6 Apps For Making Friends In A New City 2022

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It is never easy to leave our comfort zones, and moving to another city is high on a list of fear-inducing decisions we can make. As you move on from one place to another, you leave behind important people who are no longer with you.

Whether you’re excited or dreading your move, making friends in a new city can seem difficult and you may not have the chance to make any.

Our lives are filled with constant access to social media, but the social part is hard. Many of us find it difficult to connect in person.

It can be used for much more than just comparing yourself to strangers online, and may even be the key to meeting new friends in an entirely new city and forming a social network. The following six apps will ease your transition after moving and increase your social circle.

6 Apps for Making Friends in a New City

1. Patook


Through a points-based system, Patook is hailed as a platonic friendship app. In the process of creating a profile, users choose their favorite traits (gender, interests, languages, etc.) and rate them.

In the later stages, you will be matched with those who ranked higher based on your traits. An anonymous message can be sent to a person, or both users need to rate each other.

As another way of getting to know people who live near you, you can also find public discussion boards in your area that pertain to what you consider important. You can restrict who sees your profile on Patook as well, making it more private than apps or other social services.

Cost: It’s free

Platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, PC

Try if:

  • Your friend should have certain qualities
  • For the sake of safety or privacy, you’re concerned about apps

2. Meetup

Meetup -6 Apps for Making Friends in a New City

You can choose from 24 types of events to attend on Meetup (food and drink, music, photography, beliefs, etc.).

Let the app use your location to find relevant events based on the categories you select, then sit back and watch the app populate relevant events based on your availability.

You can RSVP for these events along with messaging other attendees and joining groups as well so you aren’t missing out on opportunities to meet people with similar interests. 

Cost: Free

Platforms: iOS, Android

Try if: 

  • The more social gatherings you attend, the less one-on-one time you prefer
  • Your city interests you and you’d like to learn more about it
  • Interested in learning a new hobby or looking for one

 3. Nextdoor

The neighborhood where the home is located is just as important as the people who live there. After all, what could possibly be more fun than having good friends down the street from you?

Through Nextdoor, you gain access to a local social network. On the app, you can post information in different categories, like babysitters nearby or events in your neighborhood.

Cost: Free

Platforms: iOS, Android

Try if:

  • Having a sense of belonging or getting to know your neighbors is important to you
  • Keeping up with local events is important to you

  4. Bumble BFF

Bumble -6 Apps for Making Friends in a New City

With Bumble BFF, you can find your next friend at the swipe of a finger via the iconic Bumble dating app. Like dating apps, you can set up a profile that includes photos of yourself and a short bio that describes who you are and whether the person you’re looking for should love brunch or not (there’s just no way around it).

The two of you will be able to message each other (in a 24-hour span) if you swipe right for each other. It opens the door to new relationships.

Cost: Free

Platforms: iOS, Android

Try if:

  • When it comes to meeting people, you love the convenience of dating apps like Bumble
  • Connecting should be as simple and easy as possible

5. Hey! Vina

hey vina -6 Apps for Making Friends in a New City

Girls, here’s a dating app! Women can meet other like-minded women on Via when they share similar interests. Along with creating a profile and swiping right to people you like, Hey!

In addition to quizzes and articles (on The Vinazine), Vina also reminds women to surround themselves with the right people and live their best lives.

Cost: Free

Platforms: iOS, Android

Try if:

  • Motivation and empowerment are what you’re looking for
  • If you want to help your friends with other aspects of their lives aside from friendship, you should install an app that does that

6. We3

According to We3, three is an ideal number for forming meaningful friendships, so three is not a crowd. On this app, you are matched based on swiping through statements, agreeing, disagreeing, or remaining neutral.

By answering questions, We3 places you in a tribe where you can message three highly compatible people. You can only be seen by your tribes. 

Cost: Free

Platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, PC

Try if:

  • A one-on-one conversation would put too much pressure on you
  • If you’re looking for a friend group, then this is for you
  • It is important to you to maintain your privacy

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