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Some companies start with an explosion, others grow slowly over time. Helzberg Diamonds was a bit of both. In this article, you can read a short story about Helzberg and learn how it became the icon of her current brand.

In this review by Helzberg Diamonds, we will also review some of your items on sale (especially diamond rings) that go far beyond a few diamonds to other gemstones, jewellery, watches and much more.

After learning more about the company, you should have a better idea of ​​whether buying a Helzberg diamond ring is right for you.

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A short history of the Helzberg diamonds

Helzberg Diamonds has been in business for over a century. In fact, they are 102 years old and counting at the time of writing!

Originally the company consisted of a man named Morris Helzberg. The illness prevented him from developing the business the way he would have liked, and his little son had to take over the business.

In return, he founded his own son and this tradition has kept the company in the family Helzberg.

In 1995, Barnett Helzberg Jr. made the decision to launch the activity and was bought by a company owned by Warren Buffet.

Today, the company’s CEO is Beryl Raff, and the chain has expanded to hundreds of stores in the US. Some of his products include custom rings, diamond and gemstone jewelry and bridal jewellery.

Helzberg Diamonds’ strengths are:

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Engagement rings

There is no shortage of ring designs in the engagement category. From traditional solitaire rings to sophisticated shapes such as emerald or pear, there is a wide selection available.

And even if the brand proposes otherwise, Helzberg Diamonds only diamonds! Rubies, amethyst, topaz and other types of birthstone.

Helzberg Diamonds Review


It should be noted that Helzberg Diamonds offers certain brand names such as Royal Asscher and Crisscut. These brand diamonds look different and are neither better nor worse.



Helzberg Diamonds could be what you are looking for. They have many jewellery designs. Prices start at $ 200 and increase depending on the product.

Interestingly, Helzberg Diamonds offers a selection of gifts for bridesmaids, boys and even parents. If you are thinking of receiving a thank you for your helpers and relatives, you can comment on this.


As you can imagine, the diamond categories at this company are huge. You have several options of earrings, studded or otherwise, bracelets and necklaces, etc.

Create your own

Creating your own jewelry is a popular feature. Helzberg is no different and has followed the trend. You can design your own jewellery in different ways.

Helzberg Diamonds ALTR Created coupons

You can make your own ring with a diamond or other gemstone or start the setup. The possibilities are quite open and leave a lot of room for imagination.

In reality, however, this is a standard feature that every other gemstone in the world today can offer.

Anyone can sell a diamond online today. However, it is easy to make an informed purchase.

Helenberg Diamonds offers a variety of configurations and patterns on its website, including A loose diamond or a diamond engagement ring.

For starters, the lack of tangible data such as video or performance images makes diamond selection extremely difficult. Of course, they have “3D views” of sarin’s exploration of the diamond’s appearance. However, these choices are very limited.

Helzberg Diamonds Review Read More

Helenberg Diamonds remains online in terms of user experience and diamond marketing.

The Helzberg Diamond Masterpiece Series is the “super-ideal” diamond business with AGS guarantee certificates. Personally,

I like diamonds classified as AGS because the lab uses scientific techniques to determine the quality of a diamond’s size and the power of light.

This has, of course, aroused my interest.

When you buy a super-ideal diamond, you need specific data to verify that the company claims that a diamond is “super-ideal.”

In particular, I am looking for diamond precision cores and arrows, ASET images for checking the light output, and ideal scope images for analyzing the light-return characteristics.

However, when reviewing the Helzberg Diamond Masterpiece jewelry, I could not use an analytical approach as I usually do. In fact, such tangible data is not available on the Helzberg website.

Another problem that worries me is the lack of options that consumers can have when they buy a Helzberg Diamond masterpiece online.

As indicated in the following list (as well as in the other lists on the website), the central diamond has an “I” color and an “SI2” sharpness.

There is no way to choose your own diamond, and as a consumer, you are limited by the diamond specifications available.

Now I want to record that SI2 diamonds should be seen with a video or personally for cleaning.

What happens if you do not want a diamond I and a colorless diamond E? What happens if for symbolic reasons, you want VS2 clarity or IF clarity?

Similarly, if you are looking for a diamond of a particular carat size (for example, a 0.9 ct diamond), the same problem arises.

As a buyer, you want to take the unnecessary steps and the effort to find something that you need.

Designer and custom objects

At Helzberg, we invite you to create your own piece of jewelry on request. In fact, this function is limited to the use of the already existing one.

So you can customize your engagement ring, but are limited. You can not ask anyone to design a room that suits you.

Helzberg Diamonds Review - Ring

However, they do not wear engagement rings from creators. I, therefore, recommend James Allen with Royal Halo, Mille Covers and Whiteflash, who have Verragio, Tacori, Ritani, Simon G., Danhov, Vatche and Benchmark.

The best possible quality

We must automatically reject the vast majority of Helzberg pieces, as they can not be considered high quality. If you look at the 4Cs (colour, size, purity, and carat), most of your diamonds cannot enter the field.

However, the Masterpiece collection is of high quality.

As a consumer, however, it is confusing because its two-stage system results in poor quality compared to high quality. You receive certificates for parts that should not have a certificate.

They use GSI for certification, which does not always provide the clearest clarification, especially for lower quality diamonds.

Still, the diamonds in the Masterpiece collection are really beautiful. These are striking and unforgettable stones.

Helzberg Diamonds utah
Helzberg does not agree with the price. The problem is that we expect much better results in the jewelry market, where you get high quality at a reasonable price.

At Helzberg, on the other hand, the customer does not receive a fair price. The diamonds and the jewels themselves are too expensive. In fact, this is probably our biggest concern with regard to Helzberg.

If we look at price and value, we have to weigh quality against price. As consumers, we understand that we will sacrifice quality if a low price is offered.

What we do not expect these days is a mediocre quality at a high price. This should not happen with jewelry.

First and foremost, you should look carefully to find the quality parts. We recommend anyway to avoid “economic” diamonds, but certainly from Helzberg.

If you look a little closer, they have two stunning masterpiece diamonds that are calculated for the engagement ring market.

Helzberg Diamonds Review Read More

However, add the cost and suddenly these diamonds are not a good price for their quality. If you are looking for top quality diamonds, I would like to go to Whiteflash. If the budget is your top priority, consider the Blue Nile.

Another point that can be disquieting in terms of price is the only point of sale I cannot identify in Helzberg.

In many ways, it may be better to compare deals more closely with a jeweller in a mall, and it may be unfair to assume that it is different, especially since Helzberg 2012 clearly evolves. more in this market.

For the price, I expect something better, including not only two mounted pairs. I wish I could play with the ideas and make sure that a designer brings some creativity to the design at these prices.

Why should you buy your engagement ring in Helzberg?

A very good friend of mine is a typical runner! He called me at midnight to ask about the purchase of his engagement ring. At first, I asked him if he knows what he wants. Or what does she want?

What is your budget? He quickly realized that he was trapped in a ring at a reasonable price. So I asked a few questions about loading: Is there a guarantee?

Helzberg $100 for $399

“For life,” he says, funding? “Is there”, return option? “Free return”. Now that you can always talk about the 4 C, it seems like all the basic rules are met with the highest standards … and that’s how it was!

What Facts I Like About Helzberg:

Helzberg Diamonds is a jeweller founded by Morris Helzberg in 1915 and has more than 200 stores in the US. The CEO is Beryl Raff and is headquartered in North Kansas City, Missouri, USA. UU

Customer complaints Helzberg

We would call this problem a major problem with Helzberg. Since Helzberg is a large company with more than 200 locations and a large number of customers, claims are very easy to find. We found clients complaining about bad engagement rings because of gems falling, employees describing managers’ motivation to sell bonus programs, and Helzberg struggling to deal with his problems and so on. ,

Is Helzberg a scam?

If I talked to you as a friend, I would tell you not to apply for a job in Helzberg, as this is not a job I’m going to tell you about selling diamonds, Helzberg is not a scam, with thousands of satisfied customers. It is reasonable to have bad reviews from customers.

Find out more about Helzberg

Helzberg started as a shop about 100 years ago. Today, besides Helzberg, there are more than 200 shops online. I like Helzberg’s goal: As soon as someone sees the Helzberg diamond.

the feeling of being loved is automatically created. Particular attention is paid to the unique designs of Helzberg! I have seen many companies give you the opportunity to choose a diamond,

but at first (for me) everything seemed to be the same.

Helzberg Diamonds sale

The wide variety of different Helzberg designs that have been made sometimes is far better than doing it yourself … As with any other company,

you can always take a look at it and make a selection in all other businesses. In this context, I have to say that a good salesperson is a salesman who feels good about his boss, his job and his environment.

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Services and functions

Helzberg Diamonds guarantees the quality of all its products thanks to a careful but rigorous examination of 15 points before the sale. Their diamonds are also carefully crafted and are all certified by AGS and GIA.

The retailer offers a wide selection of engagement rings from which the consumer can choose.

Customers can also create their own engagement rings and choose their favourite style and diamonds from a variety of options available on the website.

Customers receive 20,000 certified loose diamonds in various shapes and colours, 300 configurations, and metal type options to create their own engagement ring style.

Helzberg Diamonds Diamonds Bangles

Once the product is made, the customer will be offered a free preview.

Jewelry offers free shipping on orders over 149 in the country. In addition, customers can pick up their orders for free at the nearest store near them. Customers can track the progress of their order on the Helzberg website.

Helzberg Diamonds offers a free 60-day online return where customers can choose to request a refund or change the item.

Helzberg Diamonds enables its customers to buy their bills, pay and see their past and past transactions when they create an account on their website.

They also offer loyal customers a Helzberg Diamonds credit card with exclusive benefits. The various financing options are extended to customers to help them with the purchase of the desired ring.

The jeweler has an extensive warranty program consisting of 3 components in the purchases of his customers. For the first 60 days customers can return or exchange their rings at the store or online. In the first 12 months, Helzberg will replace or repair the stone or assembly if the ring has been damaged due to a manufacturing defect.

The company guarantees the stone for life if it is lost from its original assembly. For the lifetime warranty to remain in effect, customers need to bring their diamond to Helzberg for review every six months.

Helzberg Products:


helzberg coupon codes


Price: $999.99

Helzberg Diamonds Review -WHITE GOLD


The name Aquamarine derives from the Latin word aqua, which means water, and sailor, which means sea.

It was believed that this gem protected sailors and guaranteed a safe journey. It is said that the calm color of aquamarine cools the genius and allows the user to stay calm and sensible.

Its pale and fresh color goes perfectly with the showcases of spring and summer. Aquamarine is generally clear and varies from teal to teal; For large stones, the color is usually more intense.

This gemstone is mined mainly in Brazil but also occurs in Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan, and Mozambique.


Price: $1,799

Helzberg Diamonds Review - DIAMOND BAND IN 14K


At Helzberg Diamonds, we are proud to have an extremely high standard of diamond quality, especially in terms of the size of our diamonds.

We are responsible for every diamond contained in every jewel of our jewellery and ensure that it complies with the standards we have met since 1915.

The best way to make sure your diamond shines all your life is to take good care of it.

If you bring your diamond jewelry to your local Helzberg Diamonds store for professional cleaning and inspection or polish your stone at home with a polishing cloth and hot water, your diamond can shine.

Price: $1,999

Helzberg Diamonds Review - YELLOW GOLD


Its pale and fresh colour goes perfectly with the showcases of spring and summer. Aquamarine is generally clear and varies from teal to teal; For large stones, the colour is usually more intense.

This gemstone is mined mainly in Brazil but also occurs in Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan and Mozambique.

Helzberg Diamonds, we are proud to have an extremely high standard of diamond quality, especially in terms of the size of our diamonds.

We are responsible for every diamond contained in every jewel of our jewellery and ensure that it complies with the standards we have met since 1915.

Price: $449.99

Helzberg Diamonds products


The purity of gold is measured in carats. The greater the amount of gold. If the gold is 100% pure, then it’s 24,000 gold (24,000).

Gold is soft and supple in its pure form, but it can easily be scratched and is not suitable for jewellery. Therefore, it must be combined with other metals to give it permanence. Some of the most common forms of gold alloys are:

Yellow Gold The yellow colour may vary depending on the alloy.

As the number of gold increases, the brightness of the yellow colour does not increase. Yellow gold is easy to care for a lifetime. White gold Although not real metal,

white gold resembles platinum and consists of yellow gold and various alloys, including nickel and zinc. It is often covered with rhodium, a white reflective metal that is an excellent protective coating. However, the protective layer of rhodium becomes to wear resistant and requires a new coating.

Preserving the rose gold of red, rouge and rose gold, rose gold is created by combining pure gold with copper. The more copper is used, the redder the gold tone.

Rose gold is considered the most romantic colour of the metal and is more resistant than yellow and white gold due to the durability of the copper used.

Gold Care Some chemicals like chlorine can damage gold alloys. The Helzberg Diamonds Store takes care of your wedding. You can also use a solution of warm water and soap without detergent with a soft toothbrush.


Read Here:


Conclusion: Helzberg Diamonds Review With Coupon Code 2022

In general, finding Helzberg’s unique selling point and finding out what’s worth it is difficult. Your customer service does not impress me, and I think it fits better with a chain of malls and not the most established jewelers.

Worth seeing is your Masterpiece collection. However, you can get better cut quality elsewhere.

If you have any ulterior motives to buy in Helzberg (own Berkshire Hathaway stock or in-store credit), the Masterpiece collection is a fantastic choice.

I had the feeling that there are a lot of products in Helzberg, from the barren interior to the lower sales edge. I would prefer to save between 20 and 30% while having more options and better shopping experience here.


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