeine proposal is very useful.

Convenience: You as a customer can shop directly at Hint, which most beverage companies do not offer. Not only that, but you can also send Hint water directly to your door! You do not have to worry about the occasional impracticality of the store where water boxes have to be stored.

Note Water also offers a monthly automatic shipping program so you do not have to worry about your orders every month.

Drink Hint Water Review Currently, I have the taste of the month in automatic shipping. Every month a new taste of Eau-du-Soleil arrives at my door.


Subscription Plans

The three main categories of Hint Water – original, Fizz, and Kick – were discussed in this Hint Water review. However, we’ll take a closer look at what they bring to the table now. Hint Water Original is the ideal combination of fruit flavors. Pear, watermelon, grapefruit, and pineapple (a limited-edition flavor), and even cucumber are among the flavors available.

Then there’s Hint Fizz, sparkling water with delicious fruit flavors like cherry, strawberry, and kiwi, as well as grapefruit, peach, and watermelon, for that extra note of refreshment.

Finally, Hint Kick is a tasty flavoured water that contains caffeine to help you wake up with a boost of energy. Apple and pear, black raspberry, and lemon and cayenne flavours are available, and they are spicier than the other two types of water.

One of the best things about Hint subscription boxes is that you can choose the frequency of delivery and adjust it as needed. You have the option of signing up for bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly plans. The boxes are also available in a variety of sizes. You can order one size, but you can also take advantage of the savings by ordering three, six, or twelve cases. Orders of at least three cases qualify for free delivery.

Office boxes, on the other hand, are designed to be an essential component of a work environment that prioritises employee health and nutrition.

Hint Water Original 12-bottle cases are included in the office box. You can either place a one-time order or sign up for a discounted renewable subscription.

Aside from the office boxes, the well-known Hint Water label offers a gift box subscription. One of three cases are included in gift boxes, which become available after the gift coupon is redeemed on the website. You can also send a coupon that can be used to buy any case you want.

Hint Water Review – 2022 Subscription Policies

Customers like the fact that they can cancel their subscription whenever they want, according to several Hint Water reviews.

Log in to your account and choose the cancel option for one specific order or the entire batch if you want to do it yourself.

The cancellation will be completed as soon as possible. While Hint Water boxes do not offer a free trial, the fact that you can cancel your order at any time reduces the risk of making a hasty purchase.

Although Hint Water does not offer a rewards program, they do provide a unique opportunity to become an affiliate partner.

The advantages of becoming an affiliate include a 20 percent commission on each sale, 30-day cookies on your website, and a $2 bonus for referrals who register at Hint Water through your link.

Drink Hint Water Price Policy Review

For $ 19.99 you get 12 bottles of 16 ounces amniotic fluid.

Also, you can get a variety of packages of different flavors, such as the MEGAPACK variety to $ 51 (1 carton each: blackberry, watermelon and pineapple), package smashups the variety $ 21 (3 bottles each: raspberry, blackberry, cherry, pineapple, peaches and cherry lemon),

Drink Hint Free Delivery

package the variety itself, for $ 21 (3 bottles each: watermelon, blackberry, strawberry pomegranate, and kiwi), with the variety is $ 21 (3 bottles of watermelon, cherry, blackberry and pineapple), office package for the price from $ 164 (2 packs of 12 bottles each: blackberry, watermelon, orange, apple, and peach).

Tip Fizz costs $ 19.99 for 12 16.oz bottles and is also available in a $ 164 office package. The cost is $ 19.99 for 12 bottles of 16 ounces. The price for each bottle of Hint sunscreen is $ 24. For $ 48 you will receive a pack of 2 bottles.



Customer service:

The official website notice does not provide any contact information, such as an address or phone number, but the website has a useful “contact” section where customers can express their concerns to the company regarding their products. , Orders or other concerns.

Online comments / complaints:

The general trends in Hint product analysis are generally positive. People are excited about Hint’s healthy products and their wide range of flavours. All reviews from various online sources such as social networking sites and online forums from Hint are positive. If there is a problem, only the customers want more fruit.

Drink Hint Points

Competitors and alternatives:

The category of flavored waters: with the increase in obesity in the United States UU, dozens of other businesses have come to terms to produce the same kind of product. Drink Hint Water Review Note but other alternatives could include Vitamin Water, Lacroix, Metromint, Ayala Herbal Water, and Owater. These other companies offer similar products as Hint, but with different flavors and offers.


The Drink Hint website is a place where people can buy zero calories and sugar in the form of fruit-infused water. Available in your shop, you will find a variety of hint waters with many flavors such as watermelon, apple, blackberry, and pineapple, just to name a few.

You can also use the fast and free delivery if you request more than 3 boxes on the website. Now is not it so good? A review by Drink Hint has even shown how they can benefit from their newsletter, which offers regular free advice and offers.

  • A-qualification after the BBB
  • Zero Calorie Fruit Infused Water
  • Free and fast shipping for more than 3 cases
  • With the newsletter, you will receive the latest offers and tips


Note Water Shipping Free: According to our latest review, Note Water does not seem to offer free shipping. However, we recommend that you visit the Hint Water Customer Service page to see if the free shipping policies have been updated.

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Hint Water Military Discounts: Following our latest review, Hint Water does not appear to offer veterans and active members of military remission. However, we recommend that you visit the Hint Water Customer Service page to see if the policy for military discounts has been updated.

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How It Works

Return Policy for Hint Water: Based on our latest research, Hint Water does not currently offer a money-back guarantee. However, we recommend that you check the Hint Water customer FAQ page to see if their policies have recently been updated.

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Is Hint Water Bad For Your Teeth?

The flavoring, not the carbonation, reduces the pH (increases the acidity) to the degree that it may erode tooth enamel with prolonged intake.

Laboratory experiments have shown that (unflavored) waters, whether still or sparkling, have a negligible erosive ability and pose little danger to tooth enamel.

According to dentists, drinking flavored sparkling water can make your teeth more prone to cavities.

The bubbles and flavoring increase the acidity of the beverages, which will erode the enamel on your teeth.

However, since sparkling beverages are less acidic than sodas, you should be fine as long as you consume them in moderation.

What is Hint Water Shipping Policy?

They would gladly mail your Hint order to any address in the contiguous United States.

They do not ship to FPOs, APOs, P.O. Boxes, Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico at this time. They don’t ship outside of the United States, either.

They offer a flat charge of $9.99 for shipments of one or two cases, including Hint subscriptions. Shipping is free on orders of three cases or more! Orders for Hint are shipped via FedEx Ground/Home Delivery.

Orders can be placed at any time, seven days a week. Monday through Friday morning orders are usually shipped within 24 hours. Orders placed between Friday afternoon and Sunday night will be delivered on Monday.

The evening of the day your order leaves the fulfillment center, you will receive a shipping confirmation email in your inbox. Your FedEx Ground/Home Delivery tracking number will be included in this email. (If you haven’t received the order and/or shipping confirmation emails, please check your spam/junk mail folders.)

Package tracking numbers can be found in your shipping confirmation email or by going to your drinkhint.com account and seeing your order. Please wait at least 48 hours after placing your order to check on the status of your order, as tracking information from our shippers may not be accessible until then.

Hint Water Alternatives Reviews

1. Sound Sparkling Water:

The business Sound infuses sparkling water with a range of herbal teas, spices, and fruit extracts to make exceptional taste blends.

These beverages are calorie-free, sugar-free, and have no added additives.


The caffeine content of the green and black tea varieties is 45 mg per 12-ounce (355 mL) can, whereas the ginger and hibiscus tea varieties are caffeine-free.

Though not directly researched, green and black teas have been attributed to various health benefits due to

their high concentration of plant compounds called flavonoids. For instance, numerous human studies link green tea to a decreased risk of heart disease.

2. Drink simple sparkling maple water:

Consume Carbonated maple water, and juice concentrates are used to make shallow sparkling waters.

Maple water is the sap from maple trees that is pure and somewhat sweet. It is obtained by tapping a spout against the trunk of a maple tree, allowing the sap to spill out.

Drink Simple

Although maple water may be boiled down to make maple syrup, it is not sticky; it looks and feels just like regular water in reality.

It is a natural source of antioxidants and essential minerals, including manganese, needed for proper digestion, metabolism, and immune response.

Due to the naturally existing sugars in maple water and juice concentrates, these flavored waters are not calorie-free.

However, they provide about 70 % fewer calories than a comparable serving of soft drinks.

3. Just water:

Exactly water is spring water that is not carbonated and has been infused with fresh fruit essences.

Fruit essences, alternatively referred to as aromas, are several natural flavoring compounds licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Just Water

They are made by heating fruit, capturing the resulting vapor, and condensing it for food and drinks.

Every 16.9 ounces (500 mL) carton is calorie-free, sugar-free, and artificial sweetener-free.

Notably, the carton is mainly composed of parchment, while the cap is composed of sugarcane.

Additionally, the carton is refillable, which could cater to those seeking to eliminate single-use disposable water bottles — which are not intended to be reused.

4. Frozen Garden Fusions:

Frozen Garden fusions are 100 % fruit and herb blends that have been frozen into small parts to enable you to flavor your water at home.

Place one piece in a glass of water and swirl periodically before it melts, which takes approximately 3 to 5 minutes.

Frozen Garden Fusions

Each piece allows 12 ounces (355 mL) of flavored water with just five calories, 1 gram of carbohydrate, and no added sugars or chemical additives — plus 6 % of the Daily Value (DV) for vitamin C.

Because fusions are produced from natural fruit, they often provide antioxidants that fight inflammation and can help lower the risk of chronic disease.

Drink Hint Water Real Customer Review & Testimonials

Real Customer Review & Testimonials

This is a perfect water for anyone who does not like drinking water. It’s not got the sweet taste from those added flavor packs you buy in stores to add to your waters. No strong taste. It has just very little hint of flavor to get you to drink water and it tastes good. Cherry is my favorite

FAQs : Hint Water Review

Is Hint water healthy?

Yes, Hint Water is safe since sugar-free, organic, and gluten-free. Additionally, it excludes artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and calories. Finally, the Hint brand is Non-GMO and Whole30 accredited.

Can a small amount of Hint water hydrate you?

The Hint is a fruit-infused soda with no calories, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives. I adore the fact that consuming a glass of Hint is essentially the same as drinking regular water, only that it tastes lovely. It has the same hydrating properties as water without calories or preservatives.

Is hint water sweetened?

Hint Water is primarily flavored with fruit and was developed by a husband and wife. Hint contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Is Hint water as nutritious as plain water?

According to their expert, we can attest that Hint water is a suitable replacement for plain H2O. If you're not going to drink filtered water because it's bland, but you're going to drink a sugar-free, non-carbonated, or carbonated herbal sweet water substitute, that's better than drinking no water at all.

What kind of sweetener is used in Hint water?

Hint® is simply water—only more delectable. Hint Water and Hint Fizz are made entirely of water and natural fruit oils and essences. They contain no starch, no artificial sweeteners, no stevia, no preservatives, no calories, and no GMOs.

What exactly is a Hint Kick?

Hint Kick is a flavored drink infused with Hint fruit and a Hint of Caffeine. Unlike other energy drinks, Hint Kick provides the optimal amount of energy via natural caffeine, with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Hint Kick has no fat, no artificial sweeteners, or calories.

Is it genuine the Hint Water is carbonated?

As it turns out, Hint is made of water. Sugar-free water is flavored and often non-carbonated (sparkling and non-sparkling varieties). Although Hint does offer a caffeinated version, it seems that the majority of tech businesses are consuming it for its health benefits.

Is it genuine that hints of water induce abdominal pain?

Not everybody who sampled Hint Water was a fan. Many reported that it was too heavy and artificial tasting and that it caused stomach discomfort after a few sips. Users shared that although most Hint Water batches tasted good, they sometimes bought bottles with a less pleasant flavor.

Is it possible for flavored water to add weight?

Without a doubt. Club soda or sparkling water can hydrate them more effectively than plain soda, as long as the beverage does not have artificial sugar, which may contribute to weight gain and damage teeth.

Where Can I Purchase Hint Water?

The Hint is accessible at a variety of stores nationwide and online. You can visit drinkhint.com/storelocator to locate a Clue location near you!

Does hints water deteriorate?

Water does not have an end date; however, it has a best by date. The term best by date refers to the taste being at its peak between the period of manufacture and that date. Hint water has a shelf life of 18 months. Each bottle of clue bears the Best By Date inscription.

Is Hint water detrimental to the kidneys?

Hint and all flavored waters can have way too much salt, sugar, or chemical sweeteners to be safe for anyone with kidney disease. The good news is that making homemade flavored waters is incredibly easy.

Is Hint water beneficial to people with diabetes?

Since it has no fat, people with diabetes may consume it without difficulty. Additionally, a sizable portion of Hint water's daily customers was diabetic.

What is the flavor of Hint water?

It is water with a touch of fruit taste that no sweetener will match. There are multiple flavors, including the cherry, crisp potato, and blackberry, and many more. This tastes just like slicing new fruit into a bottle of water. And provide you with a hint of spice.

What Is The Best Way To Make Hint Water?

First, we've compiled a list of basic instructions for creating your Hint Water at home. Step – 1: Choose your flavor — approximately a handful of fruit is needed. Step – 2: Fill a pitcher halfway with fruit and drink. There is no need to cover the catcher. Step – 3: Refrigerate for many hours or up to a day.

Is hint flavored water bad for you?

According to the FDA, these natural flavours can still be changed in a lab to achieve the desired taste. Natural tastes have not been connected to any negative health impacts.

Is it true that hint water causes stomach pain?

The taste of Hint Water did not appeal to everyone who tasted it. Many people claimed that it tasted extremely harsh and artificial, and that after a few drinks, it irritated their stomach. Users reported that while most batches of Hint Water tasted excellent, they occasionally purchased bottles with a less pleasing flavour.

Is artificial sweetener used in hint water?

Hint contains zero calories, no artificial diet sweeteners, no preservatives, and is vegan and gluten free, in addition to being a truly wonderful beverage. This drink is Whole 30 approved, so you know it's 100% natural, because nothing artificial gets through that programme.

How does hint subscription work?

Their subscriptions are non-binding and can be changed, changed, or terminated at any moment. Before checking out, choose the subscription option on the product page. Every 14, 30, or 60 days, you can choose to get a new shipment of Hint Water.

How acidic is Hint Water?

Hint's pH ranges from 3.5 to 4, making it at least 10 times less acidic than a conventional soda. Many people who inquire about pH have been instructed that they should only drink liquids with a pH of 7 or above.

Does Amazon sell hint water?

Yes, Hint Water Best Sellers Pack (Pack of 12), 16 oz. bottles, 3 bottles each of watermelon, blackberry, cherry, and pineapple, without calories, sugar, or sweeteners.

How many flavours does Hint water have?

16 Watermelon, pineapple, clementine, and blackberry are just a few of the delicious fruit flavours available in Hint. It's a guilt-free, delicious way to remain hydrated at any time. Hint Water is also certified as being vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, non-GMO, and kosher.

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Conclusion : Hint Water Review 2022

In general, it seems that most customers who try Hint Water enjoy this experience, so it’s likely that you too. It is also positive that Hint Water contains only pure water and natural fruit infusions.

In Short:

Features: Drink Hint Water is water flavored and free of artificial sweeteners, aspartame, and caffeine. Drink Hint Water’s sodas come in a wide range of fruit flavors including raspberry, apple, lemon, orange, chocolate, and strawberry.

Advantages: It provides an alternative to soda and sugar products that are made with additives.

Benefits: It can be used for people who want to have healthy alternative drinks without sugars or calories.

Note, however, that everyone has their own taste preferences. It can be the best taste on the planet that everyone else thinks is terrible.

As such, we recommend buying a single bottle of Hint Fizz or Hint Fizz at a local store to sample it. If you like the taste then you can buy larger quantities directly from the company.

Now you Get the full information about this amazing Website, I hope you Like our Drink Hint Water Review, Have you Ever Use This  Product Before Feel Free to Share Your Thoughts in the Comment Section Below.



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156 thoughts on “Hint Water Review 2022: (Top 5 Features & Pricing) Is Drinking HINT Water Good?”

  1. I love Hint. I receive it delivered to my door. I would like to have an invoice in my box when it is delivered. Is there any Potassium in this water?

  2. It’s way too expensive, it so makes no sense at all! For a mere $3, one can get a case of 24 16-oz straight up “same” water bottles that have the exact same health benefits and just donates $12 to a good cause charity then!!

  3. I’ve tried different flavoured waters before, but Hint is the one and the only one that I enjoy!! Strawberry &; Lemon and Blueberry & Lemon are two of my favourite flavours. There are no calories or artificial sweeteners, which I appreciate. Water is a touch pricy, but it’s a treat for me.

  4. My Eureka moment with Hint water happened when my old high school friend, who is still muscular as an ox and looks like he did in the wrestling days, came over to watch a U.S. Open match on TV together. He’s been hounding me to cut back on sugar saying it would make me healthier and fitter so I finally gave in and picked up two cases of Hint WATER for us–expecting a healthy alternative all right but not expecting how good they were! My pal got super fit after about 6 months of biking 45 miles each week while finishing first in his age group at this year’s National Bikathon, which really shows you the power of choosing clean hydration without sacrificing flavor.

  5. I’m a Diet Coke or diet Pepsi lover, but I have to admit that every now and then I crave some variety – the soda’s not always cutting it. That’s where Drink Hint comes in. It has an awesome flavor selection, is sugar-free (so no crash), has vitamins (proven to reduce blood pressure), fights coughs, and helps with digestion – all for only 3 calories per serving? Definitely feeling like drinking hint gives me more bang for my buck!

  6. I try drinking at least six to eight glasses of water a day, and it’s always HARD for me. I don’t like the taste and feel guilty about my sugar intake so I would drink something else with calories, but then I’d be worried about drinking too much sugar. Until now! This is perfect because it contains absolutely no sugars at all, only natural flavored ingredients with zero calories AND there are 8 glasses in each can—no excuses here. The ingredients list includes real fruit juice concentrate (not from giant vats), purified water, citric acid, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate preservatives) Drinkhint gets flavor from real fruit instead of fake dyes

  7. Imagine if you could drink your favorite beverage without even noticing it had calories. That’s not a miracle drug or some new technology, that’s Hint water. While fizzy drinks are all fun and flavorful at first, they usually make you feel bloated after watching their effects on soda-guzzling Americans for the past few decades – so why not switch to a naturally calorie-free alternative? A sip of Hint water satisfies sugar cravings thanks to its natural fruit flavors, is packed with antioxidants and other healthy ingredients (like vitamins B6 & E), doesn’t produce any type of gas because it has zero carbonation and lasts twice as long as an 8oz serving size of sugary soda!

  8. I never liked water very much, as it always tasted like nothing. But I love Hint! It tastes icky good and is sugar-free so that you can still have sweets if you want to. No one likes anything that’s too sweet, but being thirsty sucks even more. So this drink makes sense for people who are heavy sweaters because it has no calories and there is a hint of flavor without making your mouth feel gross with all the chemicals from sodas or sugary juices (I used to be addicted to these drinks). Hint also helps me stay hydrated because drinking enough water can get monotonous sometimes due to its lack of natural taste in some waters such as filtered tap water.

  9. I don’t know how they do it, but their flavor is literally like a fruit punch. I love not worrying about calories or additives on top of my drinking water. Whenever I feel thirsty, this is the first thing I turn to!
    (this description email would be sent right before stock goes up)

  10. I’ve tried a lot of sugar-free drinks but I genuinely enjoy this one because it doesn’t feel like an abrupt switch to a diet drink! It has the same sweet taste as soda, which is why it feels so good to have some of this in my day.

  11. “I just love coming home from work and drinking my Hint. It tastes soooo much better than any other water I get.” It’s a low calorie alternative to drinks like soda, juice, and even coffee with plenty of flavor without sabotaging your workout routine or diet plan! Drink it hot or cold but most importantly drink it all day long with no guilt at all!! You deserve that donut for breakfast after all 😉

  12. Not only is this product natural and refreshing, it’s also a time saver. To top everything off, they’ve eliminated the need for day-long trips to the grocery store with their custom water delivery service! It really is perfect for everyone on-the-go: families who are too busy to make their own iced tea and coffee drinkers looking for an alternative to compare to Starbucks’ sugary beverages.

  13. Drinking Hint water instead of soda or sugar beverages has changed my life. My mom got me hooked on the grapefruit flavor and I’ve never been so grateful for a mother’s wisdom!

  14. I adore and love my Hint water! I carry it with me to the gym or take some on the go before a long-haul flight. It has a clean and refreshing taste, and is good for you too. This drink tastes really great, unlike most of those bottled waters that just taste like nothing but synthetic chemicals. All the flavors have been very well balanced so they’re not imbalanced in sweetness or sourness which was something I was scared about beforehand.

  15. I like this drink–I’m surprised to say considering I’m not really a water person. The fruit flavors are light and refreshing rather than so strong that you forget your drinking water, which is great for me because I can feel the benefits without feeling diluted or nauseous. It could use a smidgeon more fruit flavor, but it’s amazingly good as it is. Fresh and crisp taste!

  16. I really like Hint! It’s fruit flavors are perfect for someone who still wants lots of water in their diet. I just think they could use a bit more flavor, but it’s easy to mask that by adding your own sugar or something else into the mix.

  17. The refreshing fruit flavors of Hint lend a little more excitement to plain water. It is a bit pricey but I do have it on my desk at the office for myself and coworkers if they want to mix up their boring water with something fresh.

  18. “Hint is a unique twist on flavored water. It’s refreshing and crisp like it should be, but not overwhelmingly so. If you like fruit punch, lemon-lime soda, or other flavors of that sort, Hint may be for you.”

  19. In general, the water tastes great…. Peach, peach cranberry, apple, and mango are my favourites. Bottles can be recycled, and bottles might be designed to use less plastic.

  20. I’ve tried every kind of bottled water, and without a question, Hint is the best. I’ll never buy anything else, so you’ve got a customer for life.

  21. Hint Water is a breath of fresh air from the traditional high fructose corn syrup laden varieties, with great tasting flavors that are refreshing and worry free.

  22. With Hint Water, I have never been more relaxed. I go to bed early and my skin has actually gotten better from drinking it every day. My kids even like the taste! Product description: It’s so delicious and keeps me feeling good without any icky sugar or soda. Mrs. Johnson said that she loves Hint because it tastes like water, but also refreshing and satisfying with a hint of flavor – which is how they got their name!

  23. Just like the perfect rainfall, DrinkHint is effortlessly refreshing and quenches your thirst. With a sophisticated fruit flavor that tastes so delicious you can feel it too, DrinkHint is an excellent choice for anyone who’s looking to avoid added calories while staying hydrated. This drink is sugar-free, calorie free, and preservative-free alternative to soda. It’s great for people trying to stay healthy this summer because it doesn’t contain any unhealthy ingredients that may be found in other drinks out there! Whether you’re lounging by the pool or at work crunching numbers over a Friday night margarita; everyone needs some good old hydration when they need it most. And now with Drink HInt

  24. What a difference a difference a flavour can make! I’ve never been a fan of plain water. When Hint came along, it literally changed my life! I’m currently drinking several glasses per day and thoroughly enjoying it. Blackberry, Peach Raspberry, Pineapple, and a few others are among my favourites. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  25. The team at Hint never failed to provide any flavour of a drink I asked for. When my son’s birthday was coming up, I called the company and had them arranged for one of their fruit drinks to show up as a gift. This is how amazing they are when it comes to client service! Hydration that tastes good? We thought so too! Achieve peak performance with drinking water that offers the fun taste of fruit flavors. Kick the boredom habit…start your day on an energetic note with Hint by Your Custom Energy Mixes™

  26. The fruit flavors in Hint are light and refreshing rather than so strong that you forget your drinking water. If you’re used to plain water, and desire a little something more, you may like Hint. It’s not the most potent flavor on the market, but it is really good as it is.

  27. Diet soda without the icky side-effects of drinking nasty diet sodas that make you feel like a human garbage disposal. After hearing about this new drink out on the market, I naturally had to go try it for myself! This is one healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweetener drinks that I love because it tastes just as good (if not better)! I can’t stand when a product doesn’t taste so hot, but no worries with Hint Water – this was just what I needed after feeling insanely tempted by the ice cream in my fridge last night. It keeps me from eating something that could put 10 pounds on me! In fact, if I’m craving any sugary food at all and water’s not cutting

  28. Hint is refreshing with just a touch of fruit flavor to remind you that it’s not plain water. The taste was light and fruity; I would give it 5 stars for being so delicious without overdoing the fruit flavors or making it too sweet.

  29. Whenever you put a drinkhint into your mouth, it tastes like heaven. You will feel as if mommy has served up the most deliciously refreshing lemonade to quench your thirst. Drinkhint gives me the kick I need at football practice or that boost during basketball tryouts. After each drink of this magical water, there is no turning back! A lot of people chew on mint leaves and think they’ve got all the benefits from drinking them-they don’t have any harmful additives and they’re naturally refreshing – but sometimes it’s hard keeping them in your mouth. With HINT® WATER®, you can get all of these great natural refreshment with none of this trouble! Our pure, smart filtered

  30. When it comes to working out at the gym, regular water isn’t going to cut it. The different flavours are fantastic, and ordering online makes delivery to my front door a breeze! My family like it, and the grandkids prefer it than juice.

  31. I enjoy Hint water, haven’t smoked in over a month, and recently acquired a Wegmans variety pack of water. Maybe it’s just my new taste buds, but these tiny bottles are jam-packed with flavour, not just a smidgeon!

  32. Excellent tastes. Company that is a class act. They even delivered on Sunday and offered me 32 complimentary cartons of children’s drink boxes. I only had to pay $5.00 for shipping. I’ll be here for a long time because I can’t discover any information in this small town. I’m a subscriber, so I get to taste a new flavour every month. I enjoy the water as well as the company, Amazing Hint Water Review

  33. This is just what I was hoping for. Water with a little of taste but not too much. This makes it simple to try to drink more water.

  34. I adore Hint water in all of its forms. I have a hard time drinking enough water, and Hint is the only water I can consume in sufficient quantities. Normally, I can go an entire day without drinking a drop of water, but my doctor advised me that this is not a good thing. It’s much easier for me to drink the required amount now that I’ve discovered Hint! Thank you for your contribution to HINT WATER!

  35. This product has been on my want list for a long time! There isn’t an overabundance of flavour. I prefer the water that isn’t fuzzy. The range of flavours is incredible. It was very easy to sign up for regular repeating deliveries! For me, the HINT of taste is number one… Perfect!

  36. As a diabetic, I’ve grown to appreciate Hint. Every two hours, I attempt to drink a bottle. It’s fantastic, and I adore it. Thank you very much.

  37. I need to drink water every day but prefer other liquids that taste better, so the suggestion has been a godsend because I enjoy drinking it and drink more of it every day!

  38. Because there is no carbonation, Hint is amazing, and I love that the flavours are just as they claim just an HINT!!! Water that will keep you hydrated!!!

  39. If you are having a difficult time getting your daily water in try HINT. Great flavors and it’s fun to pick and choose the flavors. We tried to find a favorite but we like them all.

  40. I don’t drink anything but water, which can get dull after a while. Last Spring, I gave Hint a shot. It has just enough flavour to make it more appealing than plain water. Every day, I drink two or three bottles. Watermelon, apple, and blackberry are among the most popular flavours. Thank you, Hint!

  41. If you are used to plain water and desire a little something more, you may like Hint. It could use a smidgeon more fruit flavor, but it is really good as it is. Yes, for water, but if you are a water drinker who wants some variety without nasty artificial sweeteners in the mix, try some hint!

  42. Finally, a water that doesn’t need any added sugars or artificial sweeteners! Hint Water has just the right amount of fruit flavoring and is refreshingly light. I usually don’t like to drink water; but this product was surprisingly pleasant. Thanks for providing detailed Hint Water Review

  43. Hint Water is the supplement to water for water drinkers. With a hint of natural fruit flavor, it has replaced my religion as well as helped me lose weight and better understand myself. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine though because Hint doesn’t taste like other waters I’ve tried before.

  44. The Hint water was an amazing alternative to plain old boring, flat city tap water. The taste was perfect for us because it didn’t need any additional flavorings or additives. It has refreshing qualities that will keep you feeling hydrated and healthy all day long!

  45. The first sip of Hint was not what I expected: it is also a little spicier and more peppermint-y than plain water. I’m used to drinking sparkling water with a few drops of lime, so this tasted even better! The canister says that each serving provides 4% calcium , 7% magnesium, and 0% sodium. Hint isn’t as sweet or carbonated as most carbonated water or iced tea beverages would be for me, but the taste just makes it feel more refreshing. It tastes slightly fruitier, too.

  46. This water is addicting. It has a hint of fruitiness that doesn’t overwhelm the flavor, and it leaves you really refreshed after drinking it. I also love how light this drink tastes given all natural ingredients are used, so this one’s my go-to when I feel like something light!

  47. Hint water is the perfect replacement for those who want some flavor and sweetness but don’t want to use too many artificial sweeteners. Hint has a variety of fruit flavors so there will be something everyone prefers and it comes in convenient packets. It taste great on its own or mixed with other beverages like lemonade, iced tea, or smoothies. I love that it’s healthier than some drinks because you can just squeeze those bad boys into your bottle!

  48. Cool bottle, fresh taste. A crisp water alongside a hint of fruit. It took me awhile to learn to love that thin-sharp fruity flavor, but I do now. That is the only negative thing about this product – it has been marketed wrong if people are rejecting this for lack of sweetness because there isn’t any fake sugars added to Hint water! The max sugar found in a glassful is around 9 grams while 8 ounces have just shy of 3 grams which seems minimal enough for someone who needs their teeth and skin taken care of while being mindful not to drink too much sugar or caffeine.

  49. Sometimes, bottled water can be too bland. I’m not talking about that local brand of plain tap water though; if you’re looking for something with a little more flavor, Hint has your back! Sure, it’s labeled as “water,” but Hint really satisfies when all you want is the tastiest drink in the world without all those icky artificial ingredients. If may not taste like fruit juice or anything else but it is still really good- the best flavor is the grapefruit one (no joke)!

  50. Hint is awesome. It’s hinted that Hint was named with love because it definitely brings out hints of fruits in the water–it’s not overly sweet but has enough flavor to distinguish it from regular ol’ boring water. They also have a hint of flavors like citrus, sweet tea, peach tea iced tea, lemon lime ilch iced tea and black berry blueberry. And its only 40 calories per serving which is awesome for those who are calorie conscious or dieting!

  51. five stars for this ingenious product hint water. Their flavors are all light and refreshing, but also provide a delectable burst of flavor (with zero calories). Their infusions were simply perfect – the hibiscus is sweet but not overbearing like most sodas, and the orange gives a jolt of zesty refreshment to any day. My favorite part about it though was that I could order a single bottle or subscribe monthly…great idea! The shipping was super quick too – I ordered on the 20th and got my delivery today.

  52. This stuff is gross. I had a bunch of flavors and after tasting it all, they’re just water with some fruit pieces in there. Don’t get me wrong- the idea is great and I bet the taste is good for some people (I’m not one of them). It’s like adding fruit to your water at home but without the hassle…but I found that if you add frozen fruit it’s pretty similar. Plus, these bottles are really expensive-no thanks!

  53. After spending hours looking for flavor that I could enjoy, I finally found Hint water. The best part about this product is there are so many flavors to choose from, and you can also create your own flavor! The bottles come in an earthy color which makes it easy to find them anywhere. They are so yummy especially on a hot day. Guess what? Hint Water has landed in Atlanta!! As someone who lives with a gut issue, this drink offers zero sugar and zero artificial sweeteners… which makes Justin McLean happy Justin McLean was not too pleased with the alternative options until he tried complimentary hint water at his bank! Now every time he

  54. I love how refreshing my hint water is! It has such a delightful flavor and it’s low in sugar, calories, and carbs. I was walking through the supermarket with no plans to buy anything when I saw this product. I thought it’d be a good idea to give it a try since they have over 25 flavors available! Keep these by your side at all times 🙂 Hint water offers a variety of fruity-flavored drinks that are free from unhealthy ingredients like sugars, preservatives, chemicals, caffeine or sweeteners so you can have an occasional beverage on the go without sabotaging your diet.

  55. Hint water is the best tasting and healthiest option for your water needs. This product is made with fruit and can be found in so many different flavors! Hint Water does not use any sugar, diet sweeteners or calories. You will not be able to find a better taste than this!! Thnaks for providing detailed hint water review

  56. Pretty sugary water tastes like citrus fruit that tempts you with sugar. Drink again and again gets boring! Mix it up with hint water – a drink that’s sweetened naturally with real fruit, not sugar or artificial sweeteners. hints taste great while protecting your teeth from over-consumption of sugars and acids that can cause cavities. There are a lot of flavored waters out there these days, but what makes our product different? Flavor for starters! We offer 25+ delicious recipes to make drinking water fun and exciting! Plus other obvious things like no sugar, no calories, no fat…just wholesome goodness in every sip. From blackberry breezy to zesty berry lemonade..ocean blue pear..

  57. No more horrifying water bottles of flavorless doom cluttering up your fridge. With hint water, you’ll never drink boring, bland old water again! We don’t believe in using refined sugar or artificial sweeteners so every sip of our fruit-infused satiated goodness will elevate your happy level to the max with zero calories. Plus it’s delivered right to your door for free – just tell us what day suits you best and timezone! Thnaks for providing detailed hint water review

  58. Before hint water, being disciplined to drink my recommended eight cups of water a day was difficult. That’s because I hate the taste of plain, unsweetened water. So every time I reached for a glass, I would have to force myself to choke down an entire 8 oz. glass…UGH! But now that I’ve discovered hint water, my days are happy and hydrated – all thanks to their delicious Fruit-infused Flavored Waters with no sugar or diet sweeteners.

  59. I love that hint water doesn’t contain sugar and has such a nice assortment of flavors. It’s the perfect solution for those looking to cut back on sugary drinks like diet coke, which is essentially grey colored soda with medicinal chemicals in it. I’ve actually replaced all my liquids with hint water because I can drink it at home or out without limitations. All my friends are coming over to try it too! Delivery was super fast too- I ordered on Friday night and got it Monday morning. Makes me feel really spoiled! If you’re trying to kick your addiction to sugar/soda, flirtatious fruit beverages will be your ultimate recovery tool of choice!! And if not…well these pretty, tasty little numbers

  60. I was skeptical at first about these water flavored with fruit, but I’ve come to love them. A few months ago, hint water sent me some samples including the lemon lime flavor. The day it came in the mail I had already drank 2 of my regular diet sodas and while they weren’t disgusting like sometimes, they didn’t even compare to how good this one tasted (again not sweetened). They sent 25+ flavors so you can order what matches your mood or personal taste preference on any given day. This company has made their delivery very prompt- Thnaks for providing detailed hint water review

  61. I remember being a kid and the only hydration option I had was water. It was cold, it made me feel refreshed, and some of my favorite parts of summer were drinks at the pool with ice cubes. But this is a new-ish world we live in now where everyone needs to watch their sugar intake or protein intake or carb intake or really any other numbers that have been turned into indexes just so they can have specific warnings. You know what has no ingredients on the label? Hint Water! For all you health nuts out there who are watching what goes into your body but want something refreshing, we’ve got HINT for you! All natural sparkling hydra waters with no sugar and tons of flavor.

  62. If you’re sick of sugary drinks messing up your diet, then try out hint! I can’t believe there are 18 different fruit flavors- I’m not even done trying them all yet. My personal favorite is the apple flavor, but grapefruit is also strangely delicious. Hint water will satisfy your cravings for sweet tasting things without giving you diabetes by sending you on an unnatural sugar high followed by a horrendous crash.

  63. Hints water tastes so good, I can’t stop drinking it! And the best part is they have 18 different flavors which makes every day of the week special.

  64. Clean and crisp, this bottle of hint water is perfect for those who want a refreshing drink without the sugar. It has 18 different fruit flavors for any mood you’re in, including blackberry and pineapple. there’s honestly no other product like it!

  65. I was extremely hesitant to try this water. I’m just not into water that has artificial sweeteners, but man I’ve been tricking myself with these flavors! The natural flavor is so clear and it goes down super smooth. Whenever you’re feeling like your juice oatmeal breakfast isn’t quite cutting it, gulp a bottle of hint and feel refreshed.

  66. Hint water is the best tasting, naturally flavored water I have ever tasted. Hint’s flavors are not too sweet, but still taste really yummy! The flavor of hint water is incredible! It has all the refreshing fruit you want without that added sugar to only leave you feeling thirsty an hour later. Blackberry was my favorite because its light and tart with subtle notes of strawberry in there for deliciousness. Drinking Hint Water makes me feel rejuvenated because it tastes so crisp and fresh after being carbonated just right.

  67. I am a person who loves to be hydrated. In the past, I have been forced to partake in drinks that contain unnatural sweeteners and large amounts of sugar due to lack of information about those items being unhealthy. When I first found out how much bad things come from those ingredients, I was horrified. They not only made me feel sluggish but also contributed to my already high cholesterol rates. If you’re looking for a new alternative drink that gives you delicious taste without unnecessary additives, then Hint Water is it! The variety or fruit tastes really allow this drink with fill your needs because there is something for everyone – even if you prefer lemon lime flavor instead of peach flavor it’s still an option!

  68. The most frustrating thing about water is that it is often tasteless and bland. But now you can drink fruit infused beautiful, crisp, refreshing Hint with 18 yummy flavors like blackberry and tea tree. Thanks for providing Hint Water Review

  69. Hint water is intimate, not underrated. These are the thoughts of many when they drink their first sip of this fruit-infused fermented water. It’s made with natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners or flavors; 18 refreshing fruit flavors like apple, orange, grapefruit, peach and grapes make for a juicy experience in every sip. This unique beverage has never used sugar (or any other sweetener) in its recipe to achieve true refreshment – it’s pure crisp water with just one drop of hint goodness.
    HINT gives you that same feeling your favorite thirst quenching yogurt drink can’t seem to satisfy! You know all those moments when our taste buds need something different than just plain.

  70. I buy it during the summertime because I’m super picky about what drinks I drink then. Like, not just water- PERFECT WATER FOR A HOT SUMMER’S DAY! I love watching TV with this distracting snack in hand! One can of blackberries completely satisfies me for over an hour (whereas regular fruit snacks only last half as long!)

  71. You know how you’re all, ‘I guess I’ll drink plain water’ and then you stop at the grocery store for a Hint? Well now we can make your life easier by making it even better with this new flavor: yummy water! You get the refreshing taste of hint and cool fizzy bubbles like regular diet coke or club soda! Get ready to inject some happiness into your day!–from someone who likes good tasting things.

  72. It has just the right blend of stevia and refreshing fruit. It is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to spend time making their water healthier. I founded Hint because many people were complaining about other brands adding an unneeded array of fake sugars, flavors, sweeteners, colorings, additives… you get it. We simply created a healthy alternative to plain water that tastes delicious with no added sugar or salts or anything else unless noted (elderberry flavor).

  73. Drinking water doesn’t usually excite me, but Hint Water has changed my view. It tastes like you are having a small glass of champagne without the alcohol and side effects. I believe it is totally worth your time to give it a try–you won’t regret juicing up that not-so-exciting water, So I was out at the grocery store minding my own business when I started walking down the aisle labeled ‘beverages’. And then something happened; it’s hard for me to describe. I can only shake so many things off before they start bothering me, and this particular encounter with what hipsters call ‘enhanced’ drinking water

  74. The tap water at my office is drinkable, but tastes like rubber. I can’t drink it for more than a couple of minutes without being thoroughly disgusted no matter what. Hint Water does have a little bit of an odd aftertaste that reminded me of the taste from childhood jujubes, but the flavor was as general as “fruit.” It’s just enough to notice and enjoy, though still very light.

  75. If you’re looking for an absolutely clean-tasting alternative to your normal filtered water, Hint is the perfect choice. With just a hint of fruit flavoring, it will have you reminiscing over all those juicy peaches!

  76. Wow, if you are used to plain water and desire a little something more, you’ll love Hint. All the essence of fruit without the overbearing taste makes this an excellent alternative to plain old clean water.

  77. It’s refreshing with just the perfect amount of fruit flavor. With zero calories, zero artificial sweeteners and zero gluten, Hint is your smartest choice in water. Forget everything you think you know about water! At last — a healthy alternative to sugar-laden beverages with fancy labels that claim health benefits but can’t back them up. Hint has all natural sweetness which comes from real fruit powder, no calories or preservatives; it’s even gluten free. A slice of lemon in every bottle gives it the boost most people need without any extra sugar needed for raising blood sugars like regular drinks do! Pick up some today before they’re gone for good (we’ll be adding flavors.

  78. I love Hint Water, but I also want some more flavor. Hint Water is a better alternative to artificial sweeteners and juices. It is pretty good as it sits and will not make you feel like you need something else with your meal or even leaving for a snack! Thanks for providing Hint Water Review

  79. My absolute favorite water. The taste is not overwhelming, I really like it because it’s unfiltered and because of the hint, which makes it sweet without having any kind of sugar! Hint Water provides a refreshing experience by adding natural fruit flavors to this healthy drink for an extra boost in flavor. We at Hint believe that everyone should be able to enjoy our product no matter what. So people with diabetes can also enjoy Hint because there are no sugars added. Thanks for providing Hint Water Review

  80. Hint has become my water drink of choice and I am not made up! My body is happy because the Hint flavors contain all-natural flavorings. Standard, bland water can seem at best bland and monotonous or at worst downright boring. But HINT bottled water knows that like people, even plain old tap water deserves a little something special in its life to make it enjoyable for everyone. So they created their own line of $2 flavored waters with just enough fruit or other exciting flavorings to not overwhelm you while still bringing out the taste that might be hiding in your drawn well could never guzzle an entire thing before you get sick of drinking it and quit halfway down tempting fate by using artificial sweeteners when nature already provides…

  81. I drink hint water everyday and it will change your life. I drink so much of this water, but I don’t feel dehydrated nor do I experience any bad side effects from drinking too much Hint Water. As the newest member of the team, you can depend on me for feedback first hand. The best thing about Hint is that you’ll never have to worry about having stevia again – plus there are absolutely no other ingredients! This beverage has radically changed my life for the better, and now I’m not sluggish anymore without feeling hungry or dizzy anymore after lunchtime! It tastes really good by itself as well as mixed with an iced tea which makes the perfect summer day ever even better!

  82. I’m not one for sweet drinks. All I want is clean water that tastes like refreshing, natural spring water. Well Hint Water delivered! It has no sugar or artificial flavors (I can’t tell you how many of those sodas make my tongue feel irritated,) and it’s also bottled in the USA. We all know there are some dangerous ingredients in things on this country’s shelves, but that is not the case with this product – it prides itself on 100% transparency into its production process (well except maybe how they keep their secrets blend) any which way you’re probably better off dishing out thirty bucks on two cases of this stuff than eating five burritos from Taco Bell.

  83. I used to diet, but I found it wasn’t sustainable. So instead of drinking calorie-laden drinks, I switched to Hint Water and actually lost six pounds in the first month! And now I drink about 10 HINT waters a day. That’s water for me! Or you could try my personal favorite fruit flavor: Coconut Mango. Delicious!!

  84. I’m vegetarian, but I always have this water bottle at work to sip on. It doesn’t go bad like other bottled waters and it has just the right amount of sweetness. If I don’t have any food for a while, then I’ll drink these during my break time or whenever I need that little something extra. The only issue with the hint water is because it tastes so good people forget they are actually drinking water which can lead to dehydration issues over time if you are not careful. They need to do studies to see about hydration levels in people who consume Hint Water versus those who drink tap water or other drinks but there’s nothing wrong with being cautious either way! Thanks for providing Hint Water Review

  85. Hint Water is great for reducing sugar intake, and is the solution to thirst in blistering summer temperatures. I’m so glad Hint has an affordable option that doesn’t involve giving up on refreshment.

  86. The other day, I was shopping for grape juice. I picked up a bottle of purple stuff that said “hint water” on the label. It’s made in America, has zero artificial sugars or other crap like that, and is natural! SUCH an upgrade from soda!

  87. “I really like hint water because, unlike other flavored or sparking waters out there, it actually quenches my thirst. When I feel a little peckish and want to reach for something sweet- this is perfect! It’s not as sweet as other drinks either. This has been a lifesaver on those crazy work days where you don’t have time for anything.” Thanks for providing Hint Water Review

  88. I used to drink a lot of sugary drinks, and I was sick all the time. Then my friend told me about this one brand she found. We tried it out and WOW! All I can say is how refreshing the product was. With hints of lime, lemon, grapefruit, mango fruit wash away any bacteria or humidity from mouth and skin with delicious flavors you get compliments for your “fruit cocktail” anytime you’re thirsty! Zero artificial sweeteners means no worry for sugar crashing after you finish drinking your smoothie – because remember: just drink water not sugar. Thanks for providing Hint Water Review

  89. Hint water is an amazing product. I seriously love it! It’s lemon flavor is refreshing, doesn’t have any calories or sugar, and comes with a bunch of natural ingredients. They are made in the USA which makes me happy to know my purchase will support our country! The best part about them though, is the convenience of just taking it with me on-the-go in my purse!

  90. The first sip of Hint water is pure bliss! I couldn’t believe how sweet it was, so I popped another one to see if the first wasn’t just a fluke. Nope – unbelievably delicious without any sugar or calories!! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and with millions praising this new brand as America’s favorite bottled water option it’s clear they know a thing or two about making great-tasting drinks. And unlike other natural brands’ products who seem to be “natural” in name only.

  91. I love that Hint water comes in so many refreshing flavors, and it’s non-GMO, vegan and contains no preservatives. It’s absolutely perfect for summer days when you’re looking for a chill drink with bold fruit taste without artificial sugars or other junk! Now I never feel guilty about grabbing an afternoon iced tea because I know it won’t derail my diet.

  92. From the moment you open a can of hint water, you will be captivated by how real it smells due to the mainly fruit essences. The taste is just as refreshing with hints of lime or grapefruit binding together flavors. There are so many other great details that make this even better too – the 16 oz cans are perfect for travel, there’s NO sugar needed! Hint is also vegan and non-GMO free from MSG, nuts, soy or gluten. It’s no wonder why we’re all hooked on this stuff

  93. “I used to drink lots of diet cola – I loved the sugar-free sweetener. But I quickly learned that there were lots of downsides to these artificial flavors, like abdominal cramps and headaches. Hint water tastes like juice without any downside.” “The people at hint water are generous! They’re not only providing refreshing drinks for your liver, they’re also donating two cents from each individual bottle to help end Alzheimer’s by 2020!”

  94. I have always struggled with drinking enough water. I found myself not having the time to go refill my large cups, so I’ve always stuck with sugary drinks that are less healthy. Hint has solved all of these problems for me! It is conveniently packaged in small plastic bottle that you can take anywhere without making a mess, plus it tastes like real fruit juice! The best part? There are no calories because it’s non-gangerous to your health lyte balance. Tired of settling for beverages with artificial flavours or cheap syrups? You should try hint water, which puts the “real” back into liquids by infusing flavours from actual fruits. With hints of flavour combinations including orange-pineapple

  95. I love Hint. I have Type 2 Diabetes, so it’s great that this water is sugar free. I actually don’t even notice the taste of just fruit in my HINT Water because all the other fruit essences are also in there to give me a burst of flavor when I drink it! Plus, it’s super refreshing on a hot day–something else most sugar-free drinks don’t offer. Thanks for providing Hint Water Review

  96. It’s like there is a water fountain made of juicy fruit on my tongue as I drink. And the laughs and smiles as you tell people you got hint water? Priceless. When it comes to refreshment, Hint Water goes far beyond basic. It tastes like the actual fruit and delivers refreshing goodness with no sugar, diet sweeteners or calories? and we’re certified NON GMO and vegan (so cows don’t go thirsty). Bring on those smiles!

  97. I’ve tried many different brands of flavored water, but nothing compares to Hint! You can tell that they use the purest ingredients. So you’re watching your calorie intake and want something tasty to drink? How about some fruit-infused water cubes from hint? With our plant based ingredients, it won’t spike your blood sugar or give you an artificial sugar high. And with no carbs, sodium or fat – it’s just what I need for my diet.

  98. I was skeptical when I first tried Hint, but it’s amazing! My favorite fruit-flavored bottles are the strawberry and raspberry. The stones have a sweet taste to them that reminds me of childhood memories visiting my grandma’s kitchen every Sunday morning for a glass of freshly squeezed juice. I drink Hint water all day long while at work because even though there are no added sugar or sweeteners, its really refreshing and smooth on the palate.

  99. I am obsessed with this water! I like my water to be unsweetened and I’m not a fan of carbonated drinks, so if you’re anything like me you’ll love the fruit flavor. It’s refreshing, good for weight loss and doesn’t have all those extra additives that traditional fizzy beverages do. You can drink Hint out of its original packaging or put it in a bottle (or cup!) if you want something to drink on-the-go. Traditional packaged waters are chock full of sodium and mineral salts, yet oddly missing one very important electrolyte – potassium.

  100. Hint Water is a delicious, refreshing beverage with a hint of fruit flavors. They come in an array of yummy and sweet fruit essences, such as peach iced tea and berry breeze. I love how each sip really feels like you’re indulging in a dessert! Hint water has become my favorite way to hydrate without sacrificing that sweet flavor – it’s perfect for when I don’t want the calories from traditional sodas or drinks. It tastes just like any other bottled drink but without all the extra sugar and junk.”

  101. Be a high order human, don’t drink what will make you a low class cit. Drinking anything actually can be bad for your teeth because it all has fructose that reacts with the bacteria in your mouth to form acid! The pH of water is 7 and fruits are from PH 3-7 range so fruit juice might not be the best thing either. I think diet coke is probably better 30% as sour as flavorless tap water which tastes like dry paint on metal.

  102. “Hint Water is the worst drink on Earth!” exclaims Rachel L. “You’ll probably be disappointed, but at least then you won’t have to suffer through a carbonated sugar-laden beverage!” “The person behind this horrendously named “beverage” must think we’re idiots,” John M. offers up his review of Hint water with a straight face and tight lips before adding, “I don’t believe they know what water is.”
    So it might not be great for your teeth or figure, but if you’re looking for an alternative to soda pop that’s slightly less worse, maybe Hint sparkling flavored water is for you!

  103. We all know the bitter taste of a new toothbrush. But what about your teeth? Hint water will give you some sweetness, but not as much as this sugar-laden stuff that’s going to rot them from the inside out. If it weren’t for their negligible sparkling complexion, then we might have something good going on here.

  104. The sparkling water trend has been growing rapidly. But a dentist tell us that these drinks should be consumed in moderation because of a key ingredient: the bubbles. Acidic flavors and carbonation make this product more erosive, meaning your teeth will become susceptible to cavities after time because the enamel becomes weakened by the acidity according to dentists we reached out too.
    I can’t remember what motivated me to try our new wa-ter but it totally changed my life! Drink this stuff everyday now and don’t know how I ever lived without it! My speech is better from drinking less coffee, I’ve got more “hype” level energy all day long, and nothing tastes as

  105. You know you’re not supposed to drink sugary sodas (or that nasty diet soda, for that matter). So what do they sell at the movies? Flavored sparkling water! The drinks might be less acidic than a regular cup of Coke. But dentists have found that when these drinks react with teeth, the minerals in your saliva create acid and cause tooth decay. No one wants a mouthful of cavities.

  106. It tastes like water, but with bubbles. If you don’t care about cavities and would rather not waste your time on headaches or energy drinks, go ahead and enjoy this taste of nostalgia in a bottle.

  107. Drint hint water gets the point across with every sip. With a refreshing quality, regardless if you need to make your teeth numb or not, hints can offer relief each time you take a sip.

  108. Hint water is the solution. It has zero sugar, zero calories, and zero carbs. The tonic taste will keep you hydrated without giving away your sparkling water addiction to everyone around you. If you happen to have any cavities in your teeth, this would be a great alternative for regular drinking too!

  109. Hint water tastes like the saltiest ocean breeze. It’s an effervescent beverage with a hint of lime, lemon, grapefruit or other light fruit flavors that are perfect for curbing your thirst no matter what the time is. I love Hint because it all but takes care of my mornings-must-pack-lunch dilemma!

  110. I love drinking hint water while I work. Not only does it keep me hydrated, but the taste never gets old. Plus, because their product is low-calorie there’s no sugar crash when I drink them! Exceptional service and quality are also hallmarks of the company which are just two more reasons to love this brand not just on special occasions but everyday life too. Thanks for providing Hint Water Review

  111. I will never go back to plain old water, not after experiencing this new sparkling water. It has the most delicious flavor, and I love how it goes down even smoother than still water. My teeth are whiter since I switched to this drink!

  112. I love this sparkling water because I can drink it more often without worrying about damaging my teeth! It’s that perfect mix of carbonation and flavor. It tastes crisp, refreshing, and fruity—it’s like drinking on a warm day on the beach.

  113. Drinking water is not interesting, and frankly sometimes it’s not even the best option. But let me tell you about this magical thing called hint water, where drinking water doesn’t have to be boring! Hint bottles come in a variety of fabulous flavors that fill your entire pantry with tastes that keep your mouth alive and exciting! You can take them anywhere and they’re easy to find because everyone who has tried one loves them too! Thanks for providing Hint Water Review

  114. Try this revolutionary water. More refreshing than a soda Sparkling drink is less acidic than a soda Imported from the Virgin Isles No calories Gluten free

  115. I know what you’re thinking: drank some diet soda and just ran to the dentist for a checkup and everything was fine. Maybe it wasn’t all that acidic after all! That’s exactly why we created Hint, an innovative line of sparkling waters that deliciously quench your thirst without compromising your dental health. The intense flavor is subtle enough to remind you of the time when spice meant something over-the-top delicious–not a mouthful of cavity waiting to happen. Dentists say drinking flavored sparkling water might make your teeth more susceptible to cavities?

  116. “I’ve never had sparkling water before, I thought it would be too bubbly or too sweet. But this stuff tastes light and crisp, not at all sickly. And the best part? I haven’t had a cavity in months! It’s so great because you can mix flavors together to make it taste like whatever you want.”

  117. The natural fruit flavors in Hint water are what make it taste so sweet. The subtle hints of orange, raspberry, blueberry and lemon drop take the edge off that plain water sometimes tastes. The best part? It’s calorie-free! So instead of spending your time thinking about which diet coke or milk fat latte to get at the grocery store every day, you can save yourself some added calories by sipping on a refreshing Hint Water. What do celebrities like Kelly Clarkson use to stay beautiful? Bottles and bottles of Hint water! You’ll be getting everything else they’re drinking too when you order yours today. It provides all the hydration you need–

  118. Hint is the perfect tasty alternative for people trying to watch their weight or control calories. It’s sweetened with nothing more than fruit like lemon, berry and pomegranate. There are no calories, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors found in Hint water, just good taste that doesn’t affect your waistline. Thanks for providing Hint Water Review

  119. Hint water has all of the hydration without any of the terrible stuff in regular beverages. It still tastes great, it’s simple to have on hand – use in your office or at home for a convenient way to stay hydrated, and just when you thought Hint couldn’t get better! New Super Hydrating flavors are now available- light fruit flavor with no sugar added. Get all of the benefits with none of the drawbacks!

  120. You can drink Hint any time, anywhere. At the office with coffee, on a hot summer day with iced tea, after dinner with juice spritzers. Hint has zero calories and is naturally sweetened, so it’s safe to enjoy all day long!

  121. Hint water is delicious and refreshing. My wife lost weight by drinking Hint instead of soda, and she said it was like an army-trained personal trainer in a bottle with all the benefits of safe hydration with none of the downsides. She loves this product. With over 140 tasty flavor options, you can always find your next favorite Hint water to enjoy on-the-go or just at home! Be sure to try some flavors that we know you’ll love such as Summertime Lime Splash and Blueberry Lemonade iced teas! Thanks for providing Hint Water Review

  122. Hint water is the perfect drink for any one who wants to rid themselves of unwanted pounds or to hydrate on-the-go. It comes in four amazing flavors that are not only flavorful but full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Drink Hint water at home with your favorite TV show, take it with you during a long day at work without any worries about where to stop for refreshments or worry about other sugar/calorie laden drinks that leave you feeling sluggish. Is there anything better than drinking the first thing in the morning?

  123. Here’s the hint I promised you: Hint water is a healthy, low-calorie alternative to sugary drinks. It fits into your diet and routine, because it’s satisfying without being harmful. And with all of that natural flavor from fruit extracts and nothing artificial or synthetic added, it tastes even better than any drink could possibly taste.

  124. I can’t believe I let myself drink so much soda. All the sugar and empty calories made me feel tired and bloated… until now. Hint water tastes great, has a refreshing hint of flavor, and all for just one calorie per serving!

  125. ​Since taking that first sip, I’ve become obsessed. And not just because it tastes amazing! The weight loss and skin clearing benefits were so unexpected, but they’re great too. But you really don’t need to take my word for it; try Hint water for yourself. You’ll be hooked after your first drink! Thanks for providing Hint Water Review

  126. I used to crave soda, but now I never feel like drinking it. Now, every time I feel thirsty all I want is Hint water! It’s refreshing and healthy without any of the calories or sugar that might trigger cravings. Plus, after 3 weeks my stomach was flatter and my skin was clearer.

  127. “Please believe the hype. It’s true! Hint water is refreshing, cool and tasty even on a hot day or after a tough workout.”

  128. Hint water is perfect for any good mood. Hint offers fruit flavors like lemon, grapefruit, peach and raspberry. The sugar content doesn’t break the bank, but it does make your taste buds dance. It’s completely refreshing with no added sugars or calories! Thanks for providing detailed Hint water

  129. Hint is the world’s first natural fruit-infused water with delicious flavors that taste like real, fresh fruits. Hint is made of 98%+ purified water and 100% fruit essences; there are no additives, sweeteners or artificial ingredients. It can be enjoyed hot or cold; has zero calories; will never leave any nasty aftertaste (or litter on your coffee table) and comes in 8 mouthwatering flavours: Orange Mango, Apple Strawberry, Grapefruit Lime, Blackberry Acai Berry, Ruby Raspberry Sunset Twist Pineapple Coconut, Passion Fruit Mimosa Morning Melon.

  130. I’ve never liked drinking water, but now I can drink it! Hint is the greatest invention of all time.3 Reasons You Need to Drink Hint Today! ­-It tastes like fruit ­-No sugar or preservatives ­-Non GMO certified vegan

  131. I love this water! I don’t think I can go off of it. It’s so good and all natural. Hint Water is the only healthy alternative to regular water that tastes just as amazing. There’s no after taste, and it makes me feel so much more refreshed than anything else I’ve seen before or tried out in my own home.

  132. I have tried every diet fad out there, and Hint was the only one that works. I don’t feel bad drinking this water because it has no sugar or anything harmful in it, but it tastes like fresh fruit. Side effects other water can cause include bloating, irritability, headaches and thirst – HINT delivers refreshment without any of these side effects!

  133. Hello, thirsty traveler. Are you looking for a refreshing way to hydrate that doesn’t require you take a step further from your favorite spot? Please come closer. I’m hint water, and I promise to give your taste buds something they can wet their whistle over! Whether it’s the juicy scent of real cherry or the tangy tartness of lemon-lime, there is a hint flavor waiting for you! Oh yea…excuse me while I tease your taste buds with some zesty raspberry. The world’s first flavored water! We have no sugar added, no calories and we’re non GMO certified – so go ahead and take big slurps as often as you like because HINT has got this flavor thing locked

  134. When I’m traveling, hiking, or working out at the gym all day, nothing tastes better than my Hint water. After spending so much time sweating with intense exercise and having no access to fresh foods for most of the day, I crave something cold to drink that tastes good. Funny thing is that even if I have a hard workout before work during rush hour traffic on my way in then go into meetings until 10 pm it really doesn’t take that long to feel like giving up on healthy eating or treating myself with “the chocolate cake” – but what always saves me are my flavorsome Hint waters!

  135. I am discovering hints all over my day! It’s my new favorite beverage. These are little surprises of flavor, in every bottle. What was ordinary is now extraordinary with Hint fruit juice water. I want to tell you about my new favorite drink that just might be the best thing, It’s HINT Fruit Water! Flavored with fruit essences, it’s excellent for thirst-quenching and satisfies your cravings when looking for something sweet but calorie-free. My kids love it too because it has no sugar or diet sweeteners! Don’t miss out on this wonderful tasting treat! Now available in six different fruits flavors including strawberry, raspberry, grape

  136. I love Hint because it gives me the crisp taste that I crave, without any of the sugar or terrible additives.

  137. HINTS ARE HINT-ING GREAT! This product is the original fruit-infused water you’ve been waiting for! Its amazing taste never fails to amaze me. I love dropping some hints about how it’s possible to be guzzling refreshing, healthy children of God juice while you scroll through your phone in anticipation of marriage/murdering people on World of Warcraft or making new friends on OkCupid. Suddenly everyone around me wants some “fresh investment” that makes them feel invigorated just by standing next to it because it doesn’t have any carbs!

  138. There is nothing more refreshing than a nice cold glass of iced hint water. It is the perfect drink on a hot summer day to cool you down from the sun or when your stomach begins to feel queasy from your lunch! You can either enjoy a single flavor, combine two for a unique taste all in one bottle, or add fruit slices for an extra piece of deliciously sweet fruit. These are just some ways that hint water will help quench any thirst and provide refreshment without overbearing sweetness. Hint Water helps fill the void when lemonade just won’t cut it at social gatherings – but don’t worry about skipping rum faster with this new find because Hint contains no alcohol whatsoever! What?!

  139. It’s refreshing, light and a great way to make sure you’re drinking enough water if you don’t enjoy the taste. Hint typically has a fruity scent to it as well as an awesome flavor. The fruit essences usually last for about 2 weeks after opening the product which is pretty good considering that fruit can go bad very quickly! I really like that hint is concentrated by almost 50% so there aren’t any added sugars or preservatives, just natural flavors!

  140. From the first sip, I could see that there was something different about this water. Packed with flavor and actually tasting like fruit, not just imitation flavors. After noticing what was in my drink for ingredients, I realized how much sense it made to go with this brand. Hint Water has set out to create an alternative to sugar-laden drinks or unhealthy soda options by using all natural fresh fruit essences in their recipes. There are very few things in life that take me by surprise anymore, but when I walked into a supermarket one day and saw bottles of Hint water sitting on the shelf there waiting for me I nearly choked on my meatball sub!

  141. These hibiscus h2o’s are always refreshing. I love how passionate my taste buds are every time I drink one! You can even create your own ting or tangerine tincture with over 20 fruit essences to pick from. What HINT is there not to love about it? Imagine running through a gorgeous, water-filled garden on a hot summer day wearing nothing but your swimsuit and being so refreshed by the mist of an ice cold delightful Hint Water. That’s what you feel like when you sip on this iced chilled delight!

  142. Feel refreshed without a sugar crash. Meet hint water! You’ve been looking for the perfect water with minimal calories, no diet sweeteners and no preservatives – we have just what you’re searching for! Hint delivers refreshment on-the-go with fruit infused flavors that taste like your favorite fruit beverage without all the junk. We make it our mission to deliver refreshing enjoyment while staying completely chemical free and non-GMO certified from start to finish. Find refreshment inside of every little hint bottle – it’s only natural.sardonic advertising language used by a sketch comedy show that mocks popular culture.

  143. Okay, so I’m not a big water drinker. Like, at all. But when I do? It’s usually because it’s hot and humid outside and the chilled beverage is just what I need! So you know how most bottled waters taste like absolutely nothing? That was my situation too — until Hint! Nowadays anytime we walk in to our local grocery store (Target!) we make sure to grab a pack of these bad boys and bring them back home for me and mom & dad to enjoy our iced teas without any guilt 😉 AMAZING that there are no calories or sugar in this either since it tastes AMAZING! Highly recommend if you’re looking for something new 🙂 thanks for providing hint water review

  144. Nobody likes drinking plain water for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But how many of us want to take in extra sugar with the artificial flavorings? The whole rigamarole is so tiresome. Although I was skeptical at first about Hint fruit-infused water because it seemed a little peculiar…within a few seconds of taking a sip my skepticism disappeared! You know what’s weird though? To me, it tasted like I had just bit into an orange which actually would have been weird considering that this is supposed to be flavored water. In any case, I marked off Hint Fruit Infused Water as one item from my grocery list!

  145. This is a product worth buying! I was skeptical at first because the price seemed too good to be true, but this water has been my new favorite thing. Empty calories can make you feel bloated and tired at just about any moment. Bottled fizzy drinks or fruit juice as well as many other beverages that come in plastic bottles are expensive and bad for your health. Hint helps you live a better life without those problems by giving us an affordable drink that tastes great and doesn’t effect our health negatively! This is one of those products where both customers and distributors mutually benefit from each-other’s existence.

  146. Look, if you’re skeptical then I get it. You’ve been burned by unrealistic marketing campaigns before and HINT is just a fruit-infused water? BUT, this is not your usual flavored water! The real stuff comes from the inside of fruits themselves – apple juice from an apple, strawberry juices from strawberries. If you have a hint for me-anybody who cares about their well being in any way possible-I say jump on this HINT trend today.

  147. I love drinking Perrier and drinking it plain, but Hint is so much better. They use natural errythritol instead of artificial sweeteners and also use Stevia which is always a good thing! This sparkling water is keto and low carb! drink this because I’m on the Keto Diet. It’s been helping me stay in ketosis, even when I’ve accidentally eaten something that was not shellfish or seafood based! The “lite” version has half as many carbs as regular soda, but if you need to watch the carbs for some other reason–like Weight Watchers or Atkins-style plan—I can attest that these are far too low to interfere with your goals. Thanks for providing hint water review

  148. Keto-friendly sparkling water tastes a lot like high calorie drinks, but without all the sugar! The perfect alternative to diet soda, these flavors are sure to make anyone’s day. All natural and zero calories, these keto beverages won’t slow you down one bit!

  149. Hint water is flavorless, yet has all the taste of your favorite drink. It fizzes just like you remember, but without the sugar or artificial sweeteners that contribute to weight gain and other health issues. You can have an unlimited amount of Hint water each day for free, guilt-free!

  150. I’ve tried all of the keto diet-friendly sparkling water brands that are available, and Hint is hands down my favorite. The flavor possibilities are endless! I especially love how they have pre-made Keto cocktails where I can easily order something like a margarita or daiquiri with no added sugar to my cart. Shipping rates are fair, these drinks don’t make me feel bloated after drinking them—in fact it keeps my energy levels high throughout the day without any crashes. My friends say that it tastes just as good, if not better than regular soda!

  151. “Hint satisfies my sweet tooth, keeps me hydrated and doesn’t mess with my keto diet.”

  152. Eight incredible flavors to get you through your pregnancy, enter a new chapter, and our all-time favorite Diet Coke taste with zero sugar. sophisticated offer for consumers who want a water that’s more natural tasting – will appeal to millennials trying keto or people who can’t drink diet sodas

  153. “Ever drink water that tasted like it came straight from a spring? Well, now you can wherever you are with Hint Water. It’s sparkling water that tastes freshly squeezed. Plus, it has zero calories and is sugar-free.”

  154. Hint sparklers and seltzers satisfies the sugar craving without all of the guilt.

  155. Great if you’re dieting and want to have a strict, sparkling flavored water!

  156. There’s nothing like a cold, carbonated drink to beat the heat of summer. But what do you do if kickstarting ketosis has turned out to be a lot tricker than you expected? Fear not! Perrier sparkling water is waiting for your healthy lifestyle with its zero carbs and 120 calories per bottle. Come try Aura Bora sparkling water as well, recommended by celebrities who have followed a keto diet themselves!

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