Best Places To Have Sex: 41 Wild And Naughty Ideas Beyond The Bed

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You are looking for some new sex ideas? The bedroom isn’t the only place for sex. Having fun and expanding your horizons! You can have sex at these 41 places.

The bedroom can be a place to try something new. We have to admit that having sex every single night in bed gets a little old after a while. If you’re looking for the best places to have sex, making a list can be a great way to rekindle your relationship. You can do it! Make your partner’s day with a little creativity.

Many people enjoy having sex in unusual places. In addition to making sex more risqué, it’s also a lot of fun! In the beginning, it’s difficult to keep one another’s hands-off, and as a result, we end up doing the deed in unexpected places.

However, things change with time. Couples often experiment in bed to see who wins a coin flip, and sex is the missionary style. What a thrill!

Most couples don’t realize that sex, just like everything else in life, requires a little variety every now and then. There is no reason why sex should be in one rusty position every time, like eating the same food every day?

The zest of making love needs to be kept alive by a bit of risqué business every now and then.

Here are some of the sexiest spots to have sex that will prove to be some of the best times of your life! 

The 41 Hottest, Sexiest, and the Best Places to Have Sex!

There are several reasons why you may want to revive your sex life or perhaps you are looking to tick off as many destinations as possible with someone new.

It’s always good to have some inspiration, no matter what the reason may be. Here are 41 places where you can have a good time!

Best Places to Have Sex at Home

You might want to begin by moving things outside the bedroom in order to expand your sexual repertoire. There are plenty of options close at hand. Many spaces around the home are ideal for having sex! Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. On the kitchen table

kitchen sex

Getting heavy and hot at the kitchen table is a great way to pass the time. Various positions can also be tried! 

2. In the hallway

carpet sex

Have a hot and heavy corridor or a kinky corridor. Take care not to burn your carpet!

3. In the Shower

shower sex

It’s great to have sex in the shower. What’s not to love about it? It’s steamy and hot, it’s wet and slippery. For a more romantic scene, you can take a more relaxing and romantic bath together.

4. On the Couch

couch sex- best places to have sex

Cushions cover it, making it comfortable and soft. There isn’t much difference between it and your bed. Furthermore, there is a TV in the room, so if you feel extra kinky you can also watch some porn.

5. In the Garden Shed

garden romance

Wouldn’t it make sense to lower things to the ground? Some people are drawn to the earthy, manly smell of soil and wood, which comes from the soil and wood.

6. In the Walk-in Closet

closet sex- best places to have sex

In order to have sex, you need enough space to walk into it. What’s the harm in trying?

7. On a Kitchen Counter

kitchen counter

Kitchen counters can be very hot if you get down to business. Don’t forget to check the side for anything sharp or breakable before you begin! 

8. On top of the washing machine or dryer

washing machine- best places to have sex

It’s a fact, though, that vibrating washing machines and dryers add an extra element of excitement.

Best places for Sex Outdoors

There are so many possibilities when it comes to having sex in the great outdoors!

9. In the garden

garden- best places to have sex

A great place to start is your own backyard!

10. In a swimming pool

swimming pool

In addition to being romantic, swimming pools are also very hot!

11. In the sea

sea sex

Performing the deed on open water is nothing short of fantastic. Nothing is quite like swimming in warm waters while on vacation!

12. On the hood of your car

car sex

It’s time to get kinky on your car’s hood like they do in the movies.

13. On a sandy beach

sandy beach

A sandy beach can be romantic, but be prepared for days of sand in every crevice!

14. Under a waterfall

waterfall- best places to have sex

It’s fun and romantic to have sex near a waterfall. You might be able to find one.

15. In a pile of leaves


The change of seasons is another great reason to be excited!

16. In the mud

Do not be afraid to get dirty!

17. In a hot tub

in a hot tub

You can have some adult fun in a hot tub outside!

18. At work

at work

Being caught in the act of having sex on the job feels risky, which makes it extremely appealing. 

19. In a nightclub bathroom

nightclub sex

It’s a little tacked on-but still fun!

20. Down the side of an alleyway

This only adds to the sexual tension as the risk of getting caught is high.

21. In your best friend’s house

There is nothing better than sneaking off to dinner or a house party.

22. In your car

car sex

Heat and heavy air are easy to find in your car. You might not want to do that while driving!

23. In the cinema

What if you were all by yourselves and had a row?

24. In a public toilet

Some may find public toilets disgusting, but others deem them essential!

25. In the park

OK, so this should be done at dusk. Pets and children should not be around!

26. In a traffic jam

While it does pass the time, it certainly is fun!

27. In the back of a taxi

Keep your eyes on the road, driver!

28. On an airplane

Would you like to join the mile-high club? 

29. In your broken-down car

In the meantime, what else are you supposed to do while someone comes to fix your car?

Just for fun

30. In a Jacuzzi

What’s not to love about heat, water, and bubbles?

31. At the gym

There’s no excuse for not working out!

31. On a country walk

This is the most inviting nature I’ve ever seen!

32. In your parents’ bedroom

The rebellion took to its ultimate level! 

33. In a barn

Having a barn allows you to have both indoors and outdoors.

34. On a waterbed

How about a little silliness and sexiness? Waterbeds are a great option.

35. On a boat

With the gentle waves lapping at your sides and the stars bright overhead, how can you resist?

36. On a fur rug in front of an open fire

It’s the most romantic way to spend a night. Sparks are to be avoided, though!

37. On a motorbike

You’re in for a real treat!

38. On a balcony

There’s something risqué and fun about trying it on a hotel or apartment balcony.

39. In a tent

You’re going to a festival, right? You can have a sexy getaway in a tent.

40. On a bar

Get kinky while you are lock-in! 

41. Amongst the hay bales

Fluff around in the hay and feel the spirit of a farmer!

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