Best Hotel Mattresses for 2022 to Buy for Your Home: Mattresses Under $500

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Staying at a high-end hotel is among life’s greatest delights, moving you from the mundane of everyday living into a near – fantasy-like lifestyle.

We have rounded together some of the most luxurious mattresses being used in hotels throughout the world which are accessible for consumer purchases and span a spectrum of price points for everyone who has stayed in a hotel and experienced such a nice good night’s sleep that they have been urged to take the bed home with themselves.

Best Hotel Mattresses for Extra Comfort

The Saatva Classic

Saatva hybrid mattress review-Saatva mattress firmness and smell

The Saatva classic is an award-winning hybrid innerspring mattress that manages to combine added benefits with environment-friendly credentials as well as an extremely affordable tag.

It comes in three comfort levels and two height choices available. The crafted mattress, which is produced by Saatva in New York, is the preferred mattress for a number of high-end hotels. It has also been authorized for usage by licensed chiropractors to offer you an additional spring in your approach.

The Jamison

Anyone who has been in a Marriot hotel has had the pleasure of sleeping on a Jamison mattress. It is among the most famous hotel mattresses on the marketplace, with a durable high – density soy – based comfort foam meant to balance support and stability, increase blood flow, and allow for even more peaceful sleep. The mattress provides medium to firm support and is hypoallergenic, as well as being engineered to stay firm for years of pleasant evenings, offering both value for the money and long-term relaxation.


Novatel is among the most well-known hotel chains, with over 500 sites around the world. They employ the LIVE N DREAM mattress, which integrates a smart micro coil bottom with a memory foam top layer to provide the strongest quality lumbar support. Thanks to a series of outstanding advancements, this top-of-the-line mattress ensures universal however personalized comfort.

The Heavenly

The top-of-the-line Heavenly, created by mattress brand Simmons particularly for the Westin Hotel chain, seems to be quite certain the finest hotel bed in the universe. However, even after its distinctiveness to Westin hotels, consumers could still purchase one for their own residences to replicate that elusive guest experience. The Heavenly is a masterwork in relaxing luxury, with velvety, pillow – top construction and separate pocket springs for optimum support and comfort.

The Beautyrest Black

With hotels in a few of the world’s greatest exotic locations, it’s only natural that the St Regis brand name would choose among the most exquisite beds available.

The top-of-the-line BeautyRest Black mattress from Simmons has now become associated with luxurious, rejuvenating sleep. It has ‘BlackICE 4.0 cooling technologies and T3 Pocketed Coil Technology, which lets its spring autonomously react to and stabilize the back, making it not only super duper comfortable but also quite innovative.

The Presidential Suite II

The Presidential Suite II is a creative two-sided flippable structure used by a variety of elite hotel companies throughout the world, including Hiltons, Conrads, and Waldforfs.

It includes some unique advanced systems, such as a luxury hotel-grade Continuous Support Innerspring and Cool Twis Gel Foam that relieves the pressure and promotes ventilation. It also offers full edge foam support, which prevents the edges from contracting under pressure and gives you a complete mattress surface sensation.

The Kimpton

Behind the tranquillity of a Kimpton mattress seems to be some real science. They have gel-infused foam layers as well as an additional coil count, as well as pressure-relief inlays for back and leg assistance, and are intended particularly for platform beds. Furthermore, the extra box spring is sway-proof and reduces sound, which is a blessing for people who have to sleep with a snoring partner.

The Sleep Experience

The Sleep Experience Mattress, which is also known as the Sheraton Mattress, is perhaps the most expensive mattress here on this list. It is a custom-made mattress with a lovely, plush-top layout that provides even, all-night comfort. It promotes circulation for a good night’s sleep by removing painful pressure spots that induce tossing and turning.

An enclosed spring with spinning, pleasant motion control and stronger edge support for sag avoidance are among the other characteristics.

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