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Elixinol is derived from industrial hemp plants that have high CBD content. The natural taste and the concentrated oil contain all terpenoids, synergistic cannabinoids, essential oils and other substances of the original hemp plant.

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About Elixinol

Elixinol offers 100% high-quality CBD products. It offers a range of organic hemp products, including liposomes, capsules, lip treatments, tinctures, and seeds, as well as superfood powders.

It is a well-established company committed to providing high-quality products and is a leading global manufacturer and marketer offering safe CBD products worldwide. CBD oil is also known as cannabidiol, a nutritional supplement and an exceptional source of nutrients that can safely be consumed by adults and children.


CBD oil is legal because, unlike cannabis oil, it is considered non-psychoactive. This means that the CBD oil does not lift the user because it contains a low content of THC, a compound found in the hemp plant. It is believed that the CBD neutralizes the effects of THC and is therefore used only for health problems, but not for recreational purposes.

All Elixinol products are:

  • Safely tested by meticulous tests
  • CBD oil extracted from high-quality CO2.
  • Hemp extract
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • No pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides.
  • Not psychoactive, so you do not float.
  • Organically grown
  • CBD oil with five stars
  • Amazingly tasting the product.

Hemp CBD oil has become popular lately due to its incredible medical benefits, and today occupies a special place in the medical world.

The health benefits of CBD oil are many and the best part is that it is completely safe. For this reason, many people currently prefer CBD oil for the rapid relief of various health problems.

Remember, however, that there is no magic pill that can treat all diseases. Therefore, CBD oil can not cure all diseases. Cannabinoids, however, help with a large number of chronic diseases such as inflammation, pain, epilepsy, depression, cancer, anxiety and more.

It is very important to find a good CBD oil company as this is a very serious problem. Therefore, choosing Elixinol is a great option as the company offers only high-quality products. It is so true that Elixinol is a popular and experienced company that has been supplying excellent hemp oil with CBD for years.

This is certainly no exaggeration. Founded in 1991 by a popular group of cannabis enthusiasts, the company is today a well-established manufacturer of hemp CBD oil in many different shapes and sizes worldwide.

In fact, elixinol is well known in the CBD area because it has been widely used in online transmissions on websites such as the High Times. The company was valued for its high-quality CBD hemp products.

Elixinol also sells all its products in all fifty states and has excellent customer service. So you can definitely buy your CBD hemp oil from this popular and reliable manufacturer.


Strengths of Elixinol:

All CBD oil manufacturers must meet certain standards in order to win the trust of customers. Of course, Elixinol meets all the standards you can expect from a recognized company. The most notable feature that attracts many customers is the production of organic hemp products.

The reliable process and commitment of Elixinol mean that the company produces high-quality hemp products that replicate in the same way as cannabidiol. The company has the best relationships with hemp producers in Europe, Australia, and the United States, where hemp plants have grown in excellent conditions.

CO2 extract:

The extraction method of Elixinol CO2 guarantees that the CBD oil contains a wide range of terpenoids, cannabinoids, essential oils and other amalgams without hemp.

It is a stable process that makes this process more expensive than other processes. When it comes to quality, Elixinol makes no concessions and controls the CO2 extraction perfectly.

Tested by independent laboratories:

Elixinol is very clear with its customers. If you would like to find the total oil content or get a detailed report that shows the purity of the product, just visit the official website.

On the website, they show third-party test results from certified and independent labs. The company’s executives speak openly about their products and understand the importance of total transparency in the oil industry of the CBD.

Elixinol understands quality, but most of all, they have invested a lot of time, money and resources to achieve a first-level brand that outperforms the competition year after year. All Elixinol CBD products have been tested by third-party labs and all were made from pure, organic hemp strains and innovative CO2 extraction processes.


Proven safety: Elixinol tests all CBD oils for pesticides, mycotoxins, and heavy metals. Undoubtedly, they have set the standard for batch testing by publishing the results on your website.

Proven Quality: Elixinol’s advanced CO2 extraction techniques include all terpenoids, cannabinoids, essential oils and other synergistic compounds of the original plant material in the end product of the entire spectrum.

“Verified Verified”: Elixinol has developed one of the best oral applicators for CBD-concentrated oil products in the industry. Its applicator protects both UV degradation and unwanted air entrapment (which may affect drug efficacy), two of the most common sources of “waste” and breakage of CBD oil.

No synthetic ingredients: unlike other hemp extracts, Elixinol CBD oils consist only of cannabis-rich cannabis strains rich in cannabidiol, ie no synthetic additives.

Negative thoughts

It would not be an objective test unless we state the disadvantages of elixinol. Although oil is good, it does not heal everything. It just does not work in extremely debilitating conditions. In addition, they could use some improvements in customer service. It seems that they have grown so fast that they can not handle the overload of questions. We believe that society would be unstoppable if they improved this aspect.


Raw materials and the purity of the product.

For buyers concerned about the purity of the products they consume, Elixinol buys or buys 100% organic hemp for its CBD products. Elixinol not only checks the presence of pesticides, fungicides, mycotoxins, and heavy metals, but also the effectiveness of this product.

The results of your tests (Analytical Certificate Data Sheets) for most of your products are available for download in PDF format from the Elixinol website (some are available on request). This can be a significant benefit for buyers who have strict expectations about the purity of the products they use and who want to see the results of testing pharmaceutical grade products.

A typical third-party CBD oil analysis and analysis report identified ND laboratory results (not detected) for a complete detection profile of 24 pesticides and six heavy metals (antimony, arsenic).

Cadmium, chromium, lead, and mercury), with results reported for the six microbiological contaminants analyzed being zero CFU (units that makeup Cologne per gram).

The report also defines the test methods used. The full rigor and transparency of the product test should serve to satisfy some of the strongest proponents of purity. Don’t forget to use the Elixinol Discount Coupon Code.


Comments by the product user

The responses of CBD-based elixinol users are positive, especially among buyers looking for general well-being and balance (homeostasis). Users also report a reduction in chronic pain, help with insomnia and have immediate relief from conditions such as inflammation, anxiety, and depression.

Since there is no THC, drops of Elixinol CBD Oil are not in the “Leisure” category. However, users say that one of the benefits of the product is a naturally comfortable feeling with no side effects.

Users with epilepsy report that they have fewer seizures. In addition to treating specific health issues, product users use CBD oils to maintain their health and reduce the risk of developing a disease and other diseases.

Taste and smell

CBD drops flavored with cinnamon and elixinol may be a good option for shoppers who are particularly interested in the taste and smell of the supplements they take. The cinnamon smell, which pretty much describes what can be expected, effectively masks the sour and earthy aspects of hemp oil, which some find unpleasant.

Elixinol also offers rugged soy products with a natural taste that prefer all the pure and pure properties of hemp-based CBD oil.

CBD oil buyers will find a variety of Elixinol products to choose from. The company offers CBD oil in suspension in a vegetable glycerine solution, available in natural mint and grape flavors. The product is supplied in quantities of 300 mg and 600 mg CBD.

The oil drops of Elixinol CBD are also available in a suspension of 300 mg and 3600 mg CBD in coconut oil. Buyers can choose the cinnamon version or the variant with natural taste.


The manufacturing process

Elixinol indicates that the hemp oils contained in the CBD products are produced from the industry standard CO2 extraction process. Unlike many other petroleum-based extractants, carbon dioxide does not expose the final CBD oil to potentially harmful butane particles.

CO2 extraction is a chemical-free process, stable and environmentally friendly, which is also used to produce high-quality food and flavor products. It’s also a more expensive extraction process, but Elixinol said they did not want to commit to cutting production costs.

Elixinol says they ban the use of synthetic chemicals in all their extraction processes. None of its CBD oils are synthetic and CBD isolates are never used. Through the CO2 extraction process, Elixinol can guarantee the users of its products that hemp’s useful enzymes, vitamins, and phytonutrients have not been destroyed.

In the third quarter of 2018, the company announced that it would commission a new GMP-compliant manufacturing facility by the end of 2018, adding 5,000 volumes of CBD extracted to its production volume. Production The new plant will also produce CBD oil through the CO 2 extraction process.


  • Tested by third parties and results published online.
  • Performance tests, microbiological contamination, heavy metals, pesticides, and terpene profile.
  • Pay 5% of each purchase to a non-profit organization of your choice
  • Good Certified Manufacturing Process (GMP)
  • You can request a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • CO2 extraction processes without chemical products.
  • Staining does from 300 mg ($ 29.99) to 3600 mg ($ 249)
  • Organic Hemp


Elixinol offers a variety of products, but for the purposes of this report, we will focus on its best-selling products. If you want to know more about their products, just visit the official website and get the best price by applying Elixinol Discount Coupon Codes.

CBD tincture: Elixinol tinctures are available in all shapes and sizes: 300 mg – 5000 mg. The most common product is the 3,600 mg CBD oil, which is rich in benefits and nutrients.

CBD capsules: Everyone does not like the taste and can, therefore, choose the same formula in the form of CBD capsules. These bottles are available in two sizes. 450 mg and 900 mg. For the 900 mg, there are 60 capsules per bottle and each capsule contains 15 mg CBD and 375 mg hemp oil.

CBD liposomes: These are actually pretty cool and unique. The liposome is a 1 oz (30 ml) CBD aerosol extract. 1.5 mg of bioavailable CBD per serving, 60 servings. This applies at least to the 100 mg bottle. The other sizes obviously have more. Elixinol sells three of these treats: 100mg, 300mg, and 1000mg.

CBD Topical Balm: It’s one of his joys and his pride, the hemp balm and the lip balm CBD. Both are great for different purposes but do not be discouraged by the cream. They are extremely effective. CBD hemp balm is a CBD extract for the entire plant, no isolate, and purely herbal formula.


Pros and Cons


  • Elixinol products are made from pure hemp. There are no synthetic additives included.
  • The company offers a wide range of products that allow a beautiful variety without being overwhelming.
  • The Elixinol website is easy to navigate and the payment process is easy
  • The products on the website are cheap.
  • Elixinol has excellent reviews from customers.
  • Elixinol has years of industry experience, making it one of the industry’s most respected brands.


  • We have to leave this section empty.

Pricing: Best Price of Elixinol

CBD oil: 29 to 249 USD
Capsules: $ 44.99 to $ 79.99
Liposomes: $ 34.99 to $ 129.99
Balms: $ 7.99 to $ 29.99

Apply the Elixinol Discount Coupon Code before final checkout.


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Conclusion: Elixinol Discount Coupon Code -Fully Tested Elixinol Product

Elixinol is one of the best options because it offers its customers high-quality CBD products. The best thing about this company is that its products meet all your needs. It is one of the best manufacturers you can find in the industry.

So do not wait and choose the Elixinol Discount Coupon Code. It also shares Elixinol discount codes and offers with your friends and in your social networks.

You can now get all the information on this amazing “Elixinol” and Elixinol Discount Coupon Code. Share your Review about Elixinol Discount Coupon Code in the comment section. Have you ever used Elixinol for your business?

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