Detailed Guide To Coronavirus COVID-19: Can It Get Worse?

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I have shared the quick detailed guide to coronavirus COVID-19 virus and everything you need to know about. Let’s readout.

Though the virus outbreak began in China, there have been a lot of people affected by it and there have been a lot of deaths due to this virus all over the world.

What Is Coronavirus COVID-19?

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Coronavirus is a family or group of viruses that could lead to diseases in animals. Seven of the viruses inclusive of the latest one have passed on to humans, however, most of these just cause symptoms of a cold.

The two viruses, which are the Mers or Middle East respiratory syndrome and the SARS which is severe acute respiratory syndrome are severe to the extent of having killed about 1,500+ people since 2002.

The new virus is called the Covid-19 which is quite dangerous.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

The corona symptoms one faces initially are fever, tiredness, dry cough, and a feeling of not being well.

How Did Coronavirus Start?

The virus is believed to have started in a “wet market” situated in Wuhan that sold dead as well as live animals inclusive of fish and birds.

Coronavirus origin in Wuhan

These kinds of markets have a high risk of viruses spreading from animals to people as the standard of hygiene is quite tough to maintain in places where live animals are kept and killed on the site itself. The markets are packed to the T with animals.

Though the host for the current virus is assumed to be bats, the animal source is yet to be identified.

At the Wuhan market, there weren’t any bats sold, however, they could have infected the live poultry and animals which are sold in the market.

Can It Get Bigger and Worse?

It is tough to state the pathway of the disease based on the current scenario. However, it can spread to many countries and affect a lot more people.

In China, the number of cases has been declining, however, it is increasing in the other parts of the world.

How Many Lives Have Coronavirus Claimed?

Currently, there are about 272,000 or more confirmed cases with the death numbers crossing 11,300.

Many of the cases have now been identified in other countries. The virus has rapidly spread to 100 or more countries. As per the data collected, about 80 percent of the virus affected cases are mild, however, 20 percent need hospitalization. Also, the death rate varies as per countries.

Can Coronavirus be Treated?

At present, the virus has no particular treatment. Doctors have been trying out various existing drugs to find out a cure for the virus.

How To Buy Face Masks In Malaysia

The trials are still on, however, though there are promising results, there is no confirmation yet on the effectiveness of any specific drug.

The best way to avoid coronavirus is to wash your hands, wear face masks, and use hand sanitizers.

How Did Coronavirus Spread?

The virus was initially reported in China.

However, now this virus has been reported in about 100 different countries or more and has spread at a rapid pace in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Italy has been affected the most by this virus and the nation has been in a lockdown mode. Even the Middle East, especially Iran, has been affected by the virus.

Corinavirus symptoms in pregnant woman and adults

Similar to flu and cold, coronavirus also spreads through the droplets when someone sneezes and coughs. These droplets land on some surfaces and get picked up other people’s hands and keep spreading across further.

People get affected by the virus when their infected hands touch their eyes, nose, or mouth.

You must ensure that you keep your hands clean all the time by washing than with water and soap or use an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Should Travel Plans be Canceled?

Many countries have set up travel bans, which prevents Britons or even nationals from other countries from entering.

Donald Trump also has announced a ban on visitors from Europe, UK to the US. A lot of countries are not permitting British citizens to enter the country. Most of the airlines and other modes of transport have stopped functioning as well in order to safeguard the people.

Is Coronavirus Similar To SARS and MERS?

Sars vs Mers vs Coronavirus covid19

Yes, the virus is quite similar. Sars and Mers cause quite severe respiratory infections. They originated in bats. Sars passed on to humans through civet cats and Mers passed on through camels.

In 2002, Sars was reported in China, post which it spread to about 27 countries and affected about 8000 people and killed about 700 people.

Mers was quite lethal and was reported in Jordan in the year 2012.  It is deadlier than Sars and there have been about 850 lives lost to date.

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Final Thoughts On Coronavirus COVID-19

At present, approximately 20% of the confirmed cases are categorized as either severe or critical. Almost 193 out of 205 countries are infected by the virus.

About 15-20% of the hospital cases are classified as  “severe” and the death rate at present is between 0.7 to 3.4 percent based on location as well as good hospital care.

The rate is lower than the fatality rate of SARS (10%) and Mers (30%), but it is a big threat.

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