Bags and Bows Coupon Codes August 2022: Up to 50% Off (Free Shipping)

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This is an article on Bags and Bows coupon codes August 2022. Here you will not only get to know about the coupon codes that are active on the products but would also get to know a lot about bags and Bows itself, and their product reviews.

Best Buy Bags and Bows Coupon Codes August 2022

Bags and Bows offer the best coupons to get great savings on their products.

  • $25 Off on orders above $250 or more

Use Code ‘KJ195’

  • 10% OFF on Tissue

Use Code ‘KJ218’

  • Free Hot Stamp Plate

Use Code ‘KJ194’

  • Free Shipping on Order above $500


Bags and Bows Coupon Codes


How to grab Bags and Bows coupon codes?

Bags and Bows promo codes

You need to follow some really quick easy steps to use these coupon codes. Check them out:

  1. There you can go through all of their available products and services and decide what you want for yourself as per your requirement.
  2. Add the products or service or any bulk order or packaging that you are interested in, to your cart and proceed to check out.
  3. As per your purchase, apply the coupon code that is valid.
  4. Provide with all the necessary details needed to place the order, and finally place it.
  5. There is also an option for personalization of packaging if you want, you can add that too.
  6. Now, sit back and relax and wait for your order as it reaches your doorstep.

Bags and Bows Coupon Codes August 2022: Up to 50% OFF 

About Bags and Bows is an online retailer of gourmet foodservice packaging for small scale businesses, restaurants, bakeries, and a lot more similar options. As an SW company, they ship products from about six warehouses across the country and are totally committed to providing their clients with the best products and the best services at the best prices.

Bags and Bows coupons codes

They offer an extensive line of eco-friendly and 100% recyclable/recycled products. They also run a site called that help their customers to keep up with the local plastic and paper bag legislation.paper bag legislation. And to meet this, they offer recycled content tissue paper, reusable PPNW, and canvas tote bags for that shopping of yours, and a lot more.

To know more about them, you can freely consult the team at Bags and Bows to know more about the packaging options that are available with them and meet your local needs

Bags and Bows Products

Bags and Bows give different varieties of Bags as well as boxes for all kind of occasions. With over 50 varieties of Boxes and Bags, gift wraps, you can get them at a quite reasonable price. The full list of the product is available at the e-catalogue of the company.


coupon codes for BAGS AND Bows



Bags and Bows make some really colorful, vibrant, versatile, beautiful and stylish, valuable and functional bags for every purpose and you will find something for every kind of store in their collection of retail bags. They include a variety that you can choose from: cool paper twisted handled shoppers, or colorful euro totes, PPNW bags which are reusable, along with functional t-shirt bags, you will find it all from the versatile collection at Bags and Bows.

  • Paper Bags

Bags and Bows discount coupons

Paper bags are simple, convenient, versatile and environment-friendly. And these are the core of any retail packaging program. They have a large range of paper shopping bags, varying in sizes and color to fit your requirements. Have a look:

  1. Twisted Handle Bag – Every bag in this line of range comes with a twisted paper handle that looks stylish and is convenient at the same time.
  2. Merchandise Bags – These are ideal bags when packaging involves any smaller or less fragile objects. You would have seen one at a grocery shop or candy shops. They have no handle.
  3. Euro Totes – Someone looking for a bag that is elegant and is high in quality as well? Here’s your answer. Most of these are made with rope handles and grommets, and hence they are sturdy and reusable.


  • Vinyl Bags

These bags are colorful and transparent at the same time. They are ideal for stuff like skin care products, nail salon, cosmetics, or spa industries, as they can perfectly display the products front and center in their shops. They have a whole range:

  1. Vinyl Zipper Bags – These bags are available in a variety of standard sizes especially for beauty products. These clear vinyl bags come in black or white outline. You can also hot stamp your logo on these, as the customers would be reusing it.
  2. Frosted Die Cut Handle Vinyl Bags – These kind of bags are tall, sturdy, clear, and have a colored, die cut handle, along with two snap closures. Handle colors are in smoky gray, gold, and white.
  3. Color Back Vinyl Bags – These bags in a glance would appear to be colored, but actually they are clear and you can see-through completely, and have a transparent, colored back. They have to die cut handle, with snap closure. These are ideal for beauty and cosmetic bottles, like shampoos or toners, or conditioners, etc.
  4. Vinyl drawstring Bags – These bags have strings that you can pull to close the bag. They are transparent too, with usually white drawstrings. Ideal to store cosmetics and make-up.


  • Plastic Bags

discount codes for Bags and Bows

They offer the optimum quality of plastic bags in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, and designs. Do not forget that you can also customize them as per your needs. Find the right plastic bag for your shop or promotional packaging needs. It includes a variety that you can choose from:

  1. Merchandise Bags – These are plastic merchandise bags which come in different colors and sizes. They are made in two handle types: Patch handle, and the other one is Die cut handle. You can also go through the post-print capabilities or them.
  2. Soft Loop Shoppers – as the name says, these are bags with soft loop handles with them. They are ideal for retailers or restaurants.
  3. Animal Print Shoppers – These have a trifold handle and they are printed like any animal-zebra, or leopard, etc. They have hard bottoms and they never fail to add a fun flair to the packaging.




The company offers a wide range of packaging that is of high-quality, and are ideal for retail, promotional, or any other special occasions. Their retail packaging boxes come in a variety of sizes, color, shapes, and styles. You can shop from a range of categories:

  • Gift Boxes

The retail gift boxes give a very good impression, and along with that, they provide a useful packaging container for the customers. And you can carry your band name further, and also customize them accordingly.

  1. One piece gift boxes – these are simple and sturdy retail boxes. They are available in a range of colors and sizes and offer a full array of packaging options.
  2. Two piece gift boxes – Be sure that you will find the perfect option for you when you go through their range of 2- piece, look corner designs with a large selection of sizes, colors, and finishes.
  3. Hi-Wall Boxes & Lids – These are undoubtedly very classy and convenient packaging option. They can be used to present high-end gifts at your workplace, or any other option that you think it is right for. It folds into a strong high wall container and gives the appearance of a set-up box. Lids for these boxes are sold separately.


  • Apparel Boxes

Bags and Bows promo coupon codes

These boxes are made from 100% recycled paperboard. These boxes are good as they protect the merchandise and also help in conveying a positive image for your company. They are very attractive and available in a range of color, size, and style. They are constructed with two-piece folding that makes them easy to store and ship.

  1. Matte Kraft Color Apparel Boxes – These boxes are very attractive as they are made with a matte kraft tint and are available in a whole range of cozy colors-and they are all made with natural kraft interiors. Plus, they are made from 100% recycles paperboard.
  2. Gloss White Apparel Boxes – These boxes are also made from 100% recycled paperboard. These white gloss apparel boxes with pearl back add a touch of elegance along with providing protection to your apparels.
  3. High Gloss Color apparel Boxes –These boxes are again made from 100% recycled paperboard. These high-gloss apparel boxes along with protecting the merchandise convey an ultimate image of high-end upscale packaging. The product is available in a range of bold colors and convenient sizes, choose as per your requirement.



3. Gift Card Holders

Bags and Bows Reviews

Gift card programs not only help in increasing your ale but also promotes your brand name. And these gift card boxes give a notch up to this. They are available in a whole range of colors, sizes, shapes, and styles. You can browse through various available options:

  1. Pop-up Gift Card Boxes – These exciting decorative gift boxes are ideal for any occasion. Available in six different designs and finishing. Hot stamping is not available.
  2. Magnetic Card Gift Holders – Available in different colors, these holders have magnets embedded in them, which gives closure of these boxes a different level.
  3. Mini Pillow Pak Boxes – These pillow shaped mini boxes would not fail to give your customers a happy sleep. They are in the perfect size for a gift card, and the creative, and innovative options to dress up the exteriors of them are endless.

And, this is not it! Apart from all these, there are a lot more options that you can go through to satisfy your need for boxes or packaging for any kind of requirement. In Boxes category alone, you get many more options as jewellery boxes, food service boxes, shipping boxes, speciality boxes, e-commerce boxes and a lot more.

Digging through other options you will find Accessories also, such as ribbons, gift wraps, hangtags, labels, tissue papers, shreds, bows, hangers, custom gift cards and a lot more.


All you need to do is, visit their site, Scroll through and find the perfect match for your needs. Bags and Bows are surely not going to disappoint you.

Why Choose Bags and Bows Coupons?

Bags and Bows is a perfect place for all kinds of products such as Tissues, labels, stickers, bags and all kinds of boxes. The company gives attractive coupons to customers with free shipping on these products.

Bags and Bows coupons

Moreover, if you need the products in bulk with retail packaging and your logo, you can get them at 50% discount.

Bags and Bows provide with all the right packaging for your needs, be it small scale business or have a chain of stores across the country, Bags and Bows has it all.

Bags and Bows has a national shipping network that helps them ship their clients’ orders efficiently to them and that too as soon as they can. Their products are ready and kept at the warehouse, and that makes their service and deliveries super-fast. They also offer some customization options that their customers can use if they want any kind of logos or any other stuff to their products.

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Bags and Bows Customer Support

The customer support is quite helpful as well as the logistic department is quite responsive. You can easily track your order by filling in all the shipment details. The products take 2 to 6 business days to deliver.

promos for Bags and Bows

The customer support of the company is top-notch and is far better when compared to its competitors. You can leave feedback by clicking the right sidebar of and submit your complaints or issues.

You can reach to the experts and talk to them about the retail packaging or any other issues.

Phone: 18884295673

Shop related issues: [email protected]

Conclusion: Bags and Bows Coupon Codes August  2022 Up to 50% Off

Bags and Bows have an immensely beautiful collection of boxes and packaging, that you can go through and find the one best suited for your needs and business requirements. They ship their products from six warehouses spread across the country that makes shipping of products really easy and quick to their customers.

The company is committed to providing its customers with the best products available out there. They use the eco-friendly product and also help in giving back to nature and the community.

There is a whole range of products available at their site and each is better than the previous one.

Discount button 2


Go, check them out today, and surely you would not be disappointed at all. Plus, when you are getting some exciting discounts through the Bags and Bows Coupon Codes August 2022 provided here, isn’t it all like an icing on the cake? Go, hurry and avail the offers soon.




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