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Introduction To Heartsmart

The Heart Smart technology is a company which is based in the United States of America.

And it is the leading supplier of automatic external defibrillators (AED) and They also sell all the Required accessories Needed for these AEDs.

The Products which is offered by them is from the Leading AEDs manufacturers. All The

Products of Smart Heart are the Best quality and at a very reasonable price. Heart Smart trained their staff for performing CPR / AED in an emergency situation.

Heart Smart has also Collaborate with the American Heart Association and Red Cross

trainers to provide training and certification to the public during the emergency on CPR and AED management.

AEDs are available in many crowded locations such as malls, golf courses, and commercial Places, airports and airplanes, casinos, schools, and hotels, etc.

AEDs can also be purchased for home use. In an emergency, untrained personnel can also use AEDs to save lives.

Heart Smart employees are well trained to help customers and choose the right product for their needs.

Today I am Going To Tell You About Heart Smart, here I covered all the Insights and Detailed Features with Pros And Cons Of this Amazing Product, I hope you Find Its Useful

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Heart Smart’s AED devices

HeartSmart review with coupon codes

Heart Smart offers AEDs from leading manufacturers such as Philips, Heart Sine, Defibtech and ZOLL. All products are sold to customers at reduced prices.

\AEDs are offered to almost all categories of customers, including hospitals, fire and police, businesses, airports, churches, schools, local, state and federal agencies, and homes.

What Are AEDs?

An automatic external defibrillator (AED) is a small portable device From which we can check the heart rate.

It can send electrical signals to the heart to restore a normal rhythm in an emergency.

They are used to treat conditions known as ACS or sudden cardiac arrest. This condition

occurs when the heart suddenly stops beating and the blood flow to the vital organs is compromised.

HeartSmart coupon codes

This can lead to sudden death if it is not treated. The use of these AEDs in those affected can save their lives and improve their chances of survival.

AEDs also have voice prompts so that users know when to send shock signals to the heart.

AEDs are typically used in situations where a person does not respond without a pulse or heart rate and requires CPR.

Heart Smart Review – Real Customers Reviews


Heartsmart com Review

Products Provided By Heart Smart

1. AED Value Packs

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Heart Smart offers valuable kits with all ADEs of the best brands. The Value Kits include all accessories such as replacement pads, batteries, wall or window units, wall signs,

intervention kits, etc. Heart Smart also comes with a 10-year defibrillator warranty, a life-tracking option, and device lifetime update notifications.

2. CPR / AED response kits 

HeartSmart discount coupon

CPR / AED response kits are also available as replacement kits. Kits include emergency items such as hypoallergenic nitrile gloves, a special respiratory pocket mask, a chest shaver, and high-absorbent paper towels in a bag.

3. AED Pads and Batteries

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All AEDs require electrodes that must be replaced at regular intervals, depending on the brand (typically every two years), regardless of their use. These electrodes are available in

adult and child sizes. Batteries also need replacing but can last up to 4 years under normal conditions.

4. New AEDs

New AEDs Defibrillators New Philips Heartsine Defibtech AEDs

very easy to use, portable and state-of-the-art, available in various sizes. Some of these AEDs can be used by people with no experience.

An example of these products is DEA’s view of the Defibtech Lifeline, which is interactive with a color screen and a voice-over that provides clear and detailed instructions for using the defibrillator.

5. AED Wall Cabinets

AED Wall Cabinets Wall Mounted Cabinets Alarms Brackets More

All defibrillators should be stored in visible locations for easy identification, especially in public facilities and other large facilities. They can also be marked. Wall cabinets are available in different versions for all AED brands. Cabinets can come with or without alarm.

6. AED Panels, Stickers, And Backup Kits

To facilitate the identification and use in emergencies, all AEDs must be provided with clear identification labels and instructions. All this is available on Heartsmart.com

7. Emergency Oxygen

Emergency Oxygen First Aid Portable Oxygen CPR Masks

Heart Smart offers portable oxygen belts with or without straps, portable oxygen tanks,

and Life Corporation oxygen tanks that can be used in emergencies when CPR is used in sudden heart attacks.

8. AED Accessories

All AEDs require accessories that need to be quickly replaced in an emergency. Heartsmart.com has smart accessories that help customers find the right product. Wall cabinets and decals are also available to assemble these units for easy viewing and use.

9. Training And Services

Heart Smart is an accredited CPR course provider for the American Red Cross and the American Heart Foundation.

Heart Smart trainers also provide on-site training for those who want it anywhere in the US.

US Two-year CPR certification by the Red Cross is also provided, as qualified personnel is essential in emergency situations.

10. Demonstration / Obsolete AED

There are also used AEDs that have been used for demonstration purposes only and do not last longer than 6 months. They are equipped with new pads and batteries as well as the latest software and are available at attractive prices with full warranty.

Why Does Sudden Cardiac Attack Occur?

It is important to understand that a sudden cardiac attack is not the same as a heart attack.

Victims of cardiac arrest often make headlines. A healthy person, sometimes even a sports star or celebrity, a person who was in full bloom during the first 20 years, dies suddenly.

These are rare but very sensational events.

 sudden cardiac Attack

Research suggests that people who experience this form of cardiac arrest should not die.

Answering with an automated external defibrillator within a minute can greatly increase your chances of survival. Sudden cardiac arrest is also referred to as sudden cardiac death.

While heart attacks occur due to cardiovascular problems, sudden cardiac arrest occurs due to an electrical problem in the heart.

This happens when the electrical signals determine your heart’s ability to pump shorts.

The heart will beat dangerously fast, causing his heart chambers, which are the main pumping chambers, to turn into spasms and valves.

This means that instead of the coordinated blood pumping a rhythmic disorder called ventricular fibrillation arises.

Ventricular fibrillation interrupts the pumping behavior of the heart.

This stops the flow of blood on which the human body rests. In response, a person experiencing one of these cardiac arrests loses consciousness and collapse and does not pulsate or breathe.

The resuscitation should be done immediately or better, and the automatic defibrillator should be used to touch the person. If these interventions are not intended, the person will probably die within minutes.

Heartsmart Coupon Codes Products List

1. HeartSine Samaritan 350P AED Package

Price: $1,245.00

HeartSine Samaritan 350P AED Package

The Samaritan PAD 350P with industry-exclusive, two-phase SCOPE waveforms is the lightest and most portable AHA 2015 device.

The battery and electrodes are integrated into the innovative Pad-Pak. Compact size, long capacity. Portable and Lightweight The Samaritan PAD is lighter (2.4 kg) and smaller than other defibrillators.

Durable: The Samaritan PAD 350P is impact and vibration resistant, with an IP56 rating, the industry’s highest rating for dust and water. There is also an 8-year warranty on the device. Evaluate the rhythm and recommend defibrillation if required

2. Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 AED

Price: $1,695.00

Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 AED


You can only order your Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 AED with normal adult pads or select the option available for CPR feedback by selecting “Add ICPR lead” from the drop-down list above.

This option includes a regular adult pad and a CPR return pad for Intellisense. When used

during CPR, this CPR feedback device advises the rescuer verbally and visually to adjust the rate, depth, and rebound of compression for optimal CPR.

Intellisense RCP feedback is the only one of its kind that combines depth correction and

compression ratio with RCP AHA and ERC 2015 guidelines, simple and fast functionality, and Rescue Ready reliability.

If you live online, you need a smart CPR device in your hand. (Powerheart® G5 models only).

3. CPR – AED Training

Price: $695

HeartSmart pricing with coupon


At HeartSmart.com, They focus on providing automated external defibrillators (AEDs), accessories and consumables.

AEDs are designed to be very easy to use and require only a minimum of training. However,

They know that customers often want additional hands-on training for their employees and / or are required by some states.

That’s why HeartSmart.com provides on-site training to qualified trainers from across the country, regardless of the location of their facilities.

While in an emergency it is urgently necessary to have the necessary equipment, it is

recommended that certified persons be present to operate the equipment and to activate the appropriate protocols in an emergency.

They ensure that your employees receive the necessary training in a fun and optimistic training environment!

Pros And Cons: Heartsmart Coupon Code


  • Excellent response time
  • Offers affiliate programs
  • Overall product shipping and delivery process is good
  • Offers money-back guarantee
  • Offers military discounts
  • Quick Responses and Easy Ordering Process
  • Offers free shipping
  • Offers free returns & exchanges
  • Offers senior discounts
  • Accepts PayPal
  • Accepts debit & prepaid cards
  • Offers promo codes
  • friendly and helpful coworkers
  • They Have Great Employes with amazing management who is always in power to solve customer issues.


  • There are no cons to speak of.

Leading Brands promoted by Heart Smart

1. Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator (AED)

Philips HeartStart OnSite AED


Make yourself comfortable in your home or business knowing that a rescue device like this defibrillator is on hand when needed.

It is easily available, safe and easy to use. In addition to the home defibrillator of heart

smart, a red case with the 911 or EMS card, a 2-year adult SMART Pads cartridge, and a 4-year battery is included in the kit.

There is also a training video for proper use in an emergency. You can also use free coupons for CPR training when you buy this product.

2. Zoll AED Plus Package

discount codes for Heartsmart


Cardiac arrest can occur at any time, but if this defibrillator is on hold, you or a family member has a better chance of survival.

Unlike most AEDs that use expensive lithium batteries, CR123 lithium batteries are inexpensive and easy to maintain.

When used, its charging time is less than 10 seconds with one cycle per charge. Their cycle time is less than 7 seconds.

A set of 10 lithium batteries 123A is also included in the device. It’s light and weighs only 11 pounds.

3. AED Cardiac Science Cabinet and accessories

Heartsmart promo codes and deals

When cardiac arrest occurs, a person has a better chance of survival if a defibrillator is used for 5 minutes.

In these circumstances, a DEA device of Heartsmart is essential: a wise investment that could potentially save the life of a family or business.

It has a defibrillation electrode that simplifies the placement process.

If you are in a noisy environment, you can use the text messages displayed on your clear

LCD display. A patented Rescue Readiness feature allows daily, weekly, and monthly testing to ensure that critical components work as intended.

4. Philips AED Value Package

Heartsmart products


This rescue device offers real value for your money. It has an alarming cabinet for easy storage in the house and a small suitcase if you need it elsewhere.

Also included are the pair of electrodes, the emergency kit, plates, batteries, and a user manual. There is also a small suitcase to take this product elsewhere.

It has an 8-year warranty on defects. The batteries used in this device also last 4 years, while the electrodes last only 2 years. Unfortunately, the batteries are not rechargeable.

5. Philips OnSite Business AED Package

No cost is too high when it comes to investing in a device that saves lives. This defibrillator is manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers of hospital equipment: Philips.

Philips’ Commercial Defibrillator Kit comes with an 8-year limited warranty, a sleek case, and an Adult Adult’s Electrode Set. A cabinet with alarm, AED panels, and a first aid kit are also useful.

This device uses a combination of low energy and high current doses to minimize the adverse effects on fragile cores. Users who are unfamiliar with the language of the manual may follow the instructions on the basis of graphics.

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Conclusion: HeartSmart Coupon Codes Review 2022

A growing consensus among health professionals and Sports educators Knows that all schools and sporting events need to be equipped with an accessible AED device. These lifesaving devices do not require any technical skills.

You do not have to be a health expert to use them effectively. All are delivered with easy to understand instructions.

When you connect the HeartSmart AED to the person having a sudden cardiac arrest, the device effectively diagnoses and treats the rhythm effectively and automatically.

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