The Best Time To Buy A Mattress: How To Get A Mattress Deal & Discount? | When Should You Buy Mattress Online?

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Whenever it relates to purchasing a high-quality mattress, the amount you invest is frequently determined by where and when you acquire it. When comparing the cost of a mattress purchased digitally to one purchased in a physical store, the difference is significant.

You may also conserve cash by buying during annual deals, which usually coincide with statutory vacations and significant shopping days such as Black Friday.

We’ll go through how to choose a bed, when to purchase one, and where to purchase one depending on a variety of criteria, as well as the finest cost-effective options. You might believe that purchasing a bed isn’t dependent on the season and that you can do it anytime you desire.

However, you definitely may, it would be considerably more advantageous if you considered a few of the below suggestions into consideration.

✅ When is the Best Time to Purchase a Mattress?

💥 Month of May

May is regarded as the ideal month for purchasing a new mattress. Since many producers release fresh new items in June, merchants must sell out their stock to create a place.

This implies a slew of discounts and special offers on formerly full-priced items. In addition, Memorial Day weekend, which occurs on the last Sundays of May each year, provides a slew of discounts, particularly on beds.

Springtime is here!

For the similar purpose that you can frequently discover a good price in May, early spring could be an ideal time to purchase a bed. While stock levels might decline as we get nearer to June—you won’t get as many alternatives to choose from—sales might well be steep as stores rush to empty their stocks.

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If you literally can’t delay till May, March and April are also excellent months to begin looking for the latest bed because some retailers may begin advertising specials in order to avoid having to sell it all in May.

However, because these reductions might differ, contact the local retailers or go digitally first. It’s a good idea to consult a store or mattress manufacturer whenever their stock is turned over during the year since you can figure out once the optimum period is to buy that latest Queen bed.

Weekends on Holidays

The holiday period of Memorial Day isn’t the only one featuring bed deals. Check for huge bed deals during Labor Day and Presidents’ Day weekends, as well as the Sunday nearest to July 4th. Wayfair provides special deals during key buying occasions.

In fact, every year during Presidents’ Day and July Fourth, we offer two special Mattresses Markdown deals, adds Shapiro.

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Because several consumers do take those days off working as they prefer to do some more furniture purchases either in-store and digitally, and businesses take full advantage of this by offering attractive offers.

The Cyber Five

From Thanksgiving Day until Cyber Monday, the Cyber Five is a five-day span. Whereas Black Friday and Cyber Monday were the two most popular internet purchasing days, many discounts last all weekends.

If you’re in the market for a new bed and absolutely can’t wait till spring, look for bargains during November.

❌ When Is the Wrong Time to Buy a Mattress?

There is no good or bad time to purchase a bed; you’ll just have a better chance of finding a good price at various periods of each year. In fact, you must purchase a bigger mattress whenever the situation emerges. If you toss and turns at nights, sleep easier in a hotel, or frequently awaken with a stiff neck and shoulder, it seems to be the time to upgrade.

As there are few deals and a lot of new products over the summer, early fall, and early January, you could find yourself spending the whole amount.

 Online vs. In-Store Mattress Purchases: Which Is Better?

When it comes to buying a bed, most people have to choose between buying one online or going to a mattress showroom in real. While purchasing a mattress digitally has definite merits over visiting a physical store, the in-person buying process has some perks which can’t be duplicated on a screen.

Budget, variety, and comfort are all important things to evaluate when purchasing a bed.

Purchasing a Mattress through the Internet

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For starters, buying your mattress digitally will almost certainly spare you a good amount of money.

Because most internet retailers have a limited team and don’t have physical stores, their administrative expenses are lesser, and as a consequence, the item rates are cheaper. Internet shopping is indeed advantageous since you may make a request at any moment of day or evening and peruse items without being pushed by salespeople.

Consumers’ bed evaluations are another advantage, and most online retailers provide free delivery to the continental United States.


Prior to buying a product, some customers prefer to chat with educated personnel. Several digital retailers provide interactive video conferences with customer care representatives, although availability varies, particularly from outside typical office hours.

Many individuals are also hesitant to purchase bedding before even sleeping on it, despite the fact that several internet retailers provide sleeping tests of at least 10 nights to allow you to try out the bedding prior investing to in it.

Purchasing a Mattress from a Shop

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While resting on bedding at a showroom for 10 to 15 minutes isn’t identical to napping on it, these hands-on encounters can provide you with a good notion about how bedding feel. If you’re unclear which sort of mattresses to purchase, consulting with a salesperson may be beneficial, and you’d be prepared to negotiate rates in some situations.


Store employees might be aggressive or overpowering for certain customers. This might put you under obligation to buy a bed that isn’t right for you. Many mortar businesses will have more administrative expenses than online retailers, therefore price levels will be added there as well.

Another consideration is accessibility, particularly if you reside in a rural location and can only come on weekdays when people prefer to assemble.

What Does a New Mattress Cost?

The price of a new bed is determined by a number of elements, but a queen-size version should cost nearly $800. It is possible that the ideal bed for you will cost above or below this.

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An important initial stage is to compare prices from several physical and digital mattress retailers, and then create a spending plan depending on your results. The following are some of the factors that might influence a bed’s cost:

  • Size: The twin, twin XL, and full models are all designed to fit one individual. As a consequence, they could be several, though not a thousand, dollars less expensive than the king, queen, and California king dimensions, which are designed to accommodate numerous occupants. The far more costly are specialized sizes such as divided queens or kings for pairs with movable bottoms.
  • Thickness: You’ll pay a little more for thicker mattresses because they have additional padding and supporting features than smaller bedding. A high-profile version is defined as a mattress with a depth of 13 inches or more.
  • Brand: Just as other items, some bed dealers just demand more than everyone else. The mattresses from a well-known label will cost higher than one from a newer firm.
  • Shopping online vs. in-store: As previously stated, owing to variations in administrative expenses, digital mattresses brands usually price significantly cheaper than mortar vendors.

When purchasing a bed, whether person or online, there seem to be a few extra costs to consider.

The below are some of them:


Based on the region customers may be required to pay sales tax as a portion of their bedding purchase. The greatest revenue tax levels are approximately 9%, whereas 5 states do not impose sales tax: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon.

Citizens of California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island must also spend a “composting tax” when purchasing a bed.

Ground Transportation

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If you purchase a bed digitally, regular ground delivery will almost certainly be free if you live in the contiguous United States.

The shipment could be cheap in Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories, but it can also be pricey, costing up to $600 or extra in certain circumstances. Before purchasing, make sure to verify the retailer’s delivery regulations and usual delivery expenses.


For mattresses returning during the stated sleep trial period, a great number of internet mattress companies provide free delivery or mattress collection. Some take a premium, which is usually less than $100.

You could be requested to discard the mattresses directly, which could cost you more cash if you compost them instead of offering them to a charity.

Conclusion: Which is The Best Time To Buy Mattress?

There are a plethora of various options available to customers if you want to get a quality bed at a reasonable price. As we can see that the internet mattress industry’s rapid expansion, an increasing number of sleepers are opting to buy their mattresses digital.

That’s a fantastic alternative since you’ll have an unlimited number of selections and the opportunity to grab the benefit of the best offers.
Examine all the options and select the one that best suits your needs. For instance, you may look over all of your alternatives to see which one saves you far more money.

As a result, if you need to save money on mattresses, you have a lot of alternatives.

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