Bulletproof Coupon Codes 2022: Get Upto 50% Off Now

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This is an article on Bulletproof Coupon Codes October 2022, which might help you save a few bucks, and shop for your favorite products at the same time.

Bulletproof Coupon Codes 2022

Bulletproof Coupon Codes- Get Upto 50% Off Now

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How can you grab Bulletproof Discount Coupon Codes

  • Click the discount button to go on the website.
  • Select your desired products, and add them to your bag.
  • Apply the Bulletproof Coupon Codes on check out.
  • Fill out all the necessary details required to place the order.
  • Select the payment mode as per your convenience and get the product delivered to you without any hustle.

About Bulletproof

At Bulletproof, they make sure that each of their customers gets the best of supplements, foods, or technologies. And their products, are constantly modulated through studies as well as the results and feedback from customers and top athletes too.

Bulletproof Coupon Codes-Bulletproof

Bulletproof offers a wide range of products that are a perfect blend of old age recipes and modern upgraded technologies, hence they are one of its kind and totally reliable. Plus, they’re curated with due concern for mother nature- hence toda bien.

List of available products at Bulletproof and their description

  • Beverages and Mixer options
  • The original Bulletproof (ground or whole bean) coffee – 12oz bag

This coffee is prepared by blending grass-fed butter and brain octane oil which helps in boosting energy and also, it tastes good.

This coffee from Dave Asprey the Bulletproof executives such contents because, he was inspired by the Tibetan drink, yak butter tea, in the Himalayas.

That tea gave instant energy, and he modulated the process further and added MCT oil, which is an acronym for Medium Chain Triglyceride helps in managing weight too.

You may also get a link on the official site of Bulletproof, as to how to prepare the perfect cup of Bulletproof coffee.

  • The Mentalist Dark Roast (ground or whole beans) coffee – 12oz bag

Price- $14.99

It’s a certified, high-quality coffee which is expertly picked and are cleanliness certified. The high cocoa and a blend of vanilla essence result in a rich and silky smooth coffee with added almond and caramel.

Bulletproof Coupon Codes-Coffee Pricing

It comes out more like a latte and is multi-layered like a wine, and it is certainly going to rock your day, as it energizes and keeps you prepared for the next part of the day.

  • Bulletproof cacao tea – 4oz

It’s kind of an alternative to keto coffee, and it’s a perfect way to start your day if you are not a coffee lover. It’s high in healthy fats for a low carb diet.

You can also add the same substitutes as MCT oils or grass fed butter as per your taste and preferences. Apart from these, you can also add collagen peptides into your tea which is one of the ways to get that required doze of amino acids in your diet.

  • Bulletproof chocolate powder –16oz

This chocolate is one of the highest quality chocolates in terms of where it come from, how is it created, and how it makes you feel. You can also mix this with cacao butter together at very low heat to make your own chocolate bars and fudge.

  • Food options
  • Bulletproof grass-fed ghee – 13.5oz

Price- $22.95

It’s a one hundred percent pure fat from grass fed cows over an open flame in order to take out any casein and lactose. It can also be used as cooking oil, as well as in baking and you can add it into your brewed Bulletproof coffee too.

It’s free from sugar, and gluten and its everything natural. It is produced in the traditional way by eating grass-fed butter slowly, removing any moisture from it, and milk solids, this results in clarified butterfat that only contains best parts of butter now.

Bulletproof Brain Octane oil- 16oz or 32oz or 3 pack 32oz bottles


16oz- $24.95

32oz- $48.95

3 pack 32oz- $132.17

It can also be said as MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil, which helps greatly in managing weight, it increases fat oxidation and lessens our craving for food as well as aids in the digestion process. Plus, it also helps boost our energy level.

Bulletproof Coupon Codes-Brain Octane Oil Pricing

It also assists with cognitive function with some metabolic functions. It helps in reducing tremors and also support a healthy gut barrier. It’s gluten-free.

It is sourced from coconut and is refined and purified with water, heat, and pressure. It contains easy to digest caprylic acids that provides energy to our cells much faster than other common fat causing carbs and sugar. Plus, it rapidly converts into brain boosting, fat burning ketone energy.

So, what are you thinking about?

Either blend it with your favorite Bulletproof coffee, or add into your smoothies or shakes, sprinkle it over your meals, or last but not the least, use it as salad garnishing. Do you need more reasons to opt for this healthy supplement without any delay?

Bulletproof XCT oil- 16oz or 32oz or 3 pack of 32oz bottles

Price- 16oz- $15.50

It’s a great and reliable source of energy from fat, not sugar. Same as MCT, it is also extracted purely from coconut oil and can be added as a supplement in your Bulletproof coffee, salads, meals, or smoothies and shakes.

It can be used whenever you need a dose of quality fat. XCT oil as a supplement in the diet makes it totally Bulletproof. It can also be blended with grass-fed butter and then added to your coffee.

Just a few things to remember about this product is that doesn’t take it too much as it can lead to gastric problems and I don’t think that is what you need, also its heat stable up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bulletproof XCT oil contains both caprylic and capric fatty acids and can be added to any food or drink in the proper amount to avail all the benefits. It also supports the efficient absorption of fat-soluble nutrients.

Bulletproof XCT oil, a one of its kind energy supplement is originally found in coconut oil, and it quickly absorbs in the body and transforms to ketones to provide you with long-lasting energy.

Bulletproof whey protein- 16oz

Price- $39.95

It consists of pasture-raised whey protein concentrate, and bovine colostrum, Bulletproof XCT oil powder, and tapioca dextrin. It’s a clean protein which provides you with sustained energy as it results from precise lab testing and pure pasture-raised whey.

Also, it’s unflavored, so you have the perk of adding it to any smoothie or shake that you want to prepare. Bulletproof whey protein helps in covering that extra share of amino acids that help the body to repair while added costume helps in strengthening immune.

It’s a pure whey protein containing only the best of best products to fulfill the needs of mind and body for better performance. It is not processed under high heat or pressure that would destroy its nutrient content but is processed in such a way, that all its nutritional ingredients remain intact.

Bulletproof doesn’t microfilter, hydrolyze, cross-flow filter, or ion exchange as the harm the nutritional integrity.

Bulletproof collagen protein- 17.6oz

Price- $39.95

Basically, collagen protein is the connecting tissue in body structures as skin, hairs, nails, and joints.

It is also referred to as the natural glue of the body. Also, it is the most abundant protein in our body. The way in which it is helpful is that it helps the body form of its own collagen which gets slowed down due to age factor, as it contains glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline that the body uses to manufacture its own collagen.

Also, it contains amino acids which is again very necessary to intake in a diet. It is sourced from pasture-raised cows which are free from hormones, its flavorless so can be easily added to any of your smoothies or shakes without worrying about any dominance over other flavors.

Apart from these benefits, it also helps in improving the skin elasticity, decreases skin cracking, smoothes your wrinkles, adds n skin moisture, strengthens your joints, increases their resilience, and makes joints more flexible.

Bulletproof collagen bars (12 packs)

Price- $34.95

These protein bars are highly rich in protein, as they contain 11g of protein in each bar, and just 2g of sugar. It is available in various flavors that you can’t resist, and they help you stay full and focused kicking off your hunger in a go.

Collagen protein is sourced from grass-fed cows, its gluten free, dairy free, and is non-GMO. It provides essential building blocks for joints and skin.

Apart from having it as your bar on the go for the instant energy refill, you can also crumble it upon your favorite ice cream and enjoy the taste there too without any extra effort.

All these wonderful products, Bulletproof has much more to offer you ranging widely through all the basic needs that one could have. It also offers different kits and bundles to save some extra bucks. Bulletproof also offers some subscription discounts via Bulletproof Coupon Codes.

Apart from food supplements, Bulletproof has a lot to offer when it comes to health gadgets and technology devices as:

  1. Whole Body Vibration Plate
  2. Bulletproof home biotic
  3. Greenwave EMI Filter
  4. PowerLung Respiratory and Lung Strengthener
  5. Sleep Induction Mat
  6. Low Blue Nightlight, etc.

Customer Support

However, if in any case, you are not satisfied with either the service or with any of the products you purchased, feel free to contact the Bulletproof.  The customer support is quite reliable and response within 24-48 hours.

You can also track your orders with order tracker by filling in the tracking number. Also, orders above $35 would cost you zero shipping charge.

They are always ready to help you out in whichever way possible.

Email address – [email protected]

Telephone number – +1(844)640-3003

Text – 1206-203-4576



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Conclusion: Bulletproof Coupon Codes 2022

Bulletproof offers a list of products ranging from coffee, protein bars, and powders, to MCT oils fitting into various need people have today, and that too with 100% reliability. They have MCT oils, they offer laminate light-roast, high-performance coffee beans, in your choice of ground or whole grain, thus offering you a whole different experience with each sip.

Then they have collagen protein bars and powder for that extra dose of amino acid building blocks along with high protein content for joint and bone support and strength.

This is not it. There is numerous other worth it products that Bulletproof has to offer you. So, explore through it all and find the perfect match for your way of living and its requirement and take it to a whole different level.

Bulletproof has products that can be totally relied upon, even with your closed eyes. They have a long range of products varying from food supplements to bars, gadgets, technologies, and even clothes. So, what’s the wait for, immediately head to their site and see how you can treat yourself with a variety of healthy and brain-boosting products Bulletproof has to offer you.

And when you are getting that extra little discount, doesn’t it get better? Hope the Bulletproof Coupon Codes were of some help, for you to get a bit closer to living your life in a way it should be lead, and make sure there’s nothing to stop you from doing so.

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