American Natural Superfood Review 2022 : Legit or Scam?

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  • It contains all-natural, whole-food ingredients.
  • It provides multiple health benefits.
  • It has a variety of ingredients to flush out toxins.
  • Vegan, paleo, and keto-friendly
  • Supports digestion, immunity, and recovery
  • No gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs, or added sugar
  • High in vitamins and minerals
  • The best option for weight loss.
  • It can be used to make overnight oats.
  • Includes probiotics and digestive enzymes.


  • Product can be inconsistent

Verdict: It is a great tasting product that will change your entire digestive system to the better.


Today we have featured American Natural Superfood Review. This Product Not Only Makes You Feel Good But Also Tastes Good, And Smells Good As Well As it is Vegan-Friendly.

Weight gain or being overweight is something that everyone dreads because the struggle to shed those extra kilos is a herculean task.

You will find people with more weight hiding their flaws underneath some clothing, or avoid getting clicked in public, etc.

This shyness from your own body happens because of being overweight. And 50% of Americans are facing this issue and are finding it hard to deal with. 

American Natural Superfood Review

A majority of the people remain unaware of the reasons for their weight gain. They try exercising more, drinking more water, including a high-protein diet in their daily routine, but nothing happens.

They do not see that eating the wrong kind of food or taking too much protein in the diet inhibits metabolism and restricts you from losing fat.

Bottom Line Up Front:

It is a sugar-free and natural recipe that has plant-based protein in abundance. It is asserted that this formula helps the body to procure more cells, control metabolism, eradicate fat cells, and help the body in getting leaner.

This superfood is fantastic for all kinds of taste buds, unlike other powders, which may or may not taste as per your liking.

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American Natural Superfood Review 2022 Overview

The most natural way to lose fat is to avoid taking animal protein and try taking in natural foods, which help in decreasing insulin levels.

Insulin levels in the body need to be fixed so that the body burns the fat naturally because the fat-burning hormones get active and work extra to do the task. 

There is a very powerful and effective solution to this problem given by The Healthy Living Association.

They have come up with a program that is effective as well as safe for the body. It works in a similar way for both men and women and helps them in losing weight in the right way. The name of this program is American Natural Superfood.

American Natural Superfood

The main task of this superfood is that curb hunger and improve the body’s metabolism.

This American Natural Superfood review will help you learn a lot more about this wonderful formula and its health benefits. 

What Is American Natural Superfood?

Dr. Patrick Conrad developed American Natural Superfood in partnership with the Healthy Living Association.

It is a sugar-free and natural recipe that has plant-based protein in abundance. It is asserted that this formula helps the body to procure more cells, control metabolism, eradicate fat cells, and help the body in getting leaner.  

The American Natural Superfood is a very effective pea protein powder that you can mix with water to maximize its effect on the body.

Dr. Patrick Conrad developed it

Not only does it act as a substitute for a meal, but it also brings your body into a state of ketosis and burns the body fat every minute. 

All the constituents of the American Natural Superfood operate together to help your body avoid sugar cravings, restrain hunger, and help the body convert the gathered fat into energy.

It is clear that the body will hold only muscle cells and not fats. 

There are many other mixes available in the market, but this pea protein shake is made sweet naturally with the help of stevia and has a yummy taste.

This superfood is fantastic for all kinds of taste buds, unlike other powders, which may or may not taste as per your liking. 


Who Is Dr. Patrick Conrad?

Dr. Patrick Conrad is the planner and director of this formula called American Natural Superfood.

He is an actual doctor with a legit medical degree. In the field of medicine, he holds experience of more than three decades in helping people lose weight naturally and effectively. 

This is the product of his latest invention. He researched and found this formula, which will not only help you lose unwanted body fat but also help in building muscles. He realized that just drinking green drinks is not enough.

Plus, such drinks have a strange taste, and they do not have probiotics and proteins in them. He made this formula for himself as he had no time to hit the gym.

He developed this formula, which will give benefits similar to the benefits one gets with exercising.

So, he came up with this powerful drink, which is a superfood and natural at the same time. 

Who Needs American Natural Food?

The American Natural Superfood is an ideal formula for anyone because it is extremely good for health.

But, if your lifestyle is lazy, then this superfood is not your savior. This is because of the loss of activity that hampers the absorption of nutrients.

In the worst cases, the body may not absorb any nutrients. For example, Vitamin D will vanish from your body if you avoid exposure to the sun. 

American Natural Superfood Review - The Holy Grail of Self Sufficiency

If you are young, healthy, and follow a good diet, then this supplement may not be that useful.

But, youngsters who are not careful with eating need this formula to give essential nutrients to their bodies and balance their functions. 

Why Is It Different?

This review will cover all the essential topics you need to know about this formula.

It claims to be a different remedy for weight loss and general well-being because, with this, you will not have to swallow ten pills a day.

healthy living association american natural superfood Review With Pros And Cons

This wonderful and super shake has the following benefits which make it different from other powders:

  • It is super-healthy and natural in its making.
  • It has a long shelf-life. You need not worry about its expiration date.
  • Tastes wonderful and comes in great flavors.
  • It is an all-in-one product for all kinds of health benefits,
  • Very affordable and can suit anyone’s pocket.

Does American Natural Superfood Work?

The scientists from the Healthy Living Association have asserted that animal-based protein increases insulin levels in the body, which in turn leads to the storing of fat cells in the body.

But, if the insulin levels in the body are low, it regulates the metabolism and allows the body to work properly.

The secret behind this superfood is that it contains only plant-based protein and not animal protein. 

american superfoods Real Experience | American natural superfood review

Another thing is that this formula has the appropriate levels of probiotics, which enable the flushing of all the toxins from the body.

Thus, the American Natural Superfood cleanses the body and lets you get into the perfect shape in a matter of a few weeks.

Its digestive enzymes and probiotics help in weight loss within three months. The pea protein in this formula escalates the process of fat burning and muscle packing. 

The plan protein works equally well for both males and females. You simply need to drink a shake every day, and the metabolism manages on its own. 

American Natural Superfood Ingredients

The American Natural Superfood has the following ingredients:

Pea Protein, Chlorella, Wheat Grass, Organic Vegetables, Spirulina, Barley, Probiotics, Organic Fruits, CoQ10, Turmeric, Acerola Cherry, Cinnamon, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Milk

American Natural Superfood Review - Incredient

Thistle, Cocoa Powder, Kelp, Digest Enzymes, Dandelion Root, Ginger, Ginseng, and Aloe Vera. 

This product is both vegan and paleo, with “zero sugar.” 

Price And Plans

The website of American Natural Superfood welcomes its new customers and offers them to order a sample pack for this product.

The price of this sample pack is just $4.95 (shipping + handling). Although they do not specify the actual cost of the pack in case you wish to decide in going ahead with the product.

Get The Only All In One Survival Superfood Mix | American Natural Superfood Review With Coupon Code - Incredient

But there are some websites that say that the normal price for this powder is $59 for two pounds, although the company does not confirm it. 

Refund Policy 

The Healthy Living Association says that all its customers will get a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee, which says that you can try this product for one full year, and if you are not satisfied with the product, you will get back your purchase price.

The exciting part is the “best” option they give to the customers, which says that if the customers do not love the taste of this mix, the company will pay double the money back. Now, that is called confidence!

However, the Terms and Conditions have no such details on Refund Policy.

American Natural Superfood

Customer Service Information

People who are interested in contacting their Customer Service for any concerns or queries can call at 970-367-7624 or email at [email protected]. They can also visit them directly via the Contact Us link on their website. 

American Natural Superfood Pros:

  • It is a tasty drink, easy to make, and acts as the best meal replacement.
  • This product is vegan-friendly and has zero sugar in it.
  • It is peanut-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, GMO-free, and much more.
  • It saves your expenditure on dieting pills and food.
  • Its production process adheres to the strictest guideline.
  • It has 100% natural ingredients and is designed in the US.
  • It gives you more endurance all through the day and gives you the energy to carry out the daily chores.
  • American Natural Superfood not only helps in losing weight effectively but also in building lean muscle mass.
  • No costs for handling and shipping.

American Natural Superfood Cons:

  • The return policy is not clear.
  • You can buy this product online only.
  • You do not get a free trial.

American Natural Superfood


Does American Natural Superfood Offer Any Discount Codes?

The false discount is another variation on the same theme. “Save 50% when you buy through this link.” What’s more, when you click the link, you’ll be sent to the website, where the price is the same as it always is: $59.00.

I first spotted this one on YouTube, where people were posting short 30-second films claiming to have discovered American Natural Superfood discount links.

However, every time I went to check one out, it was a massive letdown and didn’t give any sort of discount.

I’ve never pretended to be a math whiz, but there’s something about numbers that irritates me… Let’s have a look… $59.00 minus 50% off using your link equals $59.00! Don’t be fooled by these phony discount offers.

One other thing I’ve noticed is that people will occasionally try to inflate the value of the program on their own website to make it appear as if they’re offering you a discount.

For example, they might state, “American Natural Superfood is ordinarily $236, but buy through my link for $59.00, a 75 percent savings.”

FAQs: American Natural Superfood Review 2022

👉 What is American natural superfood?

American Natural Superfood is a drink powder that is green in color, which is ranked as the effective diet system responsible for the loss of weight.

👉 Where to buy American natural superfood?

You can buy American natural superfood on their official website, or in amazon, you can get 20% off on buying 2bags of American natural superfood. You can also avail of your free sample on their official website.

👉 How much does American natural superfood cost?

This is the Holy Grail for most preppers: an easy, affordable, storable, portable, delicious food supply that doesn't require cooking & this will cost you $4.95 (USD).

👉 Is it true that American Natural Superfood is effective?

If the product does not work, users are entitled to a complete refund.

👉 Is American Natural Superfood a SCAM?

No, I don't believe so because the supplement drink's manufacturer is completely legitimate and well-known in the supplement industry. Despite having a well-known brand name, several imitators have been promoting their products under similar identities in order to cash in on the popularity.

👉 Is This Truly a Sugar-Free Product?

When in a slight calorie deficit, this combination was developed with a low glycemic index, as low carbohydrates inhibit the ability to store fat and push your body to utilize fat storage for energy. Though it has no added sugar and stevia leaf extract to sweeten and taste the mix, American natural Superfood claims to have zero sugar. Stevia has been utilized in South America as a hypoglycemic treatment for diabetics and can help lower blood sugar levels.

👉 How Does American Natural Superfood Work?

Grown American Superfood claims to help with healing and overall health because it contains a variety of fresh and organic components. The nutrients in this superfood drink promote healthy bone density, bright skin, and increased energy levels. This supplement contains omega 3, which improves mental and cognitive wellness. Protein aids in the development of a healthy body structure as well as healthy muscles. The inclusion of fibers, enzymes, probiotics, and antioxidants in the formulation aids in the maintenance of healthy organs, immunity, and vitality.

👉 What Is the Taste of American Natural Superfood?

When purchasing a green superfood drink, the taste is quite important, especially because it is not a one-time drink that you will consume for only a few days. The goal is to consume it on a regular basis so that the nutritious value increases and your body benefits. When it comes to Grown American Superfood, it comes in an apple flavor that is rather tasty. However, some consumers stated that it had an earthy flavor in addition to the apple flavor, which could be due to the raw veggies and sprouts utilized in the formulation. Having stated that, the taste is a highly personal issue; yet, the vast majority of individuals enjoy its flavor.

👉 Is American Natural Superfood gluten-free?

According to the supplement's official website, it's a 100% vegan product that's also gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. There are no artificial ingredients, GMOs, sugar, fat, or cholesterol in this product.

👉 Is it suitable for diabetics?

The official website makes no mention of the supplement's safety when used by diabetics. It is safe for someone with diabetes, according to some reviewers, because it contains no added sugar. However, if you have diabetes, I recommend consulting with your doctor before using it.

👉 Is American Natural Superfood authorized by the FDA?

Yes, the supplement claims to have received FDA approval.

👉 Can I buy American Natural Superfood in a store?

No, you won't be able to find this supplement in your local store. It is only available for purchase on the official website.

👉 Is there a refund policy or a money-back guarantee?

Yes, every consumer is entitled to a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can, however, purchase trail packs that the corporation offers to new customers.

👉 What is the price of American Natural Superfood?

American Natural Superfood is regularly $59.99, but thanks to our site and a special offer, you can have it for just $39.99 plus $8.95. In comparison to other green superfood powders, this makes it fairly affordable.

👉 What about the nutritional information?

Iron, magnesium, vitamin C, B, digestive enzymes, and fiber are all present in the supplement. The supplement is fat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, and GMO-free.

👉 Is American Natural Superfood available at Walmart and Amazon?

Yes, it's available on Amazon and other internet retailers such as eBay. However, it is not available at physical stores such as Walmart.

👉 What are the carbohydrate counts in American Natural Superfood?

About 2% of the carbs in this supplement are included in each serving.

👉 What is the best place to get American Natural Superfood Organic Powder?

Do you want to buy organic Grown American Superfood powder? Though it is available on other online retailers such as Amazon and GNC, it is always preferable to purchase it from the official website because it ensures that you are receiving a genuine product. This also ensures that you take advantage of any available deals and discounts.

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Conclusion: American Natural Superfood Review 2022

The above American Natural Superfood review is quite descriptive to make you understand everything about this wonder food.

The best part is that it is natural and scientifically backed, made with only natural ingredients that enable better metabolism and effective fat burning.

Kudos to Dr. Patrick Conrad for making this terrific formula for people. On top of that, this product has excellent and prompt customer service, affordable prices, and numerous benefits.

It is true that once you start consuming it, you are never going to put it back. 

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About American Natural Superfood

Want to learn more about American Natural Superfood?

The Ingredients are the best and natural ingredients.

You can also follow their Terms and Conditions or contact them here.

Visit this page for shipping.

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  46. I’m an American Natural Superfood fan because it takes the hard work out of eating healthy. You can make great choices, drink smoothies with protein, prepare whole grains for breakfast with coffee…with this stuff I actually eat more food without feeling like I am crashing on junk all day. And if you are trying to get in shape or want to shake off some bad habits-this is your ticket!

  47. The 44 inclusions in American Natural Superfood are amazing. I love that these ingredients include things like Thai sweet chili, lentils and cauliflower. These ingredients give the product its superior taste and you don’t need to cook it before eating, grilling is optional! The packaging on this super food is also innovative because you get a lot of easy access protein, carbs and fats at little cost for 3-4 months or more!

  48. This is the best thing that has happened to me. My daughter was not feeling well and I just wanted her to feel better as she ate less than usual due to chemo. I felt like nothing would work for her, until I found this product because it seemed available at my apartment’s grocery store, called American Natural Superfoods. It has the perfect amount of everything you need in your body so if you are looking for a way to sustain your immune system, this will do wonders.

  49. When you want something that is way too easy, this product deserves your minute of attention. You just have to open the jar, ring it into a bowl and then microwave for 60 seconds… It will be ready-to-eat in no time! And don’t forget it has 44 superfoods inside making you healthy as can be. This nutritional support for your immune system will not only make your taste buds jump with joy but also make you feel euphoric after eating or drinking these healthy things.

  50. If you’re a vegan, a vegetarian, or just somebody trying to find an alternative to whey products because of some damaging side effects. Good news is that there’s the new American Natural Superfood! This food and health administration approved product contains not just one but 8 forms of plant-based protein. The powder also includes gluten-free oats as its first ingredient which makes it perfect for those with celiac disease who need extra iron and fiber added on top of their diet! Enjoy this clean and healthy all vegan pea power superfood anywhere at any time without worrying about harming your muscles or stomach.

  51. Finally, a protein powder made by the same people who make peas…not cows. The taste has been compared to that of grandma’s cornbread, cocoa puffs cereal, and all-natural peanut butter.

  52. Thanks for providing American Natural Superfood Review. Coming up with a vegan-friendly product that tastes just as good, if not better than whey? That’s no easy feat. This pea protein for energy, muscle mass, and bone strength is the perfect option for vegans or people who are sensitive to dairy products. It’s also filled with vitamins you’d need on any day!

  53. I love American Natural Superfood. It’s vegan, gluten-free, packed with protein, and delicious! I also suffer from chronic constipation so when I used whey products there was literally inches of undigested bloating sitting in my gut after drinking even one protein shake.

  54. The creators of this stuff know what they’re doing because it doesn’t affect your bowels in the way most other product alternatives do. This is literally a game changer for me so I’m glad I found this product before paying any more money to have my colon flushed specifically due to all the residues left behind by whey powders or shakes.” “I’m going to be honest here: you might not think smoothies are a meal replacement but take a look and thanks for providing American Natural Superfood Review.

  55. I’ve always had trouble digesting protein powders, I could never tolerate any protein powder that isn’t natural. Then, American Natural Superfruit appeared on the scene and saved my life because it’s made with no soy or dairy-based ingredients! It tastes amazing too. I love how this product is all vegan friendly which means you don’t have to worry about unappealing whey chunks at the bottom of your cup. This supplement isn’t just for muscle growth though–it also has important vitamins like D3 and B12 to promote healthy bone strength for easy weight maintenance. Your energy levels will go through the roof thanks to pea protein that makes up 25% of what you drink! You can opt into one scoop.

  56. Thanks for providing American Natural Superfood Review. I love this protein. I’ve tried every vegan protein and supplement out there, and nothing has been as effective as this stuff. Not to mention the fact that it saves me from getting gas and bloating all the time cause of all those carbs I eat because you know dieting takes like sucky work (and no fun).

  57. An easy way to start your morning is with a plant-based protein shake smoothie! If you’re looking for a vegan or plant-based product, try American Natural Superfood instead of whey powder supplements which give many people gas issues and other embarrassing symptoms such as: constant stomach rumblings and bloat. The natural ingredients in our formula also promote better sleep quality too!

  58. I knew it had to be something low calorie and vegan-friendly. I put this on my smoothie every morning with some spinach, kale, mango, banana, coconut water*, protein powder by Good Clean Protein*(*Both are non-GMO), ice cubes – you can drink it cold or warm. All of the stuff that’s in there is really healthy for you so it also helps with your eating disorder! It makes me feel full quickly but without all the bloating sickness because of all the fiber !!!

  59. I tried this product based on an article in the New York Times and I’m really happy I did. The pea protein was a lot better for me than any whey-based powder that’s out there, plus it doesn’t have all of that unwanted side effects. There are a ton of flavors available too so you’re not going to get bored with just one flavor, each one is yummy!

  60. I can’t believe I didn’t change my protein powder until now! There was a lot of hype with this product in the vegan diet community and boy…am I glad to have finally made the move! This is something I feel good about, not only does it last longer but it tastes so much better.

  61. Let me get right to the point; no more embarrassing moments around sports where people are complaining about how bad they need to use the bathroom. Ever since switching over to American Natural Superfood products like this one, these hindrances were reduced by 95% (real statistic). It reduces bloating immensely and has given me back my energy for intense workouts without all that stomach pressure.

  62. Others complain about the side-effects of whey products, so this is super exciting for all of you who want to experience what American Natural Superfood has to offer. Whether you are vegan or not, if you are looking for a superfood supplement that will provide muscle mass and bone strength, then this product is it! It’s time to trade in your whey products with our pea protein powder.

  63. The protein in this superfood is so clean and pure that your body will thank you when it gets the needed nutrition to be healthy. All natural, vegan-friendly, and so very tasty too. You’ll love American natural superfood because not only will it help you gain muscle faster than any food out there, but its ingredients are made with high quality organic produce and we use the best ingredients we can find.

  64. Thanks for providing American Natural Superfood Review. This stuff is GREAT. I love that this supplement has high levels of plant-based protein instead of just some sugarfilled whey stuff. It tastes great since it doesn’t have any nasty dairy or soy products in there either! This is the ultimate health supplement for vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free folk, or anyone who’s wary of all those other more common proteins with added sugars and artificial sweeteners.

  65. American Natural Superfood is perfect for people like me who are looking to lose weight while getting an edge on their health. It has lots of great stuff in lieu of wheat, soy, and other odd additives.

  66. One of the best things about this product is that it focuses on healthy ingredients. The whey protein found in similar products is bad for you because it includes soy, gluten, dairy or nuts. I take this before my workouts and notice how much more energized I am when I’m done because of all the natural superfoods inside–I feel like Superman!

  67. This product works great with my workouts and I’ve seen a difference in the way that my muscles grow.

  68. This is honestly the best whey protein supplement on the market and I would recommend it to anyone who needs help building muscle. Thanks for providing American Natural Superfood Review.

  69. Whey protein is one of those products that people never think twice about because it’s always advertised as the “healthy” choice. Superfoods, on the other hand, such as raw Himalayan crystal salt, organic kale (with no pesticides), and fresh well water to cleanse the final product will not include a single unhealthy ingredient like soy or wheat powders or additional sugars.

  70. This is absolutely the best protein out there! I’ve tried tons of different whey proteins and they all taste like my plant based diet as if it’s something to be ashamed of. But this product has everything you need without any gross ingredients, try it now.

  71. A revolutionary shake with quality nutrients for those looking for a high quality vegan-ready supplement. It contains natural soy isolate that is a food source rich in lysine, arginine, histidine and other essential amino acids your body needs.

  72. Thanks for providing American Natural Superfood Review. I have been using American Natural Superfood for a few months now and the results are amazing! I feel more energized, less lethargic in the afternoons when a lunch break doesn’t happen. It is so convenient to mix with water or milk when you have no time or preparation at work. My skin was starting to go sallow from all of the junk food I had been eating but this supplement has helped my energy levels return which also resulted in healthier skin, hair, nails and stomach due-at least that’s what my doctor said.

  73. I love American natural superfood because it’s healthy and I’m not hungry between meals! It never gives me any stomach aches, either.

  74. When I was looking for a new whey protein, the only ingredient it had on the label was soy. With American natural superfood, not only do you get a tasty vegan-friendly substitute for your favorite breakfast drink but it’s also been rated by Shape Magazine as one of the 100 best healthy products to buy in 2016.

  75. You may have a hard time thinking about eating more because you don’t want to pack on any extra weight that your body doesn’t need, but the nutrition profile of this product will allow that. In fact, it can potentially support fat loss by using natural fruit and other plant-based ingredients instead of chemical concoctions! The other great thing is that you not only do all this without packing on added sugar or artificial sweeteners so our bodies have to use their own resources for energy production or risk getting growling stomachs from overconsuming too many unhealthy calories… but did we mention there’s a no sugar added perk? Have a lot more energy throughout the day with a snack made from one of the most powerful plants in North America.

  76. I love this product. I have never had an issue with weight loss, so I can’t give you any insights there, but I LOVE what it does for my bones because they are seriously the weakest part about me. Outside of keeping them strong enough to be healthy, it really makes me feel better mentally seeing that my body is consistently burning up fat cells that try to go into hibernation mode at night or before a meal – which usually means something calorie-laden and darn delicious!

  77. Thanks for providing American Natural Superfood Review, but because ND Natural’s American Superfood is constantly working in these times, your muscles don’t need as much energy – which you will notice after using ND Natural’s products. You’ll feel more energized during this time instead of feeling exhausted by the end of the

  78. I had been having a lot of trouble with my weight and that prompted me to go get on the scales, which showed that I weighed over ten pounds more than my last weigh-in. After realizing how much we can change our bodies we decided to try this superfood, so it got shipped to us and even started seeing some changes almost instantly.

  79. The product is simple: organic almonds ground up and mixed in with fresh blueberries and cherries and raw cacao beans for an extra boost. Other flavors are also available but when you put these two together there’s no way not to look at your weight differently again when you see how much less it has gone since starting American natural Superfood!

  80. Thanks for providing American Natural Superfood Review. This is a high quality all-natural superfood that will help with weight loss by giving you the power to shed pounds from your abdomen area. American Natural Superfood also contains basil leaf extract, sodium salt, and omega 3 fatty acids which go directly towards helping strengthen bones. It is safe for vegans and also aids in building more muscle fibers while decreasing any stomach issues.

  81. If you have been looking for a top-of-the-line energy boost or natural sugar fix, look no further because we’ve got what you need right here! Combining ancient wisdom of South America along with modern science this fantastic product provides excellent health benefits such as reducing fatigue & improving cognitive function.

  82. This product has saved my life. I’ve been having trouble getting back into shape but ever since starting to use the American Natural Superfood, it’s like nothing can stop me. The thing I love about this product is how easy it is to take! It doesn’t require any type of hard work or long term commitment that most people struggle with when they are trying to get in shape.

  83. Thanks for providing American Natural Superfood Review. You basically just have to take one pill each morning with breakfast and you’re good! Best part is? Well there are benefits not only for your weight loss goals, but also for strengthening bones and increasing immunity against sickness. There really isn’t anything better than success without sacrificing too much time or effort out of my day!

  84. This superfood is an all-round great product that will optimise your health and fitness. Stop feeling the void isolate you from what you want to be, as this natural superfood will help rebuild your body and make every part of it work the way it was always meant to – with a little more fat loss on top.

  85. Thanks for providing American Natural Superfood Review. I would recommend this to anyone who wants something good for themselves and their body! I’ve been trying to lose weight, but those other things didn’t take care of the problem. The first I felt was that my stomach started changing shape, or as they call it “fat melting.” It also gave me more energy, which will be especially great when working out.

  86. Thanks for providing American Natural Superfood Review. This supplement is perfect for those looking to thin down. I know from experience that not all supplements work as well as they promise at getting the job done, but this one guarantees it.

  87. I love feeling great when I awaken in the morning. That’s not to say that I felt tired getting up before, but it makes me feel motivated to start my day. One thing that has helped out with this is introducing American Natural Superfood into my diet schedule. You see, it gives you an energy boost throughout the day which lasts for hours after using the product and also weight loss properties so you don’t have any unneeded fat hanging around either.

  88. If anyone were to try this because they are having some trouble carrying around excessive weight due to natural causes, please don’t hesitate at all, just give it a shot and notice your life change for better or worse.

  89. The American Natural Superfood is a weight loss and muscle building supplement. It’s full of vitamins and minerals that will put anyone in good shape for the summer, or just to stay healthy at any point. Along with this it has special properties that will help you lose weight much easier if you want to. Something like this is really quality for your health and wellness because I don’t know what we would do without such excellent products made by brilliant minds.

  90. When I go to Super Suppers, they always have the delicious option of chocolate almond banana shake. And now you can find that same amazing taste in your own home with American Natural Superfood! Just add bananas, apples, berries and almond milk for a healthy shake to help fuel your body after any workout.

  91. I really love American Natural Superfood so far! It’s been a real time saver for my weekdays with getting up early and thinking long and hard about what I am going to eat. All the plan options get me through the work day feeling energized, just in time for dinner.

  92. 5 stars- I love this product! I use it in so many ways and add to tons of fruit. It’s easy to add the nutrients from these additional foods to my diet when they are already there in powder form.

  93. In our postmodern world, America has lost a way forward in its food system. With American Natural Superfood, you have tasty alternatives that will reduce stress on your body while providing a nutritional edge that supports health well into adulthood.

  94. I was so excited to find an energy bar that I can eat and enjoy. I found this American Natural Superfood what tastes like a delicious snack, but gives me the nutrition of a meal without weighing me down!

  95. The best thing about the American Natural Superfood is that you’ll never go hungry again! It’s easy enough for one person to take on hikes and backpacking trips, all while knowing they’re getting lots of healthy food in their system too.

  96. Thanks for providing American Natural Superfood Review. I love this product! Not only is it full of vitamins, minerals and protein; but I can do something creative with it. It’s like my very own kitchen in a jar. I would recommend this for anyone that wants to get more nutrients into their diet.

  97. Thanks to American Natural Superfood, the difficult lives of children without access to food are changing for the better.

  98. American Natural Superfood is a product that I have been trying for the past few of months, and it has quickly become an integral part of my diet. It started on accident- I was drinking some coffee on the go when someone told me they had this new American natural superfood drink. They gave me their cup, so I took a sip… As soon as the thick brown liquid touched my tongue, it became very evident to me what was in this drink. This holy water of sorts activated every organ that needed healing into overdrive. It can be consumed cold or hot if you are about that instant gratification life.

  99. I never thought I could make a delicious meal without oil or sugar until I found out how expansive the American Natural Superfood is. It’s like winning the lottery because it has all of natural ingredients too!

  100. This product is really tasty and versatile, you can use to healthier experiment with your diet.

  101. You don’t want to live a single day without adding at least one American Natural Superfood into your life. It’s not just any smoothie, it’s an unbelievable concoction of unbelievable nourishment! I recommend everyone should try the apple-strawberry-banana variety for those who need a boost of energy as well as something wholesome. If you’re looking for the perfect post-workout recovery drink, this is it.

  102. The ultimate breakfast in a bottle. I pour this into my orange juice every morning to make the ripest fruit drink ever, and add blueberries for an extra burst of flavor. Add some maple syrup if you want to get it even sweeter!

  103. This Superfood Powders is reminiscent of everything good from summertime trips to Maine with long days exploring hidden beaches, picking fresh shells by hand, and relaxing in the hammock while making s’mores over campfires. Enjoy this sweet yet tangy oceanic extract by adding it to your favorite smoothie or treating yourself with home-made popsicles dipped in our signature American Curry Powder.

  104. This is my favorite food of all time. It tastes so good and it makes me feel amazing! Thank you so much American Natural Superfood for introducing me to the best thing since sliced bread!

  105. This product seemed like a good idea at first, but I was disappointed when I opened the package. The flavor that I tried didn’t taste very sophisticated, which made me hesitant about buying more flavors.

  106. This formula is designed to help your body regulate natural energy. You can be active all day long and still sleep at night, with no food cravings in between! This product is guaranteed to do what it says on the package.

  107. Thanks for providing American Natural Superfood Review. The sugar-free drink of choice for new-age soda lovers, this beverage felt more like a mixture of water and dryer sheets than something you would purchase at a gas station; we recommend keeping an eye out for developments in this space

  108. So many times we skip breakfast and by lunch time, we’re starving and we either end up eating something we promised ourselves we wouldn’t or something really unhealthy. This meal is ideal for skipping the morning mood swings. Perfect, healthy energy with a medium release of energy that will keep you going all day long and keep your stomach feeling light and steady.

  109. American Natural Superfood wakes you up and energizes you with its tasty, organic mix of fruits and seeds that keep your belly full for the whole day. As a low-sugar option, it satisfies hunger while still letting you lose weight and maintain control of your diet instead of binge eating on junk food like cereal or high sugar granola bars.

  110. Unlike some other energy supplements, this natural drink has no artificial ingredients or overly processed sugars; each packet is made with powder from all-organic produce including apple fiber, carrot rinds, soybeans and more nutrients to provide sustained energy throughout the morning hour. The date we interviewed one of my friends had been drinking it for two months: “American Natural Superfood changed my life.

  111. Ever find yourself in the mood for a late-morning snack? Sometimes it’s tougher than others to get through the morning without feeling that little pang. Well, you’re not alone; we all want something different sometimes! So this is perfect – American Natural Superfoods will make you feel satisfied all day long because of its super slow release of energy and high protein content. And did you know about their fat loss effects?! They’ll support your body with building lean muscle while burning calories naturally, so nothing shakes or rattles when they hit the ground! Plus, these brownies are good enough to eat too – just take one bite and suddenly life feels like none other!

  112. This Superfood will solve your breakfast plans for a day. It will give you enough energy, make sure your feel good all morning and result in weight loss. With the slow release of energy, this doesn’t make you crash or weak, but instead energizes you for hours without harmful additives.

  113. This product will have you go from dragging to flying. You start by being able to do things in a slower manner, losing fat and taking care of your body because your metabolism is slow. It offers a lot of benefits that can’t be found in other products that are just classified as energy drinks or supplements – It not only helps you lose weight but also give off more energy than about any other supplement on the market!

  114. Hello, I’m a long-time user of American Natural Superfood. It’s a supplement that can give you all the nutrients for a healthy morning and help you lose weight. Offering slow release energy, satisfaction and fat-loss spells coziness to me knowing I have my health fully taken care of with this product!

  115. This amazing natural superfood won’t just wake you up in the morning, it will give your entire day a boost. American Natural Superfood provides you with sustained energy that lasts throughout the morning, even if just for one dose! American Natural Superfood is carefully made with all-natural ingredients to support an active lifestyle without sacrificing your health. Best of all… It’s remarkably healthy and tastes great!

  116. I tried this product for a week and I feel like my energy is balanced all day long.

  117. I’ve tried so many diet shakes before, but I’ll never go back to one. This has made my weight loss so successful! It fills me up and keeps me on track all the time. Plus the taste is perfect – it’s not too sweet or sour like other brands. Now that I am losing weight, I feel like it gives me more energy for my workouts at the gym which is awesome! Thanks for providing American Natural Superfood Review.

  118. When I first tried American Natural Superfoods, they made me feel like my performance on the court would be just as good or better than last game. They also helped me drop three pounds this week! It’s really incredible that something so simple could have such an impact on my mood AND body in only a couple of days – definitely excited to keep taking these for another few weeks and see if their results can get even better.

  119. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love American Natural Superfoods. Seriously, these brownies are really good and they’re so satisfying. They taste great and give me more energy than any other high protein snack I’ve had before! Plus, since my friends and family started eating them too we can play basketball together without running out of gas! At first I was confused how it could be so easy to lose weight while consuming such a lot of calories – turns out they’re full of nutrients from edible whole foods too which is perfect for building lean muscle as well as burning those pesky extra pounds.

  120. I was scared when I first walked into this new organic grocery store. They have stuff here that I never even heard of in my life! Then they ask if you’re doing a food tour, which I took one just to see what it was all about. Well tell me how it went, but be quick because this is running out really fast! Anyway back on the topic at hand-now that’s all organic non GMO with no gluten added stuff right? Whoah! Now I’m starting to understand why people are lining up for hours on end waiting for these American Natural Superfoods. These brownies are good enough to eat too – just take one bite and suddenly life feels like none other!

  121. Thanks for providing American Natural Superfood Review. Finally! A product that fits my schedule and makes me feel good about myself too. I find it hard to find time for working out several times a week, so this product really helps me stay on top of things with the perfect amount of energy.

  122. Thanks for providing American Natural Superfood Review. Finally! A product that fits my schedule and makes me feel good about myself too. I find it hard to find time for working out several times a week, so this product really helps me stay on top of things with the perfect amount of energy.

  123. American Natural Superfood is America’s miracle food. It has everything you need to make your body stronger, healthier, and longer-living. This delicious brownie mixes oats with protein, fiber, iron, magnesium – the list goes on – all at once! You want to give yourself an edge? Eat one brownie every day–you’ll thank us someday!

  124. I want people to know how I feel about these brownies all day! They are seriously high quality, perfect for the workaholic who needs that extra energy boost.

  125. I love this product! Everyone I know loves it too. It has so much protein and doesn’t give you an unhealthy sugar high like other sweet treats. Plus there’s no way to tell they’re healthy because they taste good, not overbearingly fruity or chalky like most protein bars do nowadays (although I prefer peanut butter flavor).

  126. There are days that my coach hands me a shaker full of these brownies before game time,. They’re the perfect pick-me-up for when your energy is running low, which can happen trying to balance both school and sports commitments. And everyone wants their regiment covered in protein!

  127. I just completed a company-sponsored weight loss challenge and found that going from being exhausted all day after sitting at the desk all day to feeling energized once again was truly remarkable. After 18 weeks, I had lost 20 pounds of fat! Our new American Natural Superfoods helped me feel more motivated and less inclined to give up under the stress of dieting, so thank you for giving me back my life!

  128. I love American Natural Superfoods because they’re so easy to eat on the go. It’s just a perfect breakfast starter that fills you up until lunchtime with slow release energy, making mornings easier than ever before! Plus, I knew about their fat loss benefits for years now and can’t believe it took me this long to try them – my body is looking better every day! Even if you are not trying to lose weight or anything, these are still way more filling than your generic granola bar. Oh yeah, don’t forget how good they taste too – instant brownie fix any time of day total snack cravings gone!

  129. Life just got easier, because these brownies are actually good for you! If you’re feeling that your body’s demanding something with protein, then this is the chocolatey snack that’ll satisfy you after a tough day at work. And it’s so much more than just taste – their super slow release of energy will give your muscles the strength to push through whatever life throws at them!

  130. The ingredients in these treats improve mental clarity, meaning they provide natural fuel for keeping focus and coming up with creative ideas on the fly. Sometimes spoonfuls can be a little dry though- so try cookin’ a few extra marshmallows before adding the batter to see if it satisfies those hunger cravings.

  131. What’s not to love about this amazing creation? It has high protein content, slow-release energy, fat loss effects that work, and tastes better than any other product out there. I have tried tons of these before but nothing beats American Natural Superfoods brownies – they’re rich in flavor while being healthy at the same time!

  132. I had been getting sick of eating the same thing every day, and really missing my favorite foods from home. I was at a loss for what to make for dinner one night when I saw these on the shelf in the gas station where I work.

  133. I was looking for something new to try that would be filling while meeting my dietary needs, but still taste good enough that it wouldn’t feel like going overboard trying to get healthy. These fit all three criteria – they were a tasty way to keep up with a workout schedule while limiting intake of things I liked better before quitting pizza and fries, and maintained a balanced nutritional profile so it still felt sustainable. Better yet? They have clean ingredients so even though this takes more time than slathering some

  134. The secret to keeping your body and mind in peak condition for sports, physical activity, and everything in between. Seed power is an incredible product with impressive powers that you just can’t get anywhere else: it’s straight from nature, 100% organic and sourced locally. It’s also a two-for-one deal because when my friend gave me this stuff I only had the price of cheaper seeds on my plate! Natural performance enhancers – sounds like 90s slang but what this organically grown superfood does is next level.

  135. Ever since I tried American Natural Superfoods, all my teammates make me do is borrow their bars. Seriously, even though these bars are bland and completely unhealthy for you, they get you pumped up like nothing else that’s out there. And to be honest with you guys, even if these things give me cancer in the end (*knocks on wooden desk* I’m only half joking here), it won’t have mattered in the slightest because in the moment, they’re so incredible in what they do for your mood and performance when you need them most – no other bar comes close after trying it.

  136. American Natural Superfoods are just the thing you need when you’re in need of an energy boost both physically and mentally – no matter what exercise or competitive sports activity is on your schedule. Just after only one day of taking these miracle pills, I felt so much fuller than I had before, with tons more energy to take on my toughest practices. Truly something that’s easy for anyone to incorporate into their lives without any downsides whatsoever; which is why they’ve become essential to me!

  137. When I found out about the benefits of American Natural Superfoods for athletes, I was all in. I felt like my performance on the court would be just as good or better than last game thanks to these supplements and they helped me lose three pounds this week! It’s really incredible that something so simple could have such an impact on a person’s mood AND their body only a few days after taking them, it sounds crazy but you should definitely get your hands on some if you want to reduce stress levels and make changes in your diet without any effort.

  138. The boost American Natural Superfoods gave me to stay focused and energized from the moment I opened up their nutritional packets were great – but they didn’t even compare to what happened when I started feeling a little tired in the afternoon. Within an hour, that fatigue was gone! It’s amazing how much better my workouts have been since taking these. I’m going to be using them every day for sure!!

  139. American Natural Superfoods is an organic product that’s good for my body and mind! They give me the edge I need to succeed on and off of the court, they’re convenient (perfect for traveling!) and taste delicious. It feels like a little piece of home here in America, with all this nutritional goodness that keeps me operating at peak performance no matter where I am – so if you want a boost during your day or some general healthiness around your life, drop these Americans a try today!

  140. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world when you eat American Natural Superfoods!

  141. It’s no secret that I’m not the best when it comes to my diet. But with American Natural Superfoods, I feel like my performance on the court is up there with some of the best players in the NBA! One cool thing about these little guys is you can take them anywhere – they’re portable and small. And they don’t taste bad either.

  142. I only needed a couple hits for me to feel satisfied, energized, and ready to go out kicking butt on opponents’ courts all night long. If you’ve ever struggled making good choices when it comes to snacks or something light before-or-after games (especially if you’re someone who needs more energy!), then try out this super food because your life might just change forever.

  143. The first time I ate these, they made me feel like my performance on the court would be just as good or better than last game. They also helped me drop three pounds this week! It’s really incredible that something so simple could have such an impact on my mood AND body in only a couple of days – definitely excited to keep taking these for another few weeks and see if their results can get even better.

  144. In my experience, American Natural Superfoods has been a lifesaver during this intense season. At first, I couldn’t get enough of the company’s vitamins and supplements but it wasn’t just about that. The snacks were also delicious and made me feel better before a game or even after a tough workout. All around, AA is great because they have something for everything!

  145. All the nutrition and protein you need in one convenient, easy-to-take supplement. The best part? An affordable taste!

  146. Thanks for providing American Natural Superfood Review. We’ve been helping athletes get their edge for years with American Natural Superfoods. We know how hard you work to stay on top of your game, and we want to help keep you there by giving you a healthy foundation from the inside out. Whether it’s our new Bone-Rich Protein Powder or Mango Muscle Boosters, we have what you need in order perform at your best. Give us a try today because when it comes to America’s favorite company, “It all starts with American Natural.”

  147. Balancing my metabolism and giving me more energy is what I like about American Natural Superfood. It’s like these supplements were made for athletes.

  148. If you’re struggling, try these supplements for a big boost of performance and energy!

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