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In this post, we have shared How To Buy Hand Sanitizers In Germany 2022. Hand washing earlier was a habit and a routine. Now it has become a rule.

Especially in this season of deadly viruses like Corona, hand washing has become a must for everyone. Hand washing is done with soap and water generally.

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However, if we are in a situation where soap and water are not available such as; if we are in a vehicle, travelling, or in any event where frequent hand washing is not possible, then the hand sanitizes can come to the rescue.

With 23,921 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Germany, it is only important that we all take the required precautions and don’t make it another Italy.

Hand Sanitizer is a liquid or gel used to decrease infectious agents like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites that accumulate on the hands due to dirt or any unhygienic activities.

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The US Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) instructs the public to wash hands.

They recommend an alcohol-based sanitizer that contains 60 to 95% alcohol in it. (Though non-alcohol-based sanitizer is good enough, it’s less effective compared to alcoholic one.)

How To Use Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer?

  • It should be applied on the palm of one hand.
  • Hands Should be rubbed together, until dry.
  • Use one or two drops.
  • Don’t overuse it.

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Tips For Safety: How To Buy Hand Sanitizers In Germany 2022

  • Flammable: Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be flammable. That’s why it recommended to rub it until the flammable alcohol has evaporated.  It should always be kept in a safe place along with cleaning supplies away from heat.
  • Ingestion: It should not be ingested and not be used in the eyes. Especially it should be kept out of reach from children. Children should use it only under adult supervision.

Let’s all use the hand sanitizers and prevent stubborn diseases without worrying about how to buy sanitizers in Germany.


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