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The couples have been celebrating their eternal love in the Las Vegas Flower Chapel for 60 years. Grab Your Chapel Of The Flowers Las Vegas Coupon Code Here.

They now help the second and even the third generation to say “yes” in the same place their parents or grandparents exchanged their vows. The historic Victorian Chapel is a popular venue for weddings and the renewal of vows.

This is clear from the opinions shared by couples in the United States and the United Kingdom on TripAdvisor, The Knot and Wedding Wire, in Germany. in Canada, France, Japan, and China. , Brazil, Mexico, India, Australia, and other countries of the world.

The chapels of La Capella and Magnolia are also favored by brides, grooms, and guests, and the outdoor glass gardens and romantic pavilion continue to delight romantics.

Chapel of the Flowers Coupon - Las Vegas special offer
Chapel of the Flowers Coupon – Las Vegas special offer

Now, we warmly invite you to read the comments of couples who have chosen Chapel of the Flowers as the perfect location in Las Vegas to exchange vows for their precious wedding, engagement, or renewal of the vows ceremony.

Once you’re ready to fulfil your wedding dreams, call your wedding planner, chat, or send him an email to get started.

Since the founding of Las Vegas in 1905, Las Vegas has been a popular wedding venue in the United States. With its relaxed attitude to housing requirements and blood tests, it is one of the easiest to marry cities.

From beautiful locations within the imitators of Bellagio and Elvis to the small western church at the end of the strip, you’ll find 10 unique wedding bands to be found in Sin City.

Celebrate your love at the Chapel of the Flowers, the beautiful wedding venue in Las Vegas where legendary weddings, vow renewals and engagement ceremonies have been celebrated on the famous Strip for almost 60 years.

Contact a wedding planner now and let us know how we can realize your dream wedding. Use your online booking tool to check availability or search your wedding locations and packages.

Chapel Of The Flowers Las Vegas Coupon Code

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Chapel of the Flowers

The Flower Chapel has been featured in numerous national television shows and publications. Prior to the expansion of a new world-class wedding chapel, several celebrities married at the original place, the Flower Chapel.

In addition to media coverage, Chapel of the Flowers has received numerous awards and has received other noteworthy awards.

With a choice of over eight venues, they have become the premier wedding band company in Las Vegas. Your professional wedding planner will work with you to create the Las Vegas wedding of your dreams.

Whether it’s an intimate two-person ceremony or an unlimited 100-person celebration, you’ll experience an elegant experience regardless of your budget.

Chapel of the Flowers: Garden

The Review rated the best in Las Vegas with exceptional service, incredible photos, excellent packaging and affordable pricing. Now we can help you plan your special day!

Offering fresh flowers, silk flowers, digital photos, limousine service, DVD recording technology and internet-based ceremonies to make your Las Vegas wedding unforgettable and your event a darling of your life.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional ceremony or your Elvis wedding signature in Las Vegas, we’re here to meet the needs of every Las Vegas wedding.

Wedding Chapel in Chapel of the flowers

  1. Victorian Chapel

Price: $100

For 30 Guests

Chapel of the Flowers Review: Victorian Chapel

The fabulous tradition of the wedding bands and the renewal of the vows in Las Vegas began in 1960 here in the Chapel of Flowers.

Thousands of weddings later, her beloved Victorian wedding band still delights couples marrying in Las Vegas.

Vegas Popular with celebrities (and clips from Carrie Underwood and Rascal Flatts), this classic white chapel on the iconic Las Vegas Strip is an intimate space for up to 30 people on traditional wooden benches.

The Victorian-style wedding chapel is decorated in a simple and elegant style with cascading silk curtains and two columns with chandeliers like the wedding altar, which are ideal for lighting a candle in unity.

Luxurious details include polished marble floors and beautiful crystal chandeliers.

  1. Familiar packages

Price: $ 299

Chapel of the Flowers: Familiar packages

Say yes with these intimate wedding packages designed specifically for Chapel of the Flowers, Las Vegas’ top rated wedding venue. From a simple and elegant ceremony to charming personal enhancements, the Chapel of the Flowers packages offer great amenities for every budget.

All intimate packages include wedding planning and coordination, photo printing and wedding music.

For a more personal experience, extend your special day by updating the basic package with a beautiful bouquet of roses, additional photos, Premiere Preview services, limo transport, ceremony videos, and more. Webcast.

  1. Special packages

Price: $ 495

Chapel of the Flowers Las Vegas: Special packages

Your big day in Las Vegas deserves something very special. Celebrate your wedding or renew your vows with a memorable wedding package that is unique in its class.

Your experienced planners are there to fulfill your desires, from fairy tale entries for the bride, to elaborate outdoor ceremonies, to impressive locations to take your love to new heights.

  1. Elegant packages

Price: $ 995

Chapel of the Flowers Review: Elegant packages

Begin your fortune forever with an unforgettable ceremony of elegance in the Chapel of Flowers, one of the finest wedding venues in Las Vegas.

These popular packages contain all the essential elements of the ceremony with advanced options.

All elegant packages include First Look services, coordination, limousine transportation, flower arrangements for weddings, photo prints, two ceremonial videos and Internet broadcast.

Celebrate your love with the style and book the world-class “Cherish” package that includes beauty treatments, photo shoots and enhanced photo prints.

  1. Receive Packages

Price: $1095 

Chapel of the Flowers Coupon: Receive Packages

The day of your Las Vegas wedding should not end at the altar. Their ceremonial and all-inclusive packages are perfect for couples who want to dine elegantly after sharing their wedding wishes.

The offer includes celebrations, wedding photos, a bottle of champagne with grilled flutes, a limousine, a videotape of the ceremony and elegant wedding reception for up to 10 people.

Let wedding planners help you design and create your ultimate Las Vegas wedding!

  1. Legendary packages

Price: $ 3100

Chapel Las Vegas Special: Legendary packages

Create the ultimate wedding celebration in Las Vegas in the Chapel of the Flowers. These romantic and exclusive packages offer couples VIP treatments.

All legendary packages offer world-class service, including beauty treatments, personalized wedding planning and coordination, live music, personalized wedding decorations, ceremonial decorations, photo shoots, prints and more.

Photos and three videos of the ceremony. Live in style and update your package with a romantic evening, a wedding rehearsal, an ultra-romantic dinner and a luxurious Las Vegas reception that you and your guests will always remember.

Key Features for the Ceremonies

  1. Gazebo

Perfect picture, this charming watchtower is located under the trees and is surrounded by lush vegetation.

The glass droplets adorn the ceiling of this intimate space, and after dark, the ceiling radiates a beautiful lighting and fabulous photographs.

A gazebo is a popular place for wedding photos after ceremonies. If you wish, we can also arrange a small ceremony with seating for guests on the adjacent lawn.

  1. Reflection falls

This spectacular Las Vegas location boasts a stunning waterfall as a unique backdrop for superb wedding photos after the gazebo ceremonies and Victorian chapel.

There are many opportunities for beautiful photos of the falls, either on the bridge in front of the waterfall or near one of the many calm features of the water.

The mirror group offers even more possibilities for unique and glamorous wedding pictures, where the couple is shown in the photo. The waterfalls and the surrounding pool can be lit in different colours for a dramatic effect.

Chapel of the Flowers | Reflection falls Location

  1. Porch

This picturesque water landscape and a large terrace are the perfect places to photograph couples and large groups of wedding guests. On both sides of a high waterfall are sculptural pillars made of beautiful marble.

A charming cobbled courtyard and stone wall complete this unique space in Las Vegas.

This is another feature that makes Chapel of the Flowers truly unique in comparison to other wedding venues. Make sure you go after your ceremony.

  1. Crystal canopy

Its crystal roof is a truly magical place and one of the most popular places to photograph weddings after celebrations.

The spectacular stone arch contains a magnificent and elegant chandelier covered with round crystals.

The warm colours of the vault and the back wall in combination with the brilliant shine are the perfect backdrop for beautiful wedding photos.

At dusk, the stratosphere illuminates the background for a true wedding moment in Las Vegas.

Other Popular Venues Of Chapel Of The Flowers

  1. Magnolia Chapel

20 Guests

Price: $200

Las Vegas | Other Popular Venues Of Chapel Of The Flowers

You can now book your date, time and location, and your wedding planner will help you with any other questions.

This intimate chapel of the Las Vegas Flower Chapel features unique and intimate lines and luxurious touches such as marble floors, oversized crystal chandeliers and bespoke light grey wallpapers.

The glass bead curtains form the space with two silver pillars with a glass mirror for the two elegant chandeliers, with which a uniform candle can be lit. The custom blush benches in leather look form a perfect contrast to the corridor with grey tiles.

Your guests will be welcomed by your wedding coordinator in a private room and escorted by the double frosted glass doors.

The doors close for the “revelation” of the beautiful bride, one of her favorite moments of marriage! As with most of your ceremonies, discreet video cameras capture every precious moment of your wedding.

Book your wedding today in the wedding chapel of Su Magnolia.

  1. La Capella Chapel

80 guests

Price: $ 300

Chapel of the Flowers: La Capella Chapel

Close your eyes and imagine it: the wedding of your dreams in an impressive and modern chapel that can compete with the exquisite high-end hotels on Pinterest at a fraction of the price.

Say “yes” as a celebrity in the wedding capital of the world in the lower chapel.

More About Chapel of the Flowers

The chapel of La Capella will talk about Vegas! The saloon overlooks picturesque steps and large double-glazed doors. Then you climb into a beautiful lobby, which resembles that of a luxury hotel.

The space of the ceremony is designed with an elegant altar, crystal chandelier dazzling hanging from the coffered ceiling and chapel seating in the Chameleon Collection chair collection.

In the Flower Chapel, you can hold a renewal ceremony or vote that sets trends and creates memories that last a lifetime. We hope that the renovated chapel of La Capella will be quickly reserved.

Chapel of the Flowers Coupons: Las Vegas

The chapel of La Capella can serve as a refuge for 2 people and organize a grand ceremony with 80 guests. Contact the wedding organizer in the flower chapel to begin designing your elegant Las Vegas ceremony.

Interested couples can call the Chapel of Flowers at 702-735-4331 or toll-free at 1-800-843-2410 to inquire about ceremonies, wedding packages and reception options. In addition to the chapels of Magnolia and La Capella, the square glass offers Victorian gardens and modern with modern temperature control.

Brides and grooms can also send an email to [email protected], and a wedding planner will respond within a few hours during normal business hours.

The Chapel of Flowers also offers beautiful outdoor venues, offsite ceremonies in state parks and unique historic sites.

The organizers also oversee bookings for parties and receptions in the beautiful Tropicana LV complex, known for its lush gardens and waterfalls, restaurants and luxury ballrooms, a spectacular place for couples to marry in a famous Las Vegas hotel. 

Wedding packages, engagement ceremonies and vows renewals at the Chapel of Flowers include professional wedding organizers and coordinators, modern limousine transports, professional photography, videography and flower design services.

The chapel employs nearly 90 people on-site to ensure every couple is pampered and customers receive exemplary service.

Intimate Packages

  1. Basic Las Vegas Wedding Package

 Price: $299 

Book for $ 100

Chapel of the Flowers: Basic Las Vegas Wedding Package

Available from 8:00 to 13:00 and from 19:30 to 22:00 on most days. Your basic Las Vegas wedding package is designed to provide privacy to your couples who just want to swap their vows.

The basic package includes flowers, photos of ceremonies and traditional music, which can be adapted to each union in a unique way.

More information about the packaging can be found in the products listed below.

Once your ceremony is booked, you can start personalizing with the help of your own wedding planner.

Book now Pay later! Book your date and time for just $ 100 today. 

Then you can choose to simply settle your monthly payments or settle the balance closer to the date of the ceremony. The decision is yours.

  1. Traditional Las Vegas Wedding Package

$495 / BASE PRICE: 

Book for $100

Chapel of the Flowers: Traditional Las Vegas Wedding Package
Chapel of the Flowers: Traditional Las Vegas Wedding Package

Available all day from Sunday to Friday and from 9 to 11.30. If you have imagined a marriage full of ancient traditions, look no further.

From traditional floral motifs to the stunning wedding and ceremony photos, this traditional ceremony package offers affordable elegance on the Las Vegas Strip.

Perfect for a simple escape ceremony or renewal of wishes.

  1. Regal Las Vegas Wedding Package

$795 / BASE PRICE: 

Book for $100

Chapel of the Flowers Discount Offer: Regal Las Vegas Wedding Package
Chapel of the Flowers Discount Offer: Regal Las Vegas Wedding Package

Feel like a king with the Regal wedding package. Imagine getting out of your private limousine in a hidden area of your friend.

Walk down the hall while your sweetheart sees you for the first time. From “I back” to the photo shoot, the wedding photographer captures your romantic love story.


Chapel of the Flowers from Las Vegas Boulevard

Chapel of the Flowers is known to have married Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra, as well as the scene of the television show “Happily Ever Faster” on TLC (TV Channel).

Ronnie Vannucci, the drummer with The Killers, worked as a photographer in the band while the band recorded their first album “Hot Fuss”.

Chapel of the Flowers Review: Celebrities

In addition, Chapel of the Flowers hosted several celebrities, including Rascal Flatts’ “Why Wait” clip with David Arquette and comedian Ron White.

It’s also here that Carrie Underwood falsely married in her clip “Last Name”. Nabob Richard Branson also organized an ad campaign where he performed as a best man for a couple in the UK at the wedding in the Chapel of Flowers.

Chapel of the Flowers Las Vegas Wedding: FAQs

Do you have any questions before deciding on a wedding venue in the flower chapel? Below is a list of frequently asked questions. However, if you still need answers before you can book your wedding room, you can always contact us.

Booking Policies

Which method of payment is required for the reservation?

We are very sensitive to the budget needs of all our couples when we book their perfect ceremony plan. The amount of payment depends on the plan you have chosen.

The required payment depends on the price of the wedding package and is between 100 and 1,000 US dollars. We understand that sometimes life events are unpredictable and can lead to an unexpected delay or cancellation of your special day.

Chapel of the Flowers payment is required for the reservation: Booking Policies

We are ready to accept you and put your payment in the reserve for a maximum of one year, provided you receive a notice period of at least fourteen days.

When does the full payment of the package expire?

In order to give you the special day you are expecting, we ask that you pay the balance thirty (30) days before your ceremony.

If you have a credit balance of thirty (30) days prior to the ceremony and we can not contact you and/or we can not contact you, it is possible that your ceremony or additional wedding products and services will be cancelled.

We request that the balance of your ceremony be paid 30 days before the date of the ceremony. If you make the reservation within 30 days of the ceremony, you will be asked to pay the full amount at the time of booking the ceremony.

Chapel of the Flowers Review: payment

Are the minister’s fees and other tips included in the package price?

You are not; The suggested prices and tips for your employees are in addition to the cost of the package.

The minister’s fees are $ 70, and the photographer’s tip is suggested to be between $ 30 and $ 90, depending on which photo shoot you want to incorporate.

The tip suggested by the limo driver is $ 40 (or $ 50 if your transport includes a stop at the Las Vegas sign).

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover (there is a small processing fee).

If you prefer, you can also send a money order. When sending a money order, enter the couple’s last name and your package number. We do not accept personal checks.

Chapel of the Flowers: Which payment methods do you accept?

What are your reprogramming guidelines?

Reprogramming fees are exempt from:

For your first change of date, time or chapel, if you call more than fourteen (14) days before the date and time of the confirmed ceremony.

Rescheduling fees of $ 100 are charged:

  1. Changes to the date, time or additional wedding band made more than fourteen (14) days prior to the date and time of the confirmed ceremony.
  2. When you first change the date, time, or wedding band if you call less than fourteen (14) days before the confirmed ceremony date and time.
  3. If your wedding has to be postponed because you are too late for your wedding or limousine transfer.
  4. If you wish to contact us within fourteen (14) days of the confirmed date and time of the ceremony and change your ceremony to another date, less than fourteen (14) days after the date of the ceremony’s origin.

Rescheduling fees of $ 100 are charged: Chapel of the Flowers

Reprogramming is not allowed:

If you contact us within fourteen (14) days of the date and time of your ceremony and wish to postpone your ceremony to another day for more than fourteen (14) days from the date and time of its creation.

If you have to reprogram under these circumstances, you will need to purchase a completely new schedule as we have prepared your celebration with staff, products, and services.

What are your cancellation conditions?

If you cancel your ceremony more than thirty (30) days prior to the original confirmed date and time, we will gladly refund all payments, except for the initial payment of the deposit required for the package. and the room rate.

However, any amounts paid will not be refunded within 30 days of the originally confirmed date and time. Within the 30-day window of the original booking date, only date changes will be credited and there will be fees for rescheduling and additional policies.

Chapel of the Flowers Coupon- Best Location Ever

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 What forms of Coupon do you accept?

The discount will be applied to the base package price. It can't be combined with any other offer, substituted, or redeemed for cash value. Contact us and give promo ...

⭐are wedding chapels open in vegas?

A wedding chapel and a couple filed a joint. The Chapel is now open with the following safety protocols in place.

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Conclusion: Chapel of the Flowers Coupon 2022

Opened in 1960, the Flower Chapel on the flowers near Main Street is one of the oldest chapels still in operation.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has often referred to it as “the best wedding band”, and Wedding Wire has called it “the best wedding venue”: Las Vegas. Potential couples first choose from 11 locations, including High Roller, Valley of Fire, and the on-site Glass Gardens.

From there, employees take care of every detail, from flowers to photographers, to limousines, wedding planners, and live music.

Enjoy premium spirits, cocktails, beers, and wines at this fun place. Bar packages can be added up to 3 hours to complete the celebration of your special day.

Organize an unforgettable party and do not forget to add a personalized wedding cake, a DJ, and a photo booth!

If you live in Las Vegas looking for an elegant place to hold your wedding or wedding in your Las Vegas destination; Chapel of the Flowers wedding organizers can help you create the perfect all-inclusive wedding package

Address: Chapel of Flowers, 1717 Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, UK +1 702 735 4331


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