19 Annoying Boyfriend Habits You Should Avoid At All Costs 2022

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re you wondering if she finds you annoying? You are probably at least sometimes guilty of these irritating and annoying boyfriend habits.

You might be an annoying boyfriend from time to time if you have ever felt that way. Everyone has the potential to be annoying at times.

In any case, if you’re wondering how to stop these annoying boyfriend habits, you’ve come to the right place.

It doesn’t matter how good your boyfriend is, sometimes he will irritate you. However, just because my boyfriend is amazing doesn’t mean he doesn’t sometimes irritate me.

Everyone experiences it in their relationships. How do you know when you are becoming an annoying boyfriend when your boyfriend has annoying habits?

Isn’t it great when the guy you’re dating is the best one ever? Before you head on to these annoying boyfriend habits, check out these 33 sought-after traits of a great boyfriend!

You Have Annoying Boyfriend Habits

Let me first tell you that at least some of these annoying boyfriend habits are present in you. I believe it. Your ability to cope better and perhaps be less annoying would increase as soon as you accept that.

What is your opinion of your girlfriend, at least some of the time? Certainly. It’s yours. Despite your pride and reluctance to admit it, it’s a fact. Here are a few things guys hate about girls and I know you’ll be able to relate to at least a few.

A person can be loved to the moon and back and still be annoying to you. Because of the annoying boyfriend habits, she may not stop loving you just because of them.

Your siblings and parents love you, but they annoy you to no end, right? It’s the same as that. Every couple annoys one another. However, wouldn’t you like to be annoyed less if you had something you could do?

There’s nothing wrong with pushing your girl’s buttons sometimes. If she is actually annoyed by these boyfriend habits, she should avoid them at all costs.

19 Annoying Boyfriend Habits You Need To Stop

It may be a little eye-opening for you to see this list. You may even find it difficult to accept. It’s no secret, I assure you. You are likely to hear her complain about these things. However, you either ignored her or dismissed it as nagging. 

This is not an attack, but simply information. It is likely that the majority of these things are not done by you, at least not all of them. This is a common problem but one that is easily avoidable.

Here are a few tips for how to curb some of these irritating boyfriend habits.

1. Butt Stuff

annoying boyfriend habits

I am starting here, even though it may be a sensitive subject. What the heck are you doing trying to enter through the back door when we’ve invited you through the front door?

You may find that watching a lot of porno makes an anal bang seem exciting, but many girls don’t like it. In any case, she’ll let you know if she does. Once is all it takes. Assume that this is the standing answer if she replies no. 

By pressure or even worse, without her consent, you could be assaulting her.

This is a gruesome, gross, and scary experience. It wouldn’t do her any good to constantly nag her. Try new things in bed before doing the deed. Describe your interest in trying a new thing to her calmly and ask her if she is okay with it. You may want to ease into her consent request.

Even if she says no, it’s not the end of the world. If you don’t want to hear from me again this month, no means no.

2. Getting Drunk on a Date

drunk boyfriend

Most women dislike it when their boyfriends fall asleep during a date. Remember your chivalry when you date a woman. Rather than a slob, she wants a gentleman.

If you drink too much, you can’t stand up straight or drive home. Getting wasted while clubbing annoys your girlfriend. She is scared of it even more.

His inability to recognize his limits and shame her is making him a fool, embarrassing her. You don’t want to get tipsy in public when you’re with her when your team is losing one of the big games. 

3. Being Rude

arguing couple
Relationship crisis. Young african-american couple yelling at each other on gray studio background

A new relationship tends to wear off its novelty, and its politeness as well. However, being nice shouldn’t stop just because you’re in a committed relationship.

Would you not respond patiently even if you thought the question was an idiotic one on your second date if she asked you about your favorite video game team? What’s the point of discarding that now?

It’s the worst thing a woman can do to her boyfriend. When you get comfortable, you realize how few small niceties there are. Being rude is a big no-no. You don’t need to be online all the time.

How do you look when she asks you next? If you’d like to respond to her, “fine,” or with an unintelligible grunt, take a moment. Lie to her, and look at her with a smile. You like her red dress better. Tell her this. Let her know she looks great.

Your assurance is all she needs. What do you think? When she compliments your new haircut does she forget to do so? It doesn’t seem to be the case. 

4. 0 to 60

You don’t have to take off your clothes in a flash and dive headfirst into bed every time we try to kiss you passionately or touch you deeply. Having a good makeout session with you can be just as exciting as being intimate with you.

While we do enjoy foreplay, just because we are feeling affectionate does not mean that we are ready to indulge in all of it. 

Changing your boyfriend’s annoying habit is easy. Taking an assumption is dangerous. If she is interested in going further, ask her? Alternatively, she can take the initiative. The moment she is ready, she will tell you.

5. When You get Bored Shopping

Man holding clothes by a changing room
Man holding clothes by a changing room — Image by © Liam Norris/cultura/Corbis

Choosing an entire ensemble may take you five minutes. I know that women are under a lot of pressure, but do you really expect your girlfriend to take a lot longer than that? What’s the deal with going shopping with your girlfriend for over two hours?

Although we don’t always invite you to shop with us, do make good use of the occasions when we do. We won’t let you stay that long if you are not up for it.

Let us know if you plan to return by a certain time, or at least let us know your schedule. Compromise like this is good. Complaints do not overwhelm us, and you do not have to wait.

Don’t just claim you’re coming and then complain about all of it. Are you aware that insanity means doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results? Besides, why do you think anything will be different if you keep shopping with us?

6. Not Introducing us

Now I understand what I did wrong. There is no reason to be alarmed. However, when we have to stand there thinking and talking while we talk to someone for a long time while we are out with you, it is quite awkward.

Remember to say, “this is my girlfriend…” to any old friend you run into while we’re out. Even though it might seem nitpicky, is this so difficult?

7. Pretending to Listen

When men pretend to listen to their girlfriends, they often get a certain look in their eyes. Don’t pretend to care when we discuss makeup or drama with the girls.

We can tell you aren’t interested in how you participate in the conversation. It is harder to tell the truth than to lie, I know. In this way, we can vent about the Bachelor episode we just watched or our botched manicure to someone else.

If you both communicate well, this is not as frightening as it sounds. I have lots in common with my boyfriend, but my brain shuts off when we talk about video games.

I tell him I’m grateful he’s so passionate about what he’s doing, but I have no interest. In the same way, he engages me in conversations about makeup and skincare.

It may hurt at first, but she will appreciate the honesty as long as it is done with kindness. 

8. Buying the Wrong Expensive Gifts

buy inexpensive gifts

Listen to what I have to say, even though it sounds so shallow. We appreciate your desire to shop for us. Such a sweet gesture.

Buying us something expensive without knowing we’ll enjoy it is a risk, whether you put a lot of thought into it or not. Our preference is that you do not take the risk.

You’re adorable for wanting to surprise us, but something sentimental rather than something costly would make us happier. Money shouldn’t be wasted on you. Rather than putting that money into a concert or trip, we’d prefer you put it towards something we can do together.

This may be off-putting for girls who love receiving gifts, but for most ladies, the sentiment should take precedence over the expense.

9. When You’re Being a Sexist

being sexist

The biggest problem with boyfriends is this behavior. Yeah, you are a product of your society and environment. Blah blah blah. Nevertheless, sexism has no place in today’s society.

It’s not her problem if you feel insecure about her successor her income, it’s yours. What do you expect her to do with your children or at home just because it’s a woman’s job? I recommend that you take a course on modern manhood.

You can be an annoying boyfriend by following these steps. However, unlearning these sexist traits will take time and practice if you intend to stop this annoying habit.

This can be done in many ways. Read books and watch shows that are dominated by women and run by women. The most important thing is that your girlfriend can call you out when you slip up. 

10. Comparing your Girlfriend to Someone

Your girlfriend compared with my sexy girlfriend

Comparing us to who you think we are with a friend or your ex drives us crazy. What’s wrong with dressing like your friend Suzy? I used to do that all the time for my ex…”, “My friend Kat is far more understanding than you”*

Perhaps you should be dating them if you appreciate their work or who they are so much. Please do not compare us to your mom by having this annoying boyfriend habit.

Tell your girlfriend your mom’s casserole is better or the way she folds your socks is different from hers. It is creepy to hold that kind of conversation, and it never ends well. 

11. When you don’t take Care of your Girlfriend

It is rare that a man can drag himself out of bed when he is ill. Again, they become toddlers. When women are sick, they still have to do the dishes, make the beds, and keep the house clean. Even if she’s not sick, picking up some of that would be nice.

Allow her to rest when she is ill. Play video games with her, but don’t just sit next to her. Bring her juice or soup. You might even be able to do a little laundry, with her permission.

Try to make sure she takes good care of you when you’re not around. If you’re not sure where to begin, here’s how to take care of a sick girlfriend!

Even if you don’t naturally fit this role, you can at least try. Do not hesitate to ask her for advice. Get her mom’s advice and show her your go-getter personality. It will shock her.

12. Calling us a Nag

Men have an odd habit of sinking into a cozy couch and becoming a part of it within minutes. It is almost impossible to drag a guy out of a couch once he is comfortable on it.

Any time she gives her boyfriend a chore or requests him to do something, he always promises to get it done soon. But that doesn’t actually happen. Worse, our boyfriends tend to say things like “you’re nagging me.”.

What’s this? If you just did what we asked, we wouldn’t have to nag you. Take a moment to consider this. Why not do something that takes less than five minutes, like taking out the trash or reminding you to take out the trash?

You would never hear any more about it if you did it. In reality, you complain about our “nagging” and we complain about your complaint. If you didn’t do that one thing we asked, it becomes a whole thing that could have been avoided.

13. The Blame Game

annoying boyfriend habits

A girl hates having her boyfriend blame her for their shortcomings. This is really irritating and pathetic. Has your girlfriend ever failed to provide you with directions when you lost your way? Are you blaming your stomach ache on the restaurant your girlfriend chose?

My personal favorite, lost your erection and became limp in bed, and then blamed your girlfriend for not being into it during a sexual romp?

Will, you, dear reader, take responsibility instead of being a prick and blaming your girlfriend for her food choice, the built-in GPS, or her sexual vibes because you are an angry idiot?

14. Checking in too much

jealous and insecure

If you care about your girlfriend, don’t overdo it. Please don’t go overboard with checking in and seeing how she’s doing. Don’t worry about knowing what she’s doing at all hours of the day. The stores she went to and the order in which they were visited are not important if she says she is running errands.

Let’s ease up. Her independence makes her a strong woman. A needy, irritating boyfriend who constantly needs affirmation is one of the most annoying things to an independent woman. 

15. Hating PDA

Although we won’t bone you in the middle of the subway, can’t we hold hands? It’s natural to feel awkward about PDA or public displays of affection, but she wants to know you take pride in being with her. There is nothing wrong with being a private type of guy.

It will be hard for her to understand why you aren’t holding her hand or putting your arm around her when you’re shopping or walking. Are you kissing her on the cheek or holding her hand so hard? Her only desire is to be touched physically. Try to find something that will show her affection but that you are comfortable with.

16. Not Respecting her Time

You are her boyfriend, and she is your girlfriend. Neither you nor she is a cable repairman. Do what you said you’d do later if you’ve promised to call her. Don’t simply say that your plans aren’t concrete; follow up at the very least.

An annoying boyfriend habit is to keep her waiting. It is not cool to just wait around for her to hear from you, dude. She has things to do. Put your best foot forward.

17. Thinking her period is taboo

The menstrual cycle is common. Don’t freak out. The lack of interest in her cramps is unacceptable. There are no more 1950s.

Shared beds and bathrooms are available. It’s okay if she asks you for tampons. There is no judgment here. Your girlfriend is probably thinking you’re an awesome boyfriend who doesn’t bother her.

Keep the tampon wrappers out of the trash and don’t make her walk on eggshells. When she’s emotional, never say that she’s on her period.

By now, shouldn’t you have learned? Whether or not a person is in a period, their emotions are theirs. She should be allowed to feel how she feels. Due to her menstrual cycle, don’t disregard it.

Rather than just stopping his annoying habits, totally switch things up. Find out what her period is like. Get to know what happens and what she experiences. You should find out what she wants and get it for her. I am sure she will appreciate it. 

18. Assuming she will carry your stuff

You cannot use her bag, even though she has one. It is common for girls to carry purses since their pockets are useless. She can’t carry more than one tic-tac in her pocket, so she keeps her essentials in her purse.

Wallets, chapstick, keys, and chapsticks are all readily accessible in an abundance of pockets. She doesn’t always have a Mary Poppins bag on her arm, don’t assume.

If you are bringing something that won’t fit in your pocket, like a water bottle, ask her before leaving the house if she’ll hold it for you.

19. Omitting

Omissions are lies. We understand that the conversations are difficult, but she would prefer to hear them directly from you.

Don’t hide the fact you smoked with the boys. She will be angry and you do not want to deal with that. However, if she learns on her own, she will be irritated beyond belief.

While it may be tempting to avoid confrontation, avoiding confrontation can save you from a lot of future troubles. Be a good boyfriend, don’t be intrusive. 

Can you tell me how often you indulge in these things? Almost all or only a few?

With these tips, you can stop those annoying boyfriend behaviors and get into the mind of your girlfriend.

It seems that every boyfriend is guilty of at least one of these annoyances at some point. However, how annoying are you as a boyfriend? Will you give up your annoying boyfriend habits?

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